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VERONICA: Good evening, Fandom! Tonight I bring you a very special edition of radio... with snakes!

BEL: Hey, Veronica. You doing radio?

VERONICA: No, I'm writing a spec script for Wormhole Xtreme using real life Fandom adventures. What are you doing?

BEL: Oh, cool, I was just watching that for the first time tonight. We just heard your voice and decided to pop in.

PHOEBE: Hi, Veronica!

VERONICA: Phoebe, have you been drinking?

PHOEBE: Oh yes! It was better than dealing with the snakes.

VERONICA: You know, I think the snakes are the most normal thing that's happened in Fandom in a long time.

NADIA: Veronica! There you are! Did you hear that Blair is sleeping with--hiiiiiiiii Bel . . . Phoebe . . . Cally!

CALLY: What, huh, what's goin' on?

PHOEBE: Who is Blair sleeping with?

NADIA: . . .

BEL: You said he had a thing for me. He doesn't!

VERONICA: You're sleeping with Blair?

NADIA: Are you jealous that Blair stole your demon?

VERONICA: He's not MY demon!
PHOEBE: He's not her demon, he's MY demon!

CALLY: Wait, who else is sleeping with Bel now?

What happens when a witch, a demon, a spy and a mechanic crash radio )

BEL: And that's it for the radio--Nadia, what are you doing?!

NADIA: It's . . . a diagram.

BEL: Of what?

NADIA: . . . Your sex life. See? I've got Phoebe in the middle along with Blair and Veronica.

VERONICA: I'm not sleeping with Bel!

BEL: And I'm not sleeping with Blair!

NADIA: But I saw you kiss him in sex ed.

BEL: Kissing doesn't mean anything! I kissed Veronica in Spin the Bottle--

NADIA: My point exactly!

BEL: --and everyone kissed Veronica at her birthday party!

NADIA: Okay, there is that. I kissed her then, too.

CALLY: Me too.

PHOEBE: I didn't . . . is it my turn?


BEL: Yes. Yes it is.

VERONICA: . . . Oh sure, why not. Come here.

(prolonged pause filled with muffled unidentifiable noises)

NADIA: You guys could always just have a threesome. . . .


CALLY: . . . I'll be in my bunk.


[ooc: this edition of LARP radio brought to you by me, [livejournal.com profile] sogothcally, [livejournal.com profile] demonbelthazor, [livejournal.com profile] future_visions and [livejournal.com profile] nadiathesaint (who also made the awesome icon!).]
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VERONICA: Hello Fandom! This is Veronica Mars bringing you news of all things sticky and spooky.

CALLY: And this is Veruca Cally, your special cohost for the night. We've definitely got a really crazy amount of stuff to cover tonight, so stick with us, okay?

cut )

VERONICA: Come on, if we hurry, we can make it to Luke's before it closes and I'll buy you a burger for helping me.

CALLY: Ooooh, burger.

VERONICA: Good night, Fandom!

[much love to [livejournal.com profile] sogothcally for co-writing!]
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Bridge: Once again, ladies and gentlemen and assorted others of Fandom, it's ABC Damage Control bringing you the hows and whys and wheres of today's happenings!
Anders: And maybe even the whos and whats! Seriously, Cally's actually here, she's just mostly quiet.
Bridge: It's entirely possible. So... let's start with classes.

Classes and Schooly-Type Stuff!

Anders: Which I totally did not have today, because -- dude, where did Doctor Oliver go? Not that I know why I'm asking you.
Bridge: He probably had a top-secret mission or something. Um, speaking of teachers who aren't in class, neither is Professor Cregg, who has her students watch a movie instead.
Anders: And neither was Professor Camulus, 'cause Phoebe's still covering Celtic Studies. What's up with the missing teachers, dude?
Bridge: Really, really important secret mission?
Anders: Oh, Lords. What if they've got some kind of huge evil midterm exam torture plan?
Bridge: Well, then we'll just have to form, like, the Magical Fandom High Midterm Attack Squad and fend them off.
Anders: Just don't call it a study group or people will get confused. Anyway. History of Art watched movies today too. I bet they had corners.
Bridge: ...corners?
Anders: Never mind. What's Forensics, dude? 'cause your notes here say that Professor Sidle was happy during that class, like there's something kind of weird about being happy during Forensics.
Bridge: Well, it's like, science-y stuff that you do to help solve crimes and stuff. And crimes aren't like, happy stuff, and neither is going against your personal convictions, which is what they talked about in Journalistic Integrity today.
Anders: And Journalism 101 talked about their friends. Is that news? What is news is that Professor MacGyver has a tail. At least, I think that's news. 'cause I don't think he had one before. I would've noticed, right?
Bridge: We had a class with him all last semester, and I'm pretty sure there wasn't a tail then, dude.
Anders: Yeah, I think you're right. It would've gotten in the way of a lot of stuff. But yeah, he was talking to Grissom about it, and Janet and Liz went to visit Professor Pierson, and hey! You dropped by Professor Calendar's office!
Bridge: I totally did. And unlike last week, I looked like me at the time. Uh, what do those notes say about the announcements? I think the Detention Lottery, uh, "winner" (and you can totally hear the airquotes) was supposed to be announced today or something.
Anders: Yeah. Ouch. Sorry 'bout that, Blair.

Bridge: Sucks, dude. Okay, moving right along, we've got the library. Which was opened by Janet today. Pippi came by with candy, and then Angela and Janet talked about candy and freakishness, like maybe they're connected in some weird way.
Anders: I haven't been in the library in a while. I should do that in case people start thinking I can't read again. Parker was there, reading about sailing and being horrified by Kennedy . . . I mean, by the cast for the play, which Alanna wanted a copy of. And Professor Jackson was there talking to Janet.

Bridge: Today's Student Council meeting was run by Dean Washburn, who I still haven't met... actually, I haven't met any of the school administrators except for Zordon. Weird. Or maybe that's a good thing? Um, anyway, today they discussed the possibility of school trips that would be able to include the sunphobic.
Anders: What the frak is sunphobic? I missed out on Bel brooding in the TA lounge, dude. Should I be glad? 'cause apparently he had awkwardness with Phoebe, who was talking to Lana about, um . . . what the frak does that say?
Bridge: Um, chemical compositions? And rocks? They were talking about the chemical compositions of rocks!
Anders: Well, that kinda rocks. Isabel and Bel-dude were talkin' about Angelus for some reason, before this MoralityBot thing of Nadia's got sicced on Bel.

Dorm Life is Wacky, Guys!

Bridge: Professor Cregg is moving in to the dorms. So I guess that explains why she's not in class today, she was busy moving! There goes your theory about evil midterm plotting, dude.
Anders: And there were flowers. Lots of 'em. For Mitchell, Isabel, Allie, and Blair. And there was this MoralityBot thing that, um, we'll get into later. But I bet it doesn't dispense candy.
Bridge: I'm pretty sure it didn't, yeah. Um.... Cam and Hat-Girl played tag with marshmallows. What? Oh, oh, marshmallow *guns*. That makes sense, then.
Anders: But it still sounds dirty. Especially with Jaye getting caught in the middle.
Cally: ...that makes it sound even dirtier, champ.
Bridge: I'm pretty sure Officer Lion-Girl was not in the middle of anything dirty.
Anders: You never know with Tyler, though. Dude, Blair was helping Professor Cregg unpack booze? And going to the movies with Molly? I really kinda hope THAT wasn't dirty.
Bridge: Okay. Moving on, moving on, moving ooooooon. Pippi and Walter conducted experiments with disappearing things and spaghetti. Right then. Seriously, the longer I am at this school, the less things make sense.
Anders: That's when you try not to think about 'em. And Professor Tick-dude's goldfish died? Suck! I guess there was a funeral for it and Rory was herding people to go.
Bridge: Oh yeah, I was totally there. Um. And Archie, uh, showed up. At the last minute. To pay his respects.
Anders: Should I be glad I missed it?
Bridge: In a word... yes.
Anders: Yeah. Let's just not go there. Kind of like I didn't go to the wake for the goldfish in the common room which was right next door to my room. Because, um, I was kind of busy.
Cally: Me too.
Bridge: Yeah, and three guesses as to what you guys were busy with. And the first two don't count.
Anders: Dude, I bet other people were busy too.
Bridge: Other people... and animals. Seriously, I was an animal magnet today, or something.
Anders: Don't wanna know, dude. Let's focus on the people. Like Veronica and Piper talking about the recent weirdness. As opposed to the usual weirdness, I guess. And Nadia was bein' all squeaky.
Bridge: Cam... reflected. Did he get turned shiny or something? That'd qualify as recent weirdness, dude.
Anders: Probably. I haven't seen him today though. "Environmental defense" sounds like something weird, though, and it was what Pip was teaching Blair.
Bridge: Kiki and Phoebe were doing "witchy spelly" things. Is that weird?
Anders: Around here? Nah. But if Alphonse was literally "hanging" like these notes say, that could be weird.
Bridge: Victor stopped by Lana's and they talked about...tongues. Okay, not gonna ask.
Anders: Also, camcorders. Which is a weird combination. Weirder than Lana and Bel talking in theories, whatever that means, or Isabel and Angel talking about Bel. Callisto dropping by Angel's? Definitely not weird.

Seriously? Town is Weird Too!

Bridge: So, I wonder if anything weird happened in town. Well, especially weird, anyway, because weird is normal around here, as we have previously established. Huh, the bakery was unusually busy today. And unusual is another word for weird.
Anders: Frakkin' Jeff's, man. Everybody was there except me. What's up with that? Except Echolls was, like, bumping into a bunch of people. Maybe even literally.
Cally: I wouldn't mind him bumping into me, some time...
Anders: What?
Cally: Kidding! Kidding!
Bridge: There were some serious clumsiness issues today ... and then Logan fell down and hit, like, everybody.
Anders: Ow. Down at Sparky Repairs -- dude, we have competition? Nadia and Orlin were there, and Pippi was talking about the Internet with Agatha. You can get some seriously frakking cool stuff on the Internet, dude.
Bridge: But probably not anything that dispenses candy even if it's not supposed to. I'm just sayin'...
Anders: Or, you know, milkshakes. Or other drinks. Like our stuff does. Yeah, um, that was totally an ad. What is not an ad is that Orlin's, like, everywhere or something, 'cause he was buying pet stuff at All and Sundries, and Lilah was at work. Which had nothing to do with what I said before that.
Bridge: You totally should have mentioned that shouty dude was at the park, too, after you mentioned the pet stuff.
Anders: I couldn't read that part of the notes, dude, Cally's arm's in the way.
Cally: Sure, blame me, champ. Sheesh.
Anders: Hey, I kinda like your arm where it is. Lucas didn't really like the music at his own record store today, though.
Bridge: Awww. I hate when that happens. Not that it happens at all, because I don't own a music store, but if I did... yeah. And Giles seems to be having store-related issues today too, because that bookstore with the name I can't pronounce was closed.
Anders: Anybody who knows how to pronounce it? I will buy you cupcakes. Wait, that's not really a bribe, is it? And that Jarod dude got a phone call down at the Fourth Sin. I never get phone calls. How come I don't get phone calls?
Bridge: ...because everyone you know lives in the same building as you? We could just knock, dude.
Anders: Oh, good point. Heh. Looks like the theater was busy in a whole different kinda way today, too. But I'm so not touching that one.
Bridge: What? I'm sure Blair and Hat-Girl were just hanging out and doing totally innocent... things that people who are fourteen do.
Anders: As opposed to totally not-innocent things like Mitchell and Tyler were up to. Okay. I seriously had to say that part, 'cause, dude, Kennedy . . . in your face, man.
Cally: The sound you just heard was me smacking my boyfriend in the back of the head, folks.
Bridge: Accompanied by me facepalming. Because I should have seen that coming.

Anders: I am so ganged up on. So Bel, dude, I feel your pain about that MoralityBot thing we're going to talk about now.

Bot of Morality, Turn, Turn, Turn!

Anders: Apparently it chased him through the dorms, and again, I missed it! Victor got video footage, though, which I'm gonna have to see. How do I miss these things?
Bridge: Don't ask me dude. Hell, I miss them half the time too.
Anders: Well, Nadia didn't miss Marty, 'cause she ran into him while she was running away from Bel. And I guess Marty rescued the bot from Bel, too. I bet they were glaring at each other . . . dude! You said hell again!
Bridge: Am I not allowed to? Hell, hell, frakking hell! So there.
Anders: Hold me, coach, I'm scared.
Bridge: I'm totally rolling my eyes here. Anyway, I guess that was the thing that came through the common room during the wake for RT, it was muttering about minding our Ps and Qs or something. And it spat glitter at me!
Anders: Obviously somebody was emo and the bot didn't like it. Again, I'm wondering how I missed this.
Cally: You were kinda tied up at the time, champ.
Anders: Um. Speaking of tying things up, there's a couple of things to mention about the clinic and we're tying things up for the night.
Bridge: Namely, that no one stopped by today. Wow, we managed to get by today without a major injury! Go us! We should have one of those signs.
Anders: That was the town clinic, anyway. Janet talked to Doctor Pevensie in the school clinic and Mitchell stopped in for a counseling session. And seriously, if Bridge here says "hell" one more time? I'm gonna need counseling too.
Bridge: Hell.
Anders: Okay, I lied. But seriously, dudes, we're tapped out here.
Cally: So this is me shutting off the radio, before these two dumb boys take up any more of your time. Goodnight folks.
Anders and Bridge: Dumb? Hey!!!

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The broadcast begins with sound of creaking doors, followed by some creepy organ music.

"'And a love of the rack and the screw.
And I said I do, I do.
So daddy, I'm finally through.
The black telephone's off at the root,
The voices just can't worm through.'

However, tonight you this particular voice shall worm through to the hearts and minds of all of you. You might recognize my voice as that of Cally, but tonight I am Mistress Persephone, dark lord of the airwaves." The giggle that follows, however, is neither menacing or maniacal enough to qualify her for dark lord status of anything. Except perhaps dark lord of giggles.

"Today thankfully, we all didn't have class. Except me, cause I have class every day." A few moments of dead air. "Oh, okay, not funny. Erm, let me just fiddle with my papers for a second, cause... erm... somewhere, yes, ha, there.

I'm just gonna read these events as I find the notes, okay folks? As dark lord of the airwaves, I don't have to answer to anything, and stuff. So, here is the news of today.

First, Mister Phale and Doctor Wilson talked about Angel's soul. Which, I have to say, is a very important topic of the day. So, like, take a shot every time I say soul or Angel tonight, and you'll wake up with alcohol poisoning and might be, like, half naked and handcuffed to Anakin.

Locker 327 spewed out Professor Cregg and The Doctor. Apparently, they've become teenagers. Great. Old people in teenaged bodies? How creepy is that. So, everybody know this now, so you don't accidently, like, let one of them kiss you or something. They are old people! Noooo!

Speaking of 'Old People, No', naughtiness occured with Professors Grissom and Sidle. Which, again, ew. Only young people have sex. This is me in Rory-level denial. Lalalalalala.

The creepy mean Principal was in his office today. Where Jakey Gavin left a gift, and Logan and Cole-who-probably-was-Angel, take a shot, visited as well.

And returning to ew, Doctor House and Professor Quayle woke up together. This would be adorable if it didn't again indicate old people sex. Ew, ew, ew.

Thankfully a break from the icky subject that has dominated the broadcast so far, and believe me I hate having to use the word dominated in a negative sense. I kinda like the word, myself, cause... okay, getting off topic. Gun Club! It met today. They probably shot guns. But don't take my word for it. You should all personally pester Parker about it. Cause she's a lovely, friendly person who would give the time of day to a war veteran leper after giving him a hot meal and a fresh set of clothes. Honest.

Oh, and on a subject that has nothing to do with Lepers, here is a report from Caritas, where I have never spilt milk all over myself. Ever." There is a slight cough. "Okay, anyways, Mister Gob has a lot of scotch, which leads to singing, which leads to pouting which leads to the dark side. Weevil, who kinda sounds like he's either a bug or possible a tiny bit of bad, get it, wee evil, tiny bad, it's a pun, and... it's not funny when I explain it, so, erm, anyways he totally talked with Nadia about cows and Lorne and stuff. And then Walter eavesdrops about cows. Cows? Cows. And then Bel-Who-Is-In-Angel, take a shot, goes to get smashed like my poor room window.

Oh, and going to the other establish-o-ment of the old glug-a-lug, Spike's has a fair amount of activity. First, Loz hits on Teenage-Cregg, which is creepy on the concept of ew. Oh dear frakking gods, my notes say that Shep comes in and CJ screws with him. Ew, ew, ew, ew, EW. EW. Did I mention ew? Ew. Come on Shep, that's an old person in a young body! No! Ew!

Oh... wait. Screws with his mind, not just screws with him. That's... better, I guess. Still, Ew. And then Lana hears this all goin' on, and understandably gets upset. And then there's a scuffle or a kerfluffle, and... whoa, Lana hit Teenage-Cregg! That's... oh gods, that's... Eek. I hope Lana doesn't get in trouble for that. It wasn't on campus, so... eek. Just... eek.

In less eek-tastic news at Spike's, Ivanova moped a little, poor girl. Someone needs to make friends with her, or something. You know what? I'm gonna track you down. If you need a friend, I'm gonna offer to be one. Cause no one should drink alone. Oh, and Ben from the Emporium was drinking alone too, poor guy. But, isn't he married or something? To the other guy at the Emporium? How come they aren't drinkin' together?

And from the establishment that serves books not booze, Aziraphale's, there was a little bit of act-a-tivit-atee, with the sharing of tea, the fixing of a sink, and Bel-in-Angel, take a shot, visits to talk to the angel... does that count? I mean, it's not referring to Angel, but it is an angel, just not with a capital a. So, I guess take a shot! Take three, actually, since I said angel twice after that. Oh, and one more for that one.

Aww, Pippi was in the clinic, so Blair came to visit her. You go with the being nice, Blair. Good for you.

Izzy and Xander hung out in their room, until a Mountie burrows in the window.

Wait, no... borrows their window. Gosh, I suck at reading. Go me.

Okay, and here's the confusiminating part of the broadcast, that has been hinted at earlier. Bel is in Angel's, take a shot, body, while Angel, take a shot, is in Bel's. Apparently some sort of soul, take a shot, transfer. Don't ask me to understand it. But, like, Phoebe freaks out and cries, and Callisto freaks out and ends up dangling upside down in her room, stark naked. And I got to see it. I mean, erm... well, Parker and Blair discovered her, well, but the door was locked. So they called me, so ABC Damage Control, minus the B, cause Bridge wasn't there at the time, came to take out the door. And then Angel, take a shot, in-Bel showed up, and some other folks, and there was a photo shoot. Cwazy.

Oh, and also with all that, Phoebe continued to cry, until Bel-in-Angel, take a shot, showed up to comfort her. Poor Phoebe. Geeze, it's like she only gets to cry. Sewiously. Poor thing.

Also in the confusing soul, take a shot, swap series of events: Bel-in-Angel, take a shot, confused Veronica. G'uh. Confusion all over the place tonight.

Less confusing things that happened were: Nadia's hangover, Alanna's cat telling her about the Bel-Angel, take a shot, situation, Ivanova-needs-more-friends was spazzy, and Piper and Alanna try to answer the age old question 'How do you solve a problem like Maria Bel and Angel, take a shot, having soul, take a shot, swapped?

But again with the confusing, Cameron 'Doofus' Mitchell and John 'Pudgeboy' Crichton dressed identically to confuse their girlfriends. Good job, dorks.

And in a series of wacky misadventures, Jakey Gavin, who totally did not give Anders a box of flavored condoms today, lost his hand. I mean, seriously. My notes say it got chopped off and stuff. Well, the specific notes say 'Oh noes, Jakey's hand', but seriously. Eek. Somehow, dismembered hand turns into a wee tiny Jakey Gavin. Wee Jakey runs into Rory and Vladdie, and she gives Wee Jakey a dress. Then, Wee Jakey in his dress, riding Vladdie, runs into Jaye, and Logan, and Anders, who is totally useful, and special, and awesome, and so much better than everyone on this entire frakking planet.

...Okay, that was a bit of a digression. But then Vladdie abandons poor Wee Jakey, who runs into Sam Carter, who takes Wee Jakey to the Tick.. I think that's the full adventures of Wee Jakey. I think.

Phoebe, wow, was comforted by Professor Camelses. And she stopped crying, yay! Go Professor Camelses!

John and Aeryn have a serious conversation. So serious I can't even pronounce serious cutely, like as in sewious, because it's too serious for me to say it was sewious. Seriously.

The coolest guy in all thirteen colonies, my boyfriend Anders, discovered our broken window. It sucks. And then we chatted, and I got ready for radio, and we snuggled, and we are the bestest couple ever.

And in the not-so-much-the-bestest-couple-ever, cause they aren't dating, Sam and Lee, talked about slippers and... anti-depression. So, happiness? Who writes these notes. Anti-depression is, like, joy and stuff. Yay Lee and joy! Lee needs to be happier. He deserves it. Oh, and they went to the bakery! Yay baked goods and happy!

Oh, and see how reading these notes in this random order gets weird? Now I have Shep talking sex with Lana in the gym. Yeah, look how that turned out for them. Poor guys. Oh, and here's The Doctor and Professor Cregg getting sucked into Locker 327. Oops. Maybe I should be more organized if I do this again. Like, come in earlier and sort through the noteses and stuff. Cause this is getting confusing. Oh well, Anders snuggles win out over organized radio, sorry.

Cam and Logan talked sex too! With Molly? WHAT?! MOLLY HAD SEX WITH LOGAN?!"

There is a short pause, followed by some half muttered sounds along the lines of 'motherfrakker'.

"A-hem. Sorry about that. And also with the... gods-frakking-dammit. I fail at reading again. Molly and Logan did not have sex. They talked about it, and Cam talked to Logan about talking about sex with Molly. G'uh. That's so much clearer, right?

Bel-in-Angel, take a shot, talked with lots of folks! Those folks including Shep, Alanna's cat Faithful, Jessica Tate, and Pip.

Rory was in the second floor common room, where lots of other folks were too. But not Angel, take a shot,in-Bel, or Bel-in-Angel, take a shot, though.

Okay, now I'm just being mean and throwing those around just to get people drunk. Hee!

Oh, and Walter and his creepy yet hella cute puppy were up in the fifth floor common room, and such wonderful folks like Jakey, Aeryn, my awesome boyfriend Anders, and myself stopped by.

Soccer! With Ed Elric, Al Elric, and Sakura. And... they're the frakkers who broke our window! Oh my gods! I hate you! You made my boyfriend emo! Shame!

Awwww, Angel, take a shot, in-Bel got to enjoy the sun. At least something really nice got to happen. So awesome.

...and now my notes say Cam played with himself on the roof in leater. That's hawt gross. Ew.

Also on the roof, Pip and Pippi start a party! Woo! Go freshman! Just be careful of the Viper!

Peter Parker picks a peck of pickled peppers... or watched TV. Your pick. One of those happened. The other didn't. It's like one of those choose-your-own-adventure books.

And apparently Archie and... my boyfriend got into a fight there. That's... frak me, Anders, you said you were gonna be okay! You... motherfrakker! I hate you, Archie. Look what you made my boyfriend do. Grr!

Pip, the Tick, and the creepy teens Cregg and the Doctor all go to the movies. Ivanova-still-needs-friends has a mysterious bruise. Creeeeepy.

Okay... these notes are long, so I'm just going to quote them for this crazy event, okay? So, apparently 'Eeeee! Best ever! So GOB mocks Fraser just outside the school to get him to come out, and tries to pick a fight with the sexy Mountie. Becky's all eyerolly and Fraser totally tries to play relationship counselor for GOB and Becky, only they're not having it, and GOB stalks off and Becky flirts with Fraser some more like a bitch.' Cwazy. Who does these notes, Barbara? Can I call you Barbara? I think it suits you. Barbara, the fearsome pirate. Arrr.

Oh, and Xander, he of the cursed tux, hung well... some posters. Okay, that was a dumb joke, and the phrasing was kinda goofy, but I thought it was funny. Laugh? Please?

Oh, and Bel-in-Angel, take a shot, talked with Doctor Wilson about giving Angel, take a shot, his soul, take a shot, back.

Shep and Lana get waterballooned by a mysterious waterballoon assaulter! Also? I'd avoid the bakery. Not because I'm some idiot who says Oh-Em-Gee-Double-You-Tee-Eff-Carbs-Are-Bad, but more cause everyone who goes there gets attacked with waterballoons.

And on the waterballoon note? I think I got everything covered. But just cause I'm mean, before I sign off...

Angel, Angel, Angel, Soul, Soul, Soul, Angel, Soul, Angel, Angel! Ha!

And now, I, Mistress Persephone, leave the microphone and stuff. I was going to talk about how I was gonna now go back to being Cally, and, like, taunt Rory about having sex with Anders when I get back to my room. Except the frakking idiot had to go and get himself into a fight with Archie, and now I'm all grrr, and I'm prolly gonna, like, bite his ear off or something. Grrr. Arrgh.

Why are boys so stupid?!"
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Jaye: Hi! This is Jaye and friends, who are totally not up to any mischief, and you’re not actually hearing any of this, and we did not hijack the radio frequency to tell you what’s happened since last week. Nope. Definitely not.

cut for length, because omg )

[Preplayed in chat with all involved parties. Much thanks to those of you who jumped on the link grabbing omg so fast, and especial thanks to [livejournal.com profile] likeguidelines for letting us do this. *blows kisses*]

[ETA: So the links are causing problems. And I have no idea how, as the coding is actually right. *boggles at LJ* FIXED, OMG.]

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