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Rita: Good evening, Fandom. Professor Ms. Rita Skeeter broadcasting to you via magic outside my home here. This is some lovely spring weather we're having, isn't it? So much more pleasant than rainy old England, really. You know, students have asked me if I miss it, and truly I don -

Bella: Hello, Rita.

Rita: *shrieks, as is startled omg* UM. Hello...Bellatrix. It's been so long. How are you? What are you doing in town?

Bella: What are you doing?

Rita: ...broadcasting. I work on the radio staff here, as part of my -

Bella: I want to.

Rita: I'm sorry?

Bella: I want to work on this radio thing.

Rita: ...all right. But only 'cause I don't wanna die *shuffling of papers*

Cut for the amazing adventures of Rita and her BFF, Bellatrix! )
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This be [livejournal.com profile] likeguidelines at the microphone t' give ye yer daily dose o' dastardly plots, ridiculous-type shenanigens 'n former roommates who be bunnies.



Readin', Writin', Rithamatic
Thar be no classes, as it be Sunday. But apparently time be changin' on us last night, so be sure ye be not late t' classes in the mornin', ye here? T'be safe, I think I jes be skippin' them altogether.

I be havin' reliable reports sayin' that Cameron be outsmarted by a shower this mornin'. His roommate be terribly sympathetic. *papers rustling* I be havin' nothin' t' tell me if that be a euphemism.

Jake, me old roommate who be not a bunny, be eatin' in bed. Apparently this be a bad thing t' do, accordin' t' Krycek.

Other things that be bad t' do be talkin' t' the matey-in-the leather who be new in town. At least accordin' to Aeryn. She be makin' her feelings clear on that matter t' Crichton. I be wonderin' if I be able t' pull that look off meself.

And speakin' o' bunnies, hee, Logan-who-be-a-bunny-again, be havin' a talk wit' Angel in Angel's room. Except fer the part where Logan be a bunny 'n be not able t' talk back. And Angel be normally not what ye be callin' chatty. So I be thinkin' thar be a lot o' starin' at each other happenin' in thar today.

Logan-who-be-a-bunny-again be in the second floor common room tonight. He be thrilled t' see Cameron, Rory, Cally 'n Anakin. And Faithful be not eatin' Logan-who-be-a-bunny-again. I be admirin' yer restraint. Logan-who-be-a-bunny-again also be meetin' the new librarian. Who be not a bunny. These be things that be needin' t' be clarified around here, ye see.

Also in the second floor common room, Cam 'n Molly be playin' catch--not wit' Logan-who-be-a-bunny-again--then Cam be too lazy t' get himself a drink 'n be makin' Kara do it fer him, Bridge be explain' why he be not in his uniform right now 'n be not at all awkward with Xander. Except fer the part where that be a lie. Oh, and Zero's hair be blue today.

Pippi be buckin' the trend 'n spendin' time in the fifth floor common room instead.

Callynanders be back from their trip t' Washington 'n they be havin' what me notes be callin' a "wee goldfishie." I be not askin' if that be a euphemism. I be not.

Anakin be meditatin', then talkin' wit' Bridge, Sam 'n Pip be workin' out in the gym 'n then Sam be workin' on a lesson plan fer tomorrow. Jaye be in her room--I be not sure why this be particularly interestin'--and Rory be writin' email. Again, I jes be reportin'. If ye be not interestin' than neither be I.

Thar be all kinds o' interestin' people in town this week, in case ye be not noticin'. I be noticin', but I be the Pirate. I be noticin' everythin'. I be not carin', mind, but I be noticin'.

*shuffles papers*

Huh. Thar be another pirate in town. He be headless. Cecil, be that you? If if be, the whole thing wit' the wench 'n the wrench 'n the rum? I be realizin' it were a bad idea in retrospect. Sorry about that.

Tex be makin' one o' our visitors welcome in her usual way. Aye, if ye be wonderin', it be involvin' violence. And really, shame on ye fer havin' t' be told that.

Brunch at Luke's be uneventful, as be Wonka's, and the record store be closed today.

Apparently this be because everyone in the universe be over at the bookstore wit' too many letters in the name. Jarod be thar buyin' the Kama Sutra 'n a book on ninjas. If that be fer my ninja, I be not sure whether t' be offended or really, really grateful. Orlin be thar, 'n John Connor. John Connor be bringin' a gun wit' him? Be ye stupid? How dangerous d'ye thinks the books be? *dead air* On second thought, ye might be havin' a point. Pippi be lookin' fer gardenin' books, Alanna be lookin' fer somethin' about fightin', and Macbeth be attacked by a glass ball.

Oh, thar also be people in the theater, where "Gigli" be playin'. I be told this be a terrible, terrible movie. So when matey-wit'-the-leather be buyin' tickets fer every showin', well, I be wonderin' jes how evil he might be. Not that I be not takin' yer word fer it, Zhaan. Jaye be her normal charmin' self. Except fer the part whar she be snappin' at Wonka 'n a Trooper. And Cameron. And Professor Camulus 'n Orlin. If I be promisin' to throw glitter on cranky people, would that cheer ye, wench? And in case ye be not certain, aye Wonka be thar on a date wit' that Trooper. And Professor Camulus 'n Orlin be thar wit' similar plans.

Professor Camulus 'n Orlin be makin' waffles. *shuffles papers* That may be a euphemism. And if it be, that be puttin' me off breakfast foods fer a week.

Ivanova be broodin' on the beach, as ye do, and Walter be at the yunkyard, as ye could be. If ye be, I be not knowin', stuck wit' a boredom so profound as t' cripple many a lesser bein'. Unless thar be treasure thar. Be thar treasure?

In the sewers--aye, we be everywhere--John Connor be not eaten by somethin' that be sayin' *clears throat* OOoooOOOoOooOOO. Jay 'n Silent Bob be thar as well. What be wrong wit' ye people? What makes ye think "aye, it be a lovely day fer a trip into the sewers?" No offense, Angel.

Belthazor 'n Phoebe be huntin' fer a witch doctor. Be ye sick, Phoebe?

Thar also seems t' be a rash o' animal-nappin' attempts today: someone were after Jeremiah in the Perk, Vladdie in the park, 'n Cam-mollusc over at Jeff, God o' Biscuits. It be not clear if the attempted pet-nappin' be more traumatizin' t' Xander than his conversation with some matey named Tuco.

The matey-wit'-the-leather be meetin' up wit' Tuco over at Jeff, God o' Biscuits. And Dr. Oliver be knowin' one o' the newcomers--the one wit' the hair be called Rita Repulsa, apparently. And no, Crichton, that be not a new name fer the lovely Professor Skeeter. I, unlike ye, 'n me old roommate, be tryin' t' remain human fer this semester if at all possible. Anyway, they be catchin' up on old times. It be nice t' run into old friends. Right, Callisto?

Janet be alone in the clinic this mornin' and Stark be gettin' visited by Zhaan tonight, but no one seems t' be bleedin', so I be not that interested.

And that be all from the Crow's Nest II! Keep an eye out fer Matey-with-the-Hat 'n have a good night!
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Good evening and welcome to another wet and wild version of Fandom Radio with John Robert Crichton III. We won't be getting wet tonight, not dirty, and the only thing wild is the headache that is tap dancing through my skull. So, stop making out, breaking out, flaking out and staking out and listen up!

School on Saturday? Surely, You Jest!

Detention today is led by...a gremlin? Did Jaye try to frisk him? Jaye/Gremlin OTP FOREVER!

Dorm Room With A View

Veronica bakes muffins and Logan...the bunny watches. Oh Logan, you're an animal again. You're really making it difficult for people to forget that moniker. Bel eats some of Veronica's muffins and gets hit by Logan. Dude, these are the dirtiest notes ever. Good grief. Callisto had a double date with a bunny and his girlfriend. Callisto, is that code for naughty naughty with my roommate? Alas, said date was cancelled.

Pip makes eyepatch jokes. I'm offended on behalf of Barbossa!

Jaye is an insomniac. Aww, insanity catching up with you, Jaye jaye? Macbeth's room gets messed up in a terrible act of villany! Walter is pranking. I hate April Fool's Day. Nadia broods. Maybe she hates April Fool's Day too. Or she hates miming dentists. Damn miming dentists! Jake and Krycek see each other.

Draco gets a letter that makes him sneeze. BIRD FLU! Oh wait, probably not. Victor waits for Walter.

Molly, Bridge, Isabel, Aeryn, Xander, Anakin, Peter, Alanna, Pippi and Rory play RISK. You guys let Aeryn play a world domination game? I laugh, I do. Aeryn broods and I left her a note that, if I can I say so, was quite cute. Allie babysits Veronica's bunny. Holy crap, that is not what it sounds like. Geez, these notes are rated R!

Bridge is out of uniform. No, that doesn't mean he was naked. Was he naked? Bridge, were you naked? Zero's a blonde now. I'd tell a blonde joke here but Zero owns a mallet. Aeryn learns about betting pools. Oh, thank you very much for that, people! Peter wants to interview Zero. I'm making no jokes here because Peter's my friend and Zero owns a mallet. By the way, does interviewing equal scrapbooking? Just randomly asking!

Xander is left speechles by Bridge in his undies. CIVVIES! I mean, civvies. Good, that means Bridge wasn't naked. Anakin offers to show Isabel how to make things fly. Hey Anakin? Can you come to Advanced Journalism with me? I know something that I'd like to see fly. And Molly tells Cam about her career as a bank robber. Ooookay...

And now a short commercial break... )

Hmm. While I find the notion of campaigning for the girlkissy event quite awesome, I do have to say, and I may be biased, that seeing Aeryn kissing Callisto would be far prettier.

Takin' You Downtown!

Allie is all alone at the FTEC in the morning. The mimes are probably sleeping. Tommy is not alone in the evening. Veronica and Angel bring in an injured Lilly.

Apparently, today is Milo's birthday. Milo? What a wimpy name. Sounds like a mime's name. Happy birthday, Milo the Mime! Camulus and Orlin, oh to hell with that, Ormulus have a relationship talk. Figure out who wears the knickers in the relationship and you'll be set, guys.

There are strange noises in the park. Maybe Milo isn't such a silent mime? Some guy named Sloane stops into Giles' shop. Seriously, is there like a dentist convention in town? 'Make your teeth white and bright and dazzling in the light!'

At Wonka's today, Edmund stops by to chat with Ivanova, Pippi checks out the joke candy, Al brings up a touchy subject to Ivanova, and Victor brings plant life. And now I feel like singing kumbayay around a campfire. Seriously.

Pip visits All and Sundries. Pip, pip, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is! Oh, sorry, got distracted. At Empire Records, Lucas is water ballooned and Victor dances to boy bands. Wow. How very manly.

And there are dentist seminars today! Tuco the dentist holds a seminar on backstabbing, Rita's seminar on Minion management. Wait, another Rita? Professor Skeeter, you have a sister? Awww, are you guys gonna get together and do your nails and hair? And someone named...Buelah holds a seminar on being a minion. Buelah? Nice name.

Someone named The Doc is a people person. Is he a dentist too?

The Perk is busy for a Saturday. Pippi has candy and coffee, Aeryn and Scorpius have a chat, someone named Tuco smacks Orlin, and a stink bomb is thrown. Mmm. Garlic-y.

Scorpius and Braca check out Blood Gulch Arms. Scorpius and Tex got together? Not dirty, by the way. And the world didn't explode? I'm surprised. Maybe Tex has a soft side after all. Marty and some guy named...Virgil hang out in Ching Tai. Hi Virgil! I bet you're an orthodonist!

Caritas is open. Cafe Fina is also open and The Major stops in for lunch. Later at Cafe Fina, Nadia has dinner with some other dentists. Lots of dentists around town.

And then there is Milo's birthday party! Cool! I bet there are a whole bunch of mimes there! The quietest birthday ever! Something's going down in Empire Record. Dude, not dirty. Who writes these notes? Are the mimes writing these? Dirty mimes! There is a symphony in the park, Nadia goes to the Arms Hotel, a chance meeting between myself and Scorpius at Jeff, God of Biscuits (we had pastries!) and a list of people hit with stink bombs appears!

And I'm making like a banana and splitting, Fandom. Go out and punch a mime.
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Rita: Hello, Fandom, this is Professor Ms. Rita Skeeter, joined tonight by my darling aides. Say hello, dears!

Callisto: This is what you needed us for?

Rita: Yes. Do you have a problem with this, Callistie?

Callisto: Apart from the fact I could otherwise be scrapbooking with my boyfriend right now? No, none at all.

Krycek: Same here. Why are we helping exactly?

Rita: Because I asked you to? By the way, on a completely unrelated note, I'm doing grades this week.

Callisto: *brightly* I love radio. *mutters* Just because someone hasn't scrapbooked since Wiblur ran off is no reason to punish us.

Cut because we're flist-conscious )

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