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Dan: Good evening, Fandom. This is Dan and Wallace and there is something weird going on in town.

Wallace: I honestly don't care.

Dan: You don't?

Wallace: Nope. Not a single [feedback] given.

Dan: You are so caring.

Wallace: Yeah, whatever, like things aren't gonna work out eventually.

Dan: *sighs* I guess I'm not as optimistic as you are.

He'd care if he knew David Bowie was involved )
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Hey guys. It's just me tonight since Wallace is...well, I didn't ask. But let's just assume it was perverted and Canadian.

There isn't all that much tonight so let's just get it over with so I can go back to reading.


I'm not a nerd!

Even short radio gets a cut )
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Wallace: Humphrey, I'm getting so desperate for sex that I'm finding you attractive.

Dan: That's so flattering...really.

Wallace: You're welcome.

Dan: I can't really say the same.

Wallace: Oh you liar!

Dan: Dude, I'm sixteen and you're pushing thirty. Let's drop the subject.

Haaaaaay cut tag )
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Wallace: Hello, Fandom. This is Wallace Wells and Dan Humphrey filling in for your lovely principle this evening.

Dan: Very lovely. Good leader. Brilliant.

Wallace: Stop sucking up, Dan.

Dan: Right.

Friiiiiday radio )
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Wallace: Evening, Fandom! Nice to see you all weren't eaten by fish.

Dan: Yes, we're very glad for that. Nasty way to die.

Wallace: Smelly, too.

Dan: Yes.

Lord, I almost went to bed before writing this )
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Wallace: Helllllllo Fandom! You like me, you really like me!

Dan: And me too.

Wallace: Nobody cares, Dan.

Dan: I hate this already.

Wallace: Lies! Everything is fun with Wallace Wells. To the news!

The O key on my keyboard is still jacked siiiiiiiigh )
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Dan: This is just too weird.

Wallace: What is?

Dan: You look just like Chuck.

Wallace: Yeah, I'm aware. But I'm gayer.

Dan: I didn't think that was possible. Well, um, I guess we should get started then. I'm Dan Humphrey, like always, and believe it or not the voice you're hearing isn't Chuck's.

Wallace: Hi! I'm Wallace!

Dan: So freaking weird.

Weekday radio is always a shiny experience for me )
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Chuck: Yes, more rum for everyone. Save Humphrey, because he's a wuss.

Dan: Hey!

*sad squeaking*

Chuck: I know, I know. I'm going to miss you too.

Dan: You guys will still have me around. Doesn't that make you feel better?


Chuck: Nobody likes you, Humphrey.

Dan: For a second there I was sad you were leaving. *sigh* This is Dan and Chuck one last time with WTFH Fandom radio. Let's get on with the news so I can get away from the drunk squirrels.

Drunk squirrels are the best squirrels )
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Dan: What the hell are you doing?

Chuck: What?

Dan: With the crackers and ginger ale. It's weird.

Chuck: So's your face. My stomach hurts, is that illegal?

Dan: No...just weird.

Chuck: Just read the news, Humphrey.

Short news day is short )
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Dan: Good evening, Fandom. Glad to have you back in working condition. The last few days were rough

Chuck: Not for me.

Dan: Where did you go off to?

Chuck: I have absolutely no idea. But I have like a billion voicemails from work to answer now, so thanks for that, Fandom.

Dan: There's a lot of news to get through and Chuck very obviously has other things to do, so lets get down to it, shall we?

Sooooo many links )
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Dan: Good evening, Fandom, and Happy August.

Chuck: Don't remind me. I only have a month left to annoy you people.

Dan: Twenty-six days, actually. Not that I have it marked and underlined on a calendar with a bunch of smiley faces on it.

Chuck: Well someone's gone to the top of my "To annoy" list.

Dan: Goddammit.

August makes me sadface )
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Chuck: I am so not in the mood to do this, you have no idea.

Dan: Rough weekend?

Chuck: I am striking everything Thursday onward from the record of my life.

Dan: Can you...actually do that?

Chuck: Yes.

Insert something witty here )
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Dan: Hey, Fandom. Welcome to WTFH Fandom radio, I'm Dan and this is, uh--

Luke: Luke.

Dan: Luke, yes. Here's here via squirrels, I'm here via...I'm always here on Sunday. Chuck's busy with work.

Luke: I thought you said he was getting wasted.

Dan: That is work for him.

Luke: Ah.

omg talky people )
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Dan: Hello, Fandom. Hope you didn't lose any money betting on the World Cup.

Chuck: Always side with the psychic mollusks.

Dan: Yeah, they're way more reliable than weather-predicting groundhogs.

Chuck: It's true.

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Dan: Hello, Fandom. For those of you that don't know, this is Dan Humphrey and Chuck Bass with WTFH Fandom Radio. I'm Dan. Chuck's the one with the scratchy voice.

Chuck: It's not scratchy. It's just deep. Some people like that about me.

Dan: Whatever. Happy Independence Day to all you Americans out there. I hope none of you have burned anything off or are trying to burn buildings down like some people.

Chuck: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Dan: You were trying to light whatever it is you smoke with a sparkler. Indoors.

Chuck: It's a holiday! I'm celebrating. And I've been drinking.

Dan: How have you managed to live this long?

Chuck: God must like me.

Dan: If that's true, I'd rather go to hell.

Fireworks and booze always mix well. True story )
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Dan: Hello, Fandom. This is Dan and Chuck doing the usual Sunday radio thing. Hope your vacation is going well so far.

Chuck: It's been like two days since classes ended, Humphrey.

Dan: Hey, bad things can happen in two days.

Chuck: Yeah, whatever, there's barely any news tonight, let's just get it over with.

Quiet day is quiet )
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Dan: Hello, Fandom. Happy Father's Day to you dads listening.

Chuck: Yes, today's the day we congratulate you for giving us issues.

Dan: I don't have any issues.

Chuck: Oh you're in denial. That's sad.

Dan: God, I can't wait until you leave.

It'll happen soon enough )
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Dan: Hello Fandom, this is Dan and Chuck with WTFH Fandom radio.

Chuck: Yes, we're bringing you the news of...absolutely nothing. Nothing happened.

Dan: He's not wrong.

Chuck: And yet I guess we should report on something.

Dan: Yeah, we kinda have to.

Cuuuuuuuuut )
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Dan: Hello, Fandom, it's Sunday which means it's time for radio with me and Chuck. Me being Dan.

Chuck: As if anyone listens for you, Humphrey.

Dan: Considering I'm the one reading 80% of the news, I'd say the majority pay attention to what I say.

Chuck: Sure, keep deluding yourself. Read some news.

Dan: I will. Assface.

Time for a cut )
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Dan: Hey, Fandom. Thanks for choosing me and Chuck again for radio.

Chuck: Yes, congratulations for being willing to put up with Humphrey's "Salinger is my hero", coffee drinking, New Yorker reading, pretentious asshattery for another semester.

Dan: Why? Why do you have to be so mean?

Chuck: Because I'm Chuck Bass.

Dan: I can't wait until you leave.

Chuck: Spoiler alert, you'll have to put up with me at Christmas and Thanksgiving for the rest of your life, brother.

Dan: Ugh, that still grosses me out.

Brotherly looooooooooove )
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Dan: You look...rumpled.

Chuck: Yeah.

Dan: Do I want to know what you were doing?

Chuck: Probably not.

Dan: I figured. Once again, Fandom, this is Dan Humphrey and Chuck Bass, bringing you all the news the squirrels deemed fit to report.

Chuck: Which is just about everything, no matter how boring it is.

Dan: True.

I'm in the mood for cupcakes )
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Chuck: God I forgot how much news new kids generate. You think they'd hide in their rooms or something.

Dan: Nothing's happened to scare them into hiding yet.

Chuck: This island is slacking.

Dan: ...Were you aware that you smell like a bar?

Chuck: Deal with it, Humphrey.

Dan: Nice Mother's Day attitude. For you new kids, I'm Dan Humphrey and the ass next to me is Chuck Bass and we're gonna update you on what happened in town today. And by "we" I mostly mean "me".

Chuck: I'm so glad you're beginning to realize how this works.

I apologize for Chuck's bitter drunk act. His mom's deeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaad. Except not really. )
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Dan: So this is the radio station.

Nate: Wow, there really are squirrels.

Dan: Yes. Yes there are.

Nate: And they're really drinking rum.

Dan: That's right.

Nate: ...cool.

Dan: You take these things remarkably well.

Nate: Thanks!

Dan: Right. Hello Fandom, I'm Dan Humphrey and with me is Nate Archibald, best explained as Chuck Bass' BFF.

Nate: Title held since 1993, thank you.

No, radio couldn't handle all three gossip guys at the same time )
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Chuck: The light's on, Dan. Tell everyone hello.

Dan: Hi! Hi! Hi!

Chuck: And to think you were shy about a half hour ago.

Dan: You gave me cookies!

Chuck: Yes. Yes I did.

Dan: Can I have more?

Chuck: After the broadcast, Daniel. It'll be your reward for getting through all this news.

Dan: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Bribery, that was the Chuck Bass way )
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Chuck: Okay, there's practically no news so let's get this over with.

Dan: You don't want to do an intro or anything?

Chuck: This is Chuck Bass and Bob Cratchet reporting for radio duty.

Dan: Dan Humphrey.

Chuck: Whatever, let's get this show on the road

Even short radio gets a cut )
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Allison: Dad, tell Bart to stop hugging me!

Dan: No. If he's hugging you, that means he's not hugging me.

Allison: That's not fair.

Dan: I'm your father, I don't have to be fair. ...man, that feels good to say.

Bart: Where's Daddy?

Dan: Chuck sent me a text that read, "Have more important things to deal with, do your own damn radio broadcast". So...yeah. He's a jerk.

Allison: Mom says Uncle Chuck is a jerk because he has a problem getting close to others due to his latent abandonment issues.

Dan: Serena said that?

Allison: I think she read it on the internet.

Dan: Ah.

Triple your Humphrey, triple your judginess )
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Hello, Fandom and Happy Easter. This is Dan Humphrey with WTFH Fandom Radio. Chuck's not in here with me tonight but I'm not too pissed about it because a) There's not that many notes and b) I heard what happened to him and I'm still laughing about it. On the inside. Not literally. It'd be hard for me to laugh and do radio at the same time.


Jennifer helped Ellie move into her room. Congratulations, the both of you. Zack was having trouble putting a sword away at the weapons locker and Ino offered hugs and I assume a shoulder to emo on. In the third floor common room Bobby had a stack of pizzas and Easter candy. I'm not surprised in the least. Sookie was surprised the pizza place was open and praised Bobby on his resourcefulness. And then Hannibal throws stuff at Bobby and calls him a girl. That's mature.


Today is Robin's 30th birthday and Fraser tries to convince her it's not that bad. I guess I shouldn't have announced it on radio like that since it bothers you so much. My bad. Both Fight Club and the Freelance Police were open for business but nobody was really around. It's a theme for today. Marcus was hanging around the junkyard and let Kyle help him out with salvaging stuff after he became assured that nobody was gonna shoot anyone. Well. That's always a good thing.

Okay that's it for me. People were quiet this weekend. It's almost refreshing. Night, Fandom!
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Dan: ...I can't believe you stopped my fake kids' crying.

Chuck: It wasn't that hard to do, Humphrey.

Dan: I have tried everything this week to shut them up. Everything. Singing, dangling keys in front of them, rocking them--nothing worked! It's all Anakin. As soon as he starts then Jaina joins in and then I feel like joining in. This has been the longest week of my life. And then you waltz into the radio station, murmur three sentences to them in your Ratguy voice and they shut up.

Chuck: And?

Dan: It's not fair.

Chuck: I can't help that kids like me better than they like you. Even robotic ones.

Dan: But you're Chuck Bass!

Chuck: Exactly, Humphrey. Exactly.

Oh, BDE radio )
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Dan: Hello, Fandom, this is Dan Humphrey with WTFH Fandom radio and with me as always...unfortunately...is Chuck Bass.

Chuck: Humphrey, nobody here would know who you are if you didn't do these broadcasts with me so I suggest you shut up and embrace it.

Dan: Whatever, can we get this over with please?

Chuck: That's perfectly fine with me. There's sleep I could be catching up on.

I am tired as well )
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Dan: Hello, Fandom, and Happy Pi Day.

Chuck: ...what?

Dan: Pi Day. 3-14. Like the start of number Pi.

Chuck: You're a dumbass.

Dan: It's my birthday in a couple hours, can you attempt to be nice to me today?

Chuck: Absolutely not.

Dan: *sigh* Well I tried.

It really is a dorky holiday )
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Chuck: Humphrey, you need to keep drinking. You're making me feel like a drunk.

Dan: I'm going to be honest with you, Chuck. I've been passing my shots to the squirrels.

Chuck: Why? Everyone's acting like a dumbass, we should join them.

Dan: I'm just not much of a drinker.

Chuck: You suck. We are not related.

Dan: No. No we're not.

Chuck: Oh, right. I'm the one from the future, not you. Remember this two years from now.

Dan: Can do, Chuck. Can we get on with the news now, please? There's kind of a ton of it.

Chuck: Fine, fine. Lemme refill my drink.

I hate all of you people )
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Dan: Hello, Fandom. This is Dan Humphrey, back from a great spring break, and ready to report the news to you with my partner, who is currently a phone.

Chuck: I'm on the phone. Don't confuse the people here. They'll think I actually turned into one. I'm still in New York. And, no, it's not to avoid hugs, just in case some people were wondering. Trust me, I'm way more susceptible to getting them where I'm at now. I'm one waffle breakfast away from being part of the Brady Bunch.

Dan: Aww, you saying you'd rather be here with me?

Chuck: If only I could avoid you. I'm watching you play Scrabble in my living room with your insufferable family right now. And, by the way, tell your sister that fantastical is a word and not something Lady Gaga just made up.

Dan: What?

Chuck: Never mind. Get on with the news. I've got a game to win.

ngl I hate Scrabble. Risk is where it's at )
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Dan: I can't believe I'm spending my Valentine's evening with you.

Chuck: It's not like this was my idea of a thrilling evening either, Humphrey.

Dan: Yeah, I kind of expected you'd be knee deep in desperate women by now.

Chuck: I wasn't in the mood. You do know there's desperate women around more than one day of the year, right?

Dan: Oh that's a nice thing to say.

Chuck: You brought it up. I was just sitting here enjoying my candy hearts and ignoring you and then you had to open your mouth.

If you were looking for a love filled broadcast, you got the wrong radio duo )
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Dan: Hello, Fandom, and welcome to WTFH Fandom radio. You're joining us on a scarily normal Sunday evening.

Chuck: Well it is Superbowl Sunday. Even Fandom weird stops for football.

Dan: True. You win any money?

Chuck: Humphrey, you know gambling is illegal. But yes. I did.

Dan: Of course you did. The irony of you siding with the Saints isn't lost on me.

Woooo Saints! )
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Dan: Hello, Fandom. Don't check your calendars, it's really Saturday. We just swapped days with Drake because Chuck has something to do tomorrow night.

Chuck: Work, Humphrey. I have a meeting on Monday so I'm going back to the city tomorrow night.

Dan: I didn't realize you had a job.

Chuck: I have several. How many do you have?

Dan: ...one.

Chuck: No wonder you have to shop at Target.

Dan: What's wrong with Target?

I'm with Dan here. Target is awesome )
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Chuck: So there's no getting rid of you, is there?

Dan: It doesn't look like it, no. I'm sorry.

Chuck: As you should be, Humphrey. Let's just get this over with.

Dan: Okay then.

Mmm I've been drinking )
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Dan: ...I've seen some pretty aggressive squirrels in Brooklyn but I have to say they could take a lesson or two from you guys. I mean, I barely had time to put on a towel when you got me in the shower. Thanks for turning up the heat in here, by the way. It's, um, kind of freezing out.


Dan: Oh, no thank you. My dad told me never to drink with squirrels. It's a gateway to worse things. ...like shooting up with gophers.

*door opening*

Chuck: Why's it so hot in here--oh good god, Brooklyn, put some clothes on. Thai hookers wear more than you're wearing right now.

Dan: Okay, I don't even want to know why I'm not surprised by the fact you're familiar with Thai hookers. And I didn't mean to come here, the squirrels made me. Which, I know, sounds crazy but I got to pet one and I'm fairly sure they're not a figure of my imagination. Anyway, they said the guy doing radio tonight needed a new partner...

Chuck: You gotta be [feedback]ing kidding me. I refuse to do radio with this Goodwill shopping, manpurse toting, social reject from Brooklyn.

Dan: It's a messenger bag and I don't think I'm going to stand having my masculinity questioned by a guy who matches his socks with his tie.

Chuck: You know what? I'm just going to pretend you're not here.

Dan: So it'll just be like back at St. Jude's. That's familiar.

Chuck: Slide over the notes, annoying, loud, half-naked gust of air.

And to think they'll be brothers someday )

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