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Lacey: Okay, okay, ow! We're in . . . oh, gosh, did you hear that?

Katchoo: Heard it. Heard a lot of it. They're just shadows. Don't let it get to you. The mutant roaches, on the other hand . . .

Lacey: Ugh. Oh, we're on. Uh, hi, Fandom? Lacey Burrows here, with my former cohost --

Katchoo: -- and temporary bodyguard, apparently. Hopefully if you're hearing this, you're somewhere safe. 'cause lemme tell ya, right now it ain't out there, and oh, God . . .

One broadcast, behind the cut at the price of one click. Offer void where prohibited. )
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Lacey: Hi there, Fandom! Happy break week. Is everybody enjoying the leadup to graduation? All that downtime before the big day.

Katchoo: *unintelligible but vitriolic mumbling*

Lacey: Oh, I'm sorry, what was that, Katchoo? I didn't quite catch that. Speak up a little?

Katchoo: *FEEDBACK*

Lacey: Well, don't hold back, tell us how you really f-- on second thought, oh, look! Helpful squirrels with notes. Wow! *nervous giggle* They must really want us to read?

Katchoo: Aw, gee, Ya don't say. )

Fandom Radio, April 20

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 12:45 am
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Lacey: Evening, Fandom! Lacey Burrows here.

Katchoo: Because one of us has to be perky and it sure as hell ain't gonna be me.

Lacey: Well, that would be unreasonable, wouldn't it? Aw, did you miss us, Tuesday night?

Katchoo: Yeah, I'm sure it was just weeping bitter tears over missing us last week.

Lacey: Always have to be sarcastic, don't you?

Katchoo: I like to be consistent.

Consistently cranky, anyway. )
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Lacey: Evening, Fandom! I know, I know, it's Saturday. Surprise! This is Lacey Burrows on WTFH.

Katchoo: Along with me, natch.

Lacey: Back to being difficult, I see.

Katchoo: Yup. But difficult on a Saturday night.

For a change. )

Fandom Radio, April 6

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 11:29 pm
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Lacey: Evening, Fandom! Lacey Burrows here with you on a quiet Tuesday n --


Lacey: . . . never mind. Anyway, hi, Fandom. How are you all tonight? Besides quiet. Um . . . wow, Katchoo, do you need help there?

Katchoo: Yeah. Fire up the stove and get me the biggest pot you have.

*scandalized chittering*

Lacey: Oh, ew. No.

Katchoo: Fine, killjoy. Let's just see those notes, then. )
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Lacey: Evening, Fandom! I can actually see you tonight!

Katchoo: . . . while I know what you're trying to say, that was pretty sad.

Lacey: Aw, but you knew what I meant. That's the important part, right? Since we're all thinking clearly tonight and not seeing strange creatures?

Katchoo: Yeah. Yeah, let's go with that. Sure. Why the hell not?

Why the hell not indeed? )
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*scuffling feet, slamming door*

Lacey: -- wow, it's foggy out there . . . ack! Who is that? *chittering* Squirrels? *thunk* Ow.

*more door slamming, more feet*

Katchoo: -- frikkin' stupid fog, stupid . . . HOLY *FEEDBACK* MONKEYPONY.

Lacey: Whaaaaaaaat? Katchoo, is that -- GAH!


Lacey: Oh my gosh it's a lizard with a balloon, it's a lizard with a balloon, scales and helium and teeth and floaty and . . . Katchoo?

Katchoo: . . . I hate everything.

Lacey: Including me?

Katchoo: Oh, shuddup and read, will ya?

At least it's not zombie fog? )
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Lacey: Evening, Fandom! Lacey Burrows here, along with my cohost who just barely showed up. Way to be on time, Crankypants.

Katchoo: Bite me, Lacey, I had a friend's birthday party to go to.

Lacey: You have friends?

Katchoo: OH, GO #*@)(#!()*!@#@ YOURSELF. )

Fandom Radio, March 9

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 12:51 am
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Lacey: Evening, Fandom -- hope we're all back to normal!

Katchoo: For those of you who ever were, anyway. . . . Lacey, it's Fandom.

Lacey: Oh, well, thanks for that lesson in How Not To Be Tactful, Miss Manners.

Katchoo: Oh, go *feedback*--lf.

Not on the air, though, plzkthx. )

Fandom Radio, March 2

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010 11:23 pm
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Lacey: Evening, Fandom! Lacey Burrows here, the Canadian half of your Tuesday night broadcast team, hoping I'll make it through the show without my American counterpart killing me --

Katchoo: Because I care so frikkin' much about hockey? You're only worrying about that now, you dingbat?

Lacey: . . . well, yeah.

Katchoo: Some people. No sense of self-preservation.

Lacey: Oh, you're one to talk.

Takes one to know one, after all. )
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Lacey: Hi, Fandom! Happy Tuesday, happy week before spring break, and I hope everyone had a happy Valentine's Day.

Katchoo: I sure as hell did. Did you?

Lacey: . . . everyone but you, I meant. *sigh*

Katchoo: I live to disappoint you, Lacey, what can I say?

Lacey: Nothing at all?

Hahaha. As if. )
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Lacey: Evening, Fandom! This is Lacey Burrows, and it smells fifty percent less appetizing in here tonight.

Katchoo: Always knew you thought more highly of me than you were letting on.

Lacey: Consider it a one-time-only event.

Katchoo: Any more'n that would just be disturbing, anyway.

Awww. That was almost kind of affectionate. )
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Lacey: Evening, Fandom! Lacey Burrows here, and welcome to WTF . . . why do you smell like an ashtray in a Godiva store?

Katchoo: Shut up.

Lacey: Oh, gosh, are you itchy? You know, maybe an oatmeal bath will help with that.

Katchoo: Great, then I'll smell like --

Lacey: -- a cookie in an ashtray. Ugh. Never mind. Anyway! Hi, everybody! Here's what's been going on today on the island. )
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Lacey: No, no, no, no pie. You get that out of here! Get it out now!

Katchoo: Aww, geez, Lacey. What've you got against a poor innocent lemon meringue, huh?

Lacey: Get it out get it out get it --

Katchoo: Aw, for crying out . . . *SIGH* You heard her. Just leave it outside the door or somethin', will ya? *exasperated chittering* Yeah. Sorry. Hey, people. 's Katina Choovanski here, and the wussy ball of whimper over there is Lacey Burrows. She's usually a lot perkier but ever since the weekend she's got this pie phobia. It's pretty funny. HEY, LACEY, YOU WANNA SLICE OF STRAWBERRY RHUBARB?

Lacey: *FEEDBACK!!!!!!*

Katchoo: . . . that was impressive. Go, Lacey. )

[OOC: Oh my god. I spent an hour trying to figure out why my HTML was borked before I posted. One stupid missing quotation mark.]
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Lacey: Evening, Fandom! Happy Tuesday, and thanks so much for voting to put us back on the air! This is Lacey Burrows.

Katchoo: And - oh yeah. Katina Choovanski.

Lacey: Boy, you're awfully cheerful for someone who just stopped being a bunny.

Katchoo: And I will cheerfully hurt you if I have to.

But not tonight. Sorry. )
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Lacey: Evening, Fandom.

Katchoo: Wow, Lacey, I think you're missing your exclamation point there. For all of you guys who can't see it, because she still thinks you can see the look on her face, she isn't sickeningly cheerful about smiling when she says that tonight. She usually is.

Lacey: Don't talk to me about it, person who looks awfully tanned.

Katchoo: Three days in Curacao. Suck it, Lacey. Guess I'll steal your intro tonight. That's Lacey Burrows, and . . . fine, this is Katina Choovanski, and it's Tuesday night, so you get us on your radio. Don'tcha feel so frikkin' lucky?

Lacey: Don't talk to me about luck.

Katchoo: . . . right.

And now, your WTFH dose of mutual verbal abuse. It's a loving thing, really. )
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Lacey: Evening, Fandom! . . . yes, evening to you too, fruitcakes. No, not now. I'm not talking with my mouth full on the air.

Katchoo: *long burst of feedback and static* -- LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE, EVIL HELLSPAWN CAKES.

Lacey: Uh. Happy Tuesday? For those of you who are left for break anyway.


Lacey: . . . okay, let's just get on with these notes. I'm going to feel incredibly guilty if I don't show these fruitcakes the proper appreciation soon and -- no, no, that's my leg, don't -- oh, gosh.

Luckily for you, you can't see the radio broadcast. )

Lacey: And . . . that's pretty much all that happened in town today.

Katchoo: Or at all, really. Except for these frikkin' fruitcakes, and I never wanna see one again for the rest of my -- MMMMMMMMMMPH!

*several seconds of scuffling sounds, muffled yelling, and the door slamming*

Lacey: Wow. That is some really persistent pastry. Well, Fandom, this is Lacey Burrows, wishing you a good night on behalf of my cohost and myself. Enjoy your holidays, and your fruitcake. Before it enjoys you. Good night, everyone!
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Lacey: Evening, Fandom! Assuming you guys can hear us, that is, and this isn't turning out to be an extended duet version of "Feliz Navidad." Lacey Burrows here.

Katchoo: Yeah, she's taking a break from Treasure Madness long enough to help read the notes tonight. Isn't that nice of her?

Lacey: Because you'd be the expert on nice.

Katchoo: And don't you forget it.

If this did come out sounding like an extended duet version of Feliz Navidad, it'd be a duet between Alanis Morissette and Jewel. God, that's terrifying. )
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We can't start yet, Lacey's not here . . . whaddya mean, she's not gonna make it? She's -- *chittering* What? Okay, which of you idiots got her hooked on Treasure Madness? Fine. God. Let's just get this done. Are you even gonna hear this, or is it gonna come out like bells oh my god I'm gonna kill someone if I have to hear that damn song one more time?

Cranky artist is cranky. And curt. )
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Lacey: Good evening, Fandom, and happy Tuesday! Lacey Burrows here, as usual, and as usual accompanied by Grumpyface McStormcloud.

Katchoo: Well, that's a new one. Maybe I'll get a fake ID that says that.

Lacey: Really?

Katchoo: No, you ditz, unless I want to completely defeat the purpose of the damn thing.

Lacey: Oh, right. . . . okay! Who wants to see what we've got to report on tonight?

Do you have a choice, really? Well, that's what the cut is for. )
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Lacey: *yawn* Evening, Fandom! Happy *yawn* Tuesday! Lacey Burrows here on WTFH and . . .

Katchoo: Yeah, someone was up way too frikkin' late playin' on Facebook again, huh?

Lacey: I had ghost chilis that were going to wither if I didn't get to them by 3 AM!

Katchoo: This was a lot less pathetic when all you had was a stupid keychain virtual pet, you know.

Lacey: Hey. Don't insult Darren Five Thousand and Fifty-One.

Katchoo: Oh, for cryin' out loud.

And then when they're done here, Lacey can go harvest that raspberry crop. )
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Lacey: Hi, everybody! Happy Tuesday! Lacey Burrows here, along with my cohost Katc--

Katchoo: *ahem*

Lacey: -- you know what? I'm having a little trouble connecting to FarmVille right now and I'm worried my crops are going to wither if I get back too late, so maybe we should get right to it.

Katchoo: Not gonna see me arguing, even if you have the dumbest reason ever.

Cut so Lacey can harvest those blueberries soon. )
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Lacey: Hi, everyone. Happy Tuesday! At least, I hope it's a happy Tuesday. One thing you can say for sure, today's going to be hard to beet, huh?

Katchoo: I'm going to hurt you. If I don't hurt you before we even get to the notes it'll be a miracle.

Lacey: Aw, come on, what's wrong with a little humor? Lettuce enjoy this while we can. Endive right on in. *giggle* Having a little fun with this isn't that chard, is it? Tell me, honestly. Have you ever bean mallow?

Katchoo: Hurting you. So. Bad.

Lacey: Have you never tried?

Katchoo: I'll give you something to find inside if you don't quit with the punning. Like jammed down your throat.

Lacey: I might leek it.

Katchoo: *FEEDBACK*

Parsnipped so your flist doesn't artichoke. )
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Lacey: Good evening, everyone! Hope you're all having a good one. Especially those of you who weren't human-shaped this morning.

Katchoo: Shut up.

Lacey: Bunny.

Katchoo: Hate you.

Can you feel the -- )
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Lacey: Hi, Fandom, and happy Tuesday! This is Lacey Burrows on WTFH Radio to bring you tonight's news along with my cohost, who . . . wow, you're really not looking like you're all here tonight, are you?

Katchoo: Says you. Look, I'm just gonna cut right to it, okay?

Tonight, with 75% less growly. )
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Lacey: Good evening, Fandom! Happy Tuesday! It is a happy Tuesday, right?

Katchoo: Happy as they ever get. Oh, yeah.

Lacey: Well, we're not using you as the barometer.

Katchoo: And aren't we all grateful for that.

Lacey: Right. I hope most of you enjoyed your week off. Those of you who went on the trip, that is. Having fun. At a resort. It was quiet here. Nice and quiet. Relaxingly quiet. Peaceful. Almost zen, even.

Katchoo: Oh, suck it up.

Lacey missed her. Really. No, really. )
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Lacey: . . . hot chocolate and red wine salami is a really strange combination.

Katchoo: Hey, I was going for string cheese, I saw the salami, I figured what the hell. Not my fault I didn't anticipate you bringing me welcome-back chocolate, geez -- we're on the air, you dingbat.

Lacey: Aww, I missed you too. Hi, everybody! Lacey Burrows here, along with my cohost . . . are you ever going to introduce yourself by name on the air?

Katchoo: Eh. Thought about it for a minute. Decided not to bother. It's a thing now.

Lacey: Well, okay then.

. . . hot chocolate and salami? )
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Lacey: Good evening, Fandom, and happy . . . Tuesday. Happy Tuesday! Hi, everyone, it's Lacey Burrows, and thanks so much to everybody who voted for us again this time. You --

Katchoo: Go Sally Field on me and I'll . . . just don't do it.

Lacey: Anyway, on behalf of myself and Crankypants, thanks, everyone!

Katchoo: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it's Tuesday. You didn't sleep two extra days. I was hopin' this way I wouldn't have to keep reporting on Tiny Creepy Kid all the damn time.

Lacey: You are really not up to your usual standard today, are you?

Live with it, Lacey. )
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Lacey: Evening, everybody! Everybody enjoying their break week? This is Lacey Burrows, of course, here with you on WTFH Radio along with my . . . surprisingly subdued cohost.

Katchoo: You want subdued, you ditz, I'll give you subdued. To the jaw.

Lacey: Right then. Where were we? Oh, right. News! What do you think? Are we ready to wade on in?

Katchoo: Oh, yeah. Lemme just roll up my pant legs here.

Even a slow week can't stop Lacey from being this disgustingly cheerful. )

Lacey: We are in fact out of things to read, and I'd like to take this moment to be more graceful about wishing you all a good night. It's been a blast bringing you the news this summer, and we both appreciate it -- really, we both do -- and hope you'll consider v --

*irritated chittering*

[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Lacey: Hi, everybody! Happy Thursday! Guess what time it is?

Katchoo: Oooo. You mean it's a mystery? I'm all tingly with anticipation. Really.

Lacey: Your sarcasm isn't going to deter me, you know.

Katchoo: *feedback*

Lacey: As I was saying, happy Thursday, and welcome to WTFH Radio with your adorable host, Lacey Burrows -- uh, that'd be me -- and the Grumpy Wonder.

Katchoo: Rargh.

They don't really enjoy this. Honest. )
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*digitized barking*

Katchoo: What are you doing? Oh, god, is it that stupid virtual pet again?

Lacey: No no no. That was Darren 23. This is Darren 179.

Katchoo: Geez, that's comforting. And now everybody in radioland knows you're a lousy virtual pet owner.

Lacey: What? Oh, gosh, did I say 179? I meant 9. 9. Really. Uh. Hi, everybody! Happy Thursday, and welcome to WTFH with your hosts, Lacey "I am an outstanding virtual pet owner, thank you very much" Burrows and gravel-voice here.

Katchoo: You wish you made this sound good. Right. >Let's just cut to the chase. )
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Lacey: Hi, everybody, and happy Thursday!

Katchoo: You're still doing the *feedback*-eating grin thing like some demented infomercial saleswoman. Well, demented, anyway . . .

Lacey: You know, your optimism is one of the things I like best about you.

Katchoo: Oh, *feedback* your reverse psychology crap.

Lacey: Yeah, you know, you're right. It's wasted on you, anyway. So let's just get on with it. )

Fandom Radio, July 29

Thursday, July 30th, 2009 12:00 am
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Lacey: Hi, everybody! I know, it's Wednesday, you weren't expecting to hear us, right? Surprise!

Katchoo: Oooh. So surprised. Really. You know, you're disgustingly cheerful.

Lacey: Hey. I'll have you know I'm not in any better of a mood than I normally am when we're on the air.

Katchoo: My point.

Lacey: Right. So, what have you all been up to today, Fandom? Let's find out. )

Katchoo: Geez, there something in the water?

Lacey: I don't know. I'm not sleepy at all.

Katchoo: You're also not a lot of things at all.

Lacey: What's that supposed to mean?

Katchoo: Never mind. Say good night, Lacey.

Lacey: Good night -- Fandom. Ha! You thought you were going to get me with that one, didn't you? Didn't you? Well, nice try, but it's not going to --


[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Lacey: Hello, people!

Katchoo: Evening, Fandom.

Lacey: . . . hey, we're singing.

Katchoo: Frikkin' random.

Lacey: . . . and now we're not. Hi, everyone. This is Lacey Burrows, and I'm gonna be a pirate on the river Saskatchewan! *cough* No more singing? Aw. That was fun.

Katchoo: You're more delusional than normal.

Perhaps, perhaps not. More musical than normal, however. )
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Katchoo: -- not this crap again, geeeeeeeeeeeeez . . .

Lacey: It's a new term. There are new students. A proper introduction is necessary. That's practically the rules.

Katchoo: Y'know you just failed t'sell me on that, right?

Lacey: Fine. Fine. How you're still upright at the moment is beyond me anyway. Hi, everybody, happy Thursday evening, and if this is your first time tuning in on a Thursday, welcome! This is Lacey Burrows here on WTFH.

Katchoo: An' I'm here too, but 'm not sayin' who I am, see, 'cuz ya gotta have a gimmick. *drunken humming*


Lacey: No, if she falls over just leave her there, I think.

*chitters of protest*

Well, no, I don't blame you if you don't want to deal with that either. Anyway. Thursday Night Radio: Half Canadian, Half Cantankerous (and Smashed) )

Katchoo: *snoring*

Lacey: That doesn't happen all the time. Boy, that puts a crimp in my broadcast wrapup.


Oh, good point. Well, that's gonna do it for us tonight here on WTFH. This is Lacey Burrows, on behalf of my inebriated unconscious lump of cohost, wishing all you social butterflies a good night. Bye, everyone!

Fandom Radio, July 2

Friday, July 3rd, 2009 12:03 am
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Lacey: Hi there, Fandom! Enjoying your last few hours of peace before the new kids arrive?

Katchoo: No.

Lacey: When I address Fandom at large, please don't assume I include you in that.

Katchoo: Fine by me. She's Lacey, it's Thursday, now we do that thing. *fingers snapping*

Lacey: You live to take all the fun out of it.

Katchoo: *feedback* frikkin' straight.

The relative calm before the newbie storm! )

Lacey: How's that for happy endings?

Katchoo: How about ending?

Lacey: Right. This is Lacey Burrows signing off on behalf of myself and the growly one. Enjoy your last few hours of un-newbie-interrupted sleep, Fandom!
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Lacey: Hi, Fandom! Happy Thursday!

Katchoo: She's Lacey Burrows, along with me, time to do news aren't you excited ohmygod insert hyperactive squeal here.

Lacey: You make it sound so depressing.

Katchoo: It is. By the way, anything you might have heard about me being a nice person is a lie.

Scurrilous lie. REALLY. )
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Lacey: Good evening, Fandom! This is Lacey Burrows, and welcome to Thursday night on WTFH radio!

Katchoo: Wow, she didn't even try this week. Let's see if she remembers next week, huh?

Lacey: I have to keep you on your toes.

Katchoo: You're doing it wrong.

Lacey: Oooh, that's like one of those silly cat pictures with captions on the Internet, right? Can we do radio like that t --


*conveniently timed thunk-CRASH of a microphone falling over and hitting the floor*

No, radio doesn't come in LOLcat form, Lacey, because they still can't see you. )

Fandom Radio, June 11

Thursday, June 11th, 2009 10:29 pm
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Lacey: Happy Thursday, everyone!

Katchoo:Happy happy giggle smile yadda yadda blah.

Lacey: What she means is she's happy to see you all too.





'bout time. Geez.

Lacey: As I was saying, happy Thursday, everyone, and welcome to WTFH radio, with your hosts Lacey Burrows and --

Katchoo: *very pointed throat-clearing*

Lacey: -- my cranky cohost. Yes. I hope you're all feeling back to normal this week.

Katchoo: Speak for yourself. Or you know what? Don't. Just read.

Pollen or not, they're still gonna act like this. )

Lacey: Wow. You're right. It really was quiet tonight.

Katchoo: See, that's what I'm sayin'. I feel like I should worry.

Lacey: Naaaaaaaaaah. Well, since that's it for tonight, thanks for listening, folks! On behalf of Little Miss Crankypants and myself, this is Lacey Burrows for WTFH radio, and good night!

Fandom Radio, June 4

Friday, June 5th, 2009 01:34 am
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Lacey: -- didn't know you could do that. That's not humanly possible, but since you're a squirrel . . . oh, we're on! Ahem. Good evening, everyone, and welcome to WTFH radio! This is Lacey Burrows, and thanks so much for voting for me and my cohost who hates it when I say her name on the air, but I keep threatening to just because it's -- aw, you should see the look on her face when I do it, it's kind of --

Katchoo: LACEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lacey: Oh, that look, right there!


See? The squirrels know what I mean.

Katchoo: Cram it and read, will ya? Stop staring at me like that. It's disturbing. And you. Get me some rum. STAT.

Lacey: Aww. Somebody have a bad day? You know if, you just got lai --


Because they're not dysfunctional enough on a normal day. )

Fandom Radio, May 11

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009 12:38 am
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Lacey: Gooooooooooooood evening, Fandom, happy Monday, and welcome to WTFH radio! I'm Lacey Burrows, and all you new kids get to kick off your first week of workshops with me!

Katchoo: And for that, I feel really sorry for all of you. Don't get used to it. It won't last.

Lacey: And with her. Little Miss Cr --

Katchoo: Aw, for cryin' out loud, would you FRIKKIN' CAN IT WITH THE CRANKYPANTS *FEEDBACK* ALREADY?

Lacey: Fine then, Little Miss Gargles-With-Sandpaper.

*horrified chittering*

Lacey: . . . what?

Katchoo: Geez, what was so . . . you know, I don't wanna know. So let's get cranking here with the --



Lacey: Oh my gosh, are those the -- those can't be the notes . . .

Katchoo: Oh, for the love of *feedback* *47.395 seconds' worth of random reggae music* *feedback*. Hand the rum over -- hey! Get your own bottle!

Lacey: And get me one too while you're at it. Because *feedback*.

Katchoo: Wow, Lacey. I'm impressed.

Yeah, let's see how long that lasts. )

[[Disclaimer for the benefit of a new term: as much as Chewie gripes, I love you guys, okay? :D]]

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