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CONNER: Hey there, -- *cough* -- Fandom! This is Conner McKnight, that's Conner with --

ANDERS: WE KNOW. And this is Anders, here with you on Fandom Sports Radio, except not really. We just like to pretend it is. Don't mind McKnight's voice, you guys. Just pretend he got hacked in the throat during practice or something.

CONNER: I coulda been a contender!

ANDERS: I still don't see why that's so funny, dude.

CONNER: One of these days, you'll be up to date on Earth film classics, I swear. But anyway. On to the broadcast.

Learning the Fundamentals

CONNER: So, Sex Ed. Very useful class, or so I hear, anyway. They got to share what they did with the toys they got for homework, which may or may not have been what they were actually meant for, right, Mister Wastes Half a Bottle of Lube on a Pyramid Ball?

ANDERS: Hey, she said to experiment! We got to make one-night-stand kits in class and talk about them. There were pink bags and everything. Pretty cool selection of things to choose from. It was almost like being in a candy store. A dirty candy store. And oh dude, Sam Winchester totally won a voucher for a free night with a girl at the Fourth Sin. He was properly grateful to Becky for it. And Blair wanted to have a car wash to raise money to buy clothes for the girls Becky saves. Sandburg, you kill me, man.

CONNER: And Screen Acting got video cameras, because you sort of have to do that whole on-screen thing sometime, I guess. My roomie Tim, who probably wonders if I'm still alive sometimes, told Daisy he was going to be out of town next week. I promise not to mess with your stuff, dude. Wilderness Survival lost their shoes and clothes this time, and then had to make their own clothes, which explains that kinda smelly pile of stuff in the corner of your room, huh, dude? And -- whoa, Bridge actually blackmailed Callisto into giving his clothes back.

ANDERS: I don't know whether I'm impressed or terrified. Jewelry class was cancelled, which was probably a bummer to those of you who are all into shiny things, and then the insults were flying in Monologuing, Dialoguing, et cetera. People who are crazy gluttons for punishment --


ANDERS: -- lined up to get insulted by Ivanova, and paired up to insult each other. Blair stopped by after class, too, to talk to Ivanova, hopefully without any insulting going on. Apparently he had a bad weekend. Sucks, man. And Tim told Ivanova he wouldn't be in class next week, either. He dropped by Principal Washburn's office to tell her too. Way to cover the bases, man. Chase, Angela Chase that is, opened the library and offered Isabel some help.

Partying in the Team Hotel

CONNER: River had popcorn for breakfast in the fifth floor common room this morning. Not exactly the breakfast of champions, but hey, if it works for you, right? Pip had some and River told him that mercenaries still have work in her future. That's . . . good to know? I guess? If you're Pip, who also found out from Pippi that Nadia's been different since she got back. Pippi and River did a whole gift exchange thing. Hey, my club team back in Reefside did that one year. It was fun. And then later in the fifth floor common room, Nadia was watching AKA and writing. Pippi asked her about her story, Seras brought sundae fixings -- oooh, sundaes -- and Pippi and Seras talked about their days while Nadia and Walter discussed AKA, which Pip just wanted to make fun of.

ANDERS: Seras was all about the ice cream. Walter and Ivanova, who hadn't met Seras before, both got offered some. I don't know if Pip got ice cream, but he and Seras talked about workshops. And now I want ice cream. And Ivanova told Nadia she . . . what? Didn't have time to miss her? That sounds kinda frakked up. Could just be these notes, but . . . huh.

CONNER: That's kinda brutal. Me and Bel had pizza in the third floor common room, and talked about certain things in pink bags that . . . yeah. And outside the dorms, Willow and Angela met, and Willow was cute with Peter, which is not unexpected but still awesome, Isabel thanked Anakin with brownies, and, uh, Anakin was worrying at Willow about his unemployed turtle. Dawn, you know how we were talking about people believing what they want to believe to keep from going crazy? I'm going to do that now.

ANDERS: You do that. At least we actually have gym news to talk about! Just to keep our barely functional sports theme running! Mitchell and Mars were sparring in there today. Looks like this sent Mitchell to the clinic for the second time today. Dude, there have got to be other places to get some peace and quiet, seriously. At least Trevor's shift at the clinic was a lot quieter. And this bit of trivia from the cafeteria: Blair digs Bagel Bites.

CONNER: Oooooooooookay then. Marty and Angela were snuggly this morning. Snuggly is good. I approve. Zack, on the other hand, might not approve of what he did yesterday, now that he remembers it. Parker and Sakurazaki did the correspondence thing, and Peter Parker was taking down time in his room. Dawn showed Molly her one-night-stand kit and Pippi showed Molly her slinky and at this point I have no idea if the slinky was actually dirtier than the one night stand kit. What? It could be! And Sam Carter was Jack-sitting. I repeat my previous statement.

Post-Victory Party on the Town

ANDERS: Actually, that wasn't the big party, but anyway. We've got a new rookie in town, Calamity Jane, who met Baldrick by the duck pond and had a non-boozey lunch at Luke's. Down in the junkyard, Walter was destroying things, and then he, Pippi, and Old Man were talking about balls. The dance kind, not the kind we play with. Over at All and Sundries Jane stopped in and saw Baldrick again. Aww. Another town rookie, Rosette, thought he was a zombie though. I couldn't really blame you there. Rosette and Chrono, who I'm guessing is also a rookie, made it to the church too. And Cafe Fina was open, and now I'm going to hit the Gatorade before we get to the big huge part of the night.

Veronica's Birthday Victory Bash

CONNER: *shuffles notes* Actually, dude, why don't you go take a lap around the block first?

ANDERS: What? Why?

CONNER: Just go. You still have cupcakes to run off.

ANDERS: Gah, bring the cupcakes into it! Fine! Back in a few. *door opens and shuts*

CONNER: Okay. So. Bel welcomed Nadia back, and she tried to remember his name. Cally wanted to know if she could kiss Nadia again, Bel got a brownie from Piper and a smile from Phoebe, and Parker got an update on Angel from Bel. Apparently my roomie Tim has problems at home, which is what he was telling Piper about, and dude, is that why you're taking off? Ouch. And Piper thanked Draco for coming.

. . . I don't make these things up, guys, I just read them, okay? Callisto, Alanna, Tyler, Coach GOB, and Sam Winchester who actually is kinda cute all ordered drinks from the bar. Pippi ordered . . . something. I assume it's a drink. So did Parker, who talked to Xander, Seras, me, and Cally. Me and Anders were there too, obviously, Chloe and Piper talked about the party, and Pippi pointed Pip presentward.

ANDERS: I'm back! What did I miss?

CONNER: No way was that a whole lap.

ANDERS: I'm fast.

CONNER: Rub it in, why don't you? You get to do the next part. Here.

ANDERS: Okay! So Cally talked to Piper and me. Lana and Piper talked about Veronica and Phoebe. Like, is that an 'and' and, or an AND and? Does that even make sense? No. Okay. Piper and Rory talked about who was keeping Veronica occupied, and my ass is that not dirty, and I told Rory I got her a present. Tyler and Rory talked about the weird weekend that I totally missed. Walter was snarking with Seras, talking to Nadia about what he did while she was gone, discussing hobbies with Cally, and chatting with Pippi and Tyler. Seras and Anakin talked about the Jedi, and among the things Rory and Anakin discussed was getting drunk off water.

CONNER: Dude, I've so seen it happen. So yeah, Tim and Weevil were hanging out in the lounge where all the presents were, before Veronica came in with Cameron and everybody did the surprise thing. She told Piper she did a nice job with the surprise. Walter, Cally, Pip, Weevil, Bel, Lana, Anakin, Phoebe, my boyfriend here, Xander who was surprisingly Bridge-less, Callisto, Nadia, Tim, Parker, Alanna and Faithful, and Seras got in on it. Marty totally didn't believe that she was surprised, though.

ANDERS: Why not? I did. Piper gave Mitchell kudos on keeping Mars occupied and got thanked by the birthday girl. Pip caught up with her, and she totally got it on with Chloe, except no, it was just kissing.

CONNER: Speaking of kissing . . .

ANDERS: Shut up. Nadia apologized for missing Mars's actual birthday, and I talked to her for a little bit too. And -- oh, dammit, Kennedy's back.

CONNER: Ha! That's why they snuck out of the party, I bet.

ANDERS: Great. I'm gonna have nightmares now.

CONNER: Would you rather have ice cream? 'cause we can do that. Even if it means an extra five laps of running tomorrow.

ANDERS: Ice cream sounds good. I'll even do the running tomorrow if I get ice cream now.

CONNER: Ice cream it is. Later, Fandom!
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Hey Fandom! This is Anders, back on the island and on the air without being blackmailed to do it this time, thank you very much. So I get to tell you what happened today! Yeah, I'd be afraid if I were you too. Actually I'm me and I'm kind of afraid. Except not really.

Semi-Educational Type Stuff

So in today's Lying workshop -- and can I say how cool it is that we actually have a class about this? -- everybody got to keep secrets while telling the truth. That's so not that easy. If it were we wouldn't have to learn how. Learning how to knit hats isn't that easy either, and that's what Arts and Crafts did today. I don't know what kind of cause needs knitted hats donated to it, but Hermione has one, and that's what people in the workshop did with the hats they made. Well, I guess keeping people's heads warm is a worthy cause, but dudes, it's summer. And then they wrote in each other's scrapbooks. Dirty, man. Dirty. Madrox's Jacuzzi-rigged birdbath could be seriously dirty too. If you're a bird. Or into watching birds . . . never mind.

Retail 101 talked about their homework, which was to insult each other. That's always fun. Doing inventory, though? Not so much, I'm guessing.

And in the big workshop news, so far nobody has burned down the class in Cooking and Baking. Seriously, that's big news. They made cakes, and Molly and Isabel talked to Piper about substituting water or milk for coffee.

Wait, what? No substituting the coffee out, people! That is so wrong.

Sakurazaki was chowing down in the cafeteria today. I fully approve.

Dorm Living Stuff

There were pancakes this morning! Up in the fifth floor common room, that is. Because Pippi rocks. John Connor was packing in the food, Pippi told Walter all about the weird weekend -- how come I always miss the weird weekends? -- and I was there talking to Pippi and Walter. Sakurazaki is looking for her purpose, apparently, but at least she found breakfast along the way, right? Peter Griffin had fun on Saturday, but I'm not supposed to ask what he used in his hair. Dude, I don't even know what happened on Saturday.Peter Pevensie and Pippi were being psychological and stuff about the people they were on Saturday, and I'm just going to smile and nod like I know what that means even if you can't see me, okay? Sakurazaki told Pevensie he should go see Willow (hiya, cooking study buddy!), and I talked to him some too. Also, Pippi and Sawyer had a food fight and Sawyer is now Captain Syrup. Um. Congratulations?

Aeryn was feeling bad about yesterday, which is not so much congratulations as it is "Yikes, sorry to hear that." Madrox was doing the online chat thing, Jack and Isabel, um, set up a plant in Carter's room, and Sakurazaki got a tuque from Jude, who was worried about Maia. Marie got back really early this morning, Dean called home, and Conner was watching cartoons. Dude, you're back! Awesome! Not that I missed you or anything. Um. How come you didn't call me, man?


Mitchell and Piper stopped to talk to Mars, who I am never talking to again, dude. Demyx was playing with handcuffs. Probably for class, but hey. That's always fun.

And . . . uh . . . *coughs* There's something here about Peter and Willow and grease. Huh? I'm just gonna . . . yeah. I'm leaving that one alone. Sam and Dawn talked about shirtlessness, Greg and Isabel were bein' cute, Rory tried to cheer up Aeryn, and Aeryn and Bridge decided it was a good thing they weren't married. At all, or to each other? I'm . . . kind of scared of both options. No offense, you guys, it's just I try to picture it in my head and my brain kind of stalls.

Alec was sleepy. Which, considering what I've heard about Alec, might actually be news. And Z was playing with Google down in the computer lab.

In my common room on the second floor tonight, this show called Mighty Capin' Justice Magicians was on. Bridge didn't approve of Cally watching it. Dude, why not? It was kinda cheesy, but not that bad. Even with the capes. And the goofy-ass boxing gloves. Z told her it was inaccurate, and told Bridge about finding a picture of her parents on the Internet. You can find pictures of anything on the Internet, just about. We won't talk about some of the things I've found. Cally and Bridge were pretty happy to see me. I kind of confused Z, though, 'cause she didn't hug me. But that's okay. And then Xander showed up and talked to all of us!

And up on the fourth floor, Sakurazaki was watching TV and eating grapes while wearing her new hat, and Ranma stopped in.

Down in the gym, which I need to hit more often for real, Peter Pevensie was working on the heavy bag. Pip taught him some more kicks and found out that Doctor Pevensie is . . . dude, his younger sister? That's. Huh. Every time I think I've run out of things in this town that make me go "bzuh?" I find out I'm wrong. I'm sort of okay with that, really. And Gilmore and Peter apologized and made fencing plans

Stuff Happens in Town, Too

So Nadia's back! You know, I didn't even know she was gone? Well, welcome back anyway! Cally told her about me leaving. Obviously I'm back too. Because I'm talking into the microphone. Pip helped her figure out how long she's been gone, which seriously takes more effort than you'd think it should around this island, and she got to meet Clark and his duck. Walter wasn't sure if it was really her, and Pippi got her all caught up on the weekend which I am still totally confused about. Seras caught up with her, too.

Daisy was hungry and lost in the TARDIS. Greg got Skywalker to skywrite a message for Isabel? Aww. Dude, that's awesome.

Not so much of the awesome? Poor Doctor Cox had to work a double shift at the clinic today. At least it was quiet. So was Cafe Fina.

Caritas wasn't as super crazy as it's been the past few times I've been there, but it was still kinda busy with Parker telling Jarod about what happened on Saturday -- again, still totally clueless on that point -- and Jarod welcoming Nadia back. Dude, did you at least get her a free drink? Gilmore and Peter Parker needed a favor, too, so they were there.

And you know? That's pretty much it. I'm gonna go find some painkillers and pass out now. Night, everybody!
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VERONICA: Good Evening, Fandom. This is Veronica Mars bringing you the news on this lovely Friday. I have two very special guests with me tonight. *sound of indignant squeaking* Okay, three very special guests. Guys?

ANDERS: This is blackmail, Mars.

CONNER: Anybody ever tell you you play dirty?

VERONICA: All the time, boys. Now play nice or those pictures are printed in the next issue of the Fandom High Times.

ANDERS: Oh, frak me.

VERONICA: Well, hey, if you guys want to give me a soundtrack, I can put together a pretty nice video.

CONNER: No! No video! No -- why do you have a doll with you, Veronica?

ANDERS: Why is that doll alive . . . dude, is that Kennedy?!? HA!

CONNER: He's so tiny!

VERONICA: *more indignant squeaks* If you two don't stop, those pictures being public will be the least of your concerns. Why don't you do what I brought you here to do?

ANDERS: Okay, okay, we'll do it, but Mars, your boyfriend's tiny. *snicker*

VERONICA: Yeah, well, what's your boyfriend think about you, Anders?


VERONICA: Yeah, sure, whatever. Start the news.

cut for length )

VERONICA: I guess you want everyone to see these pictures?


VERONICA: Then say goodnight, Gracie.

ANDERS: Who's Gracie? Oh, frak it, McKnight, let's go, we have a plane to catch. Mars here can go have fun with her tiny boyfriend or whatever.

CONNER: Before you two kill each other, yeah. Hasta la vista, Fandom, we're out of here.

VERONICA: *sounds of squeaking* Archie says good night and so do I. Have a good night's sleep, Fandom we're gonna need it.

[ooc: much love to [livejournal.com profile] futurebucs_star and [livejournal.com profile] connernotconnor for bringing the snark tonight. Archie totally modded with permission, omg!]
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BRIDGE: Hello, Fandom! Bridge Carson here, on this lovely... yes, it's a Tuesday. And I haven't done a broadcast for a couple of weeks. Did you miss me?

Workshops, Where People Learned Stuff

BRIDGE: In Scoobying today, Willow was kidnapped, oh noes! But it's okay, because we came up with our own superhero teams using people from the school, and then teamed up with each other and went to go rescue her, yay!

In First Aid, people worked on patching up accident victims at a Fourth of July picnic in the pool, picnic area, or playground. There were apparently not very many badgers. In the Space Ninja's class, people shot stuff with the bows of their choice, talked, and left gifts for her.

In Writing, Chloe had everyone write romance stories. Kawalsky talked fanfic with Cam and Marie. What's fanfic? It sounds... interesting, I guess. Marie and Cam talked about stuff, as did Chloe and Cam, and then everyone turned in their assignments.

In Campfire Songs & Stories, Ted and Hamlet told stories, and Ted tells everyone that it's his last class ev- wait! What's going to happen to Earl? I need to know, dude. The Documentary class finished editing their projects and then presented them. Good job, guys!

In the cafeteria, Sawyer ate lunch.

I'm now turning you over to Anders, who will tell you all about what happened in the dorms and town today. Except the beach party, which I'll get to after.

Dorms, Where People Live and Stuff

ANDERS: Hey, guys, this is Anders, and you know what? Boogie boarding rocks. But that's not why I'm here. I don't know why I'm telling you all about what happened in the dorms today since I was out at the beach, but hey, I don't write these notes, I only read 'em. Anyway, it was really quiet in the dorms. Not surprising, since frakking well all of you were out at Galactica Point.

A few people were in their rooms though! Ranma was in bed until Sakurazaki talked him into going to the beach party. River had a date with Tyler, and worked on a raft with Pippi, and Callisto was hung over, but dude, these notes say she might try and kill people later. Uh, that can't be good.

And people were emaily. Cameron, Peter Parker, and Willow all did the correspondence thing today.

Nadia, who kind of rocks, was bein' thoughtful this morning and speaking of being thoughtful, she checked on Pip, who has the flu and dude, that sucks. He also told Pippi all about how the French rock and Americans suck. Um. I'm just gonna plead Article Twenty-Three here, 'cause I have no idea. Walter escorted Seras home from the clinic. Glad you got out of there, Seras! Hope that jerky guy who was there when I brought you in didn't give you too much grief. And Seras's roommate, Gwynn, was waiting for Pippi this morning.

Cedric was hanging out in Jack's room tonight, and John and a kinda cranky Aeryn made it back from the party.

And seriously? That's, like, all that went on in the dorms today. That I know of.

Oh, wait. Walter dropped Pup off with Seras tonight before heading out of town. Bummer. Come back safe, man, okay?

Stuff in Town That Probably Didn't Involve Sand

ANDERS: And it's me again! Sparky Repairs was open, and probably, um, sparky, since John Connor -- that's with an O-R, and that's his last name, as opposed to Conner with an E-R who is not my boyfriend, okay -- was making fireworks while he was on the clock. River and Pippi were poking around in the junkyard, and I don't think they ran into a tentacle monster there this time. Seriously? No more tentacles. For a really, really long while.

So apparently Walter is on some kind of mission, which he talked about with Alfred at Cafe Fina before he left. Seriously, man . . .look after yourself, okay?

Whoa, and dude! Rory's mom is having a baby! Congratulations, seriously. That's awesome.

Beach Party, Where People Did Beach Stuff

BRIDGE: And now? The Fourth of July party, which I'm fairly sure like 99% of the island population turned up for.

Officer Lion-Girl was there, and Buffy talked to her about a poster. Sawyer was also there, and he and Tempe were cute. Tim informe Sawyer that he is a spaz in flip flops, and Clark was there and talked to Sakurazaki about ducks. Then there was Isabel, who organized the whole thing!

She refused Tim's offer to start a water fight in favor of being adorable with Greg, apparently. Buffy and Isabel talked about how their ritual worked! My notes don't say anything about whether this "ritual" was dirty or not, but you know what? I'm gonna go with not. Dawn was also there, and Buffy thought she should cover up more.

Draco was there, Buffy helped him with sunscreen and Tim thought he was pale. Buffy got Alec to, and I quote, "rub her down" and I'm pretty sure that is dirty. Gwynn, who Tim remembers, is there and complimented Pippi. Tyler was also there, and Tim threatened to kick his ass if he hurt River. Um. Okay.

Seras was there, and talked to Nadia, Tim, Pippi, and Stark. Sakurazaki was there too! Ranma was there but was a girl, who Tim noted was quite pale. Peter Parker? Also there. As was Cedric. Rory was too, and she talked to Anakin about sunscreen, Anders about relationships, Tim about paleness- you know, I'm beginning to note a pattern here- and Officer Lion-Girl about weird families and friends and relationships.

Marie and Lana were both sunning, but Stark chose to hang out under an umbrella. Hat-Girl and Cam were there and adorable. Xander and I were there too, and talked to Cally about... stuff. *pause*

Anyway. Moving on. The volleyball tournament had Jude and Sakurazaki facing off against Joxer and Anders, Buffy and Dawn versus Sam and Dean, and Peter Griffin and Walter against Pippi and Conner.

Over in the music tent, Fraser and Clark hung out, and Sam and Buffy danced and talked about Christmas. At the bonfire, Tim was requesting some non-scary stories. And off in the dark, Sakurazaki and Jude's attempt to get some alone time is foiled by Ranma, who is apparently stalking them.

Over by the food tables, Alfred gave Pippi some tasty "not dirty" pie. Yes, my notes actually specify not dirty this time. Walter told Alfred he needed some time off, and Wonka didn't find Alfred's food disgusting. Yay? Sakurazaki warned Ranma that she'll get heartburn if she keeps eating like that. Whatever "like that" means.

John was swimming around like a dork, and Tim tried to squirt him with a watergun. Pippi and Tim fought ramen or something. Aeryn was also swimming, and John attempted to use a pickup line on her. Aeryn was surprised that John, Greg, and Peter managed to survive after what they got up to last night. Anakin and Aeryn discussed water, drunkenness, and Coruscant. Cam and Aeryn talked about Cam's trip.

Nadia was there, and was splashed by Pippi. Anakin was also there, and was annoyed by Tim. Hat-Girl talked to Anakin about the Coruscant trip, and Cally talked to him about machinery. Greg and Isabel were splashy-splashy and Bel was... hairy. And also splashy with Isabel, but not in a flirty way. Back to people who were splashy in a flirty way, there was Alec and Officer Lion-Girl, and Phoebe and Bel.

There was more non-flirty splashing by Ranma and Sakurazaki and Cally and Archie. Archie was also floating around with Veronica. Cally was admiring Walter's shorts while Pippi was trying to make him trip. Also, Anders and Cedric learned how to boogie board.

During the fireworks, Tim told Nadia that fireworks remind him of alien ships blowing up. Um, I'm not sure if that's the kind of thing to be saying when you go to a school with aliens, dude. Greg and Isabel looked at fireworks and made out, and Anders and Conner totally snuggled. I am a fan of snuggling. Not with either of them, I mean, I have my own person to do that with. I'm just talking on principle here.

On that note, I think I'm gonna go do that. Bye, everyone!
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CONNER: Hey, everybody! Welcome to another edition of Sports Night on Fandom Radio! This is Conner with an E-R McKnight and Anders who still won't tell me his first name, and we're filling in for Bridge Carson tonight because, um, because.

ANDERS: We actually have no idea where he is. But anyway.

CONNER: Hey, you know, if Bridge was here we could be A --

ANDERS: Don't go there, man.

CONNER: Okay, okay, touchy, geez. Anyway, here's today's scores and game recap. )

CONNER: So yeah, I think that's all for tonight. Wow, there wasn't a whole lot of sports stuff going on, although tomorrow? I am so there for the Germany-Argentina game. It's going to be awesome.

ANDERS: You and your soccer. I swear.

CONNER: You're one to talk, Pyramid-boy. But we're out of stuff to talk about. Any last words, Anders?

ANDERS: Yeah. The moon is going to Mars in a go-kart on vacation.

CONNER: . . .

ANDERS: Never mind. Have a good night, Fandom, we're out of here. Stuff to do. You know how it is.

CONNER: Gremlins for the win!
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CONNER: Hey everybody, and welcome to Sports Night here on Fandom Radio! Well, sort of. This is Conner McKnight -- that's Conner with an E-R -- and . . . what's your first name again, dude?

ANDERS: It's not important.

CONNER: That is so not your line. Anyway, this is the McKnight and Anders show, and we're filling in for Bridge Carson tonight because. Why are we filling in for him again?

ANDERS: Because he went out of town for a few days. Can we get on with it?

CONNER: . . .

ANDERS: With the radio show, you frakhead. *sighs* Yeah, okay.

So here we go. )

ANDERS: And that's pretty much it tonight, guys. I gotta go, 'cause there's still a little bit of my birthday left and I might have some celebrating to do.

CONNER: Anders, tell me something. Why is it that I'm still single and a dumb jock like you isn't?

ANDERS: . . . Yeah. Okay, bye.

CONNER: What? What?

*sounds of scuffling, possibly wrestling, and a microphone getting knocked over just before the signal goes dead*
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Bridge: Once again, ladies and gentlemen and assorted others of Fandom, it's ABC Damage Control bringing you the hows and whys and wheres of today's happenings!
Anders: And maybe even the whos and whats! Seriously, Cally's actually here, she's just mostly quiet.
Bridge: It's entirely possible. So... let's start with classes.

Classes and Schooly-Type Stuff!

Anders: Which I totally did not have today, because -- dude, where did Doctor Oliver go? Not that I know why I'm asking you.
Bridge: He probably had a top-secret mission or something. Um, speaking of teachers who aren't in class, neither is Professor Cregg, who has her students watch a movie instead.
Anders: And neither was Professor Camulus, 'cause Phoebe's still covering Celtic Studies. What's up with the missing teachers, dude?
Bridge: Really, really important secret mission?
Anders: Oh, Lords. What if they've got some kind of huge evil midterm exam torture plan?
Bridge: Well, then we'll just have to form, like, the Magical Fandom High Midterm Attack Squad and fend them off.
Anders: Just don't call it a study group or people will get confused. Anyway. History of Art watched movies today too. I bet they had corners.
Bridge: ...corners?
Anders: Never mind. What's Forensics, dude? 'cause your notes here say that Professor Sidle was happy during that class, like there's something kind of weird about being happy during Forensics.
Bridge: Well, it's like, science-y stuff that you do to help solve crimes and stuff. And crimes aren't like, happy stuff, and neither is going against your personal convictions, which is what they talked about in Journalistic Integrity today.
Anders: And Journalism 101 talked about their friends. Is that news? What is news is that Professor MacGyver has a tail. At least, I think that's news. 'cause I don't think he had one before. I would've noticed, right?
Bridge: We had a class with him all last semester, and I'm pretty sure there wasn't a tail then, dude.
Anders: Yeah, I think you're right. It would've gotten in the way of a lot of stuff. But yeah, he was talking to Grissom about it, and Janet and Liz went to visit Professor Pierson, and hey! You dropped by Professor Calendar's office!
Bridge: I totally did. And unlike last week, I looked like me at the time. Uh, what do those notes say about the announcements? I think the Detention Lottery, uh, "winner" (and you can totally hear the airquotes) was supposed to be announced today or something.
Anders: Yeah. Ouch. Sorry 'bout that, Blair.

Bridge: Sucks, dude. Okay, moving right along, we've got the library. Which was opened by Janet today. Pippi came by with candy, and then Angela and Janet talked about candy and freakishness, like maybe they're connected in some weird way.
Anders: I haven't been in the library in a while. I should do that in case people start thinking I can't read again. Parker was there, reading about sailing and being horrified by Kennedy . . . I mean, by the cast for the play, which Alanna wanted a copy of. And Professor Jackson was there talking to Janet.

Bridge: Today's Student Council meeting was run by Dean Washburn, who I still haven't met... actually, I haven't met any of the school administrators except for Zordon. Weird. Or maybe that's a good thing? Um, anyway, today they discussed the possibility of school trips that would be able to include the sunphobic.
Anders: What the frak is sunphobic? I missed out on Bel brooding in the TA lounge, dude. Should I be glad? 'cause apparently he had awkwardness with Phoebe, who was talking to Lana about, um . . . what the frak does that say?
Bridge: Um, chemical compositions? And rocks? They were talking about the chemical compositions of rocks!
Anders: Well, that kinda rocks. Isabel and Bel-dude were talkin' about Angelus for some reason, before this MoralityBot thing of Nadia's got sicced on Bel.

Dorm Life is Wacky, Guys!

Bridge: Professor Cregg is moving in to the dorms. So I guess that explains why she's not in class today, she was busy moving! There goes your theory about evil midterm plotting, dude.
Anders: And there were flowers. Lots of 'em. For Mitchell, Isabel, Allie, and Blair. And there was this MoralityBot thing that, um, we'll get into later. But I bet it doesn't dispense candy.
Bridge: I'm pretty sure it didn't, yeah. Um.... Cam and Hat-Girl played tag with marshmallows. What? Oh, oh, marshmallow *guns*. That makes sense, then.
Anders: But it still sounds dirty. Especially with Jaye getting caught in the middle.
Cally: ...that makes it sound even dirtier, champ.
Bridge: I'm pretty sure Officer Lion-Girl was not in the middle of anything dirty.
Anders: You never know with Tyler, though. Dude, Blair was helping Professor Cregg unpack booze? And going to the movies with Molly? I really kinda hope THAT wasn't dirty.
Bridge: Okay. Moving on, moving on, moving ooooooon. Pippi and Walter conducted experiments with disappearing things and spaghetti. Right then. Seriously, the longer I am at this school, the less things make sense.
Anders: That's when you try not to think about 'em. And Professor Tick-dude's goldfish died? Suck! I guess there was a funeral for it and Rory was herding people to go.
Bridge: Oh yeah, I was totally there. Um. And Archie, uh, showed up. At the last minute. To pay his respects.
Anders: Should I be glad I missed it?
Bridge: In a word... yes.
Anders: Yeah. Let's just not go there. Kind of like I didn't go to the wake for the goldfish in the common room which was right next door to my room. Because, um, I was kind of busy.
Cally: Me too.
Bridge: Yeah, and three guesses as to what you guys were busy with. And the first two don't count.
Anders: Dude, I bet other people were busy too.
Bridge: Other people... and animals. Seriously, I was an animal magnet today, or something.
Anders: Don't wanna know, dude. Let's focus on the people. Like Veronica and Piper talking about the recent weirdness. As opposed to the usual weirdness, I guess. And Nadia was bein' all squeaky.
Bridge: Cam... reflected. Did he get turned shiny or something? That'd qualify as recent weirdness, dude.
Anders: Probably. I haven't seen him today though. "Environmental defense" sounds like something weird, though, and it was what Pip was teaching Blair.
Bridge: Kiki and Phoebe were doing "witchy spelly" things. Is that weird?
Anders: Around here? Nah. But if Alphonse was literally "hanging" like these notes say, that could be weird.
Bridge: Victor stopped by Lana's and they talked about...tongues. Okay, not gonna ask.
Anders: Also, camcorders. Which is a weird combination. Weirder than Lana and Bel talking in theories, whatever that means, or Isabel and Angel talking about Bel. Callisto dropping by Angel's? Definitely not weird.

Seriously? Town is Weird Too!

Bridge: So, I wonder if anything weird happened in town. Well, especially weird, anyway, because weird is normal around here, as we have previously established. Huh, the bakery was unusually busy today. And unusual is another word for weird.
Anders: Frakkin' Jeff's, man. Everybody was there except me. What's up with that? Except Echolls was, like, bumping into a bunch of people. Maybe even literally.
Cally: I wouldn't mind him bumping into me, some time...
Anders: What?
Cally: Kidding! Kidding!
Bridge: There were some serious clumsiness issues today ... and then Logan fell down and hit, like, everybody.
Anders: Ow. Down at Sparky Repairs -- dude, we have competition? Nadia and Orlin were there, and Pippi was talking about the Internet with Agatha. You can get some seriously frakking cool stuff on the Internet, dude.
Bridge: But probably not anything that dispenses candy even if it's not supposed to. I'm just sayin'...
Anders: Or, you know, milkshakes. Or other drinks. Like our stuff does. Yeah, um, that was totally an ad. What is not an ad is that Orlin's, like, everywhere or something, 'cause he was buying pet stuff at All and Sundries, and Lilah was at work. Which had nothing to do with what I said before that.
Bridge: You totally should have mentioned that shouty dude was at the park, too, after you mentioned the pet stuff.
Anders: I couldn't read that part of the notes, dude, Cally's arm's in the way.
Cally: Sure, blame me, champ. Sheesh.
Anders: Hey, I kinda like your arm where it is. Lucas didn't really like the music at his own record store today, though.
Bridge: Awww. I hate when that happens. Not that it happens at all, because I don't own a music store, but if I did... yeah. And Giles seems to be having store-related issues today too, because that bookstore with the name I can't pronounce was closed.
Anders: Anybody who knows how to pronounce it? I will buy you cupcakes. Wait, that's not really a bribe, is it? And that Jarod dude got a phone call down at the Fourth Sin. I never get phone calls. How come I don't get phone calls?
Bridge: ...because everyone you know lives in the same building as you? We could just knock, dude.
Anders: Oh, good point. Heh. Looks like the theater was busy in a whole different kinda way today, too. But I'm so not touching that one.
Bridge: What? I'm sure Blair and Hat-Girl were just hanging out and doing totally innocent... things that people who are fourteen do.
Anders: As opposed to totally not-innocent things like Mitchell and Tyler were up to. Okay. I seriously had to say that part, 'cause, dude, Kennedy . . . in your face, man.
Cally: The sound you just heard was me smacking my boyfriend in the back of the head, folks.
Bridge: Accompanied by me facepalming. Because I should have seen that coming.

Anders: I am so ganged up on. So Bel, dude, I feel your pain about that MoralityBot thing we're going to talk about now.

Bot of Morality, Turn, Turn, Turn!

Anders: Apparently it chased him through the dorms, and again, I missed it! Victor got video footage, though, which I'm gonna have to see. How do I miss these things?
Bridge: Don't ask me dude. Hell, I miss them half the time too.
Anders: Well, Nadia didn't miss Marty, 'cause she ran into him while she was running away from Bel. And I guess Marty rescued the bot from Bel, too. I bet they were glaring at each other . . . dude! You said hell again!
Bridge: Am I not allowed to? Hell, hell, frakking hell! So there.
Anders: Hold me, coach, I'm scared.
Bridge: I'm totally rolling my eyes here. Anyway, I guess that was the thing that came through the common room during the wake for RT, it was muttering about minding our Ps and Qs or something. And it spat glitter at me!
Anders: Obviously somebody was emo and the bot didn't like it. Again, I'm wondering how I missed this.
Cally: You were kinda tied up at the time, champ.
Anders: Um. Speaking of tying things up, there's a couple of things to mention about the clinic and we're tying things up for the night.
Bridge: Namely, that no one stopped by today. Wow, we managed to get by today without a major injury! Go us! We should have one of those signs.
Anders: That was the town clinic, anyway. Janet talked to Doctor Pevensie in the school clinic and Mitchell stopped in for a counseling session. And seriously, if Bridge here says "hell" one more time? I'm gonna need counseling too.
Bridge: Hell.
Anders: Okay, I lied. But seriously, dudes, we're tapped out here.
Cally: So this is me shutting off the radio, before these two dumb boys take up any more of your time. Goodnight folks.
Anders and Bridge: Dumb? Hey!!!

[identity profile] bridge-carson.livejournal.com
Bridge: Hello Fandom! Tonight's broadcast is brought to you by the letters A, B, and C. Or, okay, it's actually just A and B.
Anders: Yeah, 'cause guess what? Seriously, this is news. Cally is actually not attached to me at the hip. Like, she's not even here right now.
Bridge: Seriously, that'd be weird if she really was. And probably uncomfortable.
Anders: Well, yeah, which is why I don't get why everybody keeps saying th -- anyway, moving on. Seriously, dude, nobody wants to hear us just talk at each other when there's actual stuff to talk about.

Bridge: Right! It's Sunday today, so no classes, haha! However, in the dorms? Stuff totally did happen.

Seriously, Stuff Totally Happened in the Dorms

Bridge: Like, for example, Quinn got some roses. From Marty. Who is apparently back together with Angela. Yay!
Anders: He is? Dude. Cool. Way to go, Blank!
Bridge: John Connor... well, all it says here is that he woke up. Dude, was he in a coma or something? Because I woke up this morning too, and that's not on the radio- well, except now it is I guess.
Anders: Waking up is news now? I guess so, 'cause around here, y'know, sometimes you wake up a week later, or something.
Bridge: I actually think that happened to me once, way back in September. Huh. Hey, speaking of sleep-related things, Janet, Liz, and Sam were apparently talking about recurring dreams. And hey, Archie woke up too! Yay?
Anders: He did? Damn. I mean, uh, yeah. Way to go, Kennedy. (See, I'm tryin', coach!)
Bridge: Down in the gym, Alanna practiced swordfighting. I guess everyone else was feeling kind of lazy today, because she was the only one there.
Anders: I can definitely say I was feelin' lazy today.
Bridge: As was I! I didn't even leave my room today. Hell, I'm still in my room.
Anders: Dude, did you just say -- OMG KIDS' SHOW! Dude. You said hell.
Bridge: Would you prefer frak?
Anders: Look, just 'cause you've suddenly decided you like kissing people . . .

Bridge: Hey, there was so totally nothing sudden about me liking to kiss people.
Anders: It's news to me. But sidetracking again. Gimme those notes. What's next? Hey, Pippi was making pancakes. I should learn to do that sometime.
Bridge: Mmm, pancakes. Well, hmph, now I want some. Thaaaanks, dude. Moving on, Han was... does that say boiling a small child in a kettle of mead? What? Does that even make sense? Who wrote these notes?
Anders: I didn't know kids were an ingredient in -- dude, if that has something to do with our sociology projects, I'm not complaining about having to do the Polish wedding any more.
Bridge: Uh, wedding? Dude, I am so out of the loop.
Anders: Trust me, in this case, be glad. Right. And in the second floor common room that we're totally not actually in for once . . .
Bridge: We had Rory watching TV. And Vladdie has an invisible friend. Which is cool, if that's your thing, I guess. Cam was kind of grumpy and hungover. Marty and Angela are... apparently giving you and Cally some competition in the schmoop department?
Anders: What? Competition? Dude, NO WAY.
Bridge: We should totally have, like, a schmoop-deathmatch. Because, jeez, we've also got Angel giving Callisto a backrub, and Archie and Jaye being all couple-y.
Anders: No schmoop deathmatching when I'm not around. Who else was in there?
Bridge: Peter, Elizabeth, and Cally. But not you. Thus further disproving the "joined at the hip" theory.
Anders: Wait, wait, wait. Archie was in there talking to Cally? Kennedy! You motherfrakker! I'm gonna -- notdoanythingtoyou'causeIpromisedIwouldn't. Dammit.

Bridge: I'm sure it was totally innocent, dude.
Anders: Yeah, but I bet he has, like, sea cooties or something.
Bridge: ... sea cooties?
Anders: Never mind, dude. I'm just gonna change the subject and point out that Sean and Vladdie were being all cute and puppyish, too. But considering Cally was in there, they weren't the cutest things in the room, least if you ask me.
Bridge: *laughs* Yeah, and I'm sure that's a totally impartial opinion you're giving there.
Anders: I refuse to be impartial on that subject. But people were doing a whole bunch of emailing today. Like Blank, and Parker, and Parker -- uh, Peter. Oh. Hahaha, dude, Crichton, you frakked up Aeryn's laundry? See, this is why I don't buy bleach, like, ever. Oh, and I dunno what the Olympics are, but Lyta and Ivanova were watching 'em in the third floor common room.
Bridge: Oh man, that's right! Take it from me guys, you'll want to be watching this year.
Anders: Watching what? Why?
Bridge: The Olympics, dude! It's like, this big interplane- international sports competition.
Anders: Sports competition? This is a sports thing and nobody told me? Oh man, you are all fired.
Bridge: Oh yeah, dude! I think maybe no-one told you because we suspected you'd spend the next couple of weeks, like, glued to the TV if you found out.
Anders: Was anybody else watching the Olympics that nobody told me about and so I hate you all now? Oh, Piper and Veronica were. Seriously, you guys. Fired. Even if I don't know you, Piper.
Bridge: Dude, at least you know now, though? And let's move on, 'cause we've got lotsa stuff to cover here.
Anders: Yeah, like, um, my Beautification Committee boss-dude bein' broody on the roof, and Walter and Victor being, um, emo? No way, dude, Vic always seems so cheerful when I talk to him. That's weird. Huh. Oh cool, and Angela dropped by to visit Al.

Bridge: Hey, it says here that Ivanova woke up too! But I think that's different in this case, because apparently she was asleep for like, days. Good job on waking up, then!
Anders: See? See? I told you! Wow, Ivanova, weren't you all, like, super hungry after that? 'cause wow.
Bridge: She should make pancakes. Heh.
Anders: Stop making me hungry, dude. Hey, Mac, or one of the Macs anyway 'cause I think we have a bunch now, is going home for a few days. Maybe she'll make pancakes while she's there.
Bridge: You're hungry? I'm hungry! Especially since it says here that Xander went off to buy doughnuts or something.
Anders: Yeah, and it says something about his manly handwriting too, but I don't know what that has to do with doughnuts. And I don't wanna know either. Oh, and not that this has anything to do with doughnuts that I know of, but Mars stopped in to talk to Crichton about Skeeter. And I think that's all for the dorms and stuff.
Bridge: Dude, no, you skipped something. See? *papers rustling*
Anders: Aw, frak, I did. 'cause Mitchell apparently slept in the TA lounge, which is technically not part of the dorms but whatever 'cause he was sleeping, until Isabel came by and woke him up this morning, all hung over. Mitchell was hung over, I mean, not Isabel. That I know of.

Bridge: Okay, that's all the dorm-related news for real now. So we're moving on to...

Town, where some other stuff totally happened.

Anders: All kinds of stuff happened at the movie theater today. Holy frak. Where they were showing Return of the Living Dead 3. Seriously, if they return that many times I don't know if you should even use the word "dead" any more.
Bridge: Hey, speaking of the Living Dead, Cam had to work while still dealing with his hangover. Sucks, dude.
Anders: Last time I was hung over it turned out pretty well for me, but I guess that doesn't always work for everyone, huh? That new dude with the hat, what's his name? Fraser? Yeah, he was there, and Harris, and Harper. Um, who's Harper? And -- HA! Dude! Blair got Jaye to go out on a date with him? And Jaye was hitting on Fraser? Take that, Kennedy.
Bridge: Um, there was also this really grumpy dude and some guy who shouted a lot, and I think that's everyone.

Anders: Stuff happened outside the theater, too. Like Blair and Nadia on a date at the best bakery ever, Jeff the God of Biscuits -- Blair, dude, are you trying to beat Mars's record or something? And somebody named Natalie hanging out in the park at night, and Parker and Jarod at the Perk which is not the park.
Bridge: The shouty dude from the movie theatre talked to Nadia at the record store about the radio. Dude... don't blame us, we're just reading from the notes here.
Anders: And Blair got talked about a bunch by Pip and Nadia and then Veronica and Nadia, which is sort of not surprising considering he's on this crazy date spree or something.
Bridge: Serial dating, maybe? Peter stops by that shifty-looking-guy's place and drops something off. I'm pretty sure I don't wanna know what that's about. I'm kind of scared, actually.
Anders: And there was breakfasty stuff with some guy named Giles, and laundry stuff for Natalie, and, um, dirty stuff with shouty dude and grumpy dude.
Bridge: Maybe they should do laundry, then. Or something.
Anders: Yeah, that's kind of a good idea, afterward. Anyway, um, Parker and that guy who was singing outside the window the other week were out at Selkie Cove, and the scary dean who could kill me with her pinky dropped by the emergency clinic to talk to some dude named Tommy.
Bridge: I didn't know Dr. O worked at the- oh, there's another dude with the same name. That's confusing.
Anders: Doctor O? That sounds dirty. And there was brunch. At Wonka's. And a whole frakton of people were there. Like Pippi and Alfred and the Baron, and Xander, and Jay and Silent Bob, and Zhaan, and Ivanova, and some of those freaky troopers. But Valerii doesn't think they're freaky, I guess, 'cause she was ogling them. Just not at Wonka's.

Bridge: Uh, and is it just me or do these notes say something about a chocolate monkey?
Anders: Uh. Yeah. Moving on. Except I don't think we have anything left to move on to. Oh, but this one note about Parker and Jarod being cute. Okay, seriously, you guys, stop trying to out-cute me and Cally already.

Bridge: Seriously, people. I'm saying... schmoop-deathmatch. No, okay, actually, I'm just saying goodnight. Goodnight!
Anders: Yeah, so am I, 'cause I'm not falling asleep in your room, dude. No offense, but even if RIC is a cool broadcast toy? He's just not that cuddly.
Bridge: Yeah, I'm... totally with you on that one, actually. Goodbye and goodnight, everyone!
fates_jaye: (you get my suspicious face)
[personal profile] fates_jaye
Jaye: Hi! This is Jaye and friends, who are totally not up to any mischief, and you’re not actually hearing any of this, and we did not hijack the radio frequency to tell you what’s happened since last week. Nope. Definitely not.

cut for length, because omg )

[Preplayed in chat with all involved parties. Much thanks to those of you who jumped on the link grabbing omg so fast, and especial thanks to [livejournal.com profile] likeguidelines for letting us do this. *blows kisses*]

[ETA: So the links are causing problems. And I have no idea how, as the coding is actually right. *boggles at LJ* FIXED, OMG.]

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