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Hi, this is Jaye, who has discovered that the upside to having omg all my classes disappear during the semester is that I only have two finals to worry about. Score!


We have finals for Intermediate Math. Congratulations, guys, it's over. In preparation for their exam, Antho and Archaeo have revision sessions.

Ms. Calendar, Professor Cregg, and Professor Chaucer all hold office hours, as does Principal Bristow. Which I still can't get used to saying.

Art has to evoke an emotional response from someone in the class. Except they have to paint it. You can't just slam their finger in a drawer or something. Poetry learns about blank verse, and Death and Dying watches a movie. I'm not sure I want to know which one. Terms of Endearment? Beaches? Someone dies, right? Celtic Lit and Civ talks about tae bo or tai chi or something. History finds out Columbus didn't discover America. And since no one gets the day off of school anymore, I don't care either way.

Speech? Canceled. Languages? Canceled. Quantum Physics? Has a sub. Journalism? Free period.

In study hall, we have bagels. Eighth and Ms. Calendar have a chat, Bridge and Angel were, according to my notes, renamed the Insulin Twins, and they're giving each other sugar. But not the way Angel does to everyone else. I'm getting to that. Bel's all happy. Also, Faith shows of her mad art skillz for Anakin. Finally, yay, klepto bunny!

The Newspaper has a meeting, and everyone but Phoebe is a slacker. Sorry, guys. Self-defense class? Canceled.

In the library, Callisto curses Ash, Rory is emo, and by the way, she and Anakin are totally just friends. Parker and Professor Cregg talk about Harkness' amnesia, and Wesley still can't get his library card. They're tough chicks in that library. Speaking of which, you all might want to return your damn books. No, really.

Living Conditions

Everyone is getting Santa deliveries.

Hey, guess what? TOASTY'S FREE!

Hey, guess what else? Anders rules! Go, Anders.

If any of you were worried about the final fate of the Caffeinator... she's doing just fine, thanks.

In the halls, Vala holds a cookie taste test. Harkness is still confused.

Look, we have angst. Shock. Phoebe and Bel angst. Lee and Kara angst. Janet, Aeryn and Vala take care of angst woes with girly emo therapy. With Bridge. Okay, cool.

Callisto and Phoebe jump rope. Tomorrow? Hopscotch. Parker poses for Jake. In a towel. Um hm. Also, Crunch and Vala? Cute. Be surprised, dammit. I know it's hard, but try.

Kiki and John Connor talk seances in the fourth floor common room. And wow, Vala's just got her hands full with this whole Harkness memory loss thing.

In the common room, Harkness mixes up Crichton Not-Crunch Smooth and Crunchy. Then Smooth and Kara trade injury stories. And hey. Veronica Mars? Not a whore. Yeah, I know.

Out and About

House gets a phone call that requires comfort from Lisa.

Red stops in to the Emporium before the drama starts. Tobias gets injured, so Michael gets to deal with the fun of the vet.

The Duck Army has taken over Blood Gulch Arms- which, if you say Blood Gulch Arms five times fast without tripping up, I will pay you five bucks. Anyway, animal control? Not the worst of ideas, people. Might wanna look into it.

Kiki buys a book! People do that there? Also, Crowley gets a stocking.

Paige goes in to Wonka's, Caritas is dead, and really, so is everywhere else. Maybe it's because everyone's busy getting hit on by Angel.

Random Crap That Doesn't Fit Anywhere Else Angel Stalker Report

Since our boy just can't keep himself out of trouble, here's what he's been up to.

He starts out the day basically macking on everyone in 238. I wasn't in 238. He hits on Logan in the bathroom. Seeing as how I'm not a boy, I wasn't in the bathroom. There's a little something something going on with Angel and Bel in Sociology of Deviance. Which is a class I don't take. He's in the Clinic, hitting on Wilson and Aziraphale. *pause* *shuffles papers* Okay. I? Not in the clinic.

Let's head off to the library, where he flirts with Janet, and then kinda sorta really assaults Marty. I kind of wish I was there for that. As it was, I totally wasn't.

In study hall, he's perkily hitting on Ms. Calendar, talks bunny porn flip books with Duo- no, really?- ignores Buffy and then Marty saves everyone from witnessing a massive PDA between Angel and Faith. I'd like to point out that I didn't go to study hall today.

At the newspaper meeting, he tries scoring on Jake and Krycek, who are confused. Chloe is all up into it, and then he also goes after Angela and Veronica Mars. I'm not on the newspaper crew.

He innuendos at Crunch and Vala at the taste test I missed. Harkness seems up for it. Huh.

Lastly, let's go to the second floor common room that I frequent, but not tonight. He's all bad touching Xander, talking is cute with Callisto, invades Anakin's personal bubble like woah, and then Klepto Bunny, RIC and Vladdie thwart Angel's action-getting. He then gets a new nickname from Harkness before Marty ummm... makes Angel unresponsive. Yeah.

What's my point, you ask? Everyone here is getting action! You're all whores! Dirty whores! Me? I got nothing. Nada. I've had one date the entire time I've been here. ONE. I haven't even made out with anyone! And I've been drunk and impressionable on several occasions! Meanwhile, here's the horniest guy in school and I missed him every freaking time! God dammit!

I'm slapping him on principle next time I see him.


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