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Welcome to the last day of classes before graduation. How did that happen? This is Rilla Blythe on my very last broadcast here in Fandom. I am heading back to Canada, so if any of you have a burning interest in seeing it in 1916, talk to me before I leave next week!

We start as usual with classes, where Mr. Lyman tried to ease the pain of taking a government exam by offering pastries and hot drinks. You'd have to ask his class if that really helped at all. After class, Miss Yorkes asked him for a college recommendation in case she ever decides to go. Mr. Odinson's class watched King of the Bracelets instead of taking an exam because the film is about one of the greatest quests ever, apparently, and How to Cope With Suddenly Being Famous' final class talked about what part of their personal lives they wouldn't want to come under scrutiny. For me, it's all of it, which is why I don't want to become famous.

Nothing was going on in the dormitories--mostly cleaning for the arrival of guests, I assume--but town was quite busy. Mr. Stilinski stopped by Mr. Hale's home with a meat lover's pizza--

*squirrelly snickers*

--which is amusing for some reason, in order to make up for Mr. Hale's terrible week. Getting hit with cupcakes can't be that bad.

*more chittering*

Oh, apparently there was more to it than just that. Miss Sekemoto was in the park early this morning, where Mr. Bartamian showed up and they played tag--they haven't turned five, for those who may be worried--and then made a date for a bike ride later. Mr. Alenko stopped his jog to check in with Miss Sekemoto as well, and they made plans to go on vacation to the most boring place they could think of. Might I suggest Saskatoon? Miss Pryde was also there and gave Miss Sekemoto a hug when she discovered what a terrible few weeks she'd had. It seems like all sorts of terrible things have been happening to people that I didn't know about! I think that makes me a terrible reporter. Mr. Starsmore fought a losing war against terrible music at Groovy Tunes--

*sound of dubstep being played for two minutes*

That's what was playing? How awful! And Miss Rosalind was dealing with her book store plant turning into one that has teeth and shoots FIREBALLS?! Well, it's a good thing Mrs. Winchester had looked into a new gardening service last week, that's all I can say about that. In other potentially garden related news, Miss Connell was dealing with an overabundence of geckos at the hotel. Please make sure there aren't any in Susan's room. She will be impossible to deal with otherwise. Miss Heartilly was in the Magic Box and met newcoming Mr. Thompson, who was wondering a bit about how magic worked here. If you'd told me four years ago that I would think that sentence was normal, I would have sat you down with a bottle of Susan's tonics to treat the fever in your brain.

In further newcomer news, Mr. Wilson was advertising group counseling sessions on Mondays for people who have experienced trauma, so basically everyone who has ever stepped foot on this island. Naturally, he had a number of interested people stopping to talk to him about it. Mr. Starsmore told him this would be a very helpful service here, and Miss Pryde broke the news to him that this place is quite odd, complete with a high-five that didn't connect because her hand went through his.

...that's still bizarre. Mr. Spencer didn't seem to appreciate the idea of counseling and the topic of punching came up. I'm not sure hitting things is as productive as many of you believe...Miss Jack paused in her walk with her dog to flirt and explain that her past is still in Fandom's future and I'm sorry, Mr. Wilson. I hope your head doesn't hurt too badly after that sort of conversation.

Finally, Miss Summers was off doing inventory at the club that I'm still not saying the name of, even on my last day.

...and that's everything. Oh goodness. God bless you, everyone. Or gods, depending on your reality of origin. I will miss you so much!
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Good morning, and a blessed Good Friday to all who celebrate. I will be going to church on Sunday if any of you wish to attend with me!

Now let's get to the second to last week of classes before I graduate. That doesn't seem possible. Plus We Have a Motorcade got an in-depth tour of the White House---oooh--Health class learned about the importance of consent, and MORE QUESTING learned how to pick locks.


I'm becoming a little concerned about Mr. Odinson.

The dormitories were quiet--no doubt everyone is getting started studying for finals--and in town, Miss Alana got a job at Book Haven, hopefully improving Miss Rosalind's sour mood. Mr. Almafy got dusty cleaning out Needful Things, Miss Summers was reading instead of serving drinks at the club with the blasphemous name, and Miss Pryde was suspicious of the Easter candy that appeared out of nowhere at Caritas. Was it those little chocolate eggs? I love those.

And that's everything I have for today! Enjoy your weekend!
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Good morning, everyone! Rilla Blythe here on a beautiful Friday where nothing has gone wrong yet!

But I have class with those two eccentric ladies in a few hours, so that can obviously change. Speaking of classes, yesterday Mr. Lyman's Motorcade class spoke about the health care law, then tried to come with ways to turn lovely news into terrible, Mr. Odinson's MORE QUESTING played dress up, How to Cope with Suddenly Being Famous shared about their own experiences with fame, and Dr. Lahiri's class went on the world's most inappropriate field trip to that shop in town that doesn't sell candy any longer, and more's the pity. That was one change I had enjoyed.

The dormitory was quiet, well, other than Jims playing the drums and I'm quite sorry about that, everyone--and in town Miss Rosalind discovered that the sunflowers from last week were still in the book shop and not dead, I presume. Mr. [Atticus's last name] was drinking tea in the MCA lounge and trying to buy a dog through the computer. Don't we have a pet shop? Perhaps that will be easier. Mr. Almafy, newly arrived, stopped by to secure lodging, and then went to the Sushi Station for what passes there for food. Back home, they call raw fish bait. Mr. Leonhart--hello, Squall--did a doubletake and confirmed that Mr. Almafy was the same that he'd known here previously, and then they caught up about what they'd done in their times away from Fandom.

And that's all I have today! Enjoy your weekend, everyone!
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Good morning, Fandom!

*grumbly chittering*

All right, it's a slightly drizzly morning, but at least we're drying out this time? Tuesday was just awful. Rilla Blythe here to report on all of your news yesterday!

In classes, Plus We Have a Motorcade discussed what food they would eat in various cities if they were President, and Mr. Laufeyson told Miss Darkholme that the news is sometimes made up just to be mean to the president! That's terrible! I'm so glad we don't do that at home. How to Cope With Being Famous talked about dealing with coworkers who aren't famous, MORE QUESTING helped villagers...steal cabbages. THAT IS NOT AN APPROPRIATE ACTIVITY. Speaking of inappropriate, Dr. Lahiri's class learned how to deliver babies. My father is an expert on that--there are eight babies named after him in our village!


He's a doctor. Oh, in child-rleated news, Jims is back and I cannot believe I forgot about him! In the dormitory, Miss Chase was selling prom tickets in the lobby, and Mr. Whittemore tried to exchange a vote for her for prom court into a date to the dance. Miss Yorkes was in her room fighting with Portalocity over the 'phone when Miss Kennish paid a call to talk about the recent island-wide strangeness. I have a feeling we'll be doing that for a while.

Finally, in town, Miss Rosalind wasn't asking any questions about why her shop was now full of potted plants. Mr. Starsmore HAS HIS HEAD BACK. I am so glad! and he and Miss Rosalind compared notes about the last few weeks. Did they actually have notes? Mr. Starsmore spent the rest of the day inside Groovy Tunes, even if the boarded-up exterior doesn't exactly scream "open for business". He and Dr. Lecter texted back and forth about having a music exchange. Mr. Stilinski learned that he could still drink coffee ruined by nasty-flavoured creamer at the Trooper Station, and now the squirrels are really worried about his taste buds because Mr. Hale brought him a tuna sandwich to go with the coffee, and then invited him to join him at his therapy sessions. New resident Mr. Spencer--

*dreamy squirrel sighs*

New, handsome resident Mr. Spencer was drinking coffee in the Perk--no notes about if he had nasty creamer--and he met Miss Electroclash, who told him a bit more about Fandom. Apparently he's still here anyway.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone! See you at the dance!
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Good morning, Fandom! Rilla Blythe here...and there are a lot more notes today than usual, so I'm assuming that the strangeness hasn't abated...

Let's begin with classes. Plus We Have a Motorcade worked on their March Madness brackets for glory and pizza in basketball related...things. If anyone can explain what this has to do with running a government, I'm all ears. MORE QUESTING did research on the strangeness going around, and Health class watched a movie about--


Dean Skywalker held office hours and was approached by new addition to our island Mr. Madrox, who wanted to know if the students who've unexpectedly found themselves here could be considered part of our student body, and then the conversation turned to sock puppets. I won't pretend to understand how that happened.

In the library, Mr. Constantine was having a one-sided conversation with a former librarian who'd shown up for a few minutes and didn't seem to notice any of the others around him. Can we just call him a ghost?

Miss Lightwood was a little unnerved to see this ghost, who Mr. Constantine called Dream, and told her that this Dream person was probably Fandom's fault. Mr. Monster--really, that's his last name?-- stopped in to learn the Letter of the Day, which Mr. Constantine told him we don't have. And then others were working on research, like Mademoiselle Thenardier and Miss Comstock worked together to figure out what was going on, but so far, no leads.

In the dormitory, Miss Darkholme snuck into the third floor common room to grab some food. I don't think you need to sneak for that? Miss Berry was in her room emailing after one of her hands turned invisible--



I don't want to turn invisible! Or have my head randomly disappear! THIS IS NOT OKAY. In slightly less fraught news, Miss Drew was trying to get the glitter out of her room. This will never, ever happen, Miss Drew.

Finally, in town, Miss Melakov and her daughter--when did she get a daughter?!--made themselves at home in their new abandoned warehouse home. Lady Caraway was doing research at Mr. Starsmore's home, and he assured her that she wasn't in the way. She's probably a big help to have around considering that he has no head.


No, I'm not going to get over that. HE HAS NO HEAD. Mr. Madrox was at the causeway trying to cast a spell...maybe we should reconsider whether he should be allowed to attend classes with us. Miss Pie stopped by and sprayed glitter everywhere--just like class!--and Mistress Denna came and scared Mr. Maddrox.


Apparently anyone going by 'Mistress' also scares the squirrels. Mr. Peace worried that the use of fried chicken instead of a real chicken might affect the spell.


I'm guessing I'm right...oh, I am. A third of the Mr. Madroxes--there were many of them, apparently--couldn't stop burping, another third couldn't stop fa--making noises with their rears--and the final third turned into chihuahuas. Mistress Denna applauded, Miss Pie sprayed all the dogs with glitter, and Mr. Peace flatly refused to take care of any of the dogs.

Mr. Dracula was hosting auditions and trying to get Miss Akatsutsumi to stop stalking Mr. Starsmore, and Miss Summers was texting on her phone instead of working at the club with the name I won't say.

And that's all the notes I have. Have a hopefully less strange weekend, everyone.
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Yes, I see that they're rats...are they visiting you?

*more chittering*

...and that's why they're dressed as pirates. All right. This is Rilla Blythe, anyway, and it's very confusing today in the radio booth. Let's see if it was less confusing around the island yesterday.

In classes, Mr. Odinson's class was canceled because of "reasons", which seems terribly legitimate to me, Mr. Lyman's class talked about the dignity of the office of the President, and Mr. Hansen's class talked about the intrusiveness of strangers with famous people when all the famous people want to do is buy milk. In office hours, Dean Skywalker received a 'phone call from Miss Solo--he filled her in on the various strangeness here, so he should probably add in the rats--


Yes, yes, you're quite fearsome, and then Miss Elsa visited, but we don't have any details about why. I appreciate your discretion, squirrels. The dormitory was quiet again, but in town, Lady Caraway--is she new?--was trying on different looks using magic, which wasn't impressing her Lieutentant Commander. Men seldom have useful opinions on fashion, I'm afraid. Mr.--I want to say Count, maybe?--Dracula held another round of auditions at the Boards, where Miss Malikov gave an "intriguing"--is that code for "odd"?


If you say so. Miss Priestly ignored making specials at the diner because she was too busy writing a paper about taxes. That sounds excessively boring. Miss Tamsin also noticed Mr...Ralph giving himself a manicure at the Trooper Station and so she made fun of him. Rather rightfully, I'd say.

That's all the notes! Have a good weekend, everyone.
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Good morning, everyone! Rilla Blythe here and they're saying it'll get warm and sunny tomorrow, and I really, really hope so. This freezing rain is getting very, very old. The entire studio smells like wet rodent.


Yes, I realise that's because it's full of wet rodents. I'm painting them a mental picture, that's all.

In classes, Plus We Have a Motorcade talked about the various kinds of presidents a country can have. We have a prime minister. It's much easier that way. MORE QUESTING! watched a movie about a person unexpectedly set on a quest. I do hope they brought enough food. And--that's all?


That's all for classes yesterday! The dormitory was equally quiet, but town was busy! Dean Skywalker was at the coffee shop when he ran into a newcomer--Miss Sun--who reminded him of a student he used to know. I suppose when you're as old as the dean, that sort of thing happens starts to happen more often. Mr. Chapman was out playing his new musical fusion of Middle Ages lyric poetry with Spanish guitar...but on a mandolin. Mr. Winchester wanted to hear Free Bird and that led to punches being thrown, and Miss Malikov because Kenzi's last name has always been Malikov, okay was confused that Mr. Chapman had never heard of Carlos Santana. Well, neither have I.

*derisive squirrel snickers*

Hush, all of you.

Mr. Starsmore was at Groovy Tunes wearing a helmet where his---




Oh, I'm sure it's around here somewhere, too. VERY helpful. Miss Malikov paid a call to talk about how strange it is that Mr. Baldwin is fully grown now, but that got quickly derailed because Mr. Starsmore DOESN'T HAVE A HEAD NOW SO HOW WOULD HE TALK.


Through the helmet, huh? Miss Pryde was at Caritas, working in the back until Mr. Tino came in to complain about how fluffy everything was. Mr. Wayne came in and ordered coffee, but fell asleep before it arrived. Poor Mr. Wayne! And finally, Miss Summers was trying to drink light beer at the club with the blasphemous name. It wasn't going well, probably because drinking is sinful.

And that's all the news I have in front of me! Stay warm and dry, Fandom!
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Good morning everyone! Rilla Blythe here on yet another beautifully warm day in Malaysia.

*smug chittering*

It's only how much in Fandom right now? 26?

*more chittering*

No, I will not tell everyone there to "suck it," thank you very much. The only person making the news yesterday back home anyway was Mr. Priest, who was texting with Mr. Hale--how do you know that?

*even more chittering*

That seems quite invasive to me.

Here in Kuala Lumpur, which I'm pretty sure I'm mispronouncing and my apologies, Miss Lightwood ordered almost everything on the room service menu and invited her roommate, Mr. Lahey, to join her in eating the food. Well, I'd certainly hope you'd share. It would be sinful to waste so much when children are starving in Belgium. People lounged around in the hotel this morning, getting massages and food and using the pool, where Mr. Kaplan and Miss Thompson agreed that everyone would like the city, including Miss Thompson's fiance.



I miss everything. Meanwhile others exploring the caves and the shopping malls of the city, including Mr. Whittemore, where Miss Chase caught up to him to express her extreme displeasure for him missing their date on Valentine's Day. Oh dear. I enjoyed a lovely Afternoon Tea--I'm going again today, it's that nice--Miss Fel contemplated room service, though perhaps not quite as much of it as Miss Lightwood, Miss Pryde ate dinner on her own, Dr. Lecter went out to dinner looking quite smart--

*squirrelly equivalents of wolf whistles*

--and Miss Berry was surprised to find Mr. Cade in a bar. I'm not. That boy looks like he lives in them. Yuck.

That's all the news I have for today about yesterday. I'm off--I hear there's an aquarium to explore!
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Good morning, Fandom! Rilla Blythe here on the last day of classes before Spring Break! Are you excited about going to Bali? I know I am. It will be so exotic and warm!

*grumbly chittering*

Well, I'm very sorry you're assigned to town for that week. We can bring you something back. Maybe a scarf?


I'm not bringing you a Singapore Sling. In classes, Plus We Have a Motorcade welcomed back alumni Mr. Peter Wiggin and Miss Adams so they could talk about their current political careers and answer some questions. How to Cope With Being Famous talked about how your new fame might affect your family and students came up with ways to make it not get strange for them. Health class discussed urinary tract infections, and MORE QUESTING explored the benefits of teamwork.

In the dormitory, Mr. Sabahnur was doing his laundry and catching up on his reading, which sounds like a lovely way to spend the afternoon.


He moved his entire room into the laundry room? How much laundry did he have to do? He chatted with Mr. Kennish, who explained that before Valentine's Day, he'd been Miss Kennish, and that just seems very confusing. Miss Yeul also wanted to know why Mr. Sabahnur had moved into the laundry room, and Madamoiselle Fauchelevent was terribly sympathetic when she learned Mr. Sabahnur had been assigned a different room every day for weeks! It must have been laundry day yesterday because Mr. West was in his room also dealing with laundry--this time it was disappearing--until Miss Bowen stopped by to talk about the upcoming trip to Bali and flail about how Mr. West could read her mind while she was thinking about underwear. How appalling!

In town, Miss Pryde was also packing up for the trip, Miss Priestly was at Luke's and had to explain to Miss Traynor that the cafe has passed all of the health inspections, even after the mayor turned from an eagle into a naked man on the counter.

*long pause*

Right. Mr. Winchester stopped in to flirt and stayed to boggle at how his roommate was now Miss Priestly. Madamoiselle Thenadier stopped in at Portalocity to see if Miss Traynor believed anyone would notice if she just happened to be at the same hotel as the rest of us next week, even though she isn't a student. Mr. Kirk was heaing voices on the boardwalk, Miss Amelia was playing hide and seek with the squirrels in the park--how sweet!-- and Miss Summers was in a good mood at the club with the terrible name.

That's all the news I have for yesterday, everyone! Enjoy today!
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Good morning and Happy Valentine's Day, Fandom! I walked all the way into town and I can assure you that isn't raining chocolate, rose petals or conversation hearts, so no worries about potential concussions on the way to classes today!

Speaking of classes, Plus We Have a Motorcade talked about the countries they'd visit if they were nominated to be ambassadors somewhere, How to Cope With Being Famous learned to deal with stupid questions without calling the questioner stupid, which is probably something the future ambassadors could use as well, Health class explained what they had learned by being parents for a week, and MORE QUESTING participated in Olympic events. I believe the luge people are out of their minds, personally.

Miss Electroclash practiced making paper airplanes between appointments in her office. That doesn't sound terribly studious.

In the dormitories, Mr. Vasquez was in his room working on his art, and in town, Mr. Sparkle was in an abandoned warehouse--how on Earth did you know to find him there?--


Sorry, I didn't mean to enquire about your methods too closely. He found Miss Amelia, a new arrival it seems, as he gave her a quick introduction to life here on the island. For one, squirrels are reporting on your every movement. Mr. Starsmore couldn't find his bandages before going to work at Groovy Tunes, so he arrived for work with flames erupting from his chest.



...THAT IS NOT ALL RIGHT. Miss Summers was at her job at the club with the terrible name, reviewing her options in movies for her date with herself tonight. At the Perk, Mr. Lane was interrupted from his order by a voice from his past, which gave him quite a start. Miss Day heard the voice, too, and was disappointed that the voice wasn't being nicer. Dr. Lahiri came in after the voice and was a little confused about why Mr. Lane seemed distracted, but the explanation of "Fandom weirdness" seemed to suffice.

And that's all the news I have for the day! I'll see everyone at the dance!
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Good morning, Fandom! Rilla Blythe here and I can't believe it's already February! Spring is almost here!


Well, why would you take the advice of a groundhog about the weather? That seems ridiculous. Anyway! In classes, Plus We Have a Motorcade had a field trip to the Secret Service training center, where they learned how to climb in and out of an airplane, run up a large building looking for assassins, and drive a large car very quickly. Health class was given pretend babies to take care of for a week--I'd be happy to offer advice!--and MORE QUESTING was cancelled yesterday.

In the dormitories, Miss Lyle was singing on the roof--compulsion?--


No, just singing. Good to know. Mr. Sabahnur paid a visit and their discussion turned from the song to the view, and then to Mr. Batman's class. In town, Mr. Ehrmantraut was not pleased with the Valentine's Day decorations Mr. Apu had put up in Turtle and Canary, Mr. Chapman was singing songs about summer in the park trying to keep warm. May I suggest going insidie instead? Mr. Baldwin came over and discovered that it was actually warmer around Mr. Chapman! That's bizarre.


No, I'm not being rude. That's just strange, even for here. Finally at the club with the inappropriate name, Miss Summers had discovered a new game that was causing her frustration. It's called Flappybird in case anyone is wondering.

And that's all the news I have today! Enjoy your Friday, everyone!
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Good morning, everyone!

*emphatic chittering*

Rilla Blythe here, and I'm being told to stop telling you to have a quiet weekend because strange things happen when I do that.


Oh, you enjoy it when it's strange. It gives you something to talk about.

In classes, Plus We Have a Motorcade watched the State of the Union address, and then the students gave their own speeches.


The squirrels say it's possible that Mr. Moreau is still giving his speech. That seems unkind. How to Cope With Suddenly Being Famous had to work on dodging the paparazzi in the Danger Shop, Health class got to watch a movie about gonorrhea which is a kind of Italian food.


ITALIAN FOOD. MORE QUESTING quested around town with only the aid of a map, so they should probably know how to read those. Miss Electroclash was hearing voices in her office hours. That seems to be going around. Are we becoming haunted? That would be romantic!

Everything was quiet in the dormitories today, and in town, Miss Rosalind was watching a cat chase dust bunnies around her shop until the cat disappeared. Maybe you should have a chat with Miss Electroclash about that. Mr. Starsmore was in Groovy Tunes, which was playing the greatest songs of his time in high school through no effort of his own. Miss Kennish stopped in just in time to interrupt a conversation between two people who don't really exist, naturally leading to a new conversation about how very odd this island is sometimes. Miss Alana and Mr. Becket had a date last night that involved arcade games and shooting zombies--


OF shooting zombies. No one worry about the mortality of the ones at Caritas. They also kissed, which seems very forward to me, but the squirrels appear to be pleased by it. They have glitter flags out.

Speaking of glitter flags, this weekend is the three minute dates, so enjoy yourselves and remember that however awkward the person across the table from you is, it only lasts three minutes.
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Good morning, everyone! Rilla Blythe here on another cold, cold day. Do be sure to bundle up before heading outside.

*chattering and chittering*

Well pull your hats down further, then. Most of the body heat escapes through the head, you know.

Classes yesterday proceeded as always, with Plus We Have a Motorcade--that's really the name of the class?--working on speeches they'll give to the class next week. More Questing--


Well, I know it's all in capital letters, but must I shout it?

*emphatic chittering*

Very well. I apologise, everyone. MORE QUESTING had a movie day, as did How to Cope With Suddenly Being Famous. The health class learned about things that no polite girl my age should be speaking of where people can here her, so if you're in that class, you know, and if you aren't, go find Dr. Lahiri and have her tell you about it.

The dormitories were quiet, aside from Miss Fel's dog interrupting Miss Drew's very important texting. Miss Traynor was dealing with a coffee pot that annoyingly only made noise until she got up to fix it in town, Mr. Doyle was trailing glitter all through the Trooper Station, which didn't stop Mr. Stilinski from enquiring about and receiving an internship there, and Mr. Priestly was cold enough at the cafe to start a bonfire under the vent hood someone check on him, good heavens!.

That's all the news and if you'll excuse me, I have a pressing urge to see if Luke's is still standing...
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Good morning, Fandom, and good morning squirrels!

*excited chittering*
I'm very glad you're enjoying your scarves!

Let's get on with the news, shall we? Mr. Lyman's class went on a field trip to Mount Vernon, the home of the first American president, George Washington. They had to discover how the role of the president had changed in 200 years, but some of the students were more interested in learning about the history of slavery first. How to Cope With Suddenly Being Famous learned abosut the dangers of Googling yourself--is this a computer something?


Well, I have been here almost four years. I've learned a few things. Students discover that people might have been talking about them on the computers without them even knowing about it! How terrible.

*more chittering*

Here doesn't count. This is a news broadcast. In Se--I'm not saying that word--In Health class, students learn where babies come from, and if the story doesn't involve a stork, I'm not repeating it on the radio. Mr. Odinson had his class learn about reading maps, which would be very important when questing, at least if you want to quest past your own home town.

In the dormitories, Miss Yorkes was hiding under her covers and receiving calls on her 'phone, and in town, Mr. Hale was sleepily making coffee in his home and I'm not certain it's appropriate for me to report on my teacher this way. Mr. Hale and Mr. Priest caught up about Mr. Priest's good few weeks and how Mr. Hale is going to therapy--am I supposed to mention that? It seems fairly personal. Mr. Whittemore and Mr. Hale exchanged monosyllables over breakfast--not really morning people, I suppose--and Mr. Priest and Mr. Whittemore complained about their monthly routine together. I'm not sure I entirely understand, but hope it's more edifying for those of you who do! Later on, Mr. Stilinski paid a call and there were apologies, pizza and a movie, though the squirrels also note that it "wasn't a date." Really.

In other town news, a "WE WILL NEVER GIVE IN" sign appeared briefly by the movie theatre which is...disturbing, the book store is still hiring, a different, less disturbing "HankCo. SuperWorld" sign refused to be dislodged from T&C for several hours, and Mr. Priestly finally eliminated his cafe workers' lingering disgruntlement for his disappearance during the Hyperion mess by offering them an ice cream party.

That's all the news for yesterday! Have an uneventful weekend, everyone!
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Good morning, Fandom! Rilla Blythe here on Fri--

*embarrassed chittering*

What you mean it's not Friday?


Well, don't blame Ralph for getting the day wrong. I think you're all to blame. Today's Wednesday, it's no longer raining hot chocolate and marshmallows, but it is starting to snow, which at least is normal Christmas behavior.

It's still finals week this week, so classes have been taking examinations. Ethics and History had essay questions, Self-Defense had to fight a fake man, and we had to cook and present an entire meal to Dr. Lecter in Cooking. Mr. Murdoch was careful not to drip hot chocolate on the books in the library.

Student Council had their coffee and food station set up for finals week again in the first floor lobby of the dormitory, this time manned--womanned?--by Miss Drew. Mr. Rand was in the fifth floor common room celebrating our not being invaded with a toasted cheese sandwich, and Mr. Flick was in the gym, perhaps studying for his Self-Defense examination.

In town, Mr. Poole was flummoxed by the weather and was assured by Miss Sekemoto that these things happen. He invited her over since his outside-related plans were ruined. Mademoiselle Thenardier was much more clever and took a mug with her as she made her deliveries and got a free cup of hot chocolate for her efforts. Miss Pryde was amused to see Mr. Tino covered in chocolate when he arrived at Caritas last night because he'd forgotten an umbrella.

And that's all I have! Enjoy the snow, everyone!
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Good morning! Rilla Blythe here and--


...sometimes the floor turns to ice today. Are you all right?

*decidedly sulking chittering*

I'm not sure if this is better or worse than marzipan from the sky--Jims ate enough of it to give himself a stomach ache. In classes, Miss Day was covered in marzipan, which I was polite enough not to call attention to in Literature class. We talked about literarily convenient doubles, which the squirrels note is a handy thing to talk about in Fandom. Better Living Through Technology learned how to preserve meat, Current Affairs discussed how the Pope thinks we should help poor people--that's current?--and Live Entertainment got confused by the talking forks and spoons at Cafe Fina. Doctor Lecter was trying to pretend like it wasn't raining marzipan until Miss Roth paid a call to talk about her ho me with him.

The dormitories were quiet, and in town Miss Rosalind was staying safely inside the book store to avoid the marzipan, Miss Tamsin told callers that the weather was not the problem of the troopers, Dr. Girlfriend had a menorah in the window at her new store, and Miss Traynor tried to talk a family out of visiting a gingerbread house at Portalocity.

That's all I have today! Watch your step, everyone!
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Happy day after Thanksgiving, everyone! It's now appropriate to sing holiday songs and eat until you groan from now until New Year's Eve!


No, I'm pretty sure that's a law.

We didn't have classes yesterday because of the holiday, but the Student Council hosted a Thanksgiving dinner potluck for those who didn't go home. Mr. Brink complimented Miss Drew for looking like a girl and they wondered if the Student Council will ever host an event that isn't covered in glitter. I've been here four years and so I have to say...no. That will never happen. Mr. Brink tried to convince Mr. Kirk that he was a food quality inspector, but it didn't really work...and now I'm wondering if Mr. Brink should be thankful for not getting hit yesterday. Miss Lightwod and Mr. Lahey talked about their contributions to the potluck and Miss Lightwood warned him that her brother might be paying him a call of a 'don't hurt my sister' variety. There was lots of food, of course, and Mr. Brink told Miss Lightwood that her cookies tasted terrible. Mr. Brink, that is quite rude. Miss Drew tried a cookie too and was quite complimentary! Mr. Flick and Miss Lightwood teased each other about potentially crying in public--the cookies can't have been that bad--and Mr. Flick said this event was going to be much different from what he experienced at home. Miss Drew assured Mr. Kirk that if he fell asleep she would definitely not draw on his face with markers. I'm not sure she was being that genuine; someone should check on Mr. Kirk. Mr. Brink finally found something to approve of: Miss Jones brought Rice Krispie treats. What are they?


Oooooh. Those sound lovely. And in other Thanksgiving news, Mr. Poole celebrated alone, and Mr. Hale was eating Chinese food until Mr. Stilinski stopped over with fried apple pies. Do those go together? I should check with Dr. Lecter.

Hopefully any stomach pangs you have from all of that food pass quickly, Fandom! Enjoy the weekend.
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Good morning, Fandom! Rilla Blythe here on another chilly but snowless Friday. It's just so blustering and depressing, isn't it, everyone?

In classes, we turned in our book reports about meta for Lord of the Flies in Literature and talked about how the characters would have ended up, then received our next book: Charles Dickens! I'm so very excited.

*derisive chittering*

He is not long winded and afraid of periods. You can barely spell. Current Affairs talked about drug addiction and Live Entertainment Appreciation played video games at Fast Eddie's. Miss Lyle interrupted Mr. Starsmore pinball game to make time to practice her dialogue for the play today.

Speaking of Fast Eddie's, in town yesterday, Mr. Wayne was playing Dance, Dance Revolution while in a suit.

*giggling* Bruce, really? Did anyone check for gremlin bites? Miss Traynor tried to make sense of the Portalocity holiday specials and Mademoiselle Thernadier paid her normal call to discuss buying holiday gifts. It can get difficult, can't it? Miss Tamsin was losing patience with Fandom's residents who kept asking for help from the Troopers for things that didn't really require help. Miss Rosalind was amused by how many people were buying last minute cookbooks in, I suppose, an effort to become gourmet chefs before American Thanksgiving, and Mr. Starsmore came by with coffee and stayed for an explanation of why Miss Rosalind wasn't the most well-behaved child in history last weekend.

Finally, Miss Pryde was decorating Caritas for Christmas with plenty of sparkling lights. My mother would love that. That's everything for today! Have a good, non-strange weekend, everyone!
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Good morning, Fandom! Rilla Blythe here to bring you the news from yesterday on this slightly chilly morning.

In classes, we discussed metaLord of the Flies in Literature class, Mr. Lyman's Current Affairs class tried to figure out how to fix the new health care law, Mr. Oz's class watched movies made in the past about what they thought the present would be like--they were wrong--and Live Entertainment went to see the Olympics!


What do you mean, they were naked?!

*more chittering*

I don't care if it was only the athletes, thank you very much.

*even more chittering*

And the athletes were running. I'm not sure we needed that level of detail. Mr. Skywalker was in his office watching his non-robotic son run around.

In the dormitories, Miss Dean was decorating her room for Christmas and Mr. Mancha stopped by to wonder why she was floating while she did it before talking about post-Fandom plans. Miss Lightwood was watching non-holiday television in the common room.

And in town, Miss Traynor was dealing with a Portalocity crisis. If we all start disappearing again, I am MOVING HOME. Mr. Erhmantraut came in to confirm that the place was real, and I'm not sure if he means Portalocity or the entire island, but it's a good question either way. As far as I know, they're both real. He then went back to Turtle and Canary and intimidated a panda. Miss Rosalind was learning a foreign language at Book Haven and Mr. Lane came in to get a book on carpentry. Mr. Stilinski was asleep in the Perk, poor dear, until Mr. Hale woke him up and got him a coffee. Mr. Stilinski apologised to him, then to Miss Pryde, for being cranky at them the past little bit. Finally, Miss Summers was at the club with the terrible name listening to music from the 1950s, which was, she told Mr. Wayne, an improvement over music from the internet from last week.

Have a good weekend, everyone!
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Good morning! Rilla Blythe here to report yesterday's news.

Naturally, there were classes. In Literature, we talked about meta for "Catcher in the Rye" and how that boy is the most annoying character ever.


Well, I thought so. Current Affairs learned that Tuesday was Election Day--did anyone know that? I didn't know that--and Better Living Through Technology didn't have class, but they had to get all dressed and to the classroom before they learned they didn't need to be there. Professor Oz is devious, isn't he? Live Entertainement went to a convention in Canada, but didn't get to explore until Mr. Starsmore told them how conventions work. That's good ebcause I don't know how conventions work and I'm from Canada.

We were pretty quiet in the dormitory yesterday, and in town, Mr. Stilinski brought Mr. Hale a cupcake and some pizza to his house in order to celebrate his birthday, Miss Rosalind was reading about about the Great War in Book Haven--oh! Are you from my time too?--and Sailor Venus--


Oh, I believe you, but that's a very silly name, was traveling the rooftops in town checking for crime. As you do, I suppose. Miss Traynor took a break from a disasterous day at Portalocity and ran into a miniature meeting of everyone from her world at the park, it seems. There also appeared to be some time-related confusion, as Miss Nought recognized Miss Traynor, but it wasn't mutual. Mr. Alenko confessed to Miss Traynor that he'd also met Miss Nought, but hadn't asked any information about the future. Miss Nought also knew Miss T'Soni from the future, which was a little confusing to Miss T'Soni, who then got the same sort of news from Miss Traynor. Mr. Solus caught Miss Traynor by surprise because she didn't realise that there were any people of his species here--


And Miss Nought also knew him from her future. She and Mr. Alenko shared their amusement about knowing more about what would happen than everyone else in the park, which I'm not sure is all that kind.

That's everything I have today! Enjoy your weekend!
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*"Jingle Bell Rock" plays*


*chittery muttering*

Though you do look very cute in your little red hats. Just let me get through reporting on Hallowe'en first, all right? Classes were appropriately themed yesterday. We read about ravens in Literature after we turned in our papers about meta for Catcher in the Rye, which, I must admit, bored me to tears. Mr. Lyman was dressed as a closed government--really?--and then Current Affairs discussed the ridiculousness of current costuming options for Halloween. Well, he was dressed as a gov--


What do you mean "wait until you get to the sexy corn"? Better Living Through Technology carved jack o'lanterns--or possibly jacks o' lantern--and Live Music Appreciation took a portal to witness the radio broadcast of War of the Worlds, and Mr. Starsmore got Mr. Palmer special access to the radio booth, which I'm sure was quite fascinating.

In the dormitory, I went to bed early--


Which I'm being told isn't interesting or news worthy, and Miss Yorkes was ignoring the candy rain in favor of working on her Italian verbs in her room. I say she could probably do both. Mr. Mancha paid a call to drop off some sugar skulls--ew--and commiserate about how strange it was when mutual friends start dating. Miss Li stopped by for trick or treating and wasn't exactly greeted warmly.

Speaking of Miss Li, she also trick-or-treated to Mr. Sparkle's room, where she got a rock--a ROCK?--thought Miss Yeul had dressed up as well, but she hadn't--and stopped by Mr. Langstrom's room for candy and flirting.

In town, Mr. Bartamian was confused by the strange weather before he went back to taking calls about costumes, Miss Kenzi had decorated her house for trick-or-treaters, and Doctor Doom was very definitely not up for visitors. He'd even put up a defensive perimeter around the house, much to the displeasure of Miss Day.

Mr. Ehrmantraut was worried that the rain of candy would ruin his sale of candy today at Turtle and Canary--so there's a sale on candy today!--Miss Summers was dressed as a nurse at the club, and the Lightwoods were going through town to experience the candy rain and talking about the boys they like.

And finally most of you were at a Halloween party at Mr. Lane and Mr. Hale's home. You all arrived because you could hardly get to a party otherwise. And now you get to hear what everyone was wea--oh, there's the corn. Mr. Lane was an ear of corn, which made Dr. Girlfriend stop to flirt. Really? REALLY? He's CORN. Miss Ludgate went as a...zombie and Mr. Lane checked to be sure that she hadn't used real blood in her costume. Dr. Girlfriend stopped to learn how the party had come together. Mr. Stilinski was dressed as Frankenstein's monster and learned from Miss Pryde that she'd gotten Mr. Hale to dress up. Miss Pryde, by the way, was dressed as a pirate, and then she and Dr. Girlfriend talked about how the costumes to choose from are completely inappropriate because men design them. In agreement, I'll just reiterate that someone was dressed as corn. Miss Nought was dressed as a human spaceship, which confused Miss Ludgate, and Miss Pryde and Miss Nought wondered if spaceships should have tattooes like people do, and Dr. Girlfriend tried to guess what the outfit was before being scolded for smoking too much. Miss Day was dressed like the smushed name between a boy wizard and a mayor of an American city. I...don't get it. Mr. Lane seemed to appreciate the effort though before mentioning that he used to be a str---


Well, I'm not saying it. Mr. Priest was a thief, which Miss Sememoko teased him ab, out, and Miss [Kenzi's last name] told him that his Russian accent was pretty good. So he was a Russian thief? Mr. Barton was wearing pants that made his rear end--I'm not reading that, either, thank you very much. His girlfriend appreciated the effort, though his roommate thought he wasn't putting in enough effort. Mr. Wayne--hello, Bruce!--thought the costume was quite nice because comfort is important. Mr. McCall was dressed as a hockey player--are you Canadian?--and wanted to know if he'd need his hockey stick to defend himself later that night. Miss Sekemoto was dressed as a witch, which Miss Pryde approendved of, as did Mr. Lane who was happy that his corn outfit didn't show too much cleavage.

REALLY. Mr. Wayne also said she looked very nice. Miss Marin was dressed as Marilyn Monroe, which Miss Pryde approved of before their conversation turned to what would rain from the sky for other holidays, and Mr. Lane told her he'd been Miss Monroe last year and had had better legs for the dress. Honestly, I can't. Mr. Wayne told her that he had a suit weathered for the party because of course he did, and Mr. Northman arrived dressed as a vampire even though he's always a vampire. Mr. Lane--the corn--had his costume noted upon and then there were plans made for an entire food pyramid of people in costume. Miss Ludgate accused Mr. Northman of copping out, as did Miss Pryde. Dr. Girlfriend was intrigued by Mr. Northman being a real vampire, and Mr. Priest was annoyed that he couldn't come dressed as a werewolf. Dr. Girlfriend--dressed as a cheerleader--met Mr. Wayne, who was dressed as a fancy hobo. Miss Romanov was dressed as a ballerina, which got her compliments from Kitty and Bruce.

Miss Traynor hung out by the food until Miss Day came by to chat, and Mr. Hale lurked in the shadowy corners of his own party. Mr. Stilinski accused him of stealing his shirt for his costume, Miss Pryde got diverted from scolding Mr. Hale for being a poor host by Mr. Hale explaining Mr. Stilinski's new diet, Mr. Lane encouraged Mr. Hale to mingle, though I'm not sure how much advice you can take from a man dressed as corn, Miss Nought challenged him to guess her costume, and Mr. Northman accused him of taking the good lurking corner.

And then there was dancing! Happy All Saints Day, everyone. Enjoy the weekend.
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Good morning, Fandom. I hope you're all ready for the Homecoming festivities this weekend, but if not, I'm sure there are still some pretty dresses waiting to be purchased at the store, and hopefully they aren't too dear.

In classes yesterday, Better Living Through Technology played music at a party in the 1980s..and now all of the squirrels have popped their collars up. I don't know where they even found squirrel-sized shirts with collars. Current Affairs wondered if anyone would remember the government shutdown when Americans vote next year, Literature handed in our book reports about the four women--well, three at the end--


No, I will not warn for spoilers. The book has been out for a hundred years. We got our next book about a teenaged boy who doesn't wish to go to school and talked about whether a book being controversial would affect our wanting to read it. And Live Entertainment went to a coffee shop away from the island to learn about poetry and music played in smaller venues.

Miss Aiko and her cat were selling tickets for Homecoming in the dormitory--don't forget to vote for Homecoming royalty either, by the way--and in town, Miss Rosalind was dealing with books rearranging themselves in the book store. That happens here. You just learn to get used to it. Mr. Erhmantraut came in and noticed her sign about hiring and asked that if she hired everyone, who would work for him over at Turtle and Canary? I suppose people could take a shift at either--


Oh, he was just trying to make conversation. Sorry, I haven't slept very well the last few weeks. Mr. Erhmantraut also stopped by Miss Traynor's shift at Portalocity and tried to figure out what Portalocity does, exactly. It sends your second-best hat to Norway in the 1600s, that's what it does. Finally, Miss Summers was carving pumpkins at the club with the blasphemous name. I suppose it's close enough to Hallowe'en that it won't rot by next week...

That's all the notes I have today. Have a safe weekend, everyone.
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Good morning, Fandom, and happy early Canadian Thanksgiving! I'm heading home for the week and I'll be sure to eat enough butter tarts for all of you. It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make!


No, of course we don't eat moose. What on Earth is wrong with you? Anyway. Classes. In Literature, we had a discussion about meta for Little Women and if you think Amy was the best character, you're just wrong, Mr. Stilinski. Mr. Lyman ranted about the government again in Current Affairs before setting his students to balancing the federal budget, Mr. Oz taught his Better Living Through Technology students how to survive a zombie invasion, and Mr. Starsmore took his Live Entertainment class to see a space opera. And Mr. Baldwin brought his bird over to see Mr. Starsmore's cat before Mr. Starsmore suggested maybe Mr. Baldwin should leave his bird behind for some excursions.


No, I don't think it's because Foucault is funny looking. And that's mean.

Miss Drew watched the gremlins re-enact a show about making meth with rock candy in the fifth floor common room of the dormitory--what's meth?

*shifty chittering*

Well, if you don't think I should know, fine. In town, Miss Day was decorating the kitty mailbox at Doomhaus. Really, Doomhaus? Dr. Doom didn't approve. I'm sure this doesn't really surprise anyone--his name is Dr. Doom. Miss Rosalind was looking to renovate at Book Haven, Miss [Kenzi's last name] was playing with candles for the Jekyll and Hyde play at the Boards--Mr. Starsmore found her to ask why there were so many candles. Miss Pryde was decorating Caritas for Hallowe'en, and Miss Summers was drinking many, many pumpkin lattes at the club with the horrible name.

And that's all the news I have! Enjoy your break, everyone. And Dr. Lecter, thank you again for your charity work for my boys. They will really appreciate it.
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Good morning, everyone! Rilla Blythe here and I hope you're all ready for your relatives to descend on the school and hear all about what you've been--

*frantic chittering*

No, I won't say "who" in that sentence.

*more chittering*

What do you mean, "what until you see the notes?" Hmph. In classes, Better Living Through Technology got dismissed early so they could go home and explore the internet on their own.

Mr. Lyman attracted the teal deer to his classroom with his discussion of health care law in Current Affairs, Miss Day listened to our discussion of meta for Treasure Island before assigning us one of my faaaaaaavourite books, meta for Little Women. Amy is a pill, right, everyone? In Live Entertainment Appreciation, the class got to go to see a Quidditch;--did I say that correctly?--match. What's Quidditch?

*lengthy chittering*

...and I thought cricket seemed confusing. People got magical snacks and Mr. Baldwin and Miss Dracula were very pleased with their candy and wondered where they could buy broomsticks before everyone watched the match. Mr. Baldwin asked Mr. Starsmore who they should be rooting for.

Speaking of rooting for, everyone made the cheerleading squad, so they held their first practice yesterday. People stretched and warmed up and Mr. Baldwin was distracted by how flexible Miss Darkholme was. Miss Drew took suggestions for what they could cheer at, which is a common problem at the school. Without something to cheer, it's just a bunch of people in obscene skirts.

In the dormitory, Mr. Rand was very hungover in the rec room this morning and Miss Fel came in to judge his life choices and stayed to flirt. Mr. Cade was watching a show with...bouncy women...in the third floor common room when Miss Lightwood came in to question his choices. They both ended up deciding television was terrible. I'm glad someone agrees with me. Mr. Kirk was trying to distract himself with his phone--


NOT LIKE THAT. And Mr. Sabahnur was working off excess energy by doing shirtless push-ups in his room. Miss Sholeh came by to talk about our latest reading assignment and then the topic turned to relatives arriving while we're still feeling so warm...oh dear.

In the fifth floor common room, Miss Drew discovered--


*embarrassed chittering*

THAT IS NOT ALRIGHT, GREMLINS. NOT. ALRIGHT. Mr. Kirk came in to discover the horrifying truth about why the television was up so loudly, Miss Swan and Mr. Kirk seemed to hit it off immediately--

*squirrelly sniggers*

Stop that, and Miss Drew and Miss Swan decided that the abomination happening in the closest needed to be killed with fire. So if we end up with a fire drill in the next few days, you know who to blame, but at least you also know why.

In town, Miss Traynor was advertising some lovely vacations in Portalocity when Mademoiselle Thernadier stopped b and said that she didn't like to pass the office without paying a call...and the squirrels have little flags out again.

Finally, Miss Solo went out for a long, sweaty run and cooled off at the beach.

*squirrelly cheers*

And now Miss Solo knows she has some fans who are rodents. I apologise, Miss Solo. That's all the notes for today! Enjoy your families, everyone!
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Good morning! Rilla Blythe here on a so far uneventful Friday!


Yes, I know it's early but a girl can be optimistic, can't she?

In classes, we watched a movie about treasure with fuzzy puppets in Literature class, and our reports on meta for Treasure Island are due next week. Live Entertainment was supposed to go to a carnival but instead ended up at Disneyland, so I think that worked out rather well. Miss Lyle and Miss Aino enjoyed themselves so much that they asked Mr. Starsmore if they could stay longer -- I tried that when my class went to Paris! Current Affairs, inspired by Texas Senator Cruz, also talked all class period without a point, and Better Living Through Technology watched a movie, which is one my favorite parts of living in the future.

We also had some clubs yesterday! Iron Chef Club met for the first time and we cooked with artichokes, though I'm still not convinced that's really a vegetable or even a food. Cheerleading also held their tryouts yesterday. I used to be a cheerleader, but the skirts are just too short for me.

In the dormitory, Miss Yorkes was watching a film about horses in the second floor common room, and Mr. Mancha came in for Pop-Tarts and stayed for a conversation about supervillains on the island and a mutual acquaintance of theirs named Nico. I do hope the two topics weren't related.

In town, Miss Tamsin wasn't at all impressed by a 'phone call from Tiny last night. Miss Traynor was trying to fix the computers at Portalocity and disappeared from sight when Mademoiselle Thenardier paid her call, which gave her a fright. Then Mademoiselle Thenardier apologised for not bringing coffee and Miss Traynor admitted that she only drinks coffee when Mademoiselle Thenardier brings it -- why are you waving flags?


Finally, Miss Summers was trying to come up with Hallowe'en costume ideas at the club with the terrible name.

That's all for yesterday! Have a good today!
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Good morning, Fandom! Rilla Blythe here, so glad to be speaking like myself again. Yesterday was very peculiar, wasn't it?


And not just because you had to share your rum. Heavens.

In class, Miss Day was talking and dressing like a pirate in our literature class, though it's entirely possible she would have been dresed like that anyway. She's quite odd. We presented about meta for Hucklberry Finn and have to read meta for Treasure Island for next week. I wonder if that would have been the assignment on Wednesday...Current Affairs learned how to yell about Congress using terms like scallywag, Live Entertainment Appreciation went to a game of pirates playing baseball--


Oh, apparently, that's the name of the team all the time. Miss Dracula had some issues with her hat before the class. I know a lot about vexsome hats, Miss Dracula. Better Living Through Technology taught his students how to be pirates on a ship. That's terrible, though they seemed to enjoy it.

Mrs. Winchester announced the student council for the year, and congratulations to all of those students! I'm sure we'll enjoy the many events you'll help to plan. Dr. Lecter was listening to pirate-themed opera in his office when Mr. Dracula stopped in to see how he was adjusting. Well, we were all forced to sound like pirates for an entire day, so I'm sure he's been better.

In the dormitory, Miss Yorkes was dying her hair with Old Lace. I didn't know dinosaurs knew how to help people dye their hair. Miss Dean came in to talk about her summer vacation. We don't have any news about whether Old Lace did her hair too.

In town, Miss Traynor helped a customer plan their honeymoon in Candyland, and then Mademoiselle Thenardier paid a call and their initial disapproval about adults wanting to eat so much candy eventually left them with a candy craving of their own.

And that's all the news I have today! Enjoy your weekend, Fandom!
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Good morning, Fandom! Rilla Blythe here, trying to get radio finished before catching my portal back home for the weekend. There's a parade for all of the soldiers heading to the Somme from my hometown--

*slightly nervous chittering*

You know about the Somme?

*vehement squirrel denials*

...all right. That was peculiar. Anyway, there was only one portal to 1916 today and it's about five minutes after I'm normally done here, so let's get through the news!

In classes, Miss Day had us discuss meta for Huckleberry Finn, even though I didn't quite understand why the book is considered controversial. And we have a book report due next week, fellow classmates. Current Affairs had Mr. Lyman ranting about politics for quite a long time, Live Entertainment went to see a Midsummer's Night Dream. Oh, I love Shakespeare.


THEY SAW THE ORIGINAL? WHY AM I NOT IN THAT CLASS???! They sat in the pit, and then Mr. Baldwin and Miss...Dracula...talked about undead versions of this play before Miss Dracula turned into a bat. She does that. It's peculiar. Finally, Better Living Through Technology had to learn how to pump their own water in order to have a bath. Everyone doesn't know how to do that?

*more chittering*

I AM NOT OLD. Speaking of old, Mr. Skywalker was in his office threatening Portalocity so he could go back to his home to meet his grandchildren, and Dr. Lecter was working on lesson plans for next week. I loved the farmers market! Can we go back?

Finally, in town, Mr. Stilinski was visitng Mr. Hale's home to recuperate from his wisdom tooth operation. Oh, you poor thing! I hope they fed you plenty of ice cream. Or is that for tonsils? What do you eat for wisdom teeth? They had a very serious conversation about how Mr. Stilinski isn't allowed near English teachers, but I think Miss Day is lovely and shouldn't be shunned, even if her costume last week was a little odd. Miss Traynor had schoolchildren in the Portalocity office trying to get to Venus. Madamoiselle Thenardier paid a call and they ended up speaking about holidays. Is it time to think about that yet? And Miss Summers was reading a magazine during her shift at the club with the name I won't say. I would scold her about shirking on duty, but I don't really want that place to make money. It's quite a condundrum.


Oh, that's it? Wonderful! I'm off to Portalocity! Enjoy your weekend, Fandom!
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Good morning! Rilla Blythe here with leftover cake from yesterday. Jims insisted in putting his fingers into each one that he saw...so I have a lot of spare cake.

In classes, Mr. Oz had the students of Better Living Through Technology talk of how their home's technology stacks up to Fandom's. Well, this place has indoor plumbing and electricity, so I'm a fan. Mr. Lyman scared his Current Affairs students with his extensive list of everything he reads in a day before asking them to start discussions about political topics: the choices today included Syria and health care. Miss Day introduced herself to the literature class dressed as Mark Twain, then she wanted to know what our favourite kinds of books were, then assigned us Huckleberry Finn for next week. Mr. Starsmore took his Live Entertainment class to a roller derby--what's a roller derby?

*extended chittering*

All...right. The students also had the chance to tell him what forms of entertainment they'd like to see. In office hour news, Mr. Hansen and his dog Max were setting up his--their?--office when Mr. Becket paid a call to learn they were from the same sort of reality--it's odd how normal that has become to say--and to wonder about the sanity of the rest of us. I can't blame you for that at all. Miss Zeela came by to confirm whether or not moose were dangerous--I'm Canadian and I say no--and Mr. Starsmore introduced himself to Mr. Lecter after being amazed by how tidy Mr. Lecter's office was.

In the dormitory, Mr. Vasquez was making a holo-john in the third floor boys' room. A what?

*more chittering*

I still don't understand, but it's on the third floor if you're interested in seeing it. Elsewhere on the third floor, Miss Alana was enjoying the free cake yesterday, while Mr. Baldwin and Miss Bearskin--really? That's her last name?--were warier about eating food that had just been left out, or in Miss Bearskin's case, delivered by gremlins in party hats. It's very wise of you to be worried.

In town, Mr. Lahey managed to avoid sitting on a cake in the park, but heard that Miss Lightwood hadn't fared so well. She also told him not to trust magically appearing food--our newcomers are very wary this time around, aren't they?

Miss Tamsin--no last name?


Well, ask her next time. It's only polite. She was getting rid of a lawn gnome for Mr. Tiny when Mr. Laufeyson happened past. They had an awkward meeting because they sort of know each other only not really--that makes no sense.


Well, drink off of work, then. Finally, Mr. Whittemore and Mr. Hale met in the preserve to sigh about how their entire hometown seemed to have moved to Fandom and how they didn't approve.

That's all the news I have! Everyone enjoy your weekends!
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Good morning, Fandom! Rilla Blythe here on the last day of summer vacation before the new students arrive, so say goodbye to our seniors today because tomorrow they'll be off to place unpronounceable and unknown!

*squirrelly sniffles*

They say they'll miss me the most, but I'm not leaving. This is what comes of drinking before noon.

There weren't any classes yesterday, and in the dormitory, Miss Adams was making pancakes in the second floor common room under the supervision of her cat.

*long pause*

We're sure the cat isn't really a student? Mr. Langstrom came in and learned the long tradition of making more food to share with whoever comes into the common room after. If we could only be so magnanimous when it comes to cleaning out the refrigerator too...

In town, Mr. Stilinski went over to Mr. Hale's not-so-creepy looking house to tell him about his traumatizing trip home, which left him curled up on Mr. Hale's bed with a puppy while Mr. Hale caught up on Toddler and Tiaras. Miss Pryde told Mr. Barton about the trip with Mr. Stilinski as well, though there was no news as to whether Mr. Barton was also watching Toddlers and Tiaras. Miss Tyler was serving her last shift at Caritas last night, though she was making Mr. Tino do all the work, like serving Mr. Skywalker his drink. Robin, Girl Wonder--really?


I know that's what it says on the paper. It just seemed a bit much. Anyway, she was patrolling rooftops when she ran into Batman and they discussed the height of the buildings here and if it would be easy to adjust to skyscrapers or not.

And that's all the notes I have for today! See you at the picnic tomorrow, everyone!
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Good morning, Fandom! Rilla Blythe here on the last day of workshops. We can all celebrate by going to Mr. Wayne's party tonight. I have a new dress picked out any everything! I'm quite excited.

In classes yesterday, we had a costume party in Friendship and Fashion--I'm still finding glitter in my hair and on Jims and he wasn't even there!--Mr. Lyman took his Etiquette students out for lunch to make sure they all had proper table manners, and Conflict Resolution presented their prank wars. Miss Pryde's class got to say goodbye to their bamfs before watching a movie about animal transformation.

No one was up to anything newsworthy in dorms, and in town, Miss Summers was annoyed that someone had moved the alcohol around again in the bar with the terrible name. Mr. Wayne goes in and Miss Summers offers him a free drink if he knows who's been messing up the display. Trust me, Miss Summers, Mr. Wayne doesn't need free anything. He spoke with Miss Lyle, who agreed to help him as a hostess at the party tonight, and then Miss Lyle and Miss Summers talked about the gala and their preferences in soda.

I prefer tea.


I'm sure someone cared to know that! That's everything I have today! See you all at the party!
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Good morning, Fandom! Rilla Blythe here on a Friday--


Thursday? Why isn't Miss Tyler here?

*sheepish chittering*

Well, since I'm here anyway, I might as well do the radio. But don't wake me tomorrow. In classes, Hunting 102 talked about hellhounds and what do if they are following you.


I don't think "run like hell" is an appropriate thing to say. Mr. Bond's class talked about--

*shocked pause*

I AM NOT SAYING THAT AND YOUR HAND GESTURES AREN'T HELPING. Mr. Lecter took our class on food out to help farmers! We could talk about food in America, too. Miss Sholeh was in the library where the door to Special Collections kept opening all on its own. That's...not good. Mr. Lecter then went to his office to work on his fall lesson plans.
In the bouncy castles, Mr. Whittemore was burning marshmallows outside Alien Abduction. Mr. Laufeyson--hello, Loki!--wanted to know if Mr. Whittemore had missed him--the answer was apparently a resounding no, and then they talked about how they didn't like people in their respective bouncy castles. That's not terribly polite.

Finally in town, Mr. Wayne is cordially inviting us all to a party next weekend, Miss [Kenzi's last name] was trying to figure out how to become the first Canadian President of the United States while at Luke's, Mr. Doyle was watching television instead of tending bar at Caritas, and Mr. Hale was rearranging the bar at the club with the blasphemous name.

And that's all of my notes! Have a good Thursday!
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Good morning, Fandom! Rilla Blythe here on a lovely August morning. Yesterday was pretty quiet, right?


Compared to a few weeks ago, I'm all right with quiet. Much better than insane.

Classes included a dance class in Fashion and Friendship, pranks in Conflict Management, bath time with Sentient Pets and rude people in an airport in Practical Etiquette. Mr. Sabahnur was in the library with books that had stopped working...were the pages glued together or did they go on strike?


Huh. No one was doing anything of note in the dormitories, and in town, Miss Summers was organizing the liquor in the club with the blasphemous name, and Miss Tyler was trying unsuccessfully to watch Shark Week in Caritas.

Haven't we had quite enough of sharks this week already?


I am sorry to hear about Frank. Please pass my condolences along to his wife. That's all the news I have, Fandom! Have a good weekend!
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Good morning Fandom! Rilla Blythe here and I have never harbored a crush on a boy named Patrick no matter what radio might have led you to believe last week. And pirates are incredibly pungent.

*sad chittering*

Well, I'm sorry you miss him but honestly, it's a wonder I didn't pass out in such a confined space with the man.

All right. On to classes. In Friendship and Fashion, we dressed up in musically inspired clothing after I had a slight...issue...with Miss Dracula turning into a bat in the middle of class. She could still talk and everything! I can't be the only one who thinks that's odd, can I? Practical Etiquette had to navigate the tricky etiquette of driving and walking around automobiles. At home, the pacifist preacher Whiskers-on-the-Moon--

*squirrelly laughter*

Well, I didn't name him. Anyway, he doesn't approve of automobiles and when one came down the road near his farm, he chased it back down again by shaking his scythe at them. He's quite odd. Conflict Management watched a film, and Sentient Pets studied the sorts of food you should give to your pets. Then Miss Pryde held Mr. Stilinski back after class to talk about Mr. Hale.

It was Mr. Peter Wiggin's birthday today in the dormitory, but he tried to convince Miss Adams that it wasn't a big deal. Mr. Cade also stopped by with a gift from Mr. Ben Skywalker, which they both declared to be quite ugly. The gift, I assume.

Finally, in town, Miss Sekemoto was laughing at her book in the park until Mr. Alenko stopped by to talk about the last weekend. Miss Traynor was so warm in the Portalocity office that she went home to change into something less restrictive than her uniform, and then Miss [Kennedy's last name] came in to complain about her portal arrangements and stayed to flirt, though she had to turn Miss Traynor's invitation down because she already has a girlfriend. Mademoiselle Thenardier got the portal problem taken of for her, which was quite kind of her and the squirrels say it was certainly not because Mademoiselle Thenardier spends a great deal of time watching Miss Traynor.

Miss Summers was enjoying Bryan Adams' music at the club with the terrible name, and Miss Tyler wasn't pleased by the new shift that has her working at Caritas on Thursdays.

And that's all the news I have today! Have a good weekend, everyone.
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Rilla: Good morning, Fandom! Rilla Blythe here and good heavens that's all from yesterday?

*tired chittering*

Rilla: Is this about the screechy girl in Fashion class? She was making Mr. Hale turn interesting colours. Very well, let's get started...

*sound of door opening and then five minutes of squirrel-ly jubilation*

Barbossa: It sounds like ye be needin' a professional, wench. Shove over 'n I can give ye a hand wit' the news.

Rilla: Why does it smell overwhelmingly like ru--I mean thank you, sir, that would be very kind of you. You are--

Barbossa: Call me Barbossa, wench, as that's me name. Do we still start wit' schools?

Rilla: We do, Mr.--

Barbossa: Captain. Captain Barbossa. But Francois here is shaking another sheaf of notes at me, so I think I'll start there. We had six visitors arrive yesterday morning: Megan, Kara, Astrid, Nonny, Kelsi and Patrick 'n they are terrible excited t' be here. Kelsi 'n Kara assumed classes are held durin' the day so that Anakin--he's still here? has his hair properly lit now that he's wearin' a wig. He was also hatched from an egg, jes' in case ye didn't know that. Told me himself when he was a teen. Kelsi 'n Megan discuss the fanfic--I be not familiar wit' that word--

Rilla: Neither am I.

Barbossa: I wasn't really askin', wench. The fanfic they wrote about Stiles 'n Derek in a coffee shop and wondered if they'd be recognized here. Naga--person, place or thing, wench?

Rilla: Polar bear dog, I believe.

*long pause*

Barbossa: Riiiiight. Naga went t' investigate the newcomers and was called CGI fer her trouble by Nonny, and then got her picture taken wit' Kara 'n Kelsi, 'n a "glomp" from Megan. Possibly a euphemism.

Rilla: Ew.

Barbossa: Nonny 'n Megan thought that the town seemed terrible small, Astrid 'n Nonny called each other gimps or somethin', 'n then Megan 'n Astrid hoped that the weather meant that all of the men o' the island would be without shirts, especially Jim, provided he was o' legal age. Then there was a large discussion about how Tiny and Tino are Oh-Tee-Pee based on "fics" and how they miss glitter kisses.

Rilla: I'm so confused.

Barbossa: 'n this is only the first sheet, wench. Would ye like a drink?

Rilla:: I don't drink.

Maybe ye should start )
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Good morning, Fandom! Rilla Blythe here to give you the news of yesterday, well, today.

In classes, Friendship and Fashion...and glitter...had a lot of makeup for us to try on, though Mr. Hale was wearing about half of it. He allayed my worries that I needed to put that much on. Practical Etiquette had to work on being polite in a coffee shop, and then talked about how it went: Mr. Kirk ended up with two coffees instead of just the one, Mr. Luthor discovered that fetching coffee had just been added to his TA duties, and Mr. Solus worried that he hadn't fulfilled the assignment because he'd ordered apple juice. Conflict Management learned about trolls--wouldn't that normally be something the Winchesters deal with?--and then studied on their computers. And Miss Yorkes screened a movie in the class about pets who talk back because Miss Pryde was indisposed.

Mr. Sabahnur watched the books slide around during his library shift. Would they count as sentient pets?

In the dormitory, Miss Adams 'phoned her father before Mr. Peter Wiggin paid a call and asked her to be his assistant again. This time she seemed to consider it.

In town, Mr Lane's quiet night at home was interrupted by Mr. Hale coming in bleeding from a trip home and making him promise not to tell Mr. Stilinski about it.

*long pause*

Soooooo hopefully he isn't listening to the radio, then. And Miss Traynor was at Portalocity with a puppy for backup. Given their normal level of competence, a dog might impro--

well, that's not a very kind thing to say, so I won't finish my thought. Enjoy your weekend, Fandom!
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Good morning, Fandom! Rilla Blythe here and apparently I missed something amazing by not watching a movie called Sharknado?

*excited squirrel chittering*

They've apparently started a fan blog. I don't know what a blog is, but they seem very pleased about it.

In classes, Friendship is Always in Fashion made introductions and talked about our personal style, Practical Etiquette had to travel the DC Metro subway without being rude to other people--it went...all right...--Conflict Management introduced themselves by talking about the greatest prank they ever pulled, except none of them are pranksters. Oh dear. Finally, Sentient Pets and---this is a class, truly?


I'm not sure the...sharks in tornadoes...count as pets, no. They met Miss Pryde's talking dragon...new people, this place is quite odd...and then Miss Yorkes agreed to be Miss Pryde's teaching assistant. Mr. Sabahnur drank coffee in the library well away from the books, I imagine.

Dean Skywalker was in his office meditating until he was visited by Miss Solo and Miss Veila, both of whom seemed a bit down.

In the dormitory, Mr. Lightwood was drying off in his room after being soaked in the rain, Mr. Ulrik was writing a letter home with the help of his cat, or at least that's what he told Mr. Sparkle. Perhaps he needs to be in Miss Pryde's sentient pet course.

Miss Adams was sharing pancake and syrup in the second floor common room, and Mr. Sparkle came to avail himself of free food and to tease her about Mr. Kirk.

Finally, in town, Miss Traynor was at Portalocity, with Mademoiselle Thenardier watching over her, and the Spirit was walking through the Warehouse District. This evening, Miss Pryde hosted a viewing of Sharknado--

*squirrelly cheers*

Miss Tyler and Mr. Lane tried to decide how bad the movie was going to be, Miss Pie told Miss Pryde that the reason the sharknado existed was because pegasuses weren't around to control the weather--

*looooooooooong pause*

All right...Mr. Rand and Miss Pryde wondered why New York was always bearing the brunt of these invasions, and Mr. Lane impressed Miss Pryde by bringing extra beer. Mr. Cade told Mr. Lane that the last movie night had featured cars and explosions, and then told Miss Prydee that the part where everyone sat in cardboard cars was Mr. Ben Skywalker's idea. Miss Sekemoto and Miss Pryde decided that bad movies were a bit like reading bad romance novels, and then Miss Sekemoto told Mr. Lane that summers were bad because she was a vampire and couldn't go outside in the sun.

*another pause*

Uh huh. Miss Sekemoto and Mr. Bartamian talked about being relatively new to the island and then agreed to blame Mr. Lane if it started to rain sharks on the island. Miss Brown and Miss Pryde agreed that terrible movies needed to be share, and Mr. Barton claimed to only be there for the food. What do you serve at a movie about sharks?


That sounds vile. And Mr. Bartamian introduced himself to Miss Pryde because he was new and admitted to having powers, which Miss Pryde was quite blase about, since everyone here has powers but me, it seems.

And Mr. Tino was wearing a tiara as he worked the bar at Caritas because sometimes everyone just wants to be pretty. Or he lost a bet. One of those, I'm pretty sure.

That's all I have for today! Have a good weekend!
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Good morning, Fandom! Rilla Blythe here and I'm learning to loathe humidity again. It makes my hair frizz in the worst way.


Well, there aren't that many notes, so I'm trying to make the broadcast interesting.

*insistent chittering*

Well, I thought it was interesting, anyway.

There weren't any classes because we're still on our break week, of course, and in the dormitories, Mr. Whittemore turned into a rabbit, much to the amusement of his roommate Mr. Kirk, who then went to share his amusement with Miss Adams before she turned into a snake in front of Mr. Wiggin. Miss Berry was packing for home in her room--but not forever, she assured Miss Drew. She has a job with someone with power!


Powers. With an "s".

In town, Mayor Swanson celebrated behind Freedom Arms with barbecuing and...animal slaughter...


We don't do that in Canada. Or at least we're discrete about it. Miss Pryde found a spot on the beach to watch the fireworks on the mainland, and got to explain the significance of the Fourth of July to Miss Sekemoto. Batman was there as well and told Miss Sekemoto he taught students what to do when sharks attack.

...and now I'm concerned that they will.

He also snuck up on Miss Pryde who told him that she didn't have fireworks because she was too lazy to get them, not because it was illegal. Batman told her that he was a vigilante and not law enforcement, so he didn't mind either way.

Miss Summers was listening to the DJ play different incarnations of the American National Anthem and sparklers in the drinks at the club with the blasphemous name, and that's all I have for today! Enjoy your weekend and I'll see everyone at the picnic tomorrow.
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Good morning, everyone, Rilla Blythe here on your last day of workshops for the first session! Is everyone excited? I certainly hope so.

But, of course, in a quiet and respectful way.

In yesterday's classes, Personal Style held a fashion show! It was so much fun. We got ready, then walked down the...walkway thing...while Miss [Kenzi's last name] talked to Miss West about yesterday's politics.

What happened yesterday?


*loooooooong pause*

Well, that sounds...lovely. And your flags are quite festive!

Mr. Lyman's class had to survive working Black Friday but chose to hide instead of helping customers, Friendship and Glitter made cookies and vases--I do hope those didn't get mixed up--and Lemon Grenades had to deal with, um, pirate-ninja-cyborg-velociraptors.

....There is something quite wrong with these classes.

In the dormitory, Miss Berry was in her room . Oh, Miss Berry, he's not worth it. Go out and if he doesn't reach you, that's his loss.

In town, Miss Traynor was being quite provoked by a wasp at Portalocity--I'm not sure if it was a customer?--but then Mademoiselle Thenardier killed it, so...let's all hope not. It was Mademoiselle Thenardier's birthday yesterday--Joyeux anniversaire!--and the two decided to go to Il Pollo to celebrate.

...and the squirrels are waving their flags right now. All right.

At the club with the terrible name, Miss Summers was playing on her 'phone until Miss Traynor came in and ordered scotch and Mr. Alenko a beer, and then Miss Traynor and Mr. Alenko talked about...that political news from two days ago...and Miss Traynor sought out advice regarding Mademoiselle Thenardier.

*long pause*


At Caritas, Miss [Kenzi's last name] was throwing peanuts at Mr. Tino--that's unkind!--before Mr. Batman came in and enquired about the peanut shells everywhere and told her that he wore a mask because he was Batman. That doesn't seem like the best argument, but I haven't met the gentleman in question.

And those are all of the notes I have for yesterday! Enjoy your weekend, Fandom!
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Good morning, Fandom! Rilla Blythe here on Friday morn--

*embarrassed chittering*

What do you mean it's Thursday?

*more chittering*

You forgot the days of the week? That's it. I'm taking your rum.

*extended period of thumping and squeals*

THERE. Goodness. That was uncalled for. Well, rather than wake up Miss Tyler, I'll just do the news. In classes, Mr. Constantine told his...con artist...class about Mr. Abagnale and then they discussed what the best part was. I will assume it's when he turned from a life of sin and crime. Students played with kittens in the course on how to be one with your city, which sounds very nice, and the Winchesters and Mr. Bond both showed movies in their classes: Miss. Darkholme and Mr. Lightwood didn't think the one in the Winchester class was at all good, and Mr. Bond...set a fake shark upon his students.



I'm just going to move along, I think. Miss Sholeh was late to her library shift today, but fortunately there were plenty of books about punctuality to aid her there, and Miss Electroclash was restocking her office refrigerator with snacks.

In the dorms, Miss Marin received a 'phone call from home, which never really seems to be good news, does it? Mr. Lightwood was swimming with a puppy in the dorm pool--there was a puppy? Mr. Stilinski was listening to Taylor Swift music--I love her--and Miss Adams stopped by to see if he was all right, or perhaps scaring people away with his musical choices.

Speaking of Taylor Swift, she was the focus of the music in town, at that club with the terrible name. Mr. Hale was not best pleased and that was before Miss Pryde kept texting him about Mr. Stilinski. Mr. Priest paid a call to talk of their mutual acquaintance Mr. Wittemore, but then the squirrel got distracted by a bowl of nuts and I can't tell you anything else. Honestly.

Miss Traynor was packing to go home--not permanently, I hope!--Mr. Mancha was buying tools at Stark Industries, Miss [Kenzi's last name] was telling the staff at Luke's that she would be their boss one day, and Mr. Rand...pulled himself out of the ocean and hoped today was Wednesday. How long was he in there?

Miss Pryde was letting ducks march through her legs at the Park, and Mr. Barton, out for a constitutional with his dog, heard her note that even the ducks are used to strange things here.

Every Skywalker and Solo on the island...and Mr. Cade...was in Caritas, where Mr. Tino had called Miss Tyler to work. Mr. Ben Skywalker got an ale, while Miss Tyler got an earful from Mr. Cade about Nicolas Cage movies, Mr. Anakin Skywalker was tempted by Miss Tyler's suggestion of faking Fandom emergencies to avoid dealing with his baby at home teething--that's terrible!--and Miss Solo learned that they were all there to help him drown his sorrows about not being able to ban karaoke from the island.

What's karaoke again?

*five minute interlude of squirrels singing "Unbreak My Heart."*

Well, that was...something. Mr. Solo and Miss Solo decided this was a strange family outing, and that was before Mr. Anakin Skywalker taught Mr. Solo about proper alcoholic drinks to order! Mr. Ben Skywalker and Miss Solo compared notes about the weekend--she was an empress and he was a father of three and both seemed quite casual about it.

That's all the news I have today! I'm going back to bed now.
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Good morning, Fandom, and a warm welcome to any of our alumni who have returned for the weekend! It will be so good to catch up again!

In classes yesterday, Personal Style looked up summer fashions, which included not nearly enough fabric, thank you for asking, Mr. Lyman's class had to be bar--


Coffee people, and Miss Thompson got a very unhelpful customer, Friendship and Glitter made birdhouses and flower pots, and Mr. Oz's class had to get out of a house.

Did it not have a door?

Mr. Sabahnur--welcome back!--would not be insulted by the books in the library, and Miss Solo's pet droid--what's a droid?--kept rolling away in her office hours.

In camp, Mr. Whittemore was outside of his bouncy castle--Jims loves the bouncy castle and my abject apologies to our bunkmates--and was wheedled out of his Pop Tart breakfast by Naga, who also got stomach scratches.

Naga is not a student, for those of you who might have just returned for the weekend...

And finally in town, Miss Traynor was in her post at Portalocity, where Mr. Alenko found her to apologise about leaving her to do radio along while he was on a mission at home. Mademoiselle Thenardier stopped in to window shop over a trip to Spain and to mention that Miss Traynor hadn't been kind to her for a few weeks!

Miss Traynor, that is simply appalling.

Miss Pryde took advantage of the iced coffee sale at the Perk, and Mr. Stilinski came in and they chatted about how uncomfortable he found living in the bouncy castles because of the--


I am not going to ask you to explain that hand gesture. Mr. Barton stopped in as well and wondered if there was a sale because perhaps there was something wrong with the coffee. He also said--

*outraged chittering*

That he doesn't trust the squirrels very much. I'm sure you're quite wonderful creatures!

Deep down. Very, very deep down.

Miss [Kenzi's last name] was being covered in glitter at Caritas by Mr. Tino, much to her chagrin, and Miss Summers was enjoying the musical choices of the DJ over at the club with the blasphemous name. Mr. Lane came in and wondered if he'd fallen into a time warp into the 1990s.

Stranger things have happened here, Mr. Lane...

That's all the notes for today! Enjoy your weekend, everyone!
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Good morning, Fandom! Rilla Blythe here on a beau--

*vehement chittering*

All right, so it's raining, but if I tell them that, no one else will get out of bed.

In classes yesterday, Miss West taught us how to mend clothing, which I already knew so I felt very prepared for class. Mr. Lyman's poor students had to work at a daycare center, the Art of Friendship and Glitter made picture frames that I'm sure were appropriately sparkly, and Mr. Oz's class...diffused bombs.

Does anyone else think there might be something very wrong with that man?

Miss Solo was holding her office hours out in the hallway today because her office was playing Christmas music. Oh dear, which song?


Well, at least it wasn't Dominic the Donkey.

In camp, Miss Yorkes and her dinosaur--really--were burning marshmallows because Miss Yorkes kept getting caught up in her book. I've done that! Well, I've burned cookies and dinner and biscuits...and never you mind.

In town, Mr. Wyndam-Pryce was back at the coffee shop! Hello! It's been far too long. Mr. Priestley's work at the diner was interrupted by Mr. Dean Winchester, who wondered if it was normal to sleep with a machete and pornography under his pillow.



NO THAT IS NOT NORMAL. Neither is proposing marriage to a hamburger, which Mr. Winchester also did.

Miss Traynor sent out apology notes to everyone for the mail Portalocity had been sending this week, and Mademoiselle Thenardier stood across the street from the shop for a while again. She's a little odd, isn't she? They were playing music from the cinema in the club with the blasphemous name and Miss Summers told Mr. Dean Winchester that she used to date vampires named Angel and Spike--




Miss [Kenzi's last name] had drinks on special at Caritas, and if it weren't very early in the morning and also wrong, I might almost be tempted.

Have a good weekend, Fandom. Don't date demons named after angels. Heavens.
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Good morning, Fandom! Rilla Blythe here as usual on your Friday morning, so if you have class soon, you'd best be up and out of bed!


Yes, I'm aware I'm not their mothers. Showing up promptly for class is only polite, though.

And speaking of classes, Miss West's fashion class had a fashion show! We started in casual attire, then moved to slightly dressier, and then formal wear. We all looked quite fetching, if I do say so myself. In Mr. Lyman's customer service students were travel agents. Poor Miss Fel had to deal with a customer who thought she could find his lost luggage.

Miss Pie and Mr. Hale's craft class made puppets, which first involved a lot of staring at Miss Pie, and then a lot of crafting with glitter. Her classes are always so colourful! It makes up for the part where she's a pony who can talk. Finally, Mr. Oz's class had to get themselves down from a cliff using hang gliders they made themselves.


Does this seem like a really terrible idea to anyone else? Miss Solo was in her office insisting to someone on the 'phone that no, her name wasn't Karen. I suppose that would be rather difficult to prove without pictures.

In the dormitory, Mr. Sparkle, who had been turned into a dog and that's only something you say around here without being sent to an asylum, was being carried around in a bag by Mr. Lightwood. Mr. Rand hosted a party on the sixth floor with alcohol, which was why I didn't attend. Miss Fel didn't drink alcohol and disagreed strenuously with the idea that that made her boring, and Miss Yorkes admitted that she wasn't terribly good at socialising, then talked with Mr. Mancha about all of the people who had turned into animals recently. Mr. Stilinski and Mr. Rand agreed to watch out for each other and make sure neither did anything too untoward under the influence of drink. Perhaps you just shouldn't drink, then. Mr. Stilinski and Miss Fel talked about gremlin bites and other terrible things that happen when you're drunk and honestly, why would you do it? Mr. Rand also encouraged Mr. Kirk to drink and then agreed that they couldn't talk about where the drinks came from. If you are trying to be sneaky, perhaps start with not hosting a party where the squirrels can report on you. Mr. Kirk learned about Miss Yorke's experience at a strip club--what's that?


*stunned silence*


Mr. Mancha said the alcohol looked like prison wine and I am not asking how he knows that, Miss Drew and Mr. Rand talked about hangover cures, which I'm sure all of you reprobates need this morning, Miss Thorne wanted to know why no one was playing beerpong yet, and Miss Jones was surprised by how social she was being this week. And then everyone played I Never and Spin the Bottle because no one learns anything about decorum at this school.

Miss Drew went to her room after the party to receive bad news over her email, and I am sorry to hear that.

Finally, in town, Miss Sekemoto turned into a bat in the park--I wish that was stranger to report--Portalocity had a special on day trips, though no one took Miss Traynor up on them, and Mademoiselle Thénardier was watching from across the street for a while--perhaps she was trying to talk herself into a vacation.

Finally, Miss Summers was reading a book while working her shift at the club with the terrible name.

That's all the news I have today! Enjoy your weekend, Fandom!
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Good morning, Fandom! Was it just me or was yesterday frustratingly quiet? I had the most un-Christian urge to find a goat and kick it...

In classes, Miss Pie and Mr. Hale's Arts & Crafts class was full of crafts and glitter, with Mr. Stilinski being charged as TA to clean up the glitter. Poor, poor Mr. Stilinski. The students in Mr. Lyman's Customer Service class were working at McDonald's for the day and were wearing very attractive uniforms, and Mr. Oz's Lemonade class had to work together to walk through lava to get to the door.




Jello. That is not at all like lava, squirrels.

And in town, Miss [Kenzi's last name] had pepper-themed drinks on the menu at Caritas since there were so many of them around from the invasion on Wednesday and there is really something wrong with this island sometimes.

Have a good weekend, Fandom!
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Good morning, Fandom! Rilla Blythe here, bringing you the news of yesterday before our new students and teachers descend on us tomorrow! No doubt you're all very busy making welcome hampers for our newcomers and cleaning your rooms to make a very good first impression.

*squirrelly snickering*

Or at least you should be.

The school was very quiet yesterday as classes are over for the week. I'm quite excited for the new workshops--Miss West's class on fashion sounds like it should be jolly, doesn't it?

The dormitory was also fairly quiet, with many graduates probably busy packing up their belongings if they are heading home before the newcomers arrive. We will miss you! Mr. Logan was watching hockey and also reading about hockey in the fifth floor common room. I am guessing that the rumor about him also having grown hockey hair is an exaggeration. Miss West came in to figure out what on earth he was reading, which he explained as "HOCKEY!"

...makes perfect sense to me.

And in town, Mr. Doyle was out tending to his gee-toe? Some sort of automobile, I am guessing, because he was admiring Mr. Winchester's impala, and I can't imagine Mr. Winchester actually rides on an African antelope.

If he does, that would be very exotic. Mr. Murdoch--hello, William!--was building a lie detector in Stark Industries, Miss Traynor was setting up a coffee pot at Portalocity, and Miss Summers was making smoothies at the night club with the inappropriate name. Over at Caritas, Miss [Kenzi's last name] was serving up Jell-o shots to some eager customers. Mademoiselle Thenardier was quite taken with the idea of drinks that jiggled, and Mr. Cade and Miss [Kenzi's last name] began inventing their own drinks which I'm sure they ended up regretting. The drinking contest that Mr. Cade and Miss Thorne engaged in no doubt didn't help. Miss Thorne wondered if business would pick up after the new students arrived. Not if they're moral students, it won't.


That's all the news I have right now! Safe travels to all of you leaving today!
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Good morning Fandom, and guests of our graduates! It's a beautiful Friday morning where nothing strange is going on at all.

Or ever, really!

Classes are over, of course, but Mr. Sabahnur was in the library having trouble figuring out what to read next. Miss Yorkes came in and they got into an argument about the kind of books they enjoyed most--Miss Yorkes prefers books that are realistic and sad and completely depressing.

In the dormitory, Miss Fel was celebrating her birthday--happy birthday, Miss Fel!--and received a phone call from a slightly...loopy? I don't understand what that means...Miss Drew. Miss deGlacia was in her room packing up and reminiscing about all of the time she's spent here. I'm sure some people will miss you.

In town, Miss Ludgate was forced to drink her coffee outside of J,GOB because she has been banned for life following the Bagel Incident on Wednesday. Mademoiselle Thenardier wondered what Miss Ludgate had done to make the cashier so angry, which somehow led to Miss Ludgate showing her a video of her driving through a department store on a riding lawnmower, a discussion of 'phones and hipsters. This sounds...very odd. Mr. Murdoch was at Stark Industries learning about Canada's chances in hockey this playoff season, Miss [Kenzi's last name] was offering graduation drink specials at Caritas, and Miss Summers was listening to '80s music at the club with the blasphemous name. Mr. Priestly came in and ordered a dark and stormy, and Miss Summers, like myself, didn't know what that was. He had to settle for a rum and Coke instead.

And that's all the news I have! I'll see everyone at the graduation ceremony tomorrow. Please dress sensibly.
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Hello, Fandom, Rilla Blythe here and so help me if you get up to any shenanigans at Prom tonight I will douse you with the punch. Let's get to the notes, shall we?

In classes, Ethics wrote essays about why kissing every person you see will lead you straight to Hell.


Something like that, anyway. And Pop Culture learned about a word I'm not even supposed to know exists, so none of you shall here it either. Miss Jones found her office--


*more chittering*

Well, that doesn't seem remotely professional. Mr. Hale stopped by and they--


In the dormitory there are so many notes about things I don't need to hear about and frankly, neither do you. Mr. Wiggin was in his room trying to cool himself down until Miss Adams came by and then...I'm not reading that. Mr. Rand was frustrated in his room, which was not helped by Princess Marasiah's visit, and Mr. Kirk was paid a call--


I'm not saying "booty" on the air. Paid a call by Miss Kennish and...I'm not reading that either. Mr. Frost was trying to be actually helpful outside the dormitory by offering localised snowstorms and very cold hugs to people, like Miss Thorne, who wanted them. Mr Lightwood was selling prom tickets in the lobby, and Miss Berry was taking a sho--


*guilty chittering*

Miss Brown joined her there--


What? They were both displeased by the week. Miss West explained how this has happened before, and Miss Drew said we'd run out of hot water. If it happens before the dance tonight, we all know who to blame, don't we? Miss Yorkes went for a swim this evening to cool down, Miss Thorne took in some fresh air on the roof, and Miss Thompson chose a pizza and a vampire show to distract herself.

And in town there was even more news of things I don't need to know about. The Improv class played a game called Emotional Mirror and Miss [Kenzi's last name] brought him coffee and assumed that was enough to get the details of Mr. Starsmore's personal life this week. He quickly informed her that was not the case. Mr. Coulson was eating jelly donuts at J,GOB until Miss Ludgate came in to complain about the power outage at MCA, which was caused by Miss Electroclash, much to the chagrin of her neighbors. Miss Ludgate returned to her apartment--wait, what?


Ohhhh. She did this before meeting Mr. Coulson. She was returning from her evening with Mr. Priestly and checked to see if Miss Electroclash had any ice cream that needed to be eaten before it melted.

Mr. Alenko was making things explode across the street from his house, Miss [Kenzi's last name] had a special on tequila at Caritas, and the Devil's Nest had a new bartender named Miss Summers. Mr. Priestly explained that he wasn't Mr. Dean Winchester to her, though they have the same face, Mr. Priest welcomed her to the club and explained some more of the strangeness of the island, Mr. Winchester and Miss Summers did shots together and talked about one-night-stands and how, I'm assuming, morally repugnant they are. Mr. Winchester and Mr. Priestly commiserated on how strange a week it was. Miss Romanoff and Miss Summers wondered how long it would be before people explode.



We could EXPLODE?! Mr. Priestly offered to help Miss Romanoff blow off some steam in a preventative measure, I"m sure. How benevolent of him!

And that's all the notes I have for now. I'll see you at prom, and I will be carrying ice water, just in case.
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Good morning, everyone, and happy Good Friday! I hope this day will find you in blessed contemplation of the sacrifices Our Lord made for us, but since I've talked with most of you...I rather doubt it.


I will pray for your souls anyway. In classes, Pop Culture talked about the current model of video games--killing the bad guy and getting the girl--and then students had to come up with a plot that was a little less generic. Ethics class had a pop quiz about ethical choices, which makes sense in a class about ethics. In the library, Mr. Sabahnur had to sort books about lying, which he found quite irritating.

And speaking of irritating, Miss Solo fought off a hangover in her office.

In the dormitory, Miss Berry accidentally ended up hosting a pizza and Top Model rerun party in the second floor common room. Mr. Stark stopped by and learned that he was quite old in Miss Berry's world, which led to a discussion of accidentally sleeping with your own ancestor, which I'm quite certain would be illegal and would definitely be immoral. I'll pray for both of you. Miss Drew offered Miss Berry her support after Miss Berry accidentally revealed her superpowers to her on Wednesday.

And finally in town, Miss Thorne returned to the island after a day away, Mr. Murdoch--hello, William!--was confused by a bunny in Stark Industries that was laying chocolate eggs, and our new Mayor Swanson has renamed the Wellspring Arms the Freedom Arms and met Miss Abernathy, who first assured him that she worked there, and then wondered if they would be allowed to sell things now. Miss Navaan made a "wheel of ailments" at the clinic, and in possibly related news, the Improv class played a game of Voices from Heaven where they had to explain how they had died. And in Caritas, Miss [Kenzi's last name] was offering free drinks if you could tell her an interesting lie.

*sniff* During Holy Week. Well, that's all the news I have! Have a pleasant Easter weekend, which is not about zombies, Mr. Bond. Hmph.
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*more silence*

*even more silence*

Well, this will be uncomfortable. Rilla Blythe here and apparently all manner of wildlife have taken to living in the radio building now. Here, let have the--

Were these stepped on?

*more silence*

Yes, I know you have hooves but honestly. There should be a little bit of pride taken in one's work. Let me start with this sheet. I think it's classes, but they've been stomped on, covered in grass and full of something that looks like chicken scratch. Did you have the chickens helping too?

Do we even have chickens?

*more silence*

I'm sorry, everyone, but these are completely illegible. I'm just going to guess based on what normally happens every week. Mr. Skywalker held class and was as flummoxed as I about the deer and then they talked about worker's rights.

*tiny squirrel cheer from outside*

Yes, yes. If you were in here, I wouldn't have to be guessing the news. Mr. Oz held class too and talked about drugs. Like rum, no doubt. Mr. Sabahnur was in the library--under a desk, maybe? Or a deck? Or a disk? until Mr. Mancha paid a call to talk about grass-stains, apparently. These notes are appalling. Miss Solo was being stared at by a deer--oh, was it you? How thorough of you! and Miss Electroclash was playing games without using her hooves.

She has hooves?

Onto the dormitory--oh, these are in chicken scratch and pictograms so apologies in advance--Miss Yorke, I think because of the dinosaur picture was doing, well, something with her dinosaur. There's a picture of squirrels with little x's for eyes? WERE YOU KILLING SQUIRRELS?! Don't do that, they're angry enough. And Princess Marasiah was playing with makeup or turning herself into a clown--the notes are unclear--and Miss Darling wanted to know what she was doing. So do the rest of us. Sigh.

Finally, in town, Mr. Starsmore hosted the weekly improv class, where they did charades or caught fire or something. Miss Adams was shooting things in the park--please not squirrels--and the squirrels were protesting starting yesterday. They're here today, too, and their signs are marvels of the English language in comparison to what I have before me. They pelted Miss Thénardier with--nuts, probably, though it could also be cannon balls, it's hard to judge scale on this--while she delivered the mail, and a raccoon joined in with the protest. Do raccoons drink as well?

Mr. Priestly was less pleased to see the deer at his cafe--I don't blame him at all--and then chased the protesting raccoon out of the restaurant with a broom and soda because that cannot be hygienic. Mr. Logan stopped in and said that the raccoon is normally a person? I think? And then the raccoon presented him with his very own straw wrapper, which I'm sure he'll treasure always.

And that's all I have! Hopefully that was at least close to what happened yesterday. As for the squirrels, drinking is a terrible habit and I'm glad the rum is gone. Humph.
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Good morning, Fandom! Rilla Blythe here, more than ready for spring to appear. You?


Well, I suppose the fur would make summer a bit uncomfortable, yes.

In classes, Mr. Oz had pop culture present their essays on popular culture out loud which was probably a nasty surprise to those who hadn't also signed up for public speaking this term, and Mr. Skywalker's class discussed the ethics of the SATs--I know about those because Miss Edison was very fretful over them last year--and if they are slanted to help already advantaged students get into college. In the library Mr. Sabahnur watched the books shelve themselves until Mr. Mancha came in with a terribly overdue library book and Miss Yeul paid a call to invite him to the play being performed in town this weekend. Miss Solo's office hours were improved by the presence of a new stuffed camel.

Why does she have a stuffed camel? It must be something I missed by not being on the trip.

In the dormitory, Miss Yorke was being confused by a program where people did not realise that they were zombies in the second floor common room, and Miss Adams stopped in to be confused as well, as well as receive an earful of Miss Yorke's impressions of her teachers thus far. Miss Thorne also came by and a conversation about terrible television naturally ensued.

Finally in town, Improv class worked through an exercise called "Actor's Nightmare", and Monsieur *deep breath* le Chevalier du Vallon de Bracieux de Pierrefonds offered to host the cast party at Cafe Fina's this evening. So if you're in the cast, go there tonight after the show.

Miss Elizabeth Bennet also wondered with Mr. Starsmore about what had happened to Miss [Kenzi's last name], as she's in charge of props for the show and hasn't been seen in a bit. Did we leave her behind in Turkey? That would be awkward.

Finally, Miss Navaan was offering discounts on...bloodlettings...at the clinic.

*loooooooooong pause*

Well that seems as good a place to stop as any. Have a good weekend, Fandom! See you at the play!
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Good morning, Fandom! Rilla Blythe here on the last day of classes before the break! Jims and I are heading back to Canada for the week because Mother misses me and I don't think I'd enjoy Turkish food anyway.


I'm from 1916. Pizza is exotic. Hush, please.

In classes, Mr. Skywalker had his ethics students pretend to be fugitives seeking asylum from other classmates with the probable outcome being death for all involved. What a cheerful man Mr. Skywalker must be. He was visited by Mr. Solo, who wanted to know if he could really use the flight simulator before saying that he was heading home for a little while. Enjoy your trip, Mr. Solo! Pop Culture learned about the violent games of chess and checkers, then paired up to play them, or card games. I think you sound like you're quite prepared for vacation!

Mr. Sabahnur prepared for his trip home in the library, and then Mr. Solo interrupted Miss Solo's vacation planning to tell her that he was heading home as well, before the conversation turned to the conflict that awaits him there. I do sympathise, Mr. Solo.

Everything was quiet in the dormitory, mostly due to packing, I imagine, but Mr. Brink was pondering going on the school trip or getting into a science fair in Baltimore. Mr. Mancha stopped by to weigh in with his opinion and then to find out what Mr. Brink was planning on submitting.

And in town, Mr. Priestly was insisting on serving nothing but blood food at Cafe Luke's until the staff rebelled, tied him up and served red food instead. Someone please check on Mr. Priestly this morning, all right? Miss Yeul and Mr. Frost had post-Ethics class hot chocolates at the Perk to talk about the upcoming trip and Mr. Frost hoped his roommate on the boat would be able to see him. Are you quite small, Mr. Frost? I remember reporting about this difficulty for you before. Mr. Murdoch--hello, William!--was working on his battlebot--that sounds dire--at Stark Industries and the Improv class was working on Death in a Minute. No one tell Mr. Skywalker about it--it sounds like something he'd enjoy far too much. Mr. Starsmore asked Miss Lyle why she'd missed play rehearsal yesterday and she told him that she'd been at home. Now, Miss Lyle, next week is when we all head home.

Finally, Miss [Kenzi's last name] was serving hot drinks at the bar that really most of you shouldn't be going to. Enjoy your trips, everyone!

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