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This be [livejournal.com profile] likeguidelines bringin' ye the latest on the "all zombies all the time" radio station. Just a suggestion, if ye're not already drunk from the party in the dorms, drinkin' every time I say "zombie" in this broadcast would probably, well, make ye fall down dead of alcohol poisonin'. If that be what ye want, by all means go fer it.

When I left ye last night, cowering manfully in me room, we had folks all over the place, recoverin' from what turned out to be the first assault of the zombie attacks. Most of ye ended up on campus eventually, but I'll take ye through Fandom Town first.

The folks in the coroner's office be wakin' up and hidin' from zombies, and Sawyer be totally pressin' his advantage with Kate in the melee, the bastard.

The folks holed up in Aziraphale's shop start gettin' up and lookin' fer food, and Aziraphale be exchangin' pleasantries with Misters Croup 'n Vandemar, before chattin' with Isaac fer a while, then headin' fer the safe zone.

Parker 'n Rob Gordon be, um, blowin' off some steam before headin' to the church, and then back to campus, and thar be some very pleasant carnivorous-type plants out to make life more interestin' fer the zombies in Fandom Town.

A bunch of folk be gettin' out of Dodge Fandom Town, so we'll follow along with 'em for a while.

The gang on the Falcon decide to head fer the weapons locker at the gun range, meetin' up with Buffy along the way.

Krycek 'n Jake be headin' fer the school, and be pickin' up a bunch of other people along the way.

Meanwhile, at Fandom High...

In the aftermath of the first wave o' zombies, folks be showerin' and lookin' fer food, then be regroupin' in the library. John Sheppard be beginnin' to prepare fer the counteroffensive.

Yearbook's handin' out snacks while the students talk strategy, which be awful nice of 'em before we be discoverin' the food be poisoned. Whoops. Get a look at the names of the folks who be eatin' the food, and be sure to be mockin' Angelus, Faith, Anakin, Rory 'n Logan in particular tomorrow. I would be darin' to mock Professor Jerusalem because I be likin' me head where it is.

As the mist be rollin' in, the students, townies and teachers be takin' up all manner of defensive positions around the school.

Thar be a huge crowd of supernatural students gatherin' fer perimeter duty in the gym, which be good because they be attacked by all kinds of zombies. Really, everywhere. Thar be zombies attackin' the first line, and the second line, and the support team (and the chicken carryin' an Uzi). And thar be even more carnage--if ye be lookin' for a listin' of creative ways to kill zombies, be lookin' here.

The folks in the library be settin' themselves up, too, into three groups: folks with guns, folks with pointy things, and medics, which was all terribly organized until everyone had to retreat to the Special Collections, and well, Scooter be floodin' the school. Then everyone in the library be gettin' wet or leavin' in a giant snake. What? Thar be zombies, thar can be giant snakes, too.

Thar be zombies over by the weapons locker, too. Thar be zombies everywhere!

And Ash 'n his insane intrepid group be headin' fer the top of the dorms to stop the invasion. And of course thar be zombies fer them, too. And then Ash be findin' what caused the zombies in the first place, be destroyin' it and the zombies all fall down dead.

And then everyone be partyin' their brains out. Oh, I crack meself up.

Before I sign off fer the evenin', thar be another advertisement from Marty Blank fer Security Officer )

That be all from the crow's nest. Don't step in any zombie goop on yer way home, and have a good night!
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This be [livejournal.com profile] likeguidelines, comin' out from where I be manfully hidin' from the walkin' undead, bringin' ye all the news of the day here at Fandom High.

Yes, and the part about the zombies. Zombies!

But first, the borin' bits about classes and such.

Readin', Writin', Rithamatic, and Other Non-Zombie-Type Things

Thar were an impromptu-type meetin' of the Isomk Imsom People That Can't Fall Asleep Club in the second floor common room.

Professor Ted be conductin' band practice and a discussion in his Music class about what be makin' rock 'n roll so excellent.

Marty be makin' a right ass of himself in study hall today. And I be sellin' tickets to watch what happens when Principal Connor finds out about it just as soon as I can catch me breath from laughin'.

Thar were chicken on the menu in cafeteria today. Anyone be surprised about that? Anyone? Speakin' of things ye probably don't want to be eatin', the Old Firm be offerin' a dinin' experience for ye and yer Homecomin' date, should ye be so inclined.

Physics class be ridiculously hard today and students World History be learnin' about the five good emporers.

Janet's workin' with students in the library. And she 'n Piper be explorin' Special Collections together.

Wrestlin' Club be learnin' how to head-butt. the We're Terrified of Wenches Club Male Fans of Celine Dion (who be she, anyway?) be meetin' next Monday, and the first meetin' of the Swashbucklers Fencin' Club will be Monday as well. Assumin' the zombies be gone, of course.

Journalism class be talkin' about gossip today, which anyone listenin' to this broadcast should be excellin' at. These broadcasts be naught but the truth, of course, but thar be some pretty interestin' truths at this school. Like, I don't know, thar be zombies.

Speech Comm and Martial Arts classes be watchin' movies. But not about zombies.

Cam's doodles be comin' to life, which be a sight more interestin' than anything else going on in Anthropology class. And would've been very, very interestin' indeed if it weren't fer the zombies.

Students learn about livin' in peace and harmony through Confucianism in Comparative Religions which would be wonderful, if again, not fer the zombies.

And now I be pausin' fer a quick commercial break, brought to ye by

Martin Blank fer Security Officer. )

We Knew Somethin' Be Not Right
Professor Drusilla were in a good mood today. This should have been a tip-off, methinks. The Doctor be also pickin' up that somethin' be not quite right, as is Aziraphale, and pretty much half of the student population as well.

It be rather tense inside Deb's Diner when the weather began to change, and Angelus 'n Lisa Cuddy be be all about havin' a nice quiet night out together.

Then thar be ZOMBIES. Shiver me timbers.

They struck first in Fandom Town, where Aziraphale be tryin' to round up the townfolk. Then he be delegatin' that to Maia as the zombies head for the school. Maia and her group get waylaid in the park, but end up at Aziraphale's shop.

Parker 'n Rob Gordon be runnin' from Championship Vinyl: to the police station, where they meet up with Sonia, Shane, Kate Lockley, Detectives Logan and Briscoe, and Azirapale. And zombies, bein' zombies, attack the station, until the whole crowd of 'em up and head fer the church.

Faith 'n Anakin be headin' towards the Falcon fer Faith t' get her weapons. I love me a girl with a proper set of weapons, meself. They meet up with Ash 'n Han , kill themselves some zombies, and break off. Han be headin' towards the Apple, Ash be goin' to the school, and Faith 'n Anakin end up in Luke's diner with Professor Gilmore-Danes, her husband Luke, Rory, Logan, Rose, Anya, Angelus and Lisa, who be thinkin' this not be exactly what they had in mind fer a first date. The group decides to make a break for campus (not until after Rory be usin' her amazin' prowess with weapons to injure a zombie, Logan, Faith, and Professor Gilmore-Danes) while Angelus, Faith and Logan be providin' a distraction by, um, blowin' up the diner. Sorry, Luke. Then they snark their way home.

Meanwhile, Han be roundin' folks up at the Apple 'n headin' back towards the Falcon. Couse, this bein' Fandom Town, they be runnin' into zombies, too.

Over by Efferton Manor, Duce and Wednesday be playin' tag with them. No, really. Strange girls. And aside from the unpleasantness of seein' Angelus, Spike 'n Professor Drusilla don't seemed too bothered by the zombies, either.

So that be what happenin' in town. And now fer the school.

Zombies be headin' towards the school, where the security systems be not quite as secure as ye could be wishin' fer.

CJ, the Doctor, Methos and Vala: be figgerin' something's not quite right. Smart teachers, them. They be breakin' into Connor's office (braver than I'd be givin' em credit fer, too) and regroupin' in the library, where everyone in the school who can get thar hands on a weapon be joinin' 'em. And then they be gettin' ready for the invasion, in the library and bein' all military efficient about zombie-patrollin' in the dorms.

And while the zombies be comin' at the library, Crichton, Janet, Kawalsky, and Archie head out to be findin' Elizabeth, Cam 'n Cally (and runnin' into zombies because that be a given at this point). And 6 and Rover be fightin' zombies together, and it be a thing o' beauty.

And then thar be checkin' to make sure all folks' limbs are accounted fer and still attached to their bodies' , and be a rampage back to the dorms to be goin' to sleep.

Whew. That be all from the crow's nest where I be sittin' here with my sword and wonderin' why lurchin' undead folk feel so familiar to me. Have a good night!

[OOC: OMG. *collapses*]

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