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*heavy breathing*

Vader: This is Lord Vader...and I have no idea what I am doing here. I pray none of you were terribly attached to the pirate. He won't be with you much longer.

Molly: None of that now. Hi, Fandom! This is Molly Hayes!

Vader: I have no idea what you're doing here either. But I suppose one of us should report what passes for news around here. The squirrels seem to have fled.

Molly: I know what I'm doing here: keeping you from destroying the radio equipment. And of course the squirrels fled. They're not used to flying.

Vader: Then they shouldn't come in through the windows. I was just helping them leave the same way. Only slightly more quickly.

And then there was talking. And a lot of detentions. )

[OOC: If you were assigned a detention by Vader, feel free to disregard. He's just being himself. With a microphone. Which is why this is a one-time-only event.]

A Day Late - Anberlin

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