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When Zoe came over the radio this time, she sounded much, much happier than she had the last time.

"Good evening, everyone. This is Principal Washburn with a very important announcement: a cure has been found for the virus. I repeat, a cure has been found for the virus, and is currently being made at town hall. Those who have been sick are receiving the cure as we speak, and are on the way to recovery. Everyone who is not currently at town hall needs to come by and get some of the cure as well, just in case. I look forward to seeing everyone there."

[Obviously, you can handwave coming to get your dose of tea, but if you want to play out coming by and getting some, please go here.]
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Pam: Hi, everyone. It's Pam.

Jim: And Jim. And we're here to bring you the news that hopefully has some bright stuff in it or we may need to make up things about puppies and kitties.

Pam: And maybe little baby birds, too? Those are so cute. They're fluffy!

Jim: And as a last resort, bunnies.

Pam: I like bunnies. Oh, oh, and baby seals. Maybe there were some baby seals in town today?

Jim: That sounds like something that would have happened. It was a cute animal convention. But more on that later.

Pam: Right. For now, classes.

Baby animal parade. )

Jim: Okay, I think there's just one more thing to do before signing off for the night.

Pam: Baby turtles? I like baby turtles.

Jim: Close. Radio squirrels? Come on out. You've done a great job reporting in the hospital and everything. You've kept track of a crazy amount. Come on, radio group hug.

Pam: ...or, you know, a figurative one if you're not into hugging, little squirrels. Night, everyone. Feel better.

Jim: Night! Hey, did you know that squirrels have claws? Enough hugging, ow.
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Okay, so like, maybe I'm paranoid and all, but my throat's been sore all day. It's not supposed to be sore, right? Are the sick people getting sore throats? Because I totally took a Hall's and it's not working, so I eschew hellos today, Fandom, to ask you if this is something I dare go to the clinic for, or if I'm just going to make things worse by going there and exposing myself to all those germs in case I'm just being Little Miss Hypochrondriac. Is there anyone still well in this town? Anyone?

plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaague )
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It took Zoe a few minutes and some pleasantly helpful squirrels to get the radio equipment going, but she didn't sound at all pleased when the broadcast started.

"Good evening, everyone," she said. "This is Principal Washburn. I have an announcement to make, and I know I usually limit myself to the school for this sort of thing, but this is something everyone needs to hear. Earlier today, one of our students, Bart Allen, passed away in the town hall clinic. Bart was a strong young man, and I have no doubt that the doctors and healers at the clinic did everything in their power to try to help him.

"In case it wasn't glaringly obvious by now, this sickness is not the average flu. I've already said this once to the students, and now I'm telling everyone - if you're sick, go to the town hall. Do not stay in your rooms, or your houses, and think that everything will be all right. The only way we can be sure that no one else will die is if we all help each other stay as well as possible.

"I've seen this town band together under the strangest circumstances, and just because we're not up against something we can shoot at, it doesn't mean we can't still be there for each other. I'll be keeping Bart and his friends in my thoughts, and I hope that all of you will do the same."
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Kerrigan: Okay, you good?

Turtle: good as someone who just hacked up a pile of phlegm the size of a half dollar can be.

Kerrigan: I mean to broadcast, for fu-- I said I'm not talking.

Turtle: *after a few coughs, then a sniffle* Yeah, I'b goob. *very loud blowing of nose* You sure you don't want to help, Miss Lieutenant Kerrigan? It goes faster with two people.

Kerrigan: It's just Lieutenant. Miss sounds like I'm up for a freaking modeling competition.

Turtle: Oh! Like ANTM!

Kerrigan: What--?! NO! NO MODELING!

Turtle: Mwa ha-- *cough cough cough* Uggggggh. Right. Here. You read these ones.


Turtle: ....Miss Lieutenant Kerrigan, ma'am?

Kerrigan: What now?

Turtle:, we...we're done. I really, really want to go back to the dor-- *coooooough* Ugh, actually. I know you were gonna take me back to the dorms, but can we pleasepleaseplease just go to the town hall-slash-clinic instead?

Kerrigan: Fine. Try not to pass out on me.

Turtle: I won't! If I do, I'll pay you an extra fifty bucks.

[[ yay and many thanks to [ profile] on_her_korhal for filling in for...err...herself ]]
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Good evening Fandom, you're listening to WTFH Fandom Radio, Seely "Is it flu season already?" Booth broadcasting.

Here comes the nightly plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaague news. )

And that's all the news that's unfit to print, so until next time this is Seely "Has a bad feeling about this" Booth, signing off.

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