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Hey Fandom, this is Lilly Kane.

Yes, you are all still crazy.

School, the boring stuff

Let's start with Professor Big Mac and Shop, where his class had to survive the wilderness. With duct tape. Celtic Studies read stuff, and Biology and Chemistry studied things I should understand, but don't.

Magical Theory learned about the magical power of love. Literally. Xander, Cordy, and Bel were especially attentive.

Jung class learned about Jung, which I still don't know how to pronounce. Psych 101 learned about Erik Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages of Development. As if they probably apply to half the kids here, who were birthed in pods fully formed.

Creature Languages had a critter-lover quiz, not that there is anything wrong with that.

Intro to Western Lit learned about Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and Speech classes tackled family issues, which I could write a novel on, and politics, which I could not write a novel on, ever.

Intro to Anthropology learned about early modern Homo sapiens. Once again, so not applicable, but nice try. Sociology classes discussed massacres and miracles, but not together, thank goodness.

US History students learned about old men in funny wigs. Oh, right, former presidents. Paleontology played with rocks, and Tactics of War had a pop quiz.

Professor Chaucer held office hours with visits from Phoebe & Kiki. Dirty. And Principal Awesome announced that the school play is going to be A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare. Rory and Cordy are to stop by to discuss helping as student directors. And something about Marty and musicals. Did Blank go gay when Chase dumped him? That's one way to go about things, I suppose.

Mrs. Wilbur Skeeter got a visit from Veronica, the lucky bitch. Zordon hung out by himself.

Dr. Grissom e-mailed half the planet to tell them to come to his assembly of love tomorrow, and Professor Rory's Mom is letting her students go. Score!

At the library Parker brought chocolate. Cam talked to Parker about Valentine's Day, and then Parker explained dating to Blair. Then his brain exploded.

Angela was freakishly happy, and then Rory, Angela and Parker discussed all things cute and bouncy. Anakin came in to visit no one in particular that has brown hair and a coffee fetish.

Fraser came in for research and an interview with Rory, and then Jack and Parker broke out into the Hustle or something.

Around Campus

In the gym Isabel and Elizabeth talked about games. Isabel and Cam shared a punching bag, and Aeryn gave Cam a hard time. SCARY! Aeryn and Elizabeth also caught up.

ABC was open for business. Cupcake business.

Pippi gave Cally presents, and Rory watched TV in the second floor common room, presumably with her posse. She also met Ivanova.

And over at the Clinic, Susan and Alanna hang out in the sad, empty hole that Hot Doctor Wilson left behind.

Town, Etc.

We start off with Orlin setting up some equipment for Lucas. Snicker. The Town Hall was open, and so was Sparky Repairs.

At All and Sundries Jake, Walter, Blair, Paige, Parker, and Isabel all stopped by for various alls and sundries. This involves turnips, apparently.

Giles ran into a ghost at J,GoB.

Oh no, I lied, that's just Professor Calendar. Giles, catch up buddy.

Blair waited in the park for his date with Jaye, and Parker and Aeryn made a visit with their local troopers.

Orlin explained his weekend to Agatha at the Perk, and over at the park Artie messed with the ducks, and Orlin and Camulus also showed up.

visited Veronica on official business, and she also hung out with Piper after Sociology of Violence.

Jake was also up to other no-good type things.

Jack was happy about his birthday, and Kiki was awake, so she probably gave him an extra special present.

Blair dressed his plant. Which probably is sentient and man-eating in this town. Ed has a new project in the works. So run, now. And Isabel chatted with Cam.

Pippi and Anders watched the Olympics. Go, Team USA, I guess. Whatever. Has the figure skating started yet? And Walter, Victor and Ivanova stopped by to see Alphonse.

Vala and Cam were cute, and Anakin was in no way cute, with no one else, while not writing an e-mail.

Speaking of e-mail, Lana was firing them off too. Maybe she should send one to Phoebe, as girl is still majorly bummed.

Also, there was a party at the Arms hotel for Jack! Man, this town rules. Oh wait, and there were monsters. Can we please go a day without monsters crashing every damn shindig? Yeesh.

There was a playtime set-up, and Jack made his mom a macaroni necklace. Awww. There were also forts and Dance Dance Revolution. Nadia and Angela, therefore, danced, as did Victor and Walter.

And then there were lots and lots of presents, given under watchful, creepy eyes.

Isabel and Angela caught up up, and Elizabeth and Jack danced.

Maia was bummed that Paige left, and Parker, CJ and Ten chatted, and probably planned to take over the world. And then CJ grilled Angela about Marty. Victor and Walter also talked.

And then shit went down. Monsters attacked Nadia and Pippi in the kitchen. Phoebe had her run-in in the library.

Isabel and Angela were smart and left.

Bel and Pip came across a monster
, and so did Victor and Walter.

And then there was the basement. Don't get me started.

Okay kids, that's it. Remember, monsters are bad, but tequila is good. Good night, love to all.

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