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Good evening and welcome to another wet and wild version of Fandom Radio with John Robert Crichton III. We won't be getting wet tonight, not dirty, and the only thing wild is the headache that is tap dancing through my skull. So, stop making out, breaking out, flaking out and staking out and listen up!

School on Saturday? Surely, You Jest!

Detention today is led by...a gremlin? Did Jaye try to frisk him? Jaye/Gremlin OTP FOREVER!

Dorm Room With A View

Veronica bakes muffins and Logan...the bunny watches. Oh Logan, you're an animal again. You're really making it difficult for people to forget that moniker. Bel eats some of Veronica's muffins and gets hit by Logan. Dude, these are the dirtiest notes ever. Good grief. Callisto had a double date with a bunny and his girlfriend. Callisto, is that code for naughty naughty with my roommate? Alas, said date was cancelled.

Pip makes eyepatch jokes. I'm offended on behalf of Barbossa!

Jaye is an insomniac. Aww, insanity catching up with you, Jaye jaye? Macbeth's room gets messed up in a terrible act of villany! Walter is pranking. I hate April Fool's Day. Nadia broods. Maybe she hates April Fool's Day too. Or she hates miming dentists. Damn miming dentists! Jake and Krycek see each other.

Draco gets a letter that makes him sneeze. BIRD FLU! Oh wait, probably not. Victor waits for Walter.

Molly, Bridge, Isabel, Aeryn, Xander, Anakin, Peter, Alanna, Pippi and Rory play RISK. You guys let Aeryn play a world domination game? I laugh, I do. Aeryn broods and I left her a note that, if I can I say so, was quite cute. Allie babysits Veronica's bunny. Holy crap, that is not what it sounds like. Geez, these notes are rated R!

Bridge is out of uniform. No, that doesn't mean he was naked. Was he naked? Bridge, were you naked? Zero's a blonde now. I'd tell a blonde joke here but Zero owns a mallet. Aeryn learns about betting pools. Oh, thank you very much for that, people! Peter wants to interview Zero. I'm making no jokes here because Peter's my friend and Zero owns a mallet. By the way, does interviewing equal scrapbooking? Just randomly asking!

Xander is left speechles by Bridge in his undies. CIVVIES! I mean, civvies. Good, that means Bridge wasn't naked. Anakin offers to show Isabel how to make things fly. Hey Anakin? Can you come to Advanced Journalism with me? I know something that I'd like to see fly. And Molly tells Cam about her career as a bank robber. Ooookay...

And now a short commercial break... )

Hmm. While I find the notion of campaigning for the girlkissy event quite awesome, I do have to say, and I may be biased, that seeing Aeryn kissing Callisto would be far prettier.

Takin' You Downtown!

Allie is all alone at the FTEC in the morning. The mimes are probably sleeping. Tommy is not alone in the evening. Veronica and Angel bring in an injured Lilly.

Apparently, today is Milo's birthday. Milo? What a wimpy name. Sounds like a mime's name. Happy birthday, Milo the Mime! Camulus and Orlin, oh to hell with that, Ormulus have a relationship talk. Figure out who wears the knickers in the relationship and you'll be set, guys.

There are strange noises in the park. Maybe Milo isn't such a silent mime? Some guy named Sloane stops into Giles' shop. Seriously, is there like a dentist convention in town? 'Make your teeth white and bright and dazzling in the light!'

At Wonka's today, Edmund stops by to chat with Ivanova, Pippi checks out the joke candy, Al brings up a touchy subject to Ivanova, and Victor brings plant life. And now I feel like singing kumbayay around a campfire. Seriously.

Pip visits All and Sundries. Pip, pip, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is! Oh, sorry, got distracted. At Empire Records, Lucas is water ballooned and Victor dances to boy bands. Wow. How very manly.

And there are dentist seminars today! Tuco the dentist holds a seminar on backstabbing, Rita's seminar on Minion management. Wait, another Rita? Professor Skeeter, you have a sister? Awww, are you guys gonna get together and do your nails and hair? And someone named...Buelah holds a seminar on being a minion. Buelah? Nice name.

Someone named The Doc is a people person. Is he a dentist too?

The Perk is busy for a Saturday. Pippi has candy and coffee, Aeryn and Scorpius have a chat, someone named Tuco smacks Orlin, and a stink bomb is thrown. Mmm. Garlic-y.

Scorpius and Braca check out Blood Gulch Arms. Scorpius and Tex got together? Not dirty, by the way. And the world didn't explode? I'm surprised. Maybe Tex has a soft side after all. Marty and some guy named...Virgil hang out in Ching Tai. Hi Virgil! I bet you're an orthodonist!

Caritas is open. Cafe Fina is also open and The Major stops in for lunch. Later at Cafe Fina, Nadia has dinner with some other dentists. Lots of dentists around town.

And then there is Milo's birthday party! Cool! I bet there are a whole bunch of mimes there! The quietest birthday ever! Something's going down in Empire Record. Dude, not dirty. Who writes these notes? Are the mimes writing these? Dirty mimes! There is a symphony in the park, Nadia goes to the Arms Hotel, a chance meeting between myself and Scorpius at Jeff, God of Biscuits (we had pastries!) and a list of people hit with stink bombs appears!

And I'm making like a banana and splitting, Fandom. Go out and punch a mime.
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Good evening fine folks of Fandom and welcome to Saturday's edition of Fandom Radio. I'm John Crichton, coming at you live from the Crow's Nest II. My partner in crime, Lee Adama, seems to have mysteriously vanished. I've tried leaving out pieces of toast, I've tried dumping his hair care products down the drain but have gotten no response. If you're out there Lee, I hope you're okay. We can work it out, buddy!

Also, what's with the hair all over the instruments? Professor Skeeter did the broadcast last night, right? Dude, she's shedding gray hair all over the place! The last time she saw thirty six was 1836!

Classes on Saturday? Surely, You Jest!

And no, you can't call me Shirley.

Professor Tick receives a package. New spandex? Possibly a different color? Professor, I think you'd look great in red or purple. Maybe a nice polka dotted number? What about pin striped? Are stripes the one that makes you look thin or fat? Not that you're fat, Professor, I'm just wondering.

The Gun Club meets. Sam, Aeryn, Parkie, Marty, Pippi, Cam all attend. Weapons on Saturdays. It's frightening how many women handle heavy weaponry at this school. I can only imagine what would happen if they had a weapon in their hands when it's that time of...*shuffling papers* Let's move on, shall we?

Detention was held today. Professor Dream led detention and it was attended by Nadia, Hamlet, Janet and myself. There was the creation of art projects and an essay on a creature of our choosing. If anyone wants to know, I chose a meerkat because I wanted to know what the heck I actually was last class. And stop giving Professor Mrs. My Hair is a Wig ideas about animals!

Dorm Room with a View

Xander sends drunken email. Also, next time you see Xander? Ask about his sordid custard secrets. Just do it. Tell him John sent you and knows he stole the Twinkies. Faithful stops by to see Angel. Veronica reflects in the shower. Personally, I prefer singing. Aretha Franklin or Diana Ross or something loud and proud. And no, that does not make me gay. Just means I have style!

Belthazor's made a list and he's checking it twice. Gonna find out who's naughty and nice. Belthazor Claus is coming to town! Ahem. What, just because the holiday's over doesn't mean the spirit has to end! Angela made drunken phone calls. I checked my voicemail this morning and there was no ferret sex message. Thank goodness.

Alphonse gets a puppy. Cute! Puppies make everything better. Xander is so very hungover. Poor guy. Blend some Twinkies, put them in a glass and let Xander drink. He'll be allll better after that. Jaye, Peter and Rory sends emails. And none of them were to me! My inbox is empty save for some Viagra spam thing and someone wanting my bank account numbers! By the way, I don't need Viagra thank you very much! Cam's dad calls him and Jaye waits for Archie. Hey Jaye? Get the glitter outta your hair yet? Meerkat this!

Pip writes letters home. Cam invents bowling and makes a racket. Krycek and Callisto join in the bowling game. Aeryn, at first, wants use Cam as the pins but joins in eventually. Aeryn bowled? Did anyone get a picture? C'mon, my girlfriend bowled and I missed it! Anders and Cam scramble to come up with ideas for Cally's birthday. Again, happy birthday Cally! You rock! Callisto confesses to girlkissing. Okay, see, that's so much hotter than boykissing because girls have the lips and the hair and the...yeah, girlkssing.

Walter runs laps in the gym and plays with his dog. And if one single person takes that as dirty? You deserve a kick in the pants because dogs are not dirty, they are cute! Blair puts up posters advertising for tutoring.

Tonight was Game Night! Before Game Night officially started, Isabel and Aeryn talk about Darla. Cam wants to play full contact Monopoly. What? Did someone drug Cam again? Was he wearing spandex over leather pants like he promised he would? Aeryn also told me about Darla. I was the regular, understanding, sexy, lovable, adorable, dorky, cuddly boyfriend I always am when this stuff happens.

The first Monopoly game features Peter, Molly, Mac, Cam, Sam, and my illustrious boss here at the station, Barbossa. Go boss go! The second Monopoly game features Pip, Nadia, Blair, Pippi, Jack, Parker, and Janet.

Rory throws a birthday party for Cally. But it's not in her room and I'm sure everyone is sad about that. By the end of this year, everyone will have been in Rory's room but not in an orgy type of way Professor Mrs. I'm Compensating for Something By Using My Wand! Anakin helps decorate. There are no turnips. Woe. Parker, excuse me, Parkie, helps decorate. And tomorrow, she'll plant some flowers and bake cookies. Cam brings the drinks and the chips and tells Rory he's cooler than me. I disagree. I'm also gonna beat Cam up for that, the one armed dork!! Anders brings the birthday girl in! Yay Anders and Cally and Cally and Anders! Bridge wonders why he didn't know about this. Speaking of Bridge, did he get kissed last night? There's nothing here about someone kissing Bridge? Has no one kissed Bridge and, if not, why not?

Gilmore's! Where Everyone Knows Your Name...and Your Lips!

Dude, 213 was the place to be this weekend. And it wasn't an orgy, Professor Mrs. Gray Hair Shedding All Over The Radio Equipment!

The Spin The Bottle group wakes up. Alas, there is no more kissing. Yet. Rory and Peter talk about mocking people. Jaye and Archie make out. In Rory's room. Disinfectant works wonders, Rory! Honestly!

Randomly, Jaye and Rory believe elves have kidnapped Xander and they want a boy kissing room. As a member of the male species, I say NO NO NO NO NO. Men? We are not a petting zoo! They'd set a room up with glass windows and an a descriptive sign. Boykissimus Sexiness - A rare sight in the wild, these two young men have been brought into our exhibit for research and observational purpose. Please do not feed the boykissers. Veto, veto I say!

Angela's in a weird mood, Angela and Rory talk about Marty and Angela admits to missing him. I miss him too, Angela but not in that way. He's just fun to be around and cool and funny and he really knows his music! Macbeth learns about California and coffee, Anders gets Rory to help out with Cally's birthday celebration. Hey, happy birthday Cally! If I knew how, I'd totally play a special song for you. Since I don't, I'll just end the broadcast with a song!

Anakin is hungover. And didn't get kissed last night. This morning he totally spins the bottle and kisses Rory. *pause* Oh, the game. Right. Hey, good spinning, Anakin! Isabel goes looking for Xander. Isabel, he's probably off cuddling a hat...or something else. Most likely a hat. He really likes hats and Twinkies and Jeremiah. But not Jeremiah in a hat eating Twinkies because that would just be weird. Xander, please tell me you haven't done that.

Alanna is sad to have missed the boykissing. Geez, girls, just go rent one of those movies that are in the special sections of the movie stores! Plenty of boykissing! Peter and Angela also talk about how Marty's weird. Peter's a good sounding board. Listened to me vent a few times. Gave some good advice. Thanks, Pete! Cordy gets all nostalgic about the boykisses that just happened last night. Geez, with the way Cordy's remembering this, you'd think she'd been living in a hut surrounded by lobsters for the last ten years. But, she wouldn't sunburn a nice lobster red because Rory burns unders halogen lights and could give her SPF 87 ! Angela teaches Macbeth about light switches. Aww, Angela's so nice.

Takin' You Downtown!

Orlin, Camulus, and Phoebe wake up together. Dang, that must've been one big bed. Or one small bed, depending on your view. I thought Phoebe was back together with Belthazor? Did I miss something while I was in detention?

Dr. Troy visits Cafe Fina. Wait, who? Sorry buddy, haven't met you yet. Walter also stops by Cafe Fina to pick up some dough and that's not bread, folks. Though, picking up bread would be good too because then there would be toast! Angel, Callisto, Logan, and Veronica go on a double date!. Aww, how sweet. And just think, a few days ago, Callisto was covered in soda and laughing at me for reasons that will not be explained. Callisto's romantic! Who'd have guessed that one? Is she sprinkling rose petals in the bathtub for Angel yet?

Caritas is open!

Apparently, Tex and her Troopers were throwing a party at the station today. Belthazor heads in as does Angel. Dudes, I wasn't invited? C'mon, I bet Mayor Tex is fun to party with once you get past that full metal body armor, raging attitude, access to heavy weaponry, potty mouth, and apparent disdain for everyone and you have a real party animal right there!

The Baron's being lazy and Angela's getting advice from Professor Chaucer at the Perk. Mac stops at Empire Records and Bidet to get some music recommendations from Lucas. Mac? Starland Vocal Band. That's all I'm saying. CJ's hanging at out Mauvaise Chance apartments and meets Orlin.

At All and Sundries, Orlin needs hangover relief, Giles finds British candy and Anakin buys a turnip bouquet. Is that right? Turnips? Can we get a check to make sure Anakin is still Anakin and not Annie? Because, turnips? Unless you're taking up gardening then...you go with your turnip self!

Birthday Song! )

Thank you, thank you. I'm here all week. And that's all we have from the friendly confines of the Crow's Nest II. I'm John Crichton and I leave you with two things. One, if you need some cheering up? Rory's room. Something's always happening in there. And two? Who else thinks Professor Mrs. Skeeter should just choose one title? Professor Mrs. Rita Skeeter? C'mon, too long! Pick one and reconcile with your husband! Adios everyone!

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