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Kaidan: Hey, good morning, Specialist.

Sam: Morning, Commander. Awful weather outside. ...Er, sorry. I must be tired if I'm making small talk about the weather.

Kaidan: Didn't get a lot of sleep last night?

Sam: Not what you might call 'a comfortable amount.' That's all right, though.

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And I believe that's it, Fandom. Thank you for listening to a longer radio than usual, and enjoy the rest of your week.

Kaidan: This was WTFH radio-- intruding on your privacy. Again.
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Sam: Morning, Fandom. My apologies for missing last week. There was a spot of portal trouble I needed to attend to. In futuristic Iceland.

It's been a rough week.


At the school, archery class practiced shooting, which I imagine happens rather often in that class. Detecting 101 worked on scouring for evidence, while Monsters and Humans studied mummies and had the chance to tell jokes. Meanwhile, The Care and Feeding of Sidekicks screened a film.


Stephanie was choosing courses for the fall outside her... bouncy castle before Sia stopped by to commiserate about their accommodations. Tony, meanwhile, was more preoccupied with their upcoming matriculation and how they'll distract one another from the stresses of university life.

...Best of luck with that.


In town, Sparkle didn't have much to do at Dite's, while Jono holed up at the Perk with reading material. Meanwhile, Mike juggled fruit at Caritas. Unfortunately, however, that didn't seem to impress Dean very much at all.

That's all the notes I've got for today, all, so I'll simply wish you all a pleasant weekend.
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All right. Good morning, Fandom. Happy Memorial Day weekend. Er - no, I'm sorry, 'happy' isn't quite the word I meant to use. Excuse me, I meant to say... 'reflective.' Er. No, that isn't quite... ah.... can I just continue without finishing that sentence?

Solo radio! No, not that kind. Or the plastic cup kind. )

That's all for today, Fandom. Thank you for listening, and enjoy the long weekend. That is, if you have Monday off. If not, just enjoy the... holiday weekend.

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