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*sound of feedback*

*sound of static*

....on? I can't believe - *more static* - no way that - *static static* - microphone's gonna - *static static static BANG* - stupid plastic piece of crap!

Oh, that light means it's working? Okay.

Um... this is Angel. In Los Angeles. Being stared down by a - well I don't wanna say stared down. More like... um... saving the world. From squirrels. With notes.


Tall squirrels. Big ones. Demonic. With... huge fangs. Wait, no, not fangs. Um.... claws! Really big claws. With poison. In the claws. And if I don't read these... um... incantations then the world's going to end. Painfully. You know, worse than the other times that's happened. Like there was this one time I faced down this one demon and, well I don't wanna brag or anything but let's just say most guys probably would've headed for the hills once they realized their weapons were gone but me, I stayed the course, dug deep, and -

OW! Little bastard scratched me!

Sigh. Okay. Apparently if I'm just supposed to read these notes - which have really bad handwriting, by the way. What the hell is this? A Q? A G maybe? What are you giving me that look for? Great. Now the squirrels are brooding. Bet I'll get blamed for that too.

Maybe if I read this quick they'll go away.

Or not )
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JOHN: Hewwo! My name's John! Hi! I'm seven and three quarters! Hi again! Can you all hear me! Does anyone else wanna say hi? Say hi guys!


[Thank you to Angel, Bridge, Cam, Sam, Anakin, Barbossa, Xander, Angela, Marty, Aeryn, Jaye, Rory, Sean, Vladdie, Chloe, and Veronica for helping with all this. If a link got missed, please forgive me. This day was absolutely HUGE and I couldn't get it all.]

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