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Faithful: "Good evening Fandom. I have been abandoned by my co-host."

Alanna: "Which would be how I got into this gig."

Faithful: "I need someone with thumbs!"

Alanna: "Good to know that's all I'm good for."

Faithful: "You work a can-opener well."

Alanna: "You can't tell, but I'm rolling my eyes here."

Faithful: "I'm being abused."

Alanna: "Ugh, can we just get on to the news?"

Faithful: "That we can."

School. Where there is learning
Alanna: "So today, Media looked at stereotypes. There are none for talking cats that I can think of. Sad. Interstellar Relations asks and answers questions."

Faithful: "Always a good activity. Pop Culture reviews. Joxer finds out that the Macarena is unpopular culture. They should have a class on that. Cross Species Communication works on their final projects. Sure. And Spanish watches a movie. Boring."

Alanna: "Everything is always boring for you."

Faithful: "Not everything."

Alanna: "Fine, almost everything. Prophecy talks about self-fulfiling prophecies. Those always make my head hurt. Marty tells Pippi what he did to Bel. ... Dirty? Dean smuggles something in his jacket. I used to do that, but then you started talking too loudly. However, I doubt Dean has a kitten in there. Also in that class, Wilson sends Nadia to the clinic. Oh Nadia. Not again."

Faithful: "And here I thought only cats had nine lives. World History reviews by playing 20 questions and hangman. Heh. Various teachers had office hours. As did the principal and vice-principal. Jack and Isabel visited the first and Parker the second."

Alanna: "The library was vaguely busy today. I'm kind of worried, since Angela and Parker use it to plan revenge. Just uh...don't do anything that might have an effect on oh, me in the next week, okay? And uh, Chad looks for a book on muscles. I don't want to know. Angela! Shame on you, eating in the library!"

Faithful: "You're strange."

Dorms. Where there is living.
Alanna: "Conner doesn't realize that it's not October and is wearing a costume and watching a kids show. Cally thinks he's a crazy fanboy. Conner doesn't help his case when he tells Billy about being thrown into trees."

Faithful: "And apparently the reason for his strange behavior? He made a wish. Smart boy, really. Who then comes out to Chad. Take that as you will. And for reasons unknown to this cat, Z tries to cut Conner out of his uniform. You people are so weird."

Alanna: "That we are. Peter Parker planned something sinister with Sakurazaki who then calls Cally for help. That worries me. Peter and Cally decide to watch TV instead."

Faithful: "Why is it every time I do the news, Bel and Phoebe are snuggly. Do they hate me? Cameron wants to know what Bel did. Don't we all. And a lot of people leave town. Will they come back?"

Alanna: "I hope so, because Peter not Parker, Willow, Bel, Phoebe, Lana, and Zuko are on that list. Jamie can stay away. Conner wakes up in his uniform. Suddenly, the earlier comments make sense. Wilson talks to Marty about Bel. Someday, someone will tell me what happened."

Faithful: "That day is not today. But! Nadia visits Marty. And uh, Billy has a thing with Christmas and radio. Don't tell me. Finally, Lana wakes Jim by packing. I have a feeling a lot of our notes were backwards onight."

Town. Where there is living
Alanna: "Wilson leaves cookies for the Doctors. Isn't he a doctor? I'm confused. Um...this doesn't help. The Doctor talks with Jane about snogging another Doctor. Um...okay. In less odd news, Snarky Repairs is open."

Faithful: "If your snark is broken, go on in! And speaking of open places: Caritas. And the clinic. Both times. Also, Braca has an eyepatch. You don't want to know."

Alanna: "The squirrels are right, I don't. Let's see, what else. Wilson checks out the new health center. Jane checks out the Weasleys. I never, ever needed to know that. Apu is cranky. I can totally relate. Are you going to die on Saturday, too?"

Faithful: "You're not going to die. Chad and Pippi are at Empire Records. They're not going to die either. And it's Argentian Tango Day at Church. This makes the squirrels happy."

Alanna: "Scary, scary squirrels. The Devil's Nest is busy tonight. Wilson is becoming a regular. Dr. Venture shows of his toupee. I've got nothing. Rosette gets a drink and hit on by Dr. Venture and his magical toupee. She's then bouncy at Lucifer. Okay. Lucifer sneaks up on Wilson at the pool table."

Faithful: "And that's all for us for tonight!"

Alanna: "Stay crazy Fandom! And if I don't come back? Know that where ever I am, I am thinking of you all and desperately wishing I was back. Stay safe."
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Bridge: Okay, is everyone here? Good. Let's get this thing started then. Don't ask questions. Just read the notes, okay? Uh! Hello, Fandom. It's Thursday night and I'm bringing the happenings of Fandom with some help from some special guest stars!

Workshops Where People Do Stuff

Greg: Hi, peoples! Okay, so in Screen Acty thing, people filmed each other doing intros and then they worked in groups to make a scene.

In Sex Ed, they did a survey and played in groups with phallic balloons that squirted. Heee! Pip, Blair, and Willow all talked to Crazy Hooker, though why I don't really know.

And in Wilderness Survival, they stripped, listened and tracked, and D'anna talked to Callisto whosleepswithducks.

In that talking class, they did intros and Ivanova talked to Blair, Tim, Pip and Phoebe after class.

In the library, Jamie told Angela 'bout his "special talent," Cally and Angela had girltalk, and that girl with the name was looking for books.

And over lunch, Tyler and Pippi had a nice, long talk.

And seriously, all of this sounds like bad porn or something.Oops. I said that on the radio. Um. Well. At least my girlfriend is out of town so maybe she didn't hear, unless she downloaded the podcast in which case hi, honey, you're pretty!

So...back to Bridge. OH. And everyone should have hair like Inkykin Skywriter's! The end!

Camp Where People Live

Bridge: This morning in the gym, Cam and Veronica declared a banana war- is that a war on bananas, or using bananas, or what? And Cam also taught Veronica how to kick stuff. Kawalsky and Cam were then "manly" together. This probably did not involve bananas. And Cam and Sakurazaki met and discussed Fandom weirdness.

At the Meerkat Campfire this morning, Buffy was reading a magazine by herself. The Aye-Aye Campfire was a little more populated, since Archie made breakfast. Nadia stopped by for some- and hopefully did not recite poetry- as did Sawyer. And Pippi and Archie were "hale and hearty" in spite of blue drinks.

In the Stickbug cabin, Jamie woke himself up by being all cheerful and obnoxious. Isabel was getting ready to leave for a bit- we'll miss you! Oh, wait, you're probably gone and can't hear this... oh well, you'll download the podcast or something when you get back, and then you'll know that we will miss you. Did miss you. Something. Whatever. Anyway, Hat-Girl, Cedric, Jack, Alanna, the dude, Peter and Greg all stopped by to say goodbye. Willow and Peter had lunch. Anakin taught Willow about etiquette and was confused by Greg. There's also something about ducks and skywriting. Greg? Sometimes, you worry me, dude. Just sayin'.

Greg: I don't know why people keep saying that. Also, tomorrow my hair will be extra-cool, so all should come and see!

Bridge: I'll... mark it on my calendar. Anyway, moving on. Alec informed Dean that, surprise! He is now enrolled in Flight and Flying! Dean seemed less than pleased. Pippi and River spoke Squirrel in a clearing. To each other, or to squirrels? I don't know. Hat-Girl seemed unsure of whether or not Cam was allowed to be in the Meerkat cabin. And Ranma has the sneaking suspicion he- she? These notes say both. Weird. Anyway, that he or she missed something this week.

And.... now I turn you over to Alanna.

Alanna: What? Well, I was going to sleep. Faithful, wait outside. No. Wait outside. Because you tried to eat the microphone last time. I don't care. Sit. Stay. I'll give you a can of tuna. Good boy. OW!

Okay, evil cat issues over so: dorm life. Where I learned many new things today that I am actually happy I learned. ... Get your minds out of the gutter.

Seras broods with a soccer ball. I hope the ball is feeling better. Oh, and she talks with Pippi and Nadia about her fight with Walter. Seras's fight. Not the ball's. Just in case it wasn't clear.

The place to be tonight is apparently the Pangolin - who named our cabins anyways? - campfire. Parker and Bridge talk about classes. For the record, I think mine are out to get me. Then, Parker talks with Bel about Sex Ed. That's just helping my point, you know. Bel and Bridge also talk about Sex Ed and Blair. Do I want to know? Faithful was being a brat and giggled at Bel, me, and almost everyone else who was there. Parker made a brave attempt at explaining the love lives of some classmates to me. Faithful was giggling. Bridge talked to me about losing his shirt. Because I must: Did you find it?

Bridge: Actually? Cal gave it back after class.

Alanna: Xander isn't sure what to think about Bridge losing his shirt. It could have been worse. It could have been pants. Anders brings cupcakes. How come I didn't get one? Angela and Marty stopped and caught up with more people. Jaye and Z also make an appearance.

And then people went to bed.

Town Where People Work

Kawalsky: So I wanna see what all the radio fuss is about. DJ K is on the air with all the town news.

Coach Bluth was chilling out on his yacht. There was probably booze involved. I'm just saying.

In Empire Records, Little Buddy Jamie and my favorite detention pal Marie caught up about workshops.

Over at All and Sundries, Ivanova's back in town and brought Blackadder coffee. Hey, she never brought *me* coffee. What? Is Blackadder more worthy of caffeine-laced goodness?

In Luke's, Jude played with donuts. I.. really hope that's not a euphemism or I'm never eating there again.

Parker and Cally had fun at the beach and man, considering some of the stuff I've heard on here lately, I really hope that's not a euphemism either.

Awww, and Isabel left town and her freakishly small boyfriend saw her off. Keep up the good work, Spiky Short Guy.

Then there's the most happening place in town, Caritas, where Coach Bluth was in a good mood. See, told ya, there had to be booze involved. He gave V a paid night off. Then he talked to the Mountie Man about women. Wait, my notes say there was no fist fight. Weird. Then Cally and Piper talked. Just talked.

And if you missed it, the Pirate had his Wine, Wenches 'n Song show this afternoon.

That's all from town. Wait no, there's a few late notes here about some weird goings-on around the place. Empire Records, Artie's, All and Sundries, the Tarr-diss whatever that is, Mauvaise Chance, Quark's Bar, Caritas, Luke's, Hitsuze-what the hell is that?, the clinic, the old lawyer place, the cinema, the florist, the Perk, JGOB and the hotel.

Sounds fishy to me. That's all from town. I guess we'll find out what the deal is tomorrow.

This is DJ K signing off from the radio gig. Hey, are those Twizzlers?

Bridge: Yes, yes they are. Thanks for the help, guys! This is Bridge Carson- and guest stars- signing off!

much love for [livejournal.com profile] threeweapons, [livejournal.com profile] kawalsky and [livejournal.com profile] like_a_sponge for cowriting yay!

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