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BEL: In a fit of insanity, Veronica asked me to cover the radio tonight. She's busy getting lucky.

WILLOW: She is? I had no idea the local prison let the inmates out today.

MARIE: She's not going to hear this right?

WILLOW: Hopefully none of us are going to hear her.

BEL: She did mention something about downloading the podcasts, but hopefully (for her sake) she'll be too busy basking in the afterglow.


WILLOW: Bel! Some of us want to retain our will to live!

BEL: What? If she's gonna get some, more power to her. Archie'll be a happy man.

WILLOW: Are we sure he's human? Um, no offense, Bel.

BEL: I do know he's not a demon.

MARIE: Can we stop talking about Veronica's sex life and start the news?

WILLOW: Can we stop talking about Veronia's sex life, you know, ever?

BEL: Sure, where should we start?

Cut for Length )
BEL: Good night, Fandom!

WILLOW: Good night, Fandom!

MARIE: Good night!
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MARIE: ... if we get caught? Hm, I don't think that button did anything.

WILLOW: Oh how's Veronica going to know? It's not like she's smarter than me.

MARIE: I haven't met her, but I'm sure you're right. *pause* Um, does that red light mean we're on the air?

WILLOW: Oh! Okay. Um, hi, Fandom! This is your pirate radio broadcast, which you can tell because I'm wearing a poofy shirt. Well, not that you can actually tell that, but take my word. There's also a skirt but I don't know if pirates wear skirts. I don't ask. That seems personal.

MARIE: She really is. I can see her. And I don't know if pirates wear skirts. Maybe we should call Barbossa next Thursday and ask.

WILLOW: Sometimes guys wear kilts. Do you think Barbossa is Scottish?

MARIE: Around here? I'd believe anything. *sound of someone attempting to whisper* The announcers usually give their names.

WILLOW: *sound of someone not successfully covering the microphone* They do? Oh poop.

MARIE: Uh huh. *sounds of a pencil scratching on paper*

WILLOW: Okay. Um. Then I'm... Rowan... no that's too obvious. Ash? No. Pine tree? Wait, how on earth would somebody be named pine tree?

MARIE: I dunno. Sounds kind of weird to me. Anyway... um... Hi, Fandom, I'm... Julie, your cruise director announcer for this evening, here with my friend...

WILLOW: Um... Michelle... Aldrin? *sound of badly covered mike again* That was so dumb! No way do I look like a Michelle or somebody Aldrin!

MARIE: *whispered* It doesn't matter! *normal voice* Your regular radio host couldn't be here tonight, so we're filling in. You want to start... Michelle?

WILLOW: *far too long pause* Oh! Um, yes. That would be me.

omg long! )


BEL: And I don't need alone time for spanking.


MARIE: Dirty!

BEL: On second thought.....

VERONICA: All right, everyone say good night!

WILLOW: Good night!

MARIE: Good night!

BEL: Night.

VERONICA: Barbossa, we need to talk about better security down here.

*dead air*

[ooc: so much love to [ profile] willbedone for co-writing and a special thanks to [ profile] demonbelthazor and [ profile] marsheadtilt for their guest appearances! sorry if we missed any luau links, but that post was over 2000 comments!]

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