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*sounds of scuffling*

There is a click and then the sound of a door swinging open.

Savannah: See, I told you that I had a spell that would unlock the door to this place.

Eve: Good job.

Savannah: Wanna tell me why we're here again?

Eve: This radio thing is run by a pirate. That means rum... the good kind.

Savannah: That also apparently means squirrels.

Eve: Wait... Rum plus squirrels... doesn't that equal drunk squirrels? *pause* Well, that would explain a few things, anyway.

Savannah: Have you listened to a radio broadcast since we've been here? The people and the squirrels are apparently drunk when they make those shows. *sounds of chittering* Hey! Stop that. Get away from the damn door.

Eve: Don't make me throw a shoe at you, ya bastards! ... Wait, am I allowed to say that on the air?

Savannah: I think you just did.

Eve: ... Whoops.

Savannah: Getting attacked by squirrels and the best you can come up with is "Whoops?"

Eve: Yup.

Savannah: Alright, stop shoving, you demented rodents! Apparently, we have to read these notes. Wow... squirrels have worse penmanship than Adam does.

Eve: I'd be more afraid of the fact that squirrels have penmanship.

Savannah: ... You have a good point there. Then again, this is the place where guys seem to be afraid of glitter.

Eve: All the things here they could be afraid of and some of them are afraid of glitter?

Savannah: It apparently causes boykissy.

Eve: ... All right, then, moving on.

The Levines and The News That Might Not Really Be The News )

Eve: I need a drink.

Savannah: After this? I need a drink. I never knew squirrels were spies and voyeurs.

Eve: The squirrels look like they're asleep. Let's get the hell out of here.

Savannah: What about your rum?

Eve: I'll get it somewhere else. Not even pirate rum is worth this aggravation.

Savannah: We should turn this *bzzt pop*

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