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Faithful: "It's Thursday evening and my human co-host is nowhere to be seen. What to do, what to do? Wait for her and waste your valuable - ha! - time with chatter and music or just start without her? I don't feel like wasting my time, so I'll just annoy you all with my take on the news. Enjoy!

Guitar presents on heroes. Someone just ran into the door. Artifacts talks about Atlantis. Someone is now hitting the door. There's a debate about the existance of Atlantis. IT'S OPEN you idiot! Oh hey, who are you?"

Oh look, a change in the program. )

Faithful: "So why don't you make them?"

Marco: "Because most people, not cats, are intelligent enough to realize the joke themselves and laugh without needing me to point out the obvious."

Faithful: "I think we've already prooven who's the most intelligent here."

Marco: "I control the can opener."

Faithful: "I control you."

Marco: "No you don't."

Faithful: "Yes, yes I do. So there. Good night Fandom!"

Marco: "Wha-oh. Good ni-"

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