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Fandom Radio, August 3rd

Sup, Fandom. Yo, in case y'all ain't heard yet, there's s'posed to be a major hurricane on its way here. An' for anyone on this island to up an' take notice of the weather, it's probably gonna be a bad one. Y'all should stock up on staples an' supplies, but don't hoard. Make sure there's enough toilet paper an' bottled water for everybody.

Ain't entirely sure why you need to buy out the store's supply of toilet paper an' bottled water when a bad storm is on its way, but the internet assures me this is true.

Speakin' of hurricanes, Peridot was in the Library, learnin' about hurricane namin' conventions. Which are weird, I'mma give you that. Yo, has this hurricane gotten big enough to be named yet? Anyway, in Fightin' an' Fabulosity, students had to fight monsters with their weapons from their first class an' wearin' feather boas. That's some fabulosity right there. Healin' Power of Crystals tried to heal chakra with crystals or maybe tried to heal crystals with chakras. I dunno an neither do you. Summer was cranky cause it wasn't workin', Ahsoka wan't sure what chakras were, an' Xanthippe just wanted Deadpool to stop chantin'. The Magic of Plants learned how to make useful stuff outta gourds. Which is interestin', considerin' no one can figure out how to make anything tasty outta 'em.

Dorms were quiet, but in Town, Eliot was preppin' the house for the hurricane. I bet we got, like, three shelves full of paper towels an' bread now, just wait. Kitty was outside Luke's also preppin'. You heard it here folks. If the hurricane messes up your house, the bar is ready! Covent Gardens got a shipment of chichlids, not orchids an' Groovy Tunes was closed because Lucille ain't feelin' well. Get better soon, Lucille!

Anyway, this is Hardison signin' off. All jokin' aside, take a few extra precautions till this thing blows over, a'ight? It's supposed to be BAD.

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