Fandom Radio, May 3

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006 09:54 pm
[personal profile] fates_jaye
Jaye: This is Jaye. Who showers daily now and eats food that isn't 80% sugar. I promise. Though I am still finding glitter everywhere.

Peter: And this is Peter who is here just to bug Jaye. Speaking of which, have more glitter.

Jaye: GUUUAYAH!! What do you think you're doing?

Peter: Making you... how would you phrase it? Sparklinated? Yeah, making you that.

Jaye: Out. Now. Out out out out out! My radio show!

Peter: Our radio show tonight.

cut. because. )

Peter: Okay, people, last chance for a hug. Call now! Only you can help me help this poor, mentally disturbed person.

Jaye: Oh my god! Like you're anyone to talk? You think you're a dance craze!

Peter: No, you think I'm a dance craze. I know that everyone is doing the Finals Thing. It's sweeping the nation!

Jaye: Dirty.

Peter: That's why it's sweeping. It's cleaning up the dirt. Okay, this has been your friendly, neighborhood Peter Parker, hugging Jaye and fleeing out the window. GOOD NIGHT FANDOM!

Jaye: ...

...I need to go bathe. And hopefully catch plague.

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