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Rory: You know, if anything, I think it smells more like rum in here than when I was a student.

Leia: You used to do this when you went here?

Rory: Sometimes the little guys'll get desperate and just round people up, I think. Sometimes I'd be recruited. Your dad and I did radio once. Only once, though. Anakin's not known for his, um, lack of bias.

Leia: Considering he doesn't even want to let male teachers near me now, I have to agree.

Rory: …*sigh* I'll work on him and try to keep him from attempting to transfer you to somewhere involving nuns and rulers. What happened now?

Leia: I want to learn how to fight and he completely lost his mind about it.

Rory: Did you spin it right? Because if you make him think it's so you can punch the lights out of any guy who tries to touch you, it might work.

Leia: ...now I wish I'd thought of that earlier.

Rory: He's almost definitely not listening. With me not there, he's probably busy with the baby. Try this approach next time you talk to him, maybe?

Leia: I will. Thanks for the tip.

Rory: Honey, I'm just taking notes for fifteen years from now when Juliet's in your shoes. Figuratively. Anyway, notes!

in which there is less bitching about Anakin, and more news )
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Pam: Seriously, thanks so much for helping me out.

Rory: Not a problem. It's been forever since I was on the radio. And really, props to your boyfriend for taking the night off to study. Why aren't you?

Pam: I finished up finals today. But someone scheduled it so he only has classes on Friday, so he has both tomorrow.

Rory: *tsk*

Pam: I know. But anyway. We have coffee. I can't believe I've never had espresso before.

Rory: I can't believe it either. How old are you?

Pam: Sixteen.

Rory: My god, the kids these days. Move on to the news before you tell me you like decaf or something.

Pam: I don't get the point of decaf. Anyway!

in which Pam discovers the joys of extra shots )
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Anakin: Um. What are we doing here?

Rory: Radio. Duh.

Anakin: This became my problem when?

Rory: When I had to do radio tonight and you generously volunteered to come help me.

Rory and Anakin do radio. Anakin is not very good with tact. )
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GREG: Helloooooooooooo, Fandom! This is Greg Sanders, and I am not drunk! Any reports to the contrary should be ignored like things that you ignore a lot! Like those tags on mattresses that say not to remove, but you do it anyway. Or at least I did. Oh my God, I just told everyone that! Don't send me to jail!

RORY: Shhhhhhhh. You're not going to go to jail, I promise.

GREG: But the Mountie can hear and I think he has to send me to jail!

RORY: I'll break you out! Or something!

GREG: Also, I'm not very, very drunk but I discovered Shirley Temples tonight, an' Rory here says they're reallyreally potent, so I'm kinda...fuzzy.

RORY: That's a funny word. And I'm...actually pretty sober.

GREG: You said you were drunk when we left!

RORY: It wore off.

GREG: Shhhhh, we've gotta read the newses.

Snipped 'cause long and 'drunken' )

RORY: And that's it. Hey, Greggie, want to know a secret?

GREG: Wha? I think I need a shower. Or coffee. Somethin' to sober up.

RORY: Shirley Temples are grenadine and ginger ale.

GREG: ...bzuh?

RORY: You're completely sober, you nit.

GREG: ...*clears throat* I knew that. I was just, you know, playing along. Humoring you.

RORY: No, you didn't. Say night-night, now.

GREG: I hate you.

RORY: Byeeee, everyone!

[Much love to [livejournal.com profile] x5_alec for inspiring this little bout of insanity]
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BECKY: Heeeeeeeeeeeey, Faaaaaaaaaaaaandom.

RORY: Don't do that. It's obnoxious.

BECKY: Do whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

RORY: Draw out your voooooooooooooowels.

BECKY: You just did it.

RORY: Why am I here? Seriously.

BECKY: Because I'm boooooored.

RORY: *sigh* And drunk.

BECKY: 'm not drunk. Just happy!

RORY: ...right, okay. Can we just get this over with?

BECKY: Fiiiiiiiiiiine.

So, one Alexis Bledel walks into a bar and has many, many drinks, and then she runs into a very sober and slightly younger Alexis Bledel and preys upon her good nature to do radio with her.... )

RORY: We're going to turn off our microphones now.

BECKY: Don' wanna!

RORY: Well, we're going to. Say bye-bye.

BECKY: Byeeeeeeeeeeeee peoples!

RORY: Bye, everyone! Keep the podcast, seriously, and I'll have pictures, okay?

Fandom Radio, July 26

Wednesday, July 26th, 2006 09:44 pm
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Jaye: Good evening to all the fine and upstanding and sumptuous denizens of Fandom. I deliver unto you the occurrences... occuring on this brilliant day.

The Fine Halls of Erudition

Jaye: In Computers class, the students attempted to display their knowledge while manning a help desk, while Kludge's Guide to the Universe turned the students into captives and forced them to make daring escapes. Stealth and Deception enabled the intrepid classgoers to be both sneaky and deceptive, Photography developed photos, and Astronomy looked up into the heavens at the twinkling silver lights shining down on us.

In the... interesting and occasionally glistening cafeteria, Pippi welcomed River back to our town with open arms.

The Domiciles

Jaye: In the common area on the fifth floor, Willow educated her own bright being on the subject of beavers, which I understand to be the bantam woodland creature and not any supposedly blossoming area of the female anatomy. Personally, if it's blossoming, I'd say see a doctor. There's medication for that. She and Molly partook in morning nourishment, and she and Bel engaged themselves with matters of the beavers. Jamie held conversations both Willow and Marie and apprised Bel of the fact that he doesn't believe in gremlins. Willow extended the invitation to help my peculiar neighbor with a particular puzzle. I am unsure as to which I should inquire. Willow displayed her pleasure with Bridge by impressing her mark into him, and she and Pippi held court on the subject of persons of the female persuasion being more intelligent than those without... yes. English Peter interrogated her on her exploration into the subject of beavers, and she and Tim had a scintillating colloquy on influenza. Hm.

In the gymnasium, the squad cultivated their cheering expertise as Bel and Elizabeth ogled.

Dean watched television in the fourth floor common room, and he and Dawn "made with the smoochies." I don't think you would want to be apprised of what I would have said. Cally is evil, Bel and Dean compared thee to a summer's day... I mean, romance to explosions, Cally and Bel went for a refreshing walk, Dawn was ecstatic on the topic of Xander and Bridge, who was told fascinating tales from Conner's weekend. Dawn, a quick young thing, noticed Conner's burns, and Dean met both Conner and Cally. Cally also was questioning towards Conner. Dean conversed with Cute Sam, who also heard Dawn's proclamation that she will die of embarrassment in Sex Ed. Oh, no, the Crazy Hooker is not crazy nor a hooker enough to do that.

Jaye: And we have an exceptional treat tonight in the pallid form of the fair Rory Gilmore!

Rory: ...I'm not pallid, wtf.

Jaye: Have you busied yourself by peering into a shining sheet of glass called a mirror as of late?

Rory: Did you eat a thesaurus? Or something? Where are your tiny internet acronyms?

Jaye: I don't think I'm talking any differently then normal, unless my dulcet tones offend your ears.

Rory: ...dulcet?

Jaye: Dulcet.

Rory: Right. No, not offending me - don't take that as a cue - but I am going to laugh at you a lot tomorrow. Anyway. I'm doing a special report thingy, right?

Jaye: If it so pleases you.

Rory: Hi people! I get to be a special guest! Go me! So anyway, River came back, and Tyler missed her, and that is about a zillion and seven kinds of cute oh em gee. On the slightly less cute and more mundane side of things, Pippi got up this morning, and Jack was sick. Poor Jack. Feel better!

Sakurazaki is emo and got some counseling from Ranma, and I was bored earlier until Aeryn stopped by. Bel stole brownies from Piper, and Tim got a phone call, while Sam received visits from Janet and Liz. And Sam, you should not be hiding. So some of us acted weird! Just don't cook ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER again, and it's all fine!

Jaye: That was brilliant and fascinating, and kept my rapt attention the whole time.

Rory: Liar. Bye, people! Make sure to save the podcast!

Jaye: All podcasts should be saved, as the radio is a thing that should be cherished and enjoyed for at least days to come.

Rory: ...yes. But especially this one. Bye people! I'm leaving the crazy person now!

Jaye: It has been a pleasure enjoying your company! ...Not dirty.

In the Bustling Burg We Call Fandom Town

Jaye: Seras opened All and Sundries on this beautiful sunshiney day, with Pippi searched for pencils, Sakurazaki graced the shop with her presence, I entered the humble market to present Seras with a gift, of sorts, and Edmund bestowed upon her a visit of his own.

At Cafe Fina, Walter endured an interrogation regarding Nadia, and the Doctor enjoyed a tasy lunch. Caritas was quiet and still tonight, with only Saywer patronizing the pub. Luke's was the site of visits by Sak and Willow and English Peter , and the clinic saw a visit from Zack and Abby during those pleasant morning hours, but fortunately the air of emergency had settled by nightfall.

Jaye: That is all from the airwaves tonight. It has been a pleasure parleying information at you, and I bid you all a good night and good morrow.

Except not.

[Thank you so much to [livejournal.com profile] rory__gilmore for the guest spot.
I'm going to go talk normal now.]
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RORY: Okay, hi, everyone! This is Rory and I'm here with a much, much better guest tonight than the mean and obnoxious people who were with me last night! Say hi!


RORY: You're so enthusiastic.

AERYN: I was before. It's all gone now. Now I'm normal.

RORY: As long as you don't poke at any random wounds you might be sporting, I'm happy.

AERYN: ...I don't think that will be happening.

RORY: Good. Because it was very upsetting. And icky. And ickily upsetting.

AERYN: I'd imagine so. Though really, it's only a knife wound... Do you just want to do this?

Yes, she does. Not dirty. Why do all my cut tags lately say that? )

AERYN: Should we maybe end on that? Make sure everyone else is still picturing it?

RORY: Sounds good. No new mental imagery for any of you, mwahaha. Night, people!

AERYN: ...You just said 'mwahaha.' Good night.

RORY: It's my evil laugh. I'm trying it out. Anyway. Night for reals!

AERYN: *sighs*


[MUCH thanks to the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] can_be_more!]
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GREG: Hello, Fandom! Say hello, girlies.


RORY: Why am I here?

GREG: Fine, okay, that was Crazy Hooker and Uptight Girl.


GREG: ...or Becky and Rory, whatever.

RORY: Can we please just do this so I can go back to my cabin?

BECKY: Got a slumber party to get to?

RORY: No, but do you want to be here?

GREG: Anyways it's time to talk about workshops yay!

Cut to spare the flists )

BECKY: Are we done?

RORY: *sounds of pages turning* ...YES. THANK GOD.

GREG: Can I po -


GREG: Hmph.

BECKY: Say night-night, kids.

RORY: You're like a year older. Stop condescending.


BECKY: Just say goodnight, you prissy twit.

RORY: ...night, everyone.

BECKY: Byeeeeeeeee.
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RORY: Hi, guys, this is Rory and Hair Gu -

GREG: It's Greg.

RORY: ...as I was saying, this is Rory and Greg, and we're here on the first night of new workshops and cabin-ness to bring you all the news that's fit to hear, and then some. Because this is Fandom.

GREG: Dirty?

RORY: Undoubtedly, there'll be dirtiness somewhere in here.

Cut as it is long not dirty yay! )

RORY: Please just stop talking.

GREG: Say my hair is awesome.

RORY: ...no!

GREG: You know it is. Just say it. Once. Please?

RORY: No! It looks like a raccoon died on your head.

GREG: You are no fun.

RORY: I'm turning off the mic now. Bye, people!

GREG: Fine. Bye everyo-

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"Hi, people! Okay, so first of all, Parker would like me to tell you all that Jarod's birthday is on Friday, and there's going to be a party at Caritas. It's a masquerade, so come in costume!

Anyways, so personal messages aside, other stuff happened today.

Workshops, whee!

In Baking today, Anders comforts a sad Willow - aww - Maia and Jude discuss a secret ingredient in his cookies, and wow, that sounds really dirty, Anders cheers for Sam the girl, and Pip's sick. Feel better, Pip!

In Arts and Crafts, they finish scrapbooking and show off. I'm, like, twelve, so excuse the giggling.

And in Clockwork, they finish their projects.

In the library, River brings Tyler food and they make out and set up a date. There was making out in the library. I've never made out in a library. How has this not happened? Anyway, at some point, her lips are freed up and she talks to Tim about amnesia. Also, Hermione is there. Because she is Hermione.

And Buffy and Cally had lunch, yay!

Dorms, whee!

Bel and Phoebe woke up this morning, and I suppose the newsworthy part is that they woke up together, but don't they always wake up together? Don't they live together? Anyway. Cuteness.

Also this morning, we had Cally being naked. Okay. Yay for Cally, I guess? It says she was with Veronica, which...confuses me so very, very much and just reminds me again why I don't have a roommate. And speaking of the intrepid duo that just broke up, woe, Anders and Conner woke up together.

But, um, maybe that's not dirty. I hope it isn't, anyway.

In the fifth floor common room, Marie makes muffins. Bridgey's is buttery, and I'm wiggling my fingers. Pippi chits and chats with Marie and Bridgey, and Kaylee talks a lot about Jello. I threw my coffee cup at a dragon! Sakurazaki meets Marie and Kaylee, and Conner? Not wearing his own shirt. Which makes me think that that thing earlier that I hoped wasn't dirty kinda was. Anyway, Buffy and Jamie are both there and indulging in the foodies.

On the roof, I'm pretty sure that Molly and Peter are high. If you guys weren't, please to be explaining it to me later.

Pippi and River talk about rafts, and I'm sure there's a joke about rafts and Rivers in there but I'm tired so make it up yourselves. Peter and Willow? Adorable as always. Though Peter - who, duh, is the English one - is apparently dressed kind of differently.

In his room, Jamie very literally talks to himself, and then to Tyler.

In the salle, Ranma decided to spar with Sakurazaki, and then in the gym, they actually did it. Sparred, I mean. They didn't, um, do it. As far as I know! I mean, I could kind of see how someone would go from sparring to sex. Hypothetically.

*clearing throat*

Anyway, Xander comforts a sad Willow, and oh, honey, I hope you feel better soon. Let me know if you need, like, ice cream or booze. Wait! I only said ice cream! There was nothing about booze because I don't drink, Principal Washburn and/or my mom who may be listening! And a whole bunch of people get email from Jack. Yay, Jack!

Oh, and I can kind of guess why Willow's sad - Peter wanders off into the woods for a little while. Hope he's having a safe trip, wherever he's off to. And meanwhile, Sawyer is sweet to Maia - literally, because there is chocolate involved.

Pippi checks on Pip and calls him Typhoid Mary, which is kind of hilarious, and Tim thinks River's crazy. Dude, we're all mad here. Even the sane ones, like me. And speaking of yours truly, Tyler stopped by to see me earlier and we talked about the library, and Molly was cute with Cam. And, um, Joxer tried to be, um, intimate with Kaylee, and things didn't go as smoothly as they could've. Whoops.

Charlie and Sam talk about bad fic, ew, and Walter gets a phone call very late. Ooh, and I got email from Angela.

Isabel and Jarod are headed out of town in my car, and Bridge is suspicious of Xander's cookiosity. It's totally a word, shut up.

Oh, and Greg, Peter and John are dorks. But we'll get to that in a second.

Town, whee!

In Stuff for Sale, River and Pippi talk about beachiness, and in Empire Records, there's talk of rafting, hangovers and music.

In Mr. Giles's shop, Lana talks to Clark, and in Cafe Fina, Walter and Alfred talk workshops and Pippi and Walter talk about injuries.

Oh, and Dawn, Isabel and Molly perform some kind of ritual. Ooookay.

And All and Sundries and Town Hall are both open, as is the clinic for both shifts.

Okay, so here's the deal with the dorks. First, they went and sang to the ducks for some reason. And in...Norwegian, I think. What the hell?

And so then they went to Caritas for booze for the duckies, and they all sang.

And then Cal came in and they freaked for some reason. Also in Caritas at this time? Sawyer and Alec, who wants to know all about Jarod working at the dirty brothel.

Speaking of which, the idiotic boys went to the Sin, where Becky gave them a cheerleading costume, which they took back to Caritas and got Cal to wear. And then she cheered. As you do. Aeryn and Zero are going to kill you guys for going to the Sin, just so you know.

And that's it, guys! Don't forget about the party, and be sure not to set anything that's particularly close to me or any of my stuff on fire tomorrow, okay? Bye!"
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"Hey guys, this is Rory, coming to you cheerily from...Barbossa's room, which is really kind of creepy. Does everyone usually broadcast from here? Because it's kind of weird. I mean, I have nothing against him, but it smells all rummy and there's like, his bed and stuff. I'm just saying I feel weird being here without him around.

Um. Not that I'd be super-comfy being in Barbossa's room with him here, or anything. That'd be kind of weird, too, right? And Jaye, put the glitter down, because we don't even joke about flags like that.

Anyway. Hi, people I haven't met yet. I'm Rory and I don't normally do radio but since Skeeter left, there's a spot open and I'm giving up my Mondays just for you. So, woe, my wild and crazy nights of debauchery will just have to wait until after the broadcast. Hope you're all happy.

School, which I don't miss, shut up

Okay, no classes, duh, but I opened the library today! More people should visit me. It's dull in there all by myself. Though today it wasn't. I met Z, who needed a library card, and Willow, who's sixteen kinds of awesome, and then she and Hermione and I went into Special Collections and it was weird.

Also, the sun is bright, grass is green, and I like coffee.

And Principal Washburn held office hours, and River, Jack, and Constable Fraser all stopped by. And...okay, apparently? Constable Fraser asked her out. Which is fortunate, since I married them when I was three. But Mountie-lovers of the island, this is kind of a sad day, huh? I mean, I'm not Quinn, but I'm still vaguely depressed over this.

Please, if you will, a moment of silence for the singlehood of Constable Fraser.


Okay. I think we're good now.

Dormy dormies, of supreme dorminess

This morning in Cam's room, he, Charlie and...Molly woke up. Well. I suppose it's good that Charlie was there, at least. Unless you're all - no. Nevermind. Not even thinking that, because ew.

Elsewhere, in the fourth floor common room, Isabel and Dawn talked about boys, and who's available yet not of the homosexual persuasion. Good luck with that, ladies, and hi to Dawn who I don't believe I've met. Dean wasn't a happy camper to find out about Bel and the whole demon thing. Hi Dean, who is the brother of the guy who looks like my ex-boyfriend whose name is Dean. Yeah. Turn that over in your brain for awhile. It's a fun little puzzler.

Greg asked Bel for a DNA sample which...okay, first of all, who does that? 'Hi, can I have some of your DNA?' WTF, Greg, WTF? Anyway, Isabel, surely on behalf of everyone, thanked Alanna for Shirtless Friday. Dawn and Xander who is from Australia and doesn't have a purple froggie as far as I know talked about a 'wave in,' whatever that means. Then that Xander and John talked about monsters.

Dawn told John - hey, yay for rhyming - that Charlie...used to be Charlene? Huh. Hell of a burly woman, if that's the case. Isabel shared her Christmas obsession, and Joxer told John how he's not quite good with the coed living situation. Hey, you and me both, really, but I can say that as a girl with a room all to herself.

John told Greg all about how Professor Heinous Witch...I mean Skeeter...used to turn him into animals for her own amusement, and any of you new kids who want to see that, contact me for pictures. Aye-Aye Day was a day that was not only captured on film but also burned forever into my retinas. In weird boy news, which really should be its own section, John has decided to Jello wrestle, and Conner decided he looked good in spandex. Then he and Dawn compared notes on saving the world.

Jack gave Joxer advice on girls, and conveniently enough, there were girls discussing Jack. Well, and Jarod too. But still. That ruins the cuteness of what I said.

Anyway, Greg complained about being a skeptic to Isabel, to which I say, 'Shh, stop whining and suck it up, little boy.' And Parker and Buffy discussed shoes, then Parker talked to Jack about the Jello wrestling and Buffy would like sports teams. Me too, really.

Also, Jack was mystified by Greg's hair. Um. Okay.

So, Jude sent email. Hi Jude, we haven't met. Glad to hear you're liking the computer. And Tim had a dream. Hi Tim. Glad to hear you're...sleeping. Pip got a visit from Pippi's horse and Demyx. Hi, Demyx! Glad to hear you're coming calling with horsies. Yay social animals. I should bring Vladdie out to play more. Maybe tomorrow. Oh, and Yoda! Someone can stick him on their head again. He loves that. Really. Ignore the little turtle frown.

Joxer picked Willow up for their shopping expedition. Aw. Xander sends email and talks to Bridgey about mutants and powers and stuff. Poor Archie woke up with a headache this morning, and Veronica stopped by. Hello, Archie! See, I can do the special hello thing, too.

Alphonse spent a lazy day in bed - honey, I envy you, and I don't think we've ever met - and Kaylee chilled in her room. Hi Kaylee! I like your name.

In the third floor common room, lots of people met lots of other people. Alec told Molly all about his new name, and Buffy wanted him to be a male cheerleader or something.

Ooh. Pretty.

*clears throat* Ummm, anyway, she also wanted Aeryn to be a cheerleader, and I'm barely holding back the laughter right now.

And on the fourth floor, Jude watched movies.

Meanwhile, in the gym, Jamie worked a punching bag. Hey Jamie, haven't met you yet! Hope the gym thing worked out for you. Paige talked to him about how weird the school is, and...um, duh. Though, new kids, I'll cut you slack on that. Z sparred with Jamie, which sounds dirty sometimes, but it's not. And Aeryn wasn't talkative. Please, note the surprise in my voice.

Piper watched Enchanted in her room, and Jack was contemplative in his. Tim called his mother - day late, sweetheart, but thanks for playing - and Cam got a call from his daddy. And MacB wrote a letter to someone in his room.

In the best common room, Peter and Jaye snarked at each other. And I'm not going to use his little nickname, so you can all just guess which one would be most likely to snark at Jaye. Charlie antagonized Peter more, which I suspect isn't going to help the Charlene thing. Cedric made an appearance, and Jaye was happy to meet him. Understandably.

Um. Anyway. Alanna showed, as did Sam who looks like a guy who I used to make out with on a regular basis who had his brother's name.

...I so need to learn what to say on the radio, and what not.

So, um, Xander who isn't Harris stopped by, as did Cal.

And a bunch of people I don't know were on the roof. Hi to all of you!

Also, there was gross smoking on the fifth floor, Sawyer was an ass, and Molly got mad at him. That's our girl! You tell him. Because seriously, Sawyer? Smoking is not only bad for your health and really disgusting, but it'll piss off people, too. People like Molly. Who I have heard scary things about when she gets mad enough. So, seriously. That was dumb, Sawyer.

Town, yay!

Okay, so the John who didn't spend last semester as a variety of different species - I mean, I think, anyway - opened Sparky Repairs.

In All and Sundries, Willow and Joxer went shopping, Pippi's monkey dropped something off, Edmund got some assistance from Artie, and Seras looked for a job. Hey, Seras! I have no idea if I'm pronouncing your name right. Is it like the plural of Sara? Or is it like, with an accent, like the French? Que, será, será, all of that? Elsewhere, Lana was at work at Mr. Gile's shop.

At the Perk this morning, Peter who's from England kind of got together with Dr. Pevensie and Professor Calendar, who met Sam, who blah blah lookslikemyexcakes. Liz talked to Peter about running, and then Paige talked to Peter and Jenny. And finally, Tim stopped in.

There's a slinky at Town Hall, apparently, the gun place was open, and Jay who once hit on me, and Silent Bob who rescued me loitered.

Cafe Fina and Caritas were both dead like dead things that are dead today, unlike the clinic.

Nadia was visited by Veronica, Jamie, Pippi's monkey, and Alphonse. Poor Tyler is apparently still out cold, too.

Pippi was visited by Silent Bob, Molly, Paige and Pip, and Nadia who shouldn't be out of bed, but I did the same thing when I was bedbound so I can't really scold too much. Pippi also talked to Tim for awhile. And then there's Walter, who was visited by Alphonse, Alfred, Pip, Seras, and Nadia who I'm not scolding.

Dr. Goodchild had the evening shift, and everyone was still in there at that time. Guys, get better, okay? We're all thinking of you.

And that's it from me, guys! Have a good night, a pleasant Tuesday, and don't let the genie in Special Collections give you a bad manicure!"
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RORY: HI OMG. This is Rory and we're in the woods and there aren't bears or anything but since I am a fifth wheel I have been left alone with only my coffee and candy to keep me company, woe. BUT HI, EVERYONE.

ANGELA: And this is Angela, also in the woods. We have the best tent ever because this freaky elf thing set it up. THANK YOU TOBBY. Seriously, the thing is bigger inside than my house.

XANDER: *cough* We like our tent too, though.

RORY: My tent is wee but I am sleepinating in Marty and Angela's not dirty YAY.

ANGELA: Not dirty. And Marty is off trying to ensnare teal deer with dramatic readings from our government textbook, but he should be joining us later.

BRIDGE: I'm here, though! And now... Fandom Radio, Special Camping Edition.

Cut 'cause is long omg )

[co-written with [livejournal.com profile] chasingangela, [livejournal.com profile] oatmanspatient, [livejournal.com profile] soldtoarmenians and [livejournal.com profile] bridge_carson, YAY.]
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RORY!RITA: *Rory Gilmore's voice, but with a stuffy-sounding British accent* Hello, Fandom, this is Professor Ms. Rita Skeeter, broadcasting to you via magic outside my home as per usual! There's been a slight accident, but -

RITA!RORY: *Rita Skeeter's voice, but with an American accent, and much more fast-paced than normal* OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL?

RORY!RITA: Ms. Gilmore, watch your language. I told you, the effects will wear off in an hour. It's your own fault for drinking something that didn't belong to you.


RORY!RITA: Ms. Gilmore. Please. It is time for the news.


RITA!RORY: Okay, we're done, and while I have this voice, I would like to say that - you know, people, you might want to record this? I, Rita Skeeter, love John Crichton with all my hear -

RORY!RITA: *shrieking* And I...smell bad!


RORY!RITA: Because, I wan - *voice starts changing* *seconds pass* ...I'm me again.


RITA: Hey!

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JOHN: Hewwo! My name's John! Hi! I'm seven and three quarters! Hi again! Can you all hear me! Does anyone else wanna say hi? Say hi guys!


[Thank you to Angel, Bridge, Cam, Sam, Anakin, Barbossa, Xander, Angela, Marty, Aeryn, Jaye, Rory, Sean, Vladdie, Chloe, and Veronica for helping with all this. If a link got missed, please forgive me. This day was absolutely HUGE and I couldn't get it all.]
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Bridge: Hey everyone, Bridge Carson here, with my special guest co-host Rory Gilmore. Who is an actual other person, and not just me speaking in a weird voice.
Rory: Yes, seriously. What is with you schizophrenic people? Though I would be very impressed if you actually managed to imitate my voice effectively, Rufus.

Class-Like Stuff

Bridge: Impressions are not my strong suit, Barnaby. So I'll just stick with roping people into co-hosting with me. Anyway, in Music today we talked about music from Wizarding England, which is different from Non-Wizarding England somehow. Maybe the spelling, I don't know.
Rory: Oh, I've totally been there. Xander and I got something from a really gross shop. So maybe Wizarding England just smells bad. Anyway! In ACJ, we had a guest speaker...Consable Fraser. Hee.
Bridge: Okay, and here's where I have a question. Everyone seems to be, like, fascinated by people in uniform. I wear a uniform! Most of the time, even! So why does nobody notice?
Rory: ...I noticed.
Bridge: Yeah?
Rory: ...yes. Yes, it's a very nice uniform. MOVING ON. No Professor Pierson in History of Medieval England today. Woe. That is very sad. Very, very sad. Yes.
Bridge: Professor Cregg's out too. Huh. Weird. Professor Sidle, however, is present, and Chem blows stuff up. I wanna blow stuff up in my classes!
Rory: I'm sure you will, at some point. I'm very, very sure. Just saying. Anyway, Tactics of War kids get invites to meet their new professor at Cafe Fina. That's kind of cool. They used to do that at my old school, sometimes.

Bridge: Hey... you taught a class today? That's kind of cool. What'd you do?
Rory: I subbed in Political Campaigning, 'cause Angel can't, y'know? We learned about direct mail fundraising. Which is basically where people mail you money. Which is pretty cool.
Bridge: I should try that sometime. Okay, in the psych classes- 101 talks about designing exp- no, Experimental Design. And Jung works on their papers.
Rory: Oh, and my mom teaches about intellectual property and safety in the workplace. Yay mom! I totally figured out the name for the baby today. *pause* Sorry, that was kind of random. Anyway. Moving on.
Bridge: ...to Sex Cultures! Where they watch March of the Penguins. I don't think I've seen that one.
Rory: OMGPENGUINS. They're wee! And fluffy! And...wee and fluffy! PENGUINSOMG. *clears throat* Anyway. Classics learns about Latin grammar and Foreign Lit starts on a new story.
Bridge: Creature Languages is taught by... a raven. If it were in any other class I'd be disturbed, but since it is *creature* languages I suppose that makes sense.
Rory: Yeah...didn't Zero guest-teach as a kitty? So...not so surprising. And Arthurian Traditions turns in their papers. Yay them.
Bridge: And in Archaeology, they learn about pharaohs. As one does. I think that's it, for classes. Anything good happen in the Library today?

Rory: Well, I openinated, and you came by and we talked about stickbugs and meerkats and stuff.
Bridge: And then later, a whole bunch of dudes come by, two of whom then... disappear.
Rory: Into Special Collections. Not just into thin air. Don't fear the library, people.
Bridge: One of those dudes also talks to you about baby names and stuff. And then Cam comes in and talks about Jaye.

Rory: Hee. Hee, hee, hee. Um. Anyway. The only thing that happened in the cafeteria today was that Pippi ate alone. And in the teacher's lounge, Dr. Grissom had Mentos out, but no one wanted any. That's sad.
Bridge: Aw. Uh, Zordon says to watch out for the ghost fish and the anthropomorphic clay. Personally, I'd be more worried about robots making 'ping! ping!' noises. But that's just me.
Rory: There are robots that do that? Weird. Who says 'ping!', anyway? Stupid robots. Um, and in the clinic, it's all empty during the day and then Marty and Ivanova both see Dr. Pevensie.

Dorm-Like Stuff

Rory: So, stuff happened in the dorms. Like, Nadia told Veronica about how Dr. Seuss confuses her. I would say something about foxes and boxes and goats and boats but I am tired. Use your imaginations.
Bridge: And then Phoebe and Bel have a very long talk. About... whatever it is people talk about when they have long talks.
Rory: Possibly the habits of anteaters and sea creatures. But I wouldn't know. And then Kiki stops by to be all giggly with Phoebe.

Bridge: And Cal and Angel wake up all handcuffed together. Eventually they must have dehandcuffed themselves, because Cal came back during second period. And she couldn't have done that if she hadn't left first.
Rory: 'xactly. Lana comes by and Sean greets her like the excitable little puppy he is. And Molly gets candy from a thingy that someone put outside Angel's door. Nice idea, whoever thought of it.
Bridge: Well, apparently it was needed, 'cause Janet stops by for lunch, Logan stops by after lunch, and then Veronica stops by during the last period.

Rory: And then in places other than room 238, Janet studies, Alphonse and Walter play with a robot, and Cameron sends email.
Bridge: Paige meets up with Sawyer and they do... whatever it is that Paiges and Sawyers do, I guess. Cameron sends more email, this time to John, and John talks to Aeryn. And- well, I've already seen it, but what did *you* do today, Rory?

Rory: I cut my hair off! And then I went to the common room and Alanna, Cameron, and you all admired it. And wait a second - you just called me Rory.
Bridge: Am I only allowed to call you Barnaby now?
Rory: No, it's nice that you're keeping me on my toes, Bridge. Anyway, Jaye and I talked in the common room and she was all cute with Cameron. They're adorable.
Bridge: And then you told Peter to get a tattoo, for some reason.
Rory: He wanted a change. *yawn* Ah, sorry. Long day. Anyway, Professor Cregg is back and she has presents. Yayness!

Town-Like Stuff

Bridge: *yawns* ...know what I hate about yawns? They're contagious. So let's move on to what happened in town today. At Caritas, Bel learns that a certain contest has been postponed, and Weevil comes to hang out with Veronica. That's ni*yawn*ce of him.
Rory: Mm. And - *yawn* - and at Cafe Fina, Marty 'n Angela celebrate their anniversary. So cute. 'm just going to lean back a li'l in my chair, okay? And rest my eyes.
Bridge: No, wait, we still got radio, 'n Professor Calendar was flaily and Rory, Rory, wake up?
Rory: 'm 'wake. Professor MacGyver talkinated to Mr. Giles, yay, and...yeah. 'm 'wake, seriously. Yes.
Bridge: No, s'other Mac. Girl Mac. Hair's longer, s'how you can tell.
Rory: Mrphrigh'. Yes. Oh, 'n stuff with candy happened. 'm sleepy. Nigh', Rufusbridgeythingperson.
Bridge: Night Rorybarnabyranger... mppph, sailing.

*several minutes of snoring and the occassional mumble can be heard*

Rory: Uh huh. Mrph, thingy.
Bridge: mmmrph c'est la vmmmm.
Rory: Nuh uh, s'my potato. Can' have, nope. Mmm.
Bridge: Mmmmph, fivemoreminutesskydunwanna... *click*
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Bridge: Good evening Fandom, I'd like you all to give a warm welcome to tonight's co-host, Ro- Barnaby.
Rory: My name is not Barnaby!
Bridge: It is now.
Rory: Fine. You're Rufus.
Bridge: ...hey, we switched initials. Cool! That works.

Here & There

Bridge: Anyway, to start off today's broadcast, we've got Principal Washburn, who held office hours. Nobody stopped by, though. Cause it's a holiday!
Rory: And first thing this morning, the bus left for Baltimore! It's a gorgeous city. Wish I'd gone, Rufus. But I was busy with, y'know, stuff here.
Bridge: Right! Like getting emails and rescuing me from being stuck in a barrel of cereal. Thanks for that, by the way!
Rory: No problem. It seems while we were doing that, Angel was writing something in the clinic. That might have been last night, though. I'm not sure. In any case, Angel, stop writing stuff. That's not conducive to getting better.
Bridge: Unless he's trying to become a better writer. But somehow I doubt that was what he was doing. Um, Nadia's cat was sulking, but scritches won out in the end!

Rory: Aw, sulky kitty. How cute. And speaking of cute, Cally and Anders got a computer! And...um, if my notes are right, there's something about Cally dressing up like a cheerleader? That's...nice. I guess it's sweet Anders has a supportive girlfriend, right? That's what they mean by cheerleader! She'll always cheer him on!
Bridge: Yeah, I'm sure there was nothing dirty at all going on. Even after Anders finished putting it together.
Rory: No dirty. Nuh uh. And if anyone tries to tell me otherwise, I'll...throw a seahorse at you or something. Anyway! Belthazor is kinda grumpy with Phoebe for giving blood again, I guess. And the kitties aren't talking today. Woe.

Bridge: And then you were replying to that email you got earlier today. After which, lots of us- including me and you! went and hung out in the second floor common room.
Rory: Yes! And you almost fell asleep. Are you sleepy, Rufus? Because my very important job is to keep you conscious on the air.
Bridge: Nope, I'm still conscious. Elsewhere in the Common Room, some dude talks to Cam about Darla, and then has a conversation with Barnaby about girl stuff.
Rory: Thanks, Rufus. It wasn't "girl stuff." I mean, it was, but not like in an embarrassing way. Um. And now for something completely differ - Archie was talking about seamen? Hey, Rufus, my notes are kinda smudged...is that dirty? Because I think it might be.
Bridge: Let's move on to something not dirty, shall we, Barnaby? Like Molly and Blair, who hung out and talked. As one does. Or Callisto and Parker, who talked prophecies.

Rory: And elsewhere, in the gym, Pip and Pippi worked out. Okay, I have to say: this is like if I had a friend named "Ror." Or, as you insist, "Barn" or something. I dunno. I think that would confuse me.
Bridge: I'm sure you'd be able to figure it out. Nadia hung out on the roof, and then went inside and opened a present!
Rory: Nice segue. And Parker found out what Angel was writing earlier. And I'm not going to talk any more about that, because I am not going to cry on the air. Hey, should we tell them we rescheduled the contest?
Bridge: Good idea, Barnaby. New contest date, everyone. Monday afternoon, because Angel has to participate.
Rory: Yes. And damn it, Angel, you're going to. There will be a turtle on your head if I have anything to say about it! Anyway. Stuff happened in town, too.

Little of Column A, Little of Column B

Bridge: Like Victor got some... bot surgery? Right. Okay.
Rory: Can you even have surgery on something that's not biological? That doesn't make sense. Anyway, Angela went to see Marty at Empire Records before going on her trip, aww. And then Professor Cregg stopped by and caught up with Marty.
Bridge: And then Angela, Professor Cregg, and Barnaby stop by Giles's shop. That's the one with the books and that name that I can't spell.
Rory: Yeah, I can spell it, but don't ask me to pronounce it. I'm going to be a Watcher, did I tell you? Go me! But on a completely random note, 'cause as you've shown, segues are overrated - Walter and Nadia buy random stuff at All and Sundries

Bridge: As you do. And then Walter shows up for lessons at Alfred's. Do we even want to know what goes on behind closed doors?
Rory: No dirty. We've had too much of that in this broadcast. And...okay, Orlin totally bought drugs from those two guys who are always hanging around. And then Professor Cregg met them, but she didn't buy drugs. Just say no, guys.
Bridge: Professor Camulus hangs out with a cat, Orlin, and Phoebe. I really have nothing more to say about that.
Rory: And Quark and Crowley talk. Whoo-hoo!

This & That

Bridge: And that's it for town. Well, most of town. There's still the Clinic, where Angel's kinda doing better, maybe, and Bel, Cal, Janet, Logan, Marty, Barnaby and... can you read these last two names, they're kinda smudged on my notes?
Rory: Looks like Parker and Xander. Kind of. But that can't be right, so I'll just say Mystery People. So, aside from visiting Angel, a bazillion Chosen One-y types went by to give blood. Oh, and people? Chosen One-ness is not contagious. Just FYI.
Bridge: It's true, I checked. And I should know, I spent all day telling people they were Chosen Ones. And at least once I had to convince someone to come donate.
Rory: Good of you to do that. All of it, I mean. The handwavey and also the pulling people in. Yay Rufus. Oh, and Veronica went by in the evening to visit Angel. And people, you can't see me, but I'm crossing my fingers here. And I don't do that.
Bridge: Things will work out. I'm sure of it. So everyone, keep your hopes up and your heads high! This is Barnaby and Rufus, signing off!
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Bridge: Hey, Fandom! If anyone's listening. Is anyone listening? Seriously, where is everyone? It's like you all just... disappeared. Or went to England. Like Rory, who went to England, but through the magic of technology is tonight's co-broadcaster!
Rory: I'm just that cool, guys. Do you miss me? Because I totally miss you. All like...four of you who aren't on this trip.
Bridge: We miss you, dude. Things have gone crazy without you!

Here and There

Bridge: Like, this morning? Molly woke up early. To go running. And, okay, Cam made her, but still. Weird.
Rory: ...seriously? Molly, you're weird. You too, Cam. I slept all late. And then...stuff happened. But my day is not important! What is important is that Lyta? Had breakfast and watched Shall We Dance. Excellent taste, Lyta.
Bridge: Lana also had breakfast and watched TV. But not in the same room as Lyta. Wouldn't it be funny if they were both watching the same movie, though? I think it'd be funny.

Rory: It'd be really funny. And kinda weird. But not really Fandom weird. Just...normal weird. Anyway! So, it seems Bel had a little emo moment this morning when he woke up. Woe.
Bridge: I hate when that happens. You know what I also hate? Visions that come outta nowhere. Poor Cordy. Luckily, Anders was around to help her out. Yay!
Rory: Poor Cordy. Feel better soon, seriously. And not to be a downer, but let's all hope Angel gets better soon, 'kay? Because we're doing what we can over here, and I'm glad to see Veronica, Phoebe, Piper, Paige and Cordy are all working, too. So yay teamwork!
Bridge: Um. Yeah. I have no idea what's going on, really, aside from what's in these notes here. Which would explain why me and Cally were so bored this afternoon. Anders stopped by and filled us in a little, though, because he's helpful like that.

Rory: Oh. Well. Angel's sick. We'll get to that in a minute, though, since our notes kinda cover that. Callisto spent the night taking care of him, though. I think that's really sweet. Let's all hope she's not going to killinate me for saying that, heh. But it doesn't matter, 'cause I'm in England and also she's really tired.
Bridge: It is sweet, man.
Rory: It totally is. They're kind of adorable. And again, Cal, please don't kill us for having eyes and noticing this, okay?

Bridge: The dorms this evening weren't exactly hopping with activity either. John Connor and Professor Cregg watched the Oscars. I didn't, because I already know who won. Seriously, my dad watches these every year. I'm not allowed to talk while they're on.
Rory: Hey, those are seriously a big deal. I'm all sad I'm missing them. But yay that the gay cowboys won for stuff. Boykissy wins again! YAY BOYKISSY!
Bridge: Totally yay! Sam was just hanging out in her room doing Sam-things, and then Lee stopped by to talk about Lee-things. I wonder what those could be...
Rory: My notes say they talked about the play. Let's all remember that the play, which I am co-directing, yay, is a week from Friday! Come and watch! It'll be fun!

Bridge: Hey, speaking of Fridays and fun and things that you are co-running... think we should mention the contest?
Rory: Ooh. The contest. Yes. Okay, people. On Friday? We are all going to try to balance things on our heads - eventually animals, even! Like turtles!
Bridge: There will be prizes. So come play! It'll be fun. Awesome and a half, even.
Rory: Yes, and please don't come just to point and laugh, or I'll sic Vladdie on you. And he will totally attack you. Seriously. Or Yoda. Scary attack turtle, yo!
Bridge: I'd be worried, people. But anyway, back to our regularily scheduled programming. I hung out in the second floor common room with Peter, Hamlet, and Archie. And that's actually all that happened on school grounds, so now we're gonna talk about town!

Little of Column B, Little of Column A

Rory: Yay town! Okay, so this morning, Luke opened up the diner for brunch. Hi Luke! Also hi Mom, if you're listening. And hi to as-of-yet unnamed baby! Anyway, it's just Professor Cregg and Tonks at Luke's this morning.
Bridge: Hi Luke and Rory's mom! I'd wave, but... radio. Lucas is avoiding brownies and listening to Gilbert and Sullivan. I'm not gonna ask, dude.
Rory: Probably safer that way. I mean, I like Penzance as much as the next girl, but c'mon. Oh no, Mr. Giles feels all useless and contemplative, until Veronica and Cordy stop by. Hello, Mr. Giles! I'm the girl who you called today. Um, instead of Xander. 'Cause he doesn't have a cell phone. Which I really don't get. I mean, I couldn't not have a cell phone.

Bridge: 'cause then you wouldn't get to do stuff like this! Elsewhere in town, John and Aeryn are all heading off to be... secretive. In the junkyard. As you do.
Rory: Hmm. I wonder what they're up to. Because I'd speculate cuteness, but...no. And not in the junkyard. Because that's weird. And speaking of weird, that one creepy guy stops by the, ew, brothel to talk to, ew, Becky. And according to these notes, he's an idiot. How do you screw up with a hooker? That's sad.

Bridge: And earlier in the day, Professor MacLeod is shovelling his walk, when Janet stops by. Sorry to jump around chronologically like that on you guys, but you're smart. You can figure things out!
Rory: You're all sharp like...toothpicks or something else that's kind of pointy. But just to jump around a little more, back at the Sin, Jarod's sick. God, it's a week for sick people. I think he just has a cold or something, though, because he was okay enough to talk to Parker on the phone. Aww.
Bridge: Definitely awww. Though it's kind of weird how illness seems to bring out the cute in droves.
Rory: That is kind of weird. It's the Florence Nightingale complex. But I don't think Parker has that.
Bridge: Neither does Orlin. Which is good because I don't think he can pull off the outfit. What Orlin does have is booze, emo, and choices to make. Good luck with that, dude.

Rory: And...oh my God, am I reading this right? Bel and Logan got in a fight? Color me surprised. Also color me disappointed, but whatever. Bridgey, do you know where they were fighting? Wasn't at Quark's or anything, right?
Bridge: No... it says here it was outside the clinic? Which was really busy during the day, actually.
Rory: People visiting Angel, right? Obviously he was there, and Janet, who was on duty. And then Cal, like we said, as well as Isabel, Paige, John, and then the idiots who fought.
Bridge: That was all during the day, though. Nobody stopped by to see Angel at night. Which is probably wise, because there are scary people who come out only at night in this town, you know.
Rory: No, really? Hadn't noticed. Seriously.
Bridge: Well I know you know. It was a general you. And... on that note? Goodnight, general you.
Rory: Goodnight, general you! I'll see you all on Wednesday. And night, Bridgey, because I'm getting off the phone now. 'Cause I've kinda been on the balcony for all of this, and England? Is really, really cold. So bye! *click*
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Jaye: Hi! This is Jaye and friends, who are totally not up to any mischief, and you’re not actually hearing any of this, and we did not hijack the radio frequency to tell you what’s happened since last week. Nope. Definitely not.

cut for length, because omg )

[Preplayed in chat with all involved parties. Much thanks to those of you who jumped on the link grabbing omg so fast, and especial thanks to [livejournal.com profile] likeguidelines for letting us do this. *blows kisses*]

[ETA: So the links are causing problems. And I have no idea how, as the coding is actually right. *boggles at LJ* FIXED, OMG.]
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This be [livejournal.com profile] likeguidelines bringin' ye the latest 'n greatest from Fandom High.

Readin', Writin', 'Rithamatic
Congratulations t' Parker, our new Academic Affairs chair.

Professor Ted's band class be open t'new students. If ye have a song in yer heart or a banthabell ye need t'be playin', be sure t'sign up and get academic credit fer it.

In Criminal Justice, Professor Tick 'n the Caffeinator be passin' out midterm grades, and then Professor be askin' fer the students t'evaluate his performance so far. Journalism class be havin' a special guest lecture from Professor Dream, and Linguistics be talkin' about the relationship of Ancient Egyptian t'other languages.

Students be testin' out their homemade smokescreens in Shop, be takin' photos in Art Appreciation, and be learnin' about human endocrinology in Biology. I be not even pretendin' I know what that be about.

Thar be discussion of pre-Roman cultures in Archeology, speeches on friendship, 'n learnin' about touch in Speech classes, and learnin' about the five types o' literature in the very first Western Literature class.

Professor Eppes be holdin' office hours and chattin' with Angelus 'n Professor Cregg. Angelus, Chihaya 'n Veronica all be talkin' to the Dean, too. And during the Doctor's office hours, he 'n Rory be talkin' about a Human/Non-Human Alliance.

Celtic Studies be learnin' about Arthurian legends, Human Geography be talkin' about censuses, and Cookery class be learnin' about carvin', cuttin' and scoopin'. And it be not about bein' in a pirate raidin' party. Huh.

Movin' on.

Comparative Religions be learnin' about Judaism, Introduction t' Business be gettin' back their quizzes 'n a stack of readin' materials fer next week.

In open labs, Professor Grissom be havin' a toxicology display fer Sociology, and Professor Sidle be holdin' one fer her science classes. John Connor be not that excited about his Ethics excitement. Join the club, John. Rory 'n Chiana also be talkin' about the project. And a little bird also be tellin' us that Parker 'n Logan be no longer paired up for it.

In Independent Studies, Zero be explorin' Locker 327 with Janet, Elizabeth Weir, Rory 'n Angela. Parker be textin' from the clinic, and, uh-oh. *shuffles papers* Yup. Then Zero be gettin' eaten by the locker. On purpose. She be braver than I.

In the library, Professor Gandalf be lookin' fer scrolls in the Special Collections without a library card. The assistants be sure t'be takin' no responsibility if the books take it into their heads--if they have heads--to do somethin' unnatural t' him and be turnin' him into a gerbil or a Twinkie or somethin'. Zero be discoverin' that her contract be signed in blood, which be never a good thing. Cam be checkin' out a book, and he 'n Zero be makin' up over the whole mallet thing yesterday. Elizabeth be returnin' a book, Sam be stoppin' by t'check on out and ask Janet about Professor Jackson. And Professor Cregg be bringin' cookies. I be never gettin' cookies.

In Study Hall, Professor Connor be lookin' fer someone to play cards with. But not with Locker 327. It be cheatin'. Han 'n Bagoas be tryin' t'figger out the cameras from Art class, and Draco 'n Lily be talkin' about Draco's mother 'n then be plannin' a date fer tomorrow. Jayne be givin' Principal Connor a candy-shootin' gun, then be gettin' his picture taken by Bagoas. Angelus 'n Callisto be workin' on thar Ethics project, then he be talkin' to Jonathan about fashion shows 'n nefarious plots. Angela 'n Rory chat about how cute Rory 'n Logan are as a couple, a kiss between Angela 'n Marty and that ethics project. Ye know, again. Anders be lookin' stressed 'n tired from all of his pyramid trainin'. This be why I avoid strenuous activity. And Sydney 'n Jonathan be talkin' about that damned ethics project. Angela be stoppin' by t'check on her roommate, too.

Professor Maclay be talkin' t' Allison about helpin' Maia out o' her emocoma. Maia be headin' to the park 'n reunitin' with Aziraphale.

In other clinic news, Sam, Jonathan 'n Professor Dream all be stoppin' in, O'Neill 'n John Connor be talkin' about Pirate Radio (I be flattered, boys), and O'Neill and Sam be agreein' to go out on a date together. We be havin' ears everywhere, folks. And those clinic curtains be not soundproof.

Now I be turnin' the mic over t' Rory Gilmore fer a Student Council update. Rory?

Hey, guys! Rory here, with your weekly StuCo update.

First off, make sure you get your mommies and daddies and…et cetera on the list for Parents’ Weekend. I really don’t think I need to repeat the reason why.

Anyway, at last check, we have between fifty and sixty people coming, and it’s going to be hectic, guys. Remember to try to keep things as organized as you can – for the sake of everyone at the school. It’d really just be appreciated, k?

Luke and Deb are probably going to cater that weekend, so don’t you worry about the cafeteria food or anything.

The JA is having a good, old-fashioned bake sale, don’tcha know. Though I’ve been assured that it won’t be anything like the yearbook fiasco. Thank God.

And congrats to Alanna, who’s been voted in as co-Securities Officer.

Marty has proposed student escorts to and from town after dark, and met with very hearty approval, so goody!

And finally, we’ll be having both an open Parent/Teacher night this weekend, and Rover will be having a checkpoint before everyone gets into the school.

And that’s it for Student Council this week. I’m off to do things not involving a mic to celebrate my birthday. Back to Barbossa.

Thank ye, Rory. And ye be havin' a happy birthday.

Now we be pausin' fer a commercial. )

Anders be workin' out in the gym. Cally be watchin' and admirin'. And those crazy people who be gettin' up 'n runnin' be, well, gettin' up 'n runnin'.

Chihaya be encouragin' everyone in the dorms t'say yes to student government accountability.

Club presidents? Be sure t'be signin' up fer the club fair that'll be happenin' over Parents' Weekend.

Wednesday be lookin' fer the handsome DJ Echelon from Homecomin' t'be a judge at her Halloween party.

Draco's revenge be sweet indeed. Although Harry be lookin' quite fetchin' in that dress.

Thar be some strange messages bein' left on Jonathan 'n Draco's wipe board.

As Security Officer, Marty be arrangin' fer students t'be able t'purchase gas masks from a proprietor in town. We sure they'll be all the rage.

Belthazor be gettin' a bracelet and Callisto, Krycek, and Parker be gettin' flowers.

Aeryn be talkin' with Cally before Crichton be comin' over, and Professor Tick be solvin' the Cube o' Wonder. Congratulations to ye, Professor.

Now we be pausin' fer another commercial break. )

In extracurriculars, Science Club be battlin' with bots. Marty 'n Jonathan be talkin' about what happened at Spike's last week, 'n Allie be thinkin' about quittin' the clinic to spend more time with her Logan. The one that has never been a bunny.

Peer Mediators be havin' a quick meetin', too. The Flight Club be gettin' off the ground tonight, in Professor Amidala's ship--but not before she 'n Anakin be gettin' in some pigtail-pullin'. Rogue 'n Kiki be puttin' in some time on the sim.

Miho be gettin' a letter from home that be makin' her take off with her weapons 'n all the baklava,

Duce be deliverin' quite the righteous verbal smitin' to Paige in the Perk today. Paige be tryin' to apologize t'Shane fer her behavior last week but Shane be not all that impressed by it. Paige then be hidin' in the new Russian restaurant fer a while. She be cryin' to Manny, too, before finally admittin' that it be over to Professor Chaucer.

At the Perk, Tara 'n Shane be talkin' about Ethics class, Hank be askin' Tex about her armor, Shane 'n Ben be talkin' about school 'n family.

Beka 'n Buffy be clockin' in some time on their master/slave project in the museum.

The Cat be nearly losin' one of his lives today by callin' Tex baby. I be findin' that it be Ibetter t'not be callin' the heavily armored folks by pet names unless ye know them. Tonks 'n Quistis be stoppin' by the store as well.

Callisto be catchin' up with Salmoneus at the bank after buyin' some clothin' at the Emporium.

Tonks 'n Kiki be chattin' about broom-flyin' at Wonka's, Professor Tick be worried he might not be a good teacher, Michael be talkin' to Crowley, and Aayla be talkin' to Crowley 'n Aziraphale about the Force 'n their arrangement of balancin' the light 'n the darkness.

Jayne 'n George be cookin' dinner together.

And Duce be throwin' one heck of a party down by the beach. Highlights be includin' a Servo 'n Doctor Wilson encounter, ghost stories, and entirely too many sugary foods. Krycek 'n Danna be walkin' home from the party together, too.

We be havin' a final commercial break now. )

That be all from the Crow's Nest. Faith 'n Ash'll be at the mic fer the next two days, so try not t'pine while I'm away. Keep an eye out fer the Rover, and have a good night!

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