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Hahahaha! Today is the best day EVER because you all are insane and I'm not! Yes, for once when Dick Casablancas enters a room he automatically isn't the most clueless person in there! I knew it would happen one day! I need to call my brother and rub it in his face! HA! I rule!

I know my name! Wooooo! )

Well, that'll do it for me tonight Fandom! Yes, that's what town you're in. I'm sure I'm going to get my comeuppance eventually but right now I'm just going to enjoy the show. You guys are hilarious!
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Sam: Hey, stop pushing at my ankles! I'm following you, I swear.

*determined chittering*

Does protecting me from getting kidnapped by squirrels fall under that "I've got to keep you safe" policy of yours?"

Dean: We're hallucinating. Gotta be. I mean... squirrels?

Sam: Maybe they're rabid? I'm trying to keep them from biting me.

Dean: Actually I think they're drunk. They smell like cheap rum.

Sam: Oh, come on. Drunk? Have you ever heard of alcoholic squirrels? Ooh, maybe someone spilled the rum on them, poor things.

*chittering interrupted by a loud squirrel burp*

Dean: I rest my case.

Sam: That was disgusting. And I'm only mildly surprised that you can recognize drunkenness in squirrels. Why do you think that is?

Dean: A keen eye for noticing details, Sammy, my boy. You should try it.

Sam: It's Sam. And my eye for details is fine. I think.

Dean: Fine, then. With your eye for detail can you figure out why we've been kidnapped by drunken squirrels to a radio station?

Sam: Well, there's a stack of papers there. Maybe they want us to read them?

Dean: *sound of papers rustling* Dude, you've got to be joking. You brought us here to read the news?


Sam: I think that was squirrel for yes. Here, since you're supposedly older, you can start.

Oh, the talky joys of plot weekends. )

And holy crap, I think that's the end of the pile.

Dean: Thank god. So can we go now?


Sam: I don't care what that was squirrel for, I'm saying the answer was yes. Want to see if Caritas is still open?

Dean: Absolutely.

Sam: Awesome. Let's get out of here before the squirrels attack. Good night, Fandom!

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