Thursday, January 12th, 2017

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What up folks? This is DJ Hardison here, nursin' a cup of coffee an' a tiny pile of notes. Here's hopin' I can get through this without noddin' off, so let's do this.

Over in School, Urban Survival were goin' over lists of necessities, tryna figure out what people really need to survive an' what they don't. Student discussion got pretty intense. In Pokemon Goin' Deadpool had people walk for an hour in order to get eggs to hatch, though some folks walked only as far as the Perk. An' in the Library, some of the books were horrified by the internet an' Peridot wisely decided not to see what they were lookin' at.

As someone who was on the internet today, that was probably for the best, Peridot. Trust.

In the Dorms, Ringo went to bed early, which my boyfriend shoulda done over in Town cause he was up at stupid o'clock this mornin' with dreams.

An' I'm done, so it's naptime for me. Bye y'all, have a great day.

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