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Welcome to break week, folks! Hope y'all are settlin' into it an' enjoyin' it while it lasts. Quick radio here, so let's get to it.

Nothin' really goin' on at the School, 'cept Peridot in the Library. She was restockin' books on the lower shelves, since someone made off with the ladder. Uh-oh, sounds like a mystery!

Skippin' over Dorms, we got Town, where Ino was feelin' mopey today, bacon, at Pick Your Poison cause she was down a TA. Well, a'ight, maybe not a TA. A helper. Somethin'. Anders was workin' at Furnado, where Ada an' Dante came in to pick out a kitten an' make dirty jokes. An' Peter came runnin' out of Covent Gardens like his tail was on fire. Somethin' about everythin' in there bein' silver?

That's it for notes today! Have fun, Fandom!
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Yo, Fandom.

This is...well, y'all know who this is by now. Let's get through these notes real quick an' we'll just...get through stuff. All we can do right now, right?

Also, it seems important to mention right now that it's the last week of the term an' the last week on island for the seniors. Students, if this is the last broadcast of mine you hear, know that it's been a pleasure knowin' you, whether it was when I was teachin', a visit to Luke's, someone to stand near when the fightin' got bad or the researchin' went late, or even just another friendly face on the island. But I hear this place will always welcome you back home, so no matter what goes down in the places that you live, you'll always have somewhere to go. Granted, that place is weird an' messy an' smells like dead sharks right now, but there's always a welcome for you here.

...Aww. I'd say I made the squirrels cry, but Leroy just spilled the rum so who even knows?

Anyway, in School, Fightin' an' Fabulosity got boas as a goin' away gift, cause handin' weapons out would be...wrong. On another note, Isabelle was givin' completely random gifts away at the end of class if anybody wanted one. Healing Power of Crystals or whatever got plastic crystals to keep, an' TA Xanthippe was grateful to not have to be Deadpool's TA anymore, especially after he mixed up Columbia an' Colombia. That'd be the university an' the South American country, since this is an audio format. No presents for The Magic of Plants, but they got to go to a poison garden on a field trip an' then have lunch there an' is it just me or are those two great tastes that sound terrible together? Last, in the Library, Peridot finished up what the squirrels are insisting is a truly excellent an' epic series that makes total sense all the time, an' Summer came in to get her phone back.

Clear for Dorms, but in Town, Lucille is at Groovy Tunes, tryna get the fish smell out by usin' flowers. Oh. Oh I bet that did not work, no.

That's it for me an' so this is Hardison out, wishin' y'all the very best. Be excellent to one another, a'ight?
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Hey y'all, what's up? It's Hardison, finally gettin' over my rocket fuel punch hangover--gettin' old ain't easy folks. Fortunately, I still make it look good. Stuff's still wrecked around town, but we got notes for you anyway.

School started off with Fightin' an' Fabulosity teachin' kids the importance of cleanin' your feather boas an' how to do it right. The Healin' Powers of Crystals was one too many classes for Deadpool this week, an' The Magic of Plants learned about unlockin' all the inner secrets of the mysterious cattail. I...I don't even know about this, y'all. Peridot was at least usin' her time at the Library wisely, learnin' about sharks.

Dorms were quiet, but Town had a bit of life. Electroclash stopped by Atton an' Sparkle's place to drink an' complain about sharks. Excellent choice. At Covent Gardens, Peter's impressed by Nathan's ability to make flowers? Seems handy in a flower shop, true. Fantasy Costco had sharks as a special for the day, which I'm guessin' ain't nobody wanted, an' Magnus asked...Take-o? Tacko? How you pronounce this?...if he could transfigure a shark into wood an' glass. Yo, man, I'm sorry about screwin' up your name, but if you can do that, have I got a request for you. An' in Groovy Tunes, Lucille was trying to repair some wet books, makin' her my Fandom Hero of the Day.

A'ight, time to actually go an' face the madness that is Luke's today. Bye y'all!
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Sup, Fandom. Yo, in case y'all ain't heard yet, there's s'posed to be a major hurricane on its way here. An' for anyone on this island to up an' take notice of the weather, it's probably gonna be a bad one. Y'all should stock up on staples an' supplies, but don't hoard. Make sure there's enough toilet paper an' bottled water for everybody.

Ain't entirely sure why you need to buy out the store's supply of toilet paper an' bottled water when a bad storm is on its way, but the internet assures me this is true.

Speakin' of hurricanes, Peridot was in the Library, learnin' about hurricane namin' conventions. Which are weird, I'mma give you that. Yo, has this hurricane gotten big enough to be named yet? Anyway, in Fightin' an' Fabulosity, students had to fight monsters with their weapons from their first class an' wearin' feather boas. That's some fabulosity right there. Healin' Power of Crystals tried to heal chakra with crystals or maybe tried to heal crystals with chakras. I dunno an neither do you. Summer was cranky cause it wasn't workin', Ahsoka wan't sure what chakras were, an' Xanthippe just wanted Deadpool to stop chantin'. The Magic of Plants learned how to make useful stuff outta gourds. Which is interestin', considerin' no one can figure out how to make anything tasty outta 'em.

Dorms were quiet, but in Town, Eliot was preppin' the house for the hurricane. I bet we got, like, three shelves full of paper towels an' bread now, just wait. Kitty was outside Luke's also preppin'. You heard it here folks. If the hurricane messes up your house, the bar is ready! Covent Gardens got a shipment of chichlids, not orchids an' Groovy Tunes was closed because Lucille ain't feelin' well. Get better soon, Lucille!

Anyway, this is Hardison signin' off. All jokin' aside, take a few extra precautions till this thing blows over, a'ight? It's supposed to be BAD.
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Yo Fandom, it's Hardison. Kinda glad to just be readin' local news today, where things are crazy, but the people generally ain't. An' thanks for that, y'all. Hold each other close an' maybe be extra-kind to each other over the next little while, a'ight?

Anyway, sermonizin' over, let's get to notes about School. Isabelle couldn't make it to Fightin' an' Fabulosity, so Electroclash stopped by to hit play on their movie. The Healin' Power of Crystals had Deadpool bringin' in blood-covered merchandise to promise the class a party at the end of the semesetr if they were good. Then he left to go Ebay that stuff an' the class dispersed, with Peridot an' Summer talkin' about romance novels with crystals in 'em, while Khadgar wanted to verify that the stuff Deadpool had was indeed covered in blood. Summer was hopin' for ketchup, but Shiemi's pretty sure it ain't. Magic of Plants also had a movie day, but Karla was there to have a discussion after it was over. Lucille seemed to have lots of thoughts that Karla picked up on, an' Shiemi stayed after class to talk about agave plants. At the Library, Peridot was readin' her romance novels when Karla stopped by to return a very overdue book.

No Dorms, but Summer was in Town, durin' class, visitin' The Perk. After classes, Lucille settled into her job at Groovy Tunes, playin' the keyboard. An' Peter at Covent Gardens was practicin' flower arrangin'...with tentacles. A'ight then. That's sure a thing I just read.

An' on that note, Hardison out. Stay strong everybody.
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*Angry chittering*

Yeah, yeah, I'm late, I know. Sorry, yo, them weird weekends always screw up my sense of time. Spent all day yesterday thinkin' it was Tuesday. But it was Wednesday, an' here's everythin' that happened yesterday.

School started off with Fightin' an' Fabulosity got to go to the mall an' pick out clothes that were cute an' capable of concealing weapons. Man, that sounds like a class Sophie would teach, too. Also, my apologies for folks out there wearin' clothes designed for ladies an' think that pockets are for chumps. Healin' Power of Crystals had a rant from Deadpool about folks not takin' his class seriously. This bein' the same class he bough fifty cent crystals for. Go figure. Magic of Plants was temporarily turned into Magic of Puppies for the day, an' Zack stopped by to chat with Karla. Over in the Library, the books were puttin' on a literal three-ring circus, but Peridot didn't pay any attention at all.

Dorms had an upset Ada from the weekend, but Isabela showed up to help comfort her an' I ain't lookin' at anythin' you squirrels are doin', dammit. Ain't my business.

In Town, Groovy Tunes was tryna drive Lucille mad with terrible music. Covent Gardens is debatin' carryin' "sorry I turned into somethin' weird" bouquets, an' Ino was back in uniform at Pick Your Poison, with Lucille comin' in to see what exactly was bein' sold.

That's it for notes an' that's it for me! Have a good week y'all!

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Thursday, July 13th, 2017 03:51 am
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Sup, Fandom. This is Hardison an' my Nana's just discovered the concept of 'Throwback Thursday' so guess who woke up to bein' tagged in, like, a hundred pictures from high school? Why ain't there a statute of limitations on that nonsense?

Anyway, I'mma read notes real quick then write a virus to destroy alla Facebook, so you should probably back stuff up while you can before I burn Zuckerberg's digital palace to the ground.

So, startin' off, we got School. Healin' Power of Crystals, which I still can't believe is a thing, got to, uhh, experiment? With some magic crystals. Which came in a bucket of glitter. An' had price tags still on 'em. Fightin' an' Fabulosity tackled the most important half of her class title, bein' fabulous. An' no, anyone who's seen me rock a tux an'/or seen me in a fight knows I ain't bein' sarcastic. Magic of Plants used the Danger Shop to learn how to make inks outta various plants, on the off-chance Bic ever goes outta business. At the Library, Peridot was lookin' up the definition of pride because the weekend confused her. Yo, someone help a space-rock out?

Dorms was quiet, bein' the one good thing about this mornin', but stuff was goin' on up in Town. Ino patched herself up after a bad run-in with poison, an' Zack was there to help keep her standin'. That, uhh, sounds pretty bad.

But I guess it was okay, because a few hours later, Ino opened up Pick Your Poison an', I'm just sayin', ain't nobody woulda blamed you for takin' the day off. Covent Gardens saw Peter takin' orders for National Chicken Wing Day, which is not the store I assumed would need to worry about that an' Lucille was at Groovy Tunes, workin' in absolute silence.

That's all I got for today folks! Now excuse me, gotta go destroy your only method of keepin' in touch with your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.
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Yo, leave off. Yeah, I'm late. It's too hot to move fast. Gimme the notes an' lemme get on with it, okay?

School had the first week introductions. Fightin' an' Fabulosity had students pick their choice of weapons as an introduction technique. Were there computers? I do alla my fightin' over computer. An' somehow, Dante already had to stay after class, but the squirrels won't tell me why. They just keep squeakin' 'OOOoooOOOH' an' pantominin' bein' in trouble. Helpful, guys. The Healin' Power of Crystals has...some kinda introductions. I mean, they talked? Look, Deadpool wanted stories about crystals or strippers an' the students complied an' I don't wanna know who talked about which. Xanthippe didn't seem excited to be his TA again, but her rant was directed at Deadpool who was all just shrug emoji about it. Then Karla is back--Eliot will be happy to hear that--with Magic of Plants an' started off havin' the class make papyrus. Wait, is there no--nope! There were still introductions, she had the class play two truths an' a lie. She thanks Lucille for bein' her TA an' then Hannibal dropped by with chocolates.

Man, ain't no one brought me chocolates when I was teachin'.

The Library had Peridot with some gremlin bodyguards an' I don't even wanna know the rest of that story.

Town is quiet, everyon' restin' up after the holiday, but my girl Tali has a work ethic, showin' up at Stark's to work on a drone.

An' I'm out, 'bout to go enjoy air conditionin' like a civilized human.
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No notes? There are no notes? Then what the hell did y'all little buggers get me up for? I'mma just...go home I guess?

I don't even know what to do with myself. Get me up for no notes, this is ridiculous...

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Hey it's Hardison an' welcome to summer! Glad we're finishin' up the last week of classes so y'all can get your relaxin' on before the heat gets terrible an' its back into the AC we go.

So let's get this goin', huh? School started off with Resolving Conflict Without Violence talked about scenarios that just needed to be fixed by violence. Seems to go against the spirit of the class, but a'ight. Iron Fandom kidnapped two judges--dammit Eliot! Talk to your kid about kidnappin' because who else will? Anyway, the last class was about cheese an' I'm glad I was a judge back when they were still just askin' folks. Deadpool was tired from all the teachin' he'd done the day before, so Arts & Crafts just made their projects up. An' at the , Peridot apparently went to my Nana's School of Dealin' With Kids, an' kept yellin' "I caught you!" even though the books were behavin'. Mmmhmm.

Dorms were quiet an' in Town, the plants were super-moody at
Covent Gardens an' Tali was dealin' with creepy electronics at Stark Industries.

A'ight, that's it for me today. Later, Fandom!
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Ow! Ow! Quit it! Yeah, I know I'm late, I'm so--ow!

Yo, if y'all could stop throwin' acorns at me for a few minutes, I could read the notes that y'all thoughtfully left Ow! Dammit, Leroy, I'mma--ANYWAY, in School, Resolving Conflict Without Violence had to figure out how they could meaningfully improve one another's lives. Sorry, fantasy!France kid, that doesn't include flirtin' with people. Iron Fandom had beets as a secret ingredient--the squirrels say that's just mean, TA--and special guest judge was Verity. An' since the notes don't say otherwise, I'mma just assume she showed up of her own free will an' everyone was happy. Arts and Crafts made flags outta glitter an' felt while Deadpool played Candy Crush. An', lastly, in the Library, the children's books were followin' Peridot around like little ducklings. Awww.

Dorms had a bit of activity today to my eternal chagrin. Ada was makin' edible glitter in the second floor common room. She an' Peebee agreed that just eatin' the glitter was a terrible waste--see, this is why coverin' dorms makes me cry. Ada also explained what she was doin' to Jughead and Summer, who had no idea that glitter could be edible.

Back in Town, which makes me feel so much better about reportin' on, Tali worked at Stark Industries, cause she's gonna get that air conditioned suit to work, goddammit, while Ino opened Pick Your Poison an' enjoyed a pleasant chat with Hannibal over tea, talkin' about how she makes everythin' in the shop personally. At the Park, Kanan is practicin' forms with a broom, which actually makes sense when you think about it. Old Man Jenkins walks by an' asks about the form Kanan is usin' an' gets a lesson in force which sounds kinda aggressive but okay. Peter grabbed a sword of his own an' asked for a spar, which still seems kinda uneven, considerin' there's a broom involved. In non-violent news, Anders got to oversee puppies bein' born at Furnado an' every squirrel in here just Aww'd in unison. Not me, though. I'mma wait a coupla weeks until their eyes open an' their fur grows in before I start awwin'.

Ow! An' apparently that's enough to get 'em flingin' acorns again, so I'm out! Bye Fandom!
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Yo, didja all do a bit of redecorating since last week? This place seems...I dunno bigger. An' peacher.


No, peachier would mean stuff is more peachy than the last time. The walls are definitely peacher. Now hush. I ain't gettin' into an argument about grammar with a damn squirrel. Movin' onto notes so shut certain squirrels up...

School saw Resolvin' Conflicts Without Violence talked about fight versus flight versus negotiation. Iron Chef apparently had kimchi as its special ingredient today an' Jenkins as their special judge, who they kidnapped--

Raven. Kathy. Please don't go kidnappin' people. It ain't--you can't--you shouldn't--no kidnappin'!

Arts & Crafts had a teacher this week, but he was drunk. TA Xanthippe wanted to know where he'd been for the past two weeks, a conversation that I'm sure went well for her. In the library, Library, the books were hidin' from Peridot, but that seems like the least of her problems. Summer came in an' had a weird conversation that involved randomly-appearin' mega-muscles, unprompted hugs, an' general creepiness. Mara pulled a weapon on Peridot for...reasons I guess? An' Rufus recorded everythin' weird Peridot was doin'. Anakin had office hours, but as an old man.

No weirdness to report in Dorms but Town more than made up for it. In Covent Garden, Peter was bribing his flowers for good behavior. Kenzi was a Luke's, her hair mysteriously changin' color with every comment in her phone call with Cecil. Eliot was at the Perk, dressed as a cowboy an' every comment I have is inappropriate--an' Kanan came by lookin' like a woman. Then their conversation got weirder which don't seem possible, but the squirrels assure me is true. An' Steve was shirtless at the Gym an' a herd of squirrels just nearly trampled me running into town to see if he's still there.

Hannibal was at home with Jono while they randomly switched ages, languages, and sometimes caught fire.

An' that's all for yesterday's news, have a good day! I'mma head home an' see if Eliot still has that cowbow outfit.
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It's the first of June today. The year is half over an'--ow!

*Squirrely chittering*

Apparently, I ain't supposed to mention how fast this year is flyin' b--ow!

A'ight, a'ight, I'mma just jump to the news, just to escape these damn violent squirrels. Classes started with Resolving Conflict Without Violence, talked about when it was okay to just walk away. An', if I may be so bold, there are also times to just run away, too. Can't do nothin' if you're so beat you're hospitalized. An' in Iron Fandom, Parker was the special guest judge--aww, that's sweet--an' the secret ingredient was choco--DAMMIT, TA! We ain't gonna get her off the ceiling for a week.

Movin' on to Dorms, Ada was out on the deck, enjoyin' the weather with a blanket an' a book. Dante suggested a day trip out to the city to help her feel less cooped up. Jalian complained about the rainy weather, an' Summer sends a video of her eating cereal to her brother an' Ada suggests better ways to blackmail someone.

I love it when Fandom students come together.

Jalian doesn't understand the point of the video--I ain't sure the point either, but I just kinda shrug an assume it's what all the kids are doing these days--an' Summer just offers her cereal. Kay.

Last we got Town where Starks had a Tali workin' air conditioners an' Coven Garden had a Peter lecturin' the flowers about playin' nicely with everyone else. Yo, Peter, you wanna come give that lecture to the staff at Luke's, too?

A'ight, I'm out! Have a good first of June!
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*Loud sneeze*

'Sup Fandom? This is Hardison, hatin' on every tree an' plant on the island right now. My allergies got allergies, yo. So let's get through these notes real quick cause I got a bottle of Claritan with my name on it.

School did its thing, with Resolvin' Conflict Without Violence talked about the difference between directly hurtin' folks an' standin' idly by while folks were hurt. Sounds pretty heavy. Unlike where I laughed my way through Iron Fandom at all the Eliot clones. The secret ingredient was bread this week an' Eric won. Good job, Eric! Xanthippe was in charge of Arts an' Crafts cause Deadpool bailed, an' so it was googly-eyes day. Sounds legit. An' in the Library, the books were misbehavin', but only when Peridot wasn't lookin'. Books are gaslightin' rocks an' this island just keeps bein' weird.

Just one note in Dorms, Summer was tryna bribe her brother for information about their Grandpa. That sounds like an interestin' family dynamic there.

Over in Town, Tali was at Stark Industries fixin' a vaccum robot. Was it in a knife fight? Anders was lookin' up non-eating options for chickens at Furnado. There are some? Ow ow! Stop throwin' acorns at me! An' the flowers were alive at Covent Garden. Ain't they supposed to be? Would be a terrible flower store if they weren't.


Oh! The snapdragons were sentient. Makes more sense.


Wait, no it doesn't. Anyway, that's it for the notes. Hardison out.
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What up, Fandom, this is Hardison hittin' you up with all the news the drunk squirrels could be bothered to find.

*drunken cheering*

An' now it's time to get to the news cause encouragin' 'em isn't good for anybody. So, Introductions were over at School, which means classes were gettin' along. Resolvin' Conflicts Without Violence got to talk about the hypothetical situation of findin' out your family was sick with a highly contagious an' fatal disease an' what you'd do about it. Good to see this class is off to a cheerful start. Summer an' Hyacinthe paired up to talk about what they'd do, somewhere amongst all the flirtin'. Iron Fandom had a special ingredient in cherries an' a special guest judge in Eliot an'--wait, Eliot was involved in this? He seemed extra not impressed with the sous chefs that all look like him, an'--excuse me a second.

*Howling laughter that took up entirely too much time*

Ahem, sorry, I just had to-- *more chuckling* --anyway, Raven an' Kathy congratulated themselves on bein' more relaxed this week, but agreed to go right home an' nap after this, and Kathy accused Eliot of lookin' judgey. I know the exact expression you mean, girl.

Arts & Crafts made art outta popsicle sticks an' glitter an' I'm pretty sure the glitter's gonna be a constant theme. In the Library, the books set up some kind of racetrack an' made Peridot deal with that. Sorry Peridot. Then Summer came in, got weirded out by the books--same--and talked to Peridot about sharin' a class together before the conversation turned to talk about the Galactic Federation an' weird bug people.

An' on that note, I'm changin' the subject cause that ain't a conversation I need to think about. In Dorms--ahh hell, there's notes. Anyway, in Dorms, Dante--ahh hell--got left a bottle by Peebee in thanks for...somethin'. Ain't askin' what. Or what was in the bottle. Nope. Anyway, Peebee an' Dante flirted down the hall with one another an' then Ringo came by to ask about Dante's roadtrip.

Movin' to Town an' I escaped the Dorm notes relatively unscathed. Thank you baby Jesus. Anyway, lots of folks were at their jobs today. Tali--hey girl!--was at Stark Industries an' talkin' to JARVIS about rebuildin' a drone that had come in. Pick Your Poison featured Ino an' the scent of lilacs, which is pretty much how spring smells, I'm just sayin'. Coven Gardens is hirin', in case there are any newbies out there interested in workin' at a flowershop. It was also havin' a sale on anythin' that wasn't a rose or a mum. An' at Turtle an' Canary's, the Merchant of Miracles--that's a damn mouthful--was renovatin' the space for--somethin'.

An' that's all the news of yesterday folks. Hardison out.
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Yo, hey hey, welcome to the first week of classes! For everyone that's been here awhile, y'all know what that means, for those of you who're new, you've probably figured it out by now! Introduction week!

I'm Hardison an' this is your Thursday mornin' newscast, brought to you by the drunkest squirrels you'll ever meet.

*Squirrely cheers*

...That wasn't a compliment, but sure. Anyway, we had classes today at School an' I'mma tell you what happened in all of 'em: introductions. But more specifically, Resolvin' Conflicts Without Violence--a class all y'all should be takin', for serious, asked students for a situation that had been solved by violence but didn't need to be. Anne, I'm pretty sure you're new here, so I'mma warn you now: the answer on this island is almost all of 'em. That's bein' said with love, but also truth cause I know y'all.

Next up was Iron Fandom, based on the reality cookin' show, an' their first secret ingredient was rice! Aww, my TA's all grown up an' teachin' her first class. I'm so proud! Like a mama bird. They asked the standard intro questions, plus another one about dietary restrictions--makes sense--before lettin' the students cook. Tony stopped by with coffee an' pastries for Kathy, cause she's his Teachin' Buddy an' he'd missed her at the picnic, but made sure to share some with Raven, too, an' they talked about Steve, who is generally perfect except his continue delusion that Brooklyn pizza is somehow good. An' Kathy an' Raven talked about what their plans for the afternoon would be after class let out, since they were both a bundle of nerves. Their plan? Watch Inspector Spacetime, which is a quality decision on their part.

Then we had Arts 'n Crafts which was mostly deadpool unleashin' more glitter on the island because that was a problem that needed fixin' apparently. Everyone had an assignment to make art that showed their inner selves an' everybody's inner selves inexplicably required a school dance's worth of glitter each. Again, newbies, that's a measurement that'll make sense one day, I swear. They do introductions an' Deadpool's TA, Xanthippe threatens to go to the administration when she discovers she's not TAin' a science class

We also had Peridot holdin' down the fort at the Library, which means now the Library is also covered in glitter an' I don't wanna be near Constantine when he finds that out the hard way.

Nothin' happened in Dorms, but Town saw the Grand Openin' of Pick Your Poison, which, in this town, could be anythin' from a literal poison store to a bar to anythin' in between, an' saw Peter hatin' everythin' about Mother's Day preparation at Covent Gardens.

An' that's it for the news from yesterday. Have a good Thursday y'all!
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Just a few notes today, an' all from Town--

*annoyed chittering*

My bad, there's one from School. Peridot was in the Library, investigatin' why all the writin' on the book's covers was missin'.

Anyway, back in Town, Lucille was wishin' for the Silence to come back in Groovy Tunes where everythin' was anythin' but. Tali--hey girl!--was gettin' used to JARVIS for her first day at Stark Industries. An' last, Coven Garden Flowers, Peter was gettin' ready for Mother's Day makin' bouque--

*Long pause*

...Anyone else hearin' screams in the distance? Weird.
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Slow day yesterday as y'all gear up for graduation. This is Hardison with news of Town. We start with Furnado Animal Shelter, where Anders unloads pet toys and has a "come hug a puppy" sign up. That just sounds like quality life advice there. In the parking lot, Dante's doing motorcycle maintenance, an' Anders comes around for lunch and relationship talks, eesh, an' Kathy gets offered a bike ride to help her get her mind off stuff.

That's it for me this semester. Best of luck to the graduating seniors!
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Hey Fandom. *Yawns* Yo, I am tired. Are these Thursdays startin' earlier or what? I vote we all go back to bed for another few hours an' try again later.


I don't care what you think is a good idea, Leroy. There was a squirrel/gremlin hybrid down in them rooms. You don't get a vote on anythin' anymore.

Anyway, School is havin' its final classes this week. Urban Survival sent the class to evaluate different spots in town for livability. Useful, yo. An' in the Library, Peridot was checkin' each book to make sure none of 'em were missin' pages. That sounds like a story there, but I'm not askin' further.

Dorms had Gratuity in the Lobby readin' about cryptozoology when she wasn't sellin' prom tickets.

*More chittering*

You need to mention this to your mice friends? I don't even wanna know what you're talkin' about, Leroy. Anyway, last we got Town, where folks were workin' hard. Groovy Tunes was weirdly violent with Lucille chasin' little blue men with a pair of scissors. That seems dangerous for everybody. Then Jenkins was talkin' disco balls an' Netflix at The Magic Box which are two topics I ain't sure I ever saw together before. An' Furnado was the site of poor Anders transferrin' from a regular-size bunny back to a person, which at least meant he was on time for his shift!

An' that's all the news I got for you folks today. Hardison out.
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Hey, Fandom. *Yawns* What up, it's Hardison with all the news collected by drunk squirrels. These damn squirrels don't seem to care I had a late night waiting for some folks to get home, so let's get through these before I fall asleep over the notes.

School was busy today with Pokemon Goin' headin' out to hatch eggs, with Deadpool tuckin' his phone into Peridot's hair an' lettin' her do the walkin' for him. Trouble brewed in Urban Survival, as Sparkle talked about squattin' in buildin's. For someone who is, an' I quote, 'a little distracted', he put together a damn fine lecture, so good job there, Sparkle. Tip found out about 'recreational squatters' which is the kind of concept that makes me wanna go on a hackin' spree. Then she an' Jalian argued over whether or not it was a good idea to trap your squat to keep other folks out. Ummm, I'mma say no, mostly cause most places 'round here have things against assault, endangerment, an' murder. Parker, if you're listenin', please don't set any more traps than you already have. Love you! Anyway, after class, Tip checked in with Sparkle by hittin' him in the face with a drawin', an' Jalian came over to tell him that family was stupid an' to work on his knifework. Okay then! Movin' along to the Library, Peridot was weirded out by the books just bein' plain books today. Fair, that does sound suspicious for this place. An' Atton met up with Sparkle at the Danger Shop to light neighborhoods on fire.

...That sounds like a damn good idea, Atton. Good job.

Dorms once again managed to not traumatize me by havin' nothin' happenin' in them today, but people were goin' to work in Town. It was Anders' first day at Furnado an' is tuckered out by lunchtime. Know the feelin', yo. An' Groovy Tunes had Lucille in a starin' contest with the Silence over the possibility of a stolen lunch.

Yo, bad form to blame somethin' for stealin' your food if you ain't got no proof. Just sayin'. Peace.
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Hey Fandom, this is Hardison pretty much killin' times before I head over to the diner today an' have to sit through another Broadway production if I want a damn sandwich. So, hopefully y'all were busy today an' I can spend some time here annoyin' the squirrels before I head over to Luke's.

*Sounds of paper rustling*

...Well, a'ight then. That would be a no.

School had my perpetual favorite class, Urban Survival had folks volunteering at a shelter to watch the kids. How many of y'all came back an' needed naps? Dorms had some activity, which I'm scared to read about but...oh. Okay, Ringo was in the 5th Floor Common Room, watchin' men on rollarblades fight each other in slow motion. Well...okay then. You do you, Ringo. In Town, Lucille was nappin' at Groovy Tunes after some music put her to sleep an' Eliot an' Sparkle met up over a dog-gremlin battle to talk about family. An important topic that.

An' now, I dragged this out as much as I could, time to see what new fresh hell musical awaits me at Luke's.
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Yo, so I have a grand total of two notes here, ain't even sure why I'm here right now. Only note I have are for School, so let's get through 'em real quick. Pokemon Goin' sent folks out to find water Pokemon. Maybe even get a shiny or two. An' in Urban Survival, Sparkle told the class about some of the dangers of homeless shelters. Which--yeah. He wasn't exaggeratin'.

An' on that note, I'm out. Have a good day, Fandom.
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Hey y'all, it's Hardison an' every minute I'm readin' the news is a minute I'm not improvin' my planet's viability, so I'mma make this real quick. School yesterday once more had Sparkle comin' correct in Urban Survival, coverin' hygiene an' homelessness, includin' how to get period supplies. Damn useful for folks what need that information--or wanna be useful to people who do. Peridot was a mime in the Library which is honestly not a sentence I've ever read before on this island, so good job to you, Peridot.

An' in Town, Ringo was--an' I quote--'bein' weird on her ATs in the warehouse district.' But no details about how. Thank you, Leroy, that was scintillatin' for all of us.

That's it for the news, so I'm out. Gotta go figure out which alien I'mma make out with.
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--on't tell me I shoulda known! Aren't y'all friends with the gremlins? Next time they kidnap my boyfriend an' leave a note, they'd better--heyyyyyyyyy, Fandom. Guess who just noticed the radio light is on. An' who also noticed Leroy standin' off to the side lookin' all innocent. Ain't foolin' nobody, Leroy.

Anyway, this is Hardison an' I got yesterday's news right here for you. School was busy, with Pokemon Go out catchin' Pokemon that give 'em feelings. Ain't quite sure what kinda feelings, ain't gonna ask, either. Urban Survival went over how to dress warm an' stay safe durin' the bitter cold, which is a lesson I think we could all learn these days, brrr. And Peridot was witness to a librecide in the Library, courtesy of the Ides of March.

No Dorms, but in Town, Jenkins was tryna balance books at the Magic Box, an' a mouse in clothes said 'hi' to him.

*squirrely chittering*

'Scuse me, the mouse said 'hail.'

*More chittering*

About the cheese an' cake. An' on that note, I'm leaving because otherwise I'll ask questions.
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Hey Fandom, this is Hardison, bringin' you all the news that could fit on a...cocktail napkin, apparently. Which is roughly the same length as the note Eliot left me'n Parker before bailin' on Tuesday.


Naw, I ain't mad. Seriously. Yo, he left a note. There were details an' everythin'! I'm actually kinda proud.

But anyway, stuff happened on the island. School had Urban Survival an' a very pissed off Sparkle, talkin' 'bout the bullshit that is the idea that poor folks aren't allowed to have anythin' nice because if you ain't livin' the life of a Dickensian urchin, then you must not 'really be poor' at least to some short-sighted assholes out there. The class discussed "necessary luxuries" like phones, fridges, changes of clothin', stuff like that. An' in the Library, Peridot noticed the books written by men were takin' a step back an' lettin' the lady-authored ones step up. The books in our library are now more gender-conscious than our elected officials, just take a sec to think about that.

An' in Town, Lucille got her revenge on the Silence by playin' keyboards at Groovy Tunes cause it stole her sandwich.

Hey now. Unfounded accusations about sandwich-theft just hurt people. An' with that plea for harmony, Hardison out.

Fandom Radio, March 2nd

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 11:34 pm
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Good mornin, y'all! I don't know why, but it seems like a damn fine day. So let's get to these few notes an' we can all get along with our days.

In School, Pokemon Going talked about the new generation of Pokemon to catch. Urban Survival was still talkin' about water an' how important it is to have an' how hard it can be to find. And in' the Library, Peridot was readin' up on sewin' machines.

No Dorms, but in Town, Zack had to figure out what to do with the new secret pup--err...uhh, is that the time? Looks like it's all the time we got now, this is Hardison, signin' off, also sorry Zack for, y'know, whatever.
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*Sounds of a scuffle*

--For the last time, y'all can't be complainin' 'bout what you see when you barge into a love-yurt, a'ight? Y'all should feel honored to have seen my--is that light on? Oh, y'all ain't even right! Gimme these damn notes!

Hey island, it's Hardison an' I'm cold cause these damn squirrels didn't let me grab a shirt while they were herdin' me out of my nice, comfy, love-yurt--

*horrified chittering*

--Yeah, I'mma keep callin' it that. You don't wanna hear me refer to it as a love-yurt, you shoulda let me stay there. Anyway, this is your shirtless DJ for the day, Hardison, an' damn this radio station could stand to be heated a little better. Let's just do this, so I can get back to where it's warm.

In School, Pokemon Going watched the first Pokemon movie an' my Nana took me to see that in theaters. Yo, I ain't even gonna front, I cried. An' one of the other kids started sayin' "Why you hittin' yourself?" when the two Pikachu's started fightin'* an' I nearly jumped over the seat...Ahem. Right. Y'all ain't here to listed to me wax rhapsodic over twenty-year-old Pokemon feels. Movin' on, Urban Survival had a practical exercise, sendin' the class out around town to find a source of clean water to drink from. Damn good exercise, Sparkle, well-done. An' in the Library, Peridot was readin' up on human biology an' discovered what a terrible idea that was.

We had some activity in the Dorms, but not action, thank god. Gratuity was in the First Floor Lobby, sellin' tickets to the dance an' readin' fanfiction on her phone, both activities I approve of. An' Ringo was in her room sortin' through chocolates, when she got a visit from Alluka an' her new friend, Mr. Berry. An' for once, I don't have to worry about where those notes are goin', for which I'm grateful.

Last, in Town, Peter was takin' phone orders at Covent Garden, at least until new guy Jenkins opened up The Magic Box an' argued with the books about swappin' places durin' inventory. Peter came by an' started chattin' about bein' a Shadow, which is some kinda vampire, I guess. Turns out that Peter's version of Jesus was one or somethin'? I dunno, I didn't write these notes.

*Indignant chittering*

Look, maybe if you weren't drunk most of the time, we wouldn't question how truthful these notes are! Anyway, Peridot decided to take a break from studyin' human biology--good call--an' also ended up at the Magic Box. They had a long talk about research an' magical foci, an' the essence of a soul. Sounds heavy.

But it also sounds like the last of my notes, so I'mma get outta here before I freeze to death. Hardison out, y'all, have a good rest of your day.

*[OOC: I was totally the evil older sister who said that while my little brother was crying in the theater.]
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Hey Fandom this is Hardison bringin' you everythin' you need to know about yesterday. An', let's be real, more than you really needed to know, right? But that's Fandom squirrels for you.

Anyway, over at School, Pokemon Goin' learned about gym battles, while Urban Survival talked about various ways to get food. Yeah, that's an important lesson, yo. At the Library, Peridot an' the books were havin' some kinda suspicious-off an' I ain't even sure who won.

Baby Jesus an' all his angels smiles on me so I have no notes to read about Dorms, but in Town Lucille dealt with bad music and weird smells at Groovy Tunes an' Covent Gardens had Peter researchin' the language of flowers.

That looks like all the notes I have, so Hardison out!
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'Sup, Fandom? This is Hardison, your DJ for the day, here hopin' your week's been as great as mine, yo.

So let's get this party started, a'ight? First we got School, where Pokemon Goin' was at the Perk so Deadpool could teach students how to use lure modules. Then in Urban Survival, Sparkle had the class pack food an' toiletries for homeless donations. I'd like to go on record right now an' offer mad props to Sparkle for this class, y'all. Good job. An' durin' Peridot's shift in the Library, the books were buildin' boats cause the rain was turnin' into floodin' an' sometimes I do not understand this island.

At the Dorms, Anders was in the third floor common room eatin' toaster waffles an' watchin' a reality show about a nanny tryna tame some bratty children. Dante checks in with him to see how he's holdin' up after Kathy's return an' Hyacinthe learns how to use a toaster while talkin' about magic birth control. Because those are two great tastes that taste great together, I guess? Dante an' Hyacinthe agree the show is terrible an' come up with, uhh, alternate activities that I'mma just glide right over, thanks. Cause we got Rey up on the fourth floor common room listenin' to some peppy music. The squirrels think it's important to note that that was by accident, though.

Last up, we got Town, where Peter's editin' the Valentine's Day sign an' makes bouquets in Covent Garden and Lucille was entertained by tiny blue men who came out to dance at Groovy Tunes.

An' that's all my notes for today! Hardison out, but y'all have a good one!
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Hey Fandom, I got things to do an' people to see today, so let's blitz right through these notes.

School was mostly in session, with Urban Survival discussin' the things that keep folks down when they hit bottom an' offerin' suggestions on how to fix some of those issues. Pokemon Goin' was canceled for...this says a lesson about 'alternative revenue streams.' Man, we used that line all the time in cons. An' in the Library, Peridot had a robot-duck an' rock-bread an' that's about all the questions I even have on that.

In Dorms, Dante couldn't find anythin' he wanted to watch on the TV in the third floor common room an' I can't tell you how happy I am that was the only note I had to read.

Town saw Hannibal at Fandom Island Counseling lookin' for a secretary, an' Lucille stopped by for a visit after her shift at Groovy Tunes. Hey! My TA works there. Shout out to Groovy Tunes! Lucille spotted a Silence hidin' away in the shelves at the store, though, so watch out for that, y'all.

An' I'm out! Have a good day, y'all.
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'Sup, Fandom? I got a lot of feelin's, politics-wise, goin' on today, so today's broadcast is gonna be real short. Fortunately, it ain't like I got a whole buncha notes to get through, so there's that.

Up at School, Urban Survival looked at some of the underlyin' reasons folks might end up homeless. Poverty's the biggest an' most obvious one, but there are a buncha other contributin' factors that Sparkle had the class look at. An' in Pokemon Goin', Deadpool talked about the importance of choosin' the right buddy. Which is obviously Magikarp because then you earn candies faster to evolve him into a Gyrados and then you ain't gotta worry about havin' a Magikarp anymore. Over in the Library, Peridot was tryna feed bread to the books. Honestly? I'm not 100% sure they didn't take her up on it. I heard things about that library, yo.

Nothin' happened in Dorms, but Town had nothin' but silence in Groovy Tunes an' Ada was yellin' about the paper in Demon Marcus.

That's it, y'all. Hardison out.
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What up folks? This is DJ Hardison here, nursin' a cup of coffee an' a tiny pile of notes. Here's hopin' I can get through this without noddin' off, so let's do this.

Over in School, Urban Survival were goin' over lists of necessities, tryna figure out what people really need to survive an' what they don't. Student discussion got pretty intense. In Pokemon Goin' Deadpool had people walk for an hour in order to get eggs to hatch, though some folks walked only as far as the Perk. An' in the Library, some of the books were horrified by the internet an' Peridot wisely decided not to see what they were lookin' at.

As someone who was on the internet today, that was probably for the best, Peridot. Trust.

In the Dorms, Ringo went to bed early, which my boyfriend shoulda done over in Town cause he was up at stupid o'clock this mornin' with dreams.

An' I'm done, so it's naptime for me. Bye y'all, have a great day.
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Oh hey little dudes, you're back! Nice to see--naw, we don't have to talk about why I'm up so early an' takin' a walk. How 'bout y'all mind your own furry business, huh?


...Yeah, a'ight, that pretty much is the opposite of what y'all do 'round here. Fair point.

Anyway, hey y'all, I'm Hardison an' this is Fandom Radio wishin' you a happy Thursday from way too damn early in the mornin' an' readin' you all the gossip a buncha squirrels saw fit to right down. Sorry to folks who just came in over the fall an' are just findin' out that privacy ain't really a thing here. Put some rum out if there's stuff you don't want reported on, that's a tip from me to you.

School's started up again, with Sparkle teachin' Urban Survival. It was introductions around again, with Gratuity gettin' a TA nod an' Ada either already havin' one or decidin' to get on Sparkle's good side early by bringin' him coffee. The squirrels are makin' a big deal 'bout how nervous he was, but none of the notes mention the classroom bein' lit on fire or anyone goin' to the infirmary, so I'm guessin' he did just fine. Pokemon Goin' sounds like the best class--Team Mystic forever!--an' Deadpool reminded everyone they needed phones for the course. More introductions, an' the team pretty much split themselves between Teams Mystic an' Instinct an' it looks like there's gonna be some competition for the local gyms now. An' then Peridot was in the library gettin' serenaded by some kinda weird paper musical. All right then.

Also in town, Lucille was workin' her shift at Groovy Tunes, playin' somethin' on the piano the squirrels say was both pretty an' hauntin'. Okay then, Leroy, didn't know you were into music.


You know, I'mma just interrupt Leroy's lecture on minor keys to say that's all for this week, I'll talk to you later, Fandom! Time to head home an' try to get another hour or so of sleep.
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What? It's Thursday already? That don't seem right. Wasn't it just Thursday the other day? Now that I got my external batteries goin' an' rigged up with solar panels, it's hard to keep track of what day it is cause I don't have to go inside that often to charge my phone. But, yo, I am hatchin' eggs like nobody's business. Ten kilometer eggs ain't nothin' once you get a good clip goin'.


Yeah, yeah, Leroy, I'm gettin' on with it. I gotta get back out there anyway. So School had a bunch of last classes--wow, we at finals already?--like Outdoorsmanship 101 had a water balloon fight after Eliot lectured 'em on the dangerous people who can live in the woods. LIKE RACIST MILITIAS! There you are, mindin' your own business, pullin' a perfectly legit con, dressed up like an IRS agent an' suddenly you're surrounded by a buncha rednecks with guns. It ain't pretty, yo. Speakin' of pretty, however, Sex Ed went to Dite's Decadent Delights, an' Constantine was sad that he ain't never seen Didi in a corset. An' now I need to see if that place actually sells corsets cause--ahem. Never mind. Movin' quickly on, How To Be Awesome talked about figuring out when things weren't bein' awesome. Like when racist militias are involved.

Dorms saw Ezra readin' magazines until Dante stopped over with cake an' then they engaged in wholesome activities la la la la.

Town was busy today, with Lucille at Groovy Tunes unpluggin' everything she could find once the music system turned on her. That...sounds ominous, okaaaay. Wonka's had a new display, courtesy of Ezra, until Ada stopped by lookin' for somethin' sweet, which I'm sure wasn't a euphemism at all.


Wait, it wasn't? For real?

*More chittering*

Well, Ernestine don't lie, so I guess it wasn't. Huh. Anyway, Hannibal continued to see patients at Fandom Counseling Services an' Psychiatry, with Sparkle stoppin' by to say hello.

An' that's all, so I'm out! Have a good day, Fandom!
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Hey Fandom, this is Hardison with all the news that's fit to read. Which ain't much, so either y'all are off bein' shady somewhere or this new planet's gettin' to most of y'all.

Anyway in School, Outdoorsmanship 101 was out lookin' for bugs an' flora an' fauna an' stuff. But when I do the same thing on my phone, I'm bein' childish. Hmph. Sex Ed covered gender identity, which is awesome an' sure as hell wasn't covered in my high school, then How To Be Awesome got to play with puppies an'--all the squirrels just screamed in unison. C'mon, y'all! You're squirrels! Ain't dogs your natural enemies or somethin'? Not that I'm arguin', cause puppies are cute as heck.

Dorms were quiet, but Town, Peter, who I still ain't met, was puttin' together bouquets at Covent Garden. Yo, Peter, you got any flowers that say, I'm sorry I went off to fight Nazis without you? Uhh, askin' for a friend. An' Hannibal got a casserole at Fandom Island an' Counseling Services. Well, that's nice.


Wait, tuna? Ew. Never mind. A'ight, Fandom, Hardison out.
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Hey Fandom, this is-- *angry chittering* What do you mean you didn't think I was here? Where the heck would I be? *More chittering* You thought I died huntin' pocket monsters on my phone? That's just rude as hell! Naw, I'm here an' I'm fine an' I'd like to get this broadcast underway if y'all will be so kind.

So, yeah, now that we've agreed that rumors of my death've been greatly exaggerated, let's hop over to School, where Outdoorsmanship 101 got to explore Frankticon VII which sounds more like a fan convention than a planet. Sex Ed had a movie day, cause Constantine was hung--err, was indisposed. See, I got you, fam. An' How to be Awesome was straight up canceled.

Man, is it just me or is the island been creepily quiet recently. We must be still recoverin' from the screamin' sun.

Anyway, over in Dorms, Lucille woke up an' WASN'T a moth, which is good for everybody to do. Also wakin' up was Dante who was lookin' for his cigarettes before rememberin' he quit, an' Anders brought him a muffin' an' then there was cuddlin' an' talk of who gets to worry who, after Dante...why does it mention him bein' worried about where his insides were?! Dammit, y'all! Insides are s'posed to remain inside, s'why they call 'em that! An' then it led to makin' out an', y'know, I'm startin' to wonder how much of that is just some damn coping mech--

*angry chittering*

I'm bein' told that my job is to read notes, not play armchair psychologist. I'd like to note that ain't neither of these my job, since I ain't gettin' paid. But anyway, we have notes in Town, where Pinkie was bouncin' down Pie Lane a street I did not know existed until just now, when she ended up buyin' a damn party store. Which I also did not know existed till now. Kitty was just as excited as Pinkie--pics or it didn't happen--an' promised to buy a party cannon. Kanan was in the Park an' found himself leadin' a parade of animals an' people, all in rapid succession. First came Hannibal, who was out for a jog an' they talked about employment opportunities for Kanan, assumin' his Pied Piper gig don't pan out. Then Cecil was walkin' an' stopped to coo at a dog a lot. Bob wasn't walkin' or joggin', but found himself in the park anyway, an' informed Kanan the cute dog probably belonged to him now. Which is the way ownership over anythin' works in Fandom, just ask Eliot. Jalian was trainin' an' complainin' how the bright lights an' colors hurt her eyes. An' lastly, Peter who was just hangin' outside, talked with Kanan about how ownership just happens, just like I said previously.

Yo, who do I gotta bother to get folks to visit me this much? *Chittering* What do you mean actually show up for work? I don't even work there! A'ight Fandom, have a good day, this is Hardison, signin' off!
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Sup, Fandom. This is Hardison an' I am three footsteps away from what looks like a Legendary bird right now, so this radio's gonna be brief. School started with Outdoorsmanship which involved a useful lesson on what plants were good to eat and which weren't. Sex Ed got in-depth about birth control an'--wait, was that a pun?! DAMMIT, LEROY! How to be Awesome went to a mall in the Danger Shop an' went fake!shoppin'. Isabel an' Ada tried to buy clothes, even though ain't neither of 'em every been in a mall before.

Dorms just had Roscoe preppin' himself for a night out. The squirrels want you to know you looked 'hella good', Roscoe. An' Ringo popped by singin' and also complimented Roscoe, so all good there.

An' lastly, we got Town where Ezra was makin' a display of marmalade candies shaped like foxes an' the squirrels all think that's hilarious. Dante stopped by for flirting an' fox puns an' the squirrels are now holdin' up little "YOU CAN DO IT, DANTE! STAY STRONG!" signs. I...don't even know where they got those from. Ain't askin', neither. New guy Peter wandered by Covent Garden Flowers an' started gettin' handsy with 'em, an' the squirrels are all noddin' their head like this is normal behavior.

...Leroy just slipped me a note sayin' this is how people end up ownin' businesses an' I'mma just go because I don't wanna think about that.
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Sup, island, this is Hardison, here reportin' on what y'all did yesterday before I head back out an' see what I can catch on my phone this mornin'. Also, is it just me, or does this island need a lot more stops, huh? I feel like I'm always outta balls an--

*Squirrely sniggering*

Shut up, Leroy, you know what I mean. Shut up 'fore I feed you to my dragon. So, okay, School, we started with Outdoorsmanship, where Eliot taught the class how to get potable water an' find edible plants in the wilderness. The class paid attention an' then went out to scavenge for provisions on their own. Hyacinthe an' Ringo tried to figure out if the plant they were lookin' at matched the plant in the picture, cause, let's be real, most plants look alike, you know? Eliot was surprised when I showed up, an' proceeded to abandon my ass in the woods for, like no reason.

*Squirrely objections*

Payin' attention to my phone huntin' for AR monsters ain't a good enough reason to be abandoned. Shut up, Leroy. Again.

In How to be Awesome, Jackson had people talk about what they did to feel awesome. Isabela mentioned gettin' some ryncol from the locals an' that just sounds like a terrible idea. Even more terrible was Roscoe's idea to join her. An' once Ada discovered what ryncol is, she was also jumpin' on the bad idea bandwagon. Yo, someone needs to do some kinda PSA or afterschool special for these kids. Sex Ed covered some of the dangers in the other preferred unhealthy coping mechanism for this town, discussin' STDs an' how to use condoms. That included a hands-on demo of how to roll a condom on a banana, accompanied by a lot of blushin' when students had to do it for themselves. Ringo did not seem to appreciate Dante tryna help her with the assignment.

An' lastly, Obi-Wan was havin' office hours an' Kanan came by to talk for a bit. They discussed the F--hmm. You know, I get a feelin' this should stay between them. They had a talk, that was all.

Dorms were quiet, but Town had Lucille at Groovy Tunes listenin' to black metal an' Ezra at Wonka's was settin' up a display of chocolate figurines. An' that's all for today, folks.

Now if y'all excuse me, I gotta claim that gym in Town!
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I'm a pony. I'm a BLEEP BLEEPING pony. I just got turned back from a damn teddy bear an' now I'm a damn pony. An' my boyfriend? Get this! He's a griffin! Of course, he's pleased as punch, cause he can fly an' mangle stuff with his damn claws, unlike me, who's just a pony with weird hair. Why do I even have hair as a pony? I shave!


Pony Radio )
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'Sup Fandom, it's me, your host Hardison, whole an' human once again an' man, let me tell you how good it feels not to be plush, yo. I cannot stress enough how glad I'm back to bein' me, an' not just because it saves alla us from listenin' to that crazy vampire chick again.

Talky talky talky! )

An' that's the last of the news an' someone should get Eliot an' Parker over here cause I think my...fourth?...shot might've been one shot too many. *Thunk*

*Open air, followed by amused chittering before the broadcast ends*
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Yo, Fandom. I have a pretty big day of nothin' at all to do, so let's get through these notes so I can get back to it.

In School, Modern Shakespeare watches a diverse adaptation of Midsummer Night's Dream an' talks about their favorite adaptations, while Workin' With Jerks finishes their term with pizza an' a movie. Yes You Can Cook got to make whatever they wanted, or so it says on the tin, but I bet if I tried to make a Hot Pocket, I'd still get them eyes made at me. Yeah, Eliot, you know the ones.

Over in the Dorms, Gratuity was enjoyin' the AC, if not the TV in the 4th Floor Common Room. Well, now I'm curious what she was watchin'. Heist flick, maybe? Anyway, Peridot showed up, so Gratuity had to try an' explain the show to her, before switchin' tracks to talkin' about how hard it is to learn to read English.

Town was slow today, with just Ezra's first day of work at Wonka's Sweet Shoppe, but Lucille stopped by to flirt an' buy some candy so it was at least a fun first day at that.

An' that's the last of my notes, so I'm off to continue my relaxin' day of doin' nothin' at all. Have a good week, Fandom!
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These notes are on a damn cocktail napkin. A'ight then. Let's just get to it.

School had Modern Shakespeare coverin' Tamin' of the Shrew an' feminism. As you do. In Workin' With Jerks, the teachers debated gettin' into fights with jerks on social media. Steve an' Tony kept up the argument durin' class, with Steve sayin' you should always stand up for what's right an' Tony pointin' out that sometimes folks ain't in the position to do so. Hate to say it, Brooklyn, but Tony's right. That's when you call some folks who can provide a little more...leverage.


In Eliot's Yes, You Can Cook, he covered bakin', which is actually chemistry an' magic mixed into one, wrapped in an enigma. Trufax, yo.

Nothin' happened in the Dorms, but in Town, Alana was dealin' with lobsters at Book Haven, in both music and real life. Sounds like fun, except not.

An' that's the end of my cocktail napkin, so enjoy!
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Yo, what up Fandom. This is your Thursday host, Hardison, bringin' you news of what y'all did yesterday. My partner nearly got himself eaten by teddy bears, so hopefully your days was better. Or, at least, less embarrassin'.

In School, Modern Shakespeare had Karla tellin' class to forget everythin' they talked about last week an' returned to Amleth to talk about side characters an' different interpretations of the text. She also trolled Ender via text an' I really wanna know how y'all can get close enough to read text messages.


Y'all are tapped into the phone lines of everyone on the island? You better be bullBEEPin' me, Leroy, cause that ain't even cool.

Workin' with Jerks talks about email etiquette an'--


Y'all have access to our computers, too? Dammit, now I know you're lyin'! Ain't nobody could access my systems unless I--



Err...ahem. Uhh, folks, why don't y'all forget about that last outburst, let's just finish up the news here.

Ender was havin' office hours watchin' a funny documentary, like that ain't a contradiction in terms, while Yes Even You Can Cook started late cause Eliot was nearly a main course himself. Which was more hilarious before I started worryin' about my computer security, thank you Leroy. Anyway, he showed drunk cookin' videos, even though he likes to front that he don't understand Youtube, an' Vic dropped by an' stole his sandwich.

*Long pause. Uncomfortably long.*

Funny, I don't see nothin' in these notes about her gettin' harassed for the next week about it. Hmm. Ain't that interestin'. Anyway, then Kanan was there to sympathize about nearly gettin' eaten by teddy bears, which means this is a difficulty multiple people face in their lifetime. Interestin'.

Over in Dorms, Rufus was on the roof, drinkin' coffee an' probably broodin', which the squirrels assure me is what the roof is for. Dante showed up an' Rufus asked him for advice dealin' with guardians and...yeah. I'm glad not to know what that advice entailed, yo.

Nothin' from Town, so that's the end of my broadcast. Take my advice folks, go home and check your electronics for squirrely spyware. I'm doin' it.
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Mornin' Fandom. Time for another round of findin' out what y'all did in creepy detail! This is your host, Hardison, along with all the squirrels that made this show possible. Leroy, stop wavin' your hands, this ain't somethin' for you to be proud of.

School was pretty busy today. First up was Modern Shakespeare who watched a documentary today about the history an' endurance of Shakespeare's works. Ain't sure why the squirrels are snickerin' about that, but they are. Then in Workin' With Jerks, the main topic of the day was...somethin' called Hulk yoga?

*Aggrieved chitterering*

Ain't the main point? Then why is it in all caps an' underlined twice? Fine! *Deep sigh* 'Scuse me, we had a correction. Seems that the point of the lecture was about what to do when a coworker leaves an' you get stuck with their duties, not Hulk yoga. Dipper negotiated for cake, while Steve and Tony talked about how gross protein shakes are. An' if Tony's ever said anythin' nice about Steve. Yo, who wouldn't say nice stuff about Steve? Other than bein' wrong about baseball an' pizza, he's a'ight. Jono was in his office, listenin' to music, which the squirrels assure me is for class an' not just cause he felt like it. Lastly, Eliot's class in the community center, Yes You Can Cook practiced their grillin' technique. That's just s'posed to be a food thing, not an interrogation, Steve, so I hope any questions you had about Eliot's time in the military were strictly friendly an' welcomed.

Over in the Dorms, Ada was in the second floor common room, cookin' up edible glitter. C'mon, little mama, you really think the island needs the help? Then Dante--oh lord, what am I gonna haveta read--came in with a rabbit that was actually Roscoe an' they talked about the arcade games Dante got for his place back home. An' that it? Woo! That's it! Ain't had to read nothin' embarrassin' yay!

Last up, we got Town, Hannibal was also listenin' to music--no word if it was for class--until Kanan stopped by for coffee while Hannibal made dinner.

An' that's all for today folks. Talk at y'all next week!
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Yo, hey, Fandom. This is Hardison, bringin' you word of what y'all did yesterday. I'm in kinda a rush cause of some of what I heard from Luke's staff on my way out the door this mornin', so let's get to it, a'ight?

School started off with a musical, with Modern Shakespeare showin' East Side Story an' discussin' how it holds up against the love story in the original play. Workin' With Jerks had the class try to order pizza for everybody an' work out how to make folks pay what they owed an' that's so hard there's a damn con that revolves around it. The squirrels also say that Yes, You Can Actually Cook was about knives an' NOT stabbin' people, but I know Eliot, so I'm withholdin' judgment on that, yo. Also, Kanan was in his office, takin' notes offa napkins--I know I'm readin' that right, ain't so sure the squirrels wrote it right--till Bob showed up to say 'sup. They talked about a, uhh, problem student, with Bob givin' Kanan some pointers on how to properly engage the students in the activities. *clears throat*

Hey! Over in Dorms, Steven was up on the roof to sing about giant women, an' okay, that's a thing he was doin'.

Movin' on to Town where hopefully things will be normal--HA!--Dante was in the parking lot, givin' his motorcycle some attention--ooh, I should go down an' check on Lucille. Ringo came by to hassle him--yo, squirrel's words not mine--an' they started doin' tricks in the lot across the Causeway. An' later, Jaina was at Turtle an' Canary's, hittin' up the frozen food aisle. Stock up on Hot Pockets, girl! They're delicious!

An' I'm out. Have a great day, Fandom!
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Mornin' Fandom an' you're listenin' to the smooth tones of DJ Hardison bringin' you the all the news hits of Town, Dorms, an' School. *Papers rustling.* A'ight, actually, it looks only like like School today, where Modern Shakespeare watched Scotland, PA, a retellin' of Macfinlay, an' Workin' With Jerks had everyone wearin' Get-Along shirts, an invention I'm glad my Nana ain't heard of when we were kids. The squirrels in the studio seem mixed between laughin' hysterically at the idea of Tony an' Steve in one big shirt an' sobbin' cause Steve's wearin' shirts again. Also, y'all? Stop tryna steal Steve's shirts. He was complainin' about that to Tony after class.

Later in Yes, You Can Cook, which is a dirty lie if you share a kitchen with Eliot, learned about starches, which include rice, ramen, an' the outside of Hot Pockets. Ringo had no idea how folks cook rice without a rice cooker--the answer is a microwave probably--an' Jaina had no idea how her rice turned to mush. Vanessa an' Deadpool just thought about orderin' in delivery. Which, I'mma say, valid lifestyle choice. I approve.

An' that's it for the news, so y'all have a great day. I'm out!
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Yo, sup Fandom an' welcome newbies. This is Hardison, your Thursday broadcaster, here to assure you that whatever you heard about this island is probably true and almost certainly crazier than you been told. For example, I was brought to this radio station by a buncha drunk squirrels an' now am gonna attempt to decipher their little squirrely, hand-written notes to tell y'all what you did yesterday. Because they spy on you. Drunkenly.

Welcome to Fandom )
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...How the hell are y'all even here? We're out in the middle of the ocean, yo! Back on Earth! Y'all couldn't have found anyone else to cover for me?


There was a scary vampire that threatened to eat you an' then you went to the witch an' she said if you wake the baby, she'd skin you alive? I threaten you all the ti--Y'all are laughin'. What? I ain't scary?! I'll have you know, I'm plenty scary! Why I could--

*Chittering continues*

Only when I'm bein' mind-controlled? Leroy, that ain't even right. Just gimme the damn notes, I ain't got time for this.

Nothin' in School, cause we're on vacation, or at least some of us are. Save for how we're gettin' stalked by goddamn rodents. In Dorms, Anders laid claim to the third floor common room to watch cookin' reality shows to distract him from some research he was doin'. Anders, yo, what research? You're on break! Rey didn't get the premise of the show, but they ended up splittin' pizza an' popcorn, so somethin' good came outta it. Rey, if you're still confused when classes begin again, ask Eliot. He loves cookin' reality shows *Chuckles.* Then Alluka brought her elephant in to say hello to Anders an' they talked about makin' new friends an'...oh. They were both friends of Kathy's. I see. Uhh, Anders, you research whatever you want, a'ight? Whatever works for you.

Anyway, in Town, Alana was at Book Haven an' gettin' annoyed with the candy that was blowin' in an' stickin' to the books. Ugh, now I'm just imaginin' the hell it's gonna play on my electronics. Dammit, space! Why you gotta keep disappointin' me?! An' at Stark's, Cosima was also disappointed by space when she found out that the alien space-candy was just regular candy like you could get on Earth. Once again provin' that space is actually the worst, dammit.

A'ight, that's all for notes, now scram an' let me finish enjoyin' my vacation!
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Hey, Fandom, this is Hardison reportin' to you live from space--which I'd'a been hella more thrilled about before this past weekend, yo.

Most y'all seem to be lyin' low this week, too, so I only got one note from Town to share today. Looks like Edward an' Cosette had a date at Il Pollo where both of 'em were apparently lookin' fine as Cosette attempted to explain all one million different kinda noodle to Edward. However flirtin' works for you crazy kids, you go for it.

An' that's it for the news, so y'all have a good day, try not to harm any of your loved ones. Hardison out.
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Hey, Fandom, this is Hardison. Looks like it's gon' be a short radio today. Just notes from School. Looks like everybody else is studyin' or quietly missin' their kids or whatever. Anyway, Jack of All Trades had its final today, where the class had to demonstrate one skill they learned this semester, then they were free to go have pizza. Art of War got pastries, cause feedin' your class is a proud tradition, an' talked about the results of their information gathering. They also touched on the highlights of what they learned over the semester. An' last, in Weapon Safety, the class got to practice on whatever weapon they liked best.

An' that appears to be it for the news. C'mon Fandom! Be more fun than this! Y'all are allowed to be quiet this week, till your finals are done, but I expect you to be a lot livelier come the weekend!

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