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--mpletely ridiculous! ...oh dude! You turned it on! That is beyond not cool and I will be speaking to your...rodent leader.

Ahem. Excuse that temporary equipment malfunction.

Good morning, Fandom! Once again this is Caroline Forbes of room four-thirteen bringing you the news in exchange for the donuts our local wildlife totally stole from me. I know, this is some sort of weird coercion, but since I can't bring myself to hurt the little bastards, I'm doing their job.

Cliiiiiiiiiiiiicky. )
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*yawning* Seriously, you drag me out of bed on a morning I don't even have class to come read for you? This is completely ridiculous.

...okay no more ridiculous than me talking to squirrels, but I think our listeners will understand that. Oh, right -- Good morning, Fandom, this is Caroline Forbes of room four-thirteen bringing you the neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeews )

Ooh! And it seems we're done for this cold morning! Enjoy your day, Fandom, I'll be stopping for ice cream and heading back to bed while everyone else is in class. Be jealous.

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