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"Happy new kids day, guys! I am fresh and refreshed from being in California, so let's knock out this very last broadcast of mine.


Oh, hey, there's actually something here. Billy opened up the library to keep the books company, I guess, and he spent his time wisely checking out food blogs. Good man.


Empty! Again! New kids, please come save us from this fate.


Kaidan's home from a mission and in need of coffee, as was Jane at the Perk, though she probably had less of a mission, unless you count how she told Lizzie she got a job. Mike was early to Caritas -- good for you, dude -- and Kaidan got some beer to chase that coffee from earlier. Stiles brought in Puppy Joe and Mike admitted he talked to Derek, whatever that means, and Laurie freaked out over the puppy. She also complained to Mike about being bored, while Jaina wondered why there was a puppy in the bar. Why aren't there more puppies in bars, Jaina? That's my question. Like, seriously, the Devil's Nest could've used one. All they had was Lady Gaga.

And that's it! This has been fun, Fandom. Keep it real, or...something."
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"And I'm back in town, Fandom. It's okay, I missed you too. Sort of.

Anyway. School's still out, so we're skipping that.


Natalie also just got back, looks like, and she got presents from Peter and Jace.


Slightly busier over here, but still not by a lot. Zayne put out the call for a new manager over at MCA, and was answered by Coulson. Meanwhile, at Wellspring Arms, Alec apparently spilled coffee all over himself. Sookie swung by for a visit, and apparently she was just here to show off her new rock to Emma and Karla, who also commiserated together about what kind of trouble Karla got into recently. Over at Caritas, Tino was glad to see Mike, while at the Boards, Lizzie's sister Jane showed up to interrupt Jono's arrival home. And finally, Allie was getting all obsessive about Angry Birds at the Devil's Nest, and Coulson told her about the time he quit Words with Friends.

And that's it, guys! Here's to a busier Friday next week!"
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"Good morning everyone! I totally hitched a ride on a Christmas-lit rickshaw on my way here. I have no regrets. And thankfully, I have like, super-few notes, 'cause some of us have a portal to catch.


...is still out, suckas!

Okay, no, that was a bad look for me. I agree. Let's move on.

Dorms were still quiet -- Arietty got freaked out by some gremlins, and rightfully so, while Natalie sulked in her room as she packed for Montreal.

I mean, I also packed, but apparently that's not newsworthy. Rude.

Town was relatively busy, in that most of my notes come from there. Jaye was awoken by singing gremlins, while April's dog scared some off in the park, though April got a visit from Porthos asking if she wanted to wassail with him. I don't even know what that means but I want to. At the Devil's Nest, Allie and Eric intimidate the gremlins into singing something not-carols, while at Caritas, Mike was kind of getting tired of the carols. And finally, at the Lobster Hut, where for the record I will never go, Derek and Stiles had a date.

And...that's it. Okay, Fandom, have a safe and happy holiday! I'm running off to California and taking Victor and Marsie with me, too, so hopefully you said your goodbyes to them, too. Mwahahaha.

...that was weirdly evil-sounding of me. God. Leaving now. Merry Christmas, and happy next week if you don't celebrate, guys!"
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"Hi, Fandom. I had three pine trees spring up like, literally under my feet on the way here. Ready for bed. Let's get through this.

I'm vaguely drunk, kids. LET'S SEE HOW THIS TURNS OUT )
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"And hi again, people of Fandom. I hope everyone's enjoying being a teenager this week. I usually do, only because I know my looks aren't going to last forever, and I think we have some adults on the island that prove that! Am I right?

Maybe a little bit of a touchy subject, sorry.

Anyway, notes!

party party party )
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" -- I was visiting my family, you pushy little...oh, it's on. Oh, hi, and -- okay, look, I'm not being mean to the squirrels, before anyone calls PETA on me, but good grief, you miss one week and they're dragging you in here like you owe them money. Which I don't. In case anyone was wondering.

minor radio! )
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"Good morning, Fandom. It took me like, two minutes to get here with a stop along the way. That's....um. That's not a lot of seconds, and a really small portion of an hour, and an even smaller portion of a whole day!

...huh. I'm not usually this dumb about math. Weird. Whatever, kids, I have super-speed, but I'll be nice and slow down for you for radio.

radio of moving things! )
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"Hey, Fandom. It's been kind of a quiet week, yeah? I like that. I mean, it was my birthday on Tuesday and I guess some other important thing happened that day, whatever, but it seems like we all just kept our heads down and didn't turn into flying monkeys or anything this week. Go us!


...did I just jinx us? [bleeeeeeeeeeeeep]

my house is so cold. typing fast to save my poor frozen fingers )
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"Good god, Fandom, I'm freezing my balls off over here. Not that I have balls to freeze off, but if I did, I would so have just lost like, seventy-thousand sperm just walking over here. Or something. I might not know exactly how that works. Also, I probably should have stopped that train of thought somewhere around realizing I don't have testicles and it's just a figure of speech. Anyway, hi, it's Olive and I'm going to read through this stuff fast because I'm cold and I might die before finishing.

okay it is legit pretty cold out )
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"Okay, chill out, dude, I know it's not my usual day but there is no need to climb my pants leg like a tree. There will be no storing of acorns or anything, either. I'm ---*bleep*---ing here, okay? If you make me spill my coffee, so help me. So. Help. Me.

Anyway. Hi, it's Olive, and yes, I know the days are off but just deal with it. Let's get into this.

radioooo )
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"Good morning, good morning, good morning to you,
Good morning, good morning, good morning to you,
Our day is beginning, there's so much to do,
So, good morning, good morning, good morning to you!

I sing that at school! Hi! This's Olive, 'n I can read. Wanna see?

Because she is about to show you! )
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"I swear to god, if you wake up Marsie and I have to deal with it I will make you into mittens. Cute ones. I don't even care about PETA getting all up on my ass. I don't even -- I mean, people have been bitching all week so I should have expected this, but seriously.


Fandom was super-boring, because we're all here. Eric was subjected to pumpkin-spiced blood and this is apparently how I'm kicking things off tonight. Allie, meanwhile, saw him about a job, because I guess she's not afraid of such terrifying flavor combinations.

Meanwhile, this morning in the Land of Interesting People, Stacey, Darcy and Cassidy hung by the pool. Ugh, guys, that pool. Let's never leave, okay? Tomoe got an awesome massage, while Jace worked out at the gym. Mercy chilled at the beach, while Alec and Goose did the fishing thing, and both Marsie and Victor went shopping. I sincerely hope everyone got me presents. T-minus....hang on, I have to math. Like three weeks, anyway, until my birthday.

And then evening was lovely, because seriously like it's gonna suddenly turn into a horrible place in a matter of hours? Natalie enjoyed her villa, and I can't blame her but it's even better outside. I'm just saying. At the pool, April and Jono enjoyed girly drinks and lagers and talked about dying in humiliating ways, while I read my book before going over to annoy dear James. And there was a town, too! Atton was moody at a bar, which sounds wildly uncharacteristic of him, while Jace had some grog at that pirate bar. And in that same bar were Tomoe and Jono, who caught up on each others' vacations.

And finally, Topher had a boys' night in his room, and it involves a movie with dinosaurs with lasers. I don't know whether to mock all of you or ask to see this movie, because what the hell? How is that real? How would they fire them?

Why am I asking these things? There was a debate between Tony and Victor about whether someone named Ben is an alien. If he thinks this is a quality film enterprise, I go with a firm yes. Topher asked Tony as to whether this is better than Ratman porn, and then philosophizes with Victor about whether geeks can exist in a pop culture vaccum. Is this seriously what boys talk about when they're alone? This is like watching years of mysteries unravel before my very eyes. Kind of disappointing, not going to lie. Billy and Tony talked about visiting Ben in spaaaaaaaace and how TMZ won't follow Tony there -- probably -- and then he and Victor talk about whether Ben is on a planet of dinosaurs right now. Seriously. I thought guy-exclusive conversations were way more interesting than this.

Disappointing. Anyway -- have a fantastic Saturday here in paradise, kiddos. If you're still in Fandom, ha ha, suck it."
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"Good morning, Fandom. I'm so not really awake yet, so we're lucky that no one did much yesterady. Let's all just have a moment of silence to thank the gods of island and dorm-based activity for making you all really boring yesterday. Can we do that?"

*long pause*

"Okay. That was less a moment of silence and more a moment for me to drink some coffee but it's the same principle. Anyway, hi! Let's do this.

method RP of sleepiness! )
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Rhiannon: Why are we here?

Olive: Because if we don't, I get in trouble.

Rhiannon: With who?

Olive: ...it doesn't matter with who.

Rhiannon: Is that a squirrel? Why is there a squirrel in here?

Olive: Let's just read these so we can go home. Stop observing your surroundings and read

besties radio )
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"This isn't even my -- fine. Fine. I'll read the stupid news. Actually, wait, today was kind of awesome. Fine. But still."


"No, thanks, you keep those. I'm good. But I'm going to keep bitching. You can't ply me with your booze, tiny creatures.

not-my-usual-day radio! )
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"So this is like, a thing I do now, huh? Okay. At least you're all cute, with your teeny...bottles of rum. Guys, it's like ten a.m. No, seriously, I think this is one of the signs -- "

*sound of notes being thrown*

"Okay, fine. I won't worry about you anyway.

club fair radio! )
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"I don't get this. No, seriously, I don't -- are you pointing? Do you even have fingers? How the hell are you -- hey, okay, sorry, I didn't mean to be offensive, I just...I mean, technically those are a part of your paw and I am sure they're not called fingers. It's not offensive if it's accurate.

….oh my god I'm arguing with a woodland creature.

Um. Okay, so, why are you pointing? At this...paper. And the microphone? You want me to read it. Um. Okay. How do I -- oh, it's on. Oh, sh...hi, everyone, this is Olive, bringing you...Friday's news, I guess! Hey, so, just so everyone knows, every single one of you has failed me for not warning me about the squirrels. Sure, you made your nice little helpful comments about the, "Hey, sometimes people are from outer space!" and "Maybe your big sibling is an unwed mother from 1915, no big!" but no one told me I could be shanghai'd into reading things on the air thanks to squirrels.

All of you. All of you failed me.


and then she actually reads the notes, yes. )

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