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Uh, good morning, everyone, this is Khadgar speaking. It seems Mr. Barton couldn't make it in this morning, so the squirrels cornered me when I went by the studio and here we are. Thankfully, my time here shall be brief because there appears to only be one note from town: since Groovy Tunes is under re-construction due to shark damage, Jono was selling his undamaged goods at The Boards instead. That's a benefit to running two businesses, isn't it? Hopefully everyone's stores will be fixed soon, and as Ada mentioned yesterday, if you haven't helped clean things up, you should probably get out there.
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Uh, hi everyone. Mr. Barton isn't available this morning because, uh, apparently his wife isn't an animal anymore and he didn't want to come in if there weren't a lot of notes. So, I've been blessed with squirrels instead.

*pleased chittering*

Well, thank you. I figure there's no harm in being polite to you. It looks like all the notes today are from town. At Groovy Tunes, Jono accidentally ended up in a music video, which is really only something that could accidentally happen here. Also, Taako had to deal with Fantasy Costco being overheated, and Bo and Kenzi came in to do some shopping, or at least some random looking around to see if there was anything interesting that they suddenly needed. That's the best kind of shopping, I think.

That's everything the squirrels handed me, so I think my work is done. Uh, have a good day!

[Sorry for the delay, I forgot to post this before running out for my actual school's graduation!]

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