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Deadpool: "Good evening Fandom! Deadpool and Yondaime here to bring you your news!"

Arashi: "And to put down the rumor that we're married."

Deadpool: "Because we aren't. At all. Aly lies like a dog who is a pathological liar."

Arashi: "At least she does about me being in a dress. It never happened and any photo's she might show you are fakes! ...That was too much huh?"

Deadpool: "A little bit, yes."

Nice day for a white wedding... )
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Aly: "Before we start tonight, I have a very important announcement..."

Deadpool: "No she doesn't. She's been drinking. A lot."

Arashi: "Aly, you wouldn't!!!"

Aly: "My two cohosts have something to celebrate with all of you. My friends of Fandom, please congratulate your fine teachers on their marriage."

Deadpool: "Aly, you really need to stop drinking. And lay off the illegal drugs. It's scaring us now."

It's been swell, but the swellin's gone down )

[OOC: Thanks to you all for letting me recap for you over this past school year. It's been a blast!]
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Deadpool: "How exactly these squirrels found us, I'll never know. Hello Fandom! ...is this thing even working right?"

Aly: "I think they were following us the whole time. In tiny cars driving between your car's tires."

Arashi: "I dunno, there were those ground squirrels earlier.... Anyway! This is coming to you live from the Grand Canyon! Sorry there's no echo."

Graaaaaand Canaaaanyoooooon! )
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Deadpool: "Good evening folks!"

Yondaime:"This is Fandom Radio and there are a lot of shiny buttons in here."

Deadpool: "Everyone, a warm welcome for my guest co-host, Arashi!"

Yondaime:"Thanks Wade, I'm glad to be here. Though I think everyone knows me better as Yondaime."

Ninjas and mercenaries, oh the hijinks... )

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