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Anakin: All right, all right, I'm here, stop poking me! Where's the normal broadcaster?


Anakin ...1915. Of course she is. Very well, hand me the notes. Zinzi--new person?--

*more chittering*

Anakin: newish person, talked to her sloth about getting a second job and an apartment to live in. Excellent ideas, especially as the Troopers get a little upset if people are sleeping on park benches. Something about a city ordinance violation. And in the dorms Fredward--really?--

*even more chittering*

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE NAME ANAKIN. Fredward had set up a slip-n-slide through the fourth floor hallway.

*sounds of someone smacking their head into a desk*

Of course he did. Bo's problem, not mine. Rapunzel was eager to give it try, and Raven and she talked about how few people were left in the dorms this break before Raven brought up Freddie's web show. The internet kind, not the Spider-man kind. Sam wished to know if the--I'd so been hoping to avoid mentioning what he'd been using to make the slip-n-slide go--lubricant he'd found was edible. Anna wanted to know what a slip-n-slide was.

And that's all we have!


But I'm not on the trip. Why should I report it? One second, please, Fandom.

*sound of phone ringing*

Ben: Urmf?

Anakin: This is your grandfather. There will be a ---


Anakin: Yes, that. You're doing radio.


Ben: ...thanks. Okay. Yesterday in Rio, Kenzi woke Toby up by tossing waffles at his head. Seems like a waste of delicious waffles to me. Then Kenzi dragged Peter out to have fun--oh, you did the helicopter ride! That was pretty astral, huh? And Juliet tried to shower all of the glitter off. I'm still finding glitter on me from Monday's parade. That stuff's worse than sand in the getting everywhere department. Bruce, Cara and Daenerys were all in the spa, and Juliet and Jeremy wondered if their dad could buy the hotel. If we're invited back, yes please! Out in Rio, a good chunk of you were out at the beach, and Lex and Kate played volleyball and talked about superhero identities and the value of a properly packed utility belt. Tara, Dany and Annie all went for walks in the rainforest, and Hanna and Elphaba went on the helicopter tour, too. Ender and Chuck chose to explore some of the outlying islands by boat. Can I go back to sleep now?


Ben: So that's a no. Last night, the pool was the place to be. Bruce was lounging by the pool still--he was there all day?

*slightly shifty sounding chittering*

Man, I'd be the color of a lobster if I did that. He tried to explain the concept of relaxing to Cara, and I did the same thing to my cousin Anakin. Blysse and Anakin agreed to not go into the pool--something about the water smelling weird--and I caught up with her and Blind Seer. Bruce wanted to know if I'd gotten anyone else on tape since Topher's dance--the answer is no-- and Anakin scared Hanna by having the same face as someone she knew at home. Oh, tough break. I hate when that happens. Hanna and Bruce also decide that the pool was so busy because we were all tired of partying. Well, we pool people might have been, but Stacey was at the club looking for a boy, Dany was on the beach with her dragons, and Miley, Dave, Annie and Summer were all at a soccer game. Miley had to confirm that this was the game with kicking.

*long pause*

Ben: Yeah, on that note I'm going back to bed. Don't get too sunburnt, people. Trust me about that: it hurts.

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