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*sounds of chittering and shoving*

Electroclash: –– your [MICROPHONE FEEDBACK] paws off me! Jesus [MICROPHONE FEEDBACK] Christ! ... Wait. Is this the radio station?

*more chittering*

Electroclash: What?

*even more chittering* *rustling of paper*

Electroclash: Ugh, fine. Whatever gets me back to my coffee the fastest. This stack of notes looks pleasantly slim, at least.

*chitter* *sound of phone ringing* *click*

Electroclash: Oh what n--

Natalie: Hello? I was just handed this phone and some notes by a really pushy squirrel, so I guess I'm probably talking to someone back in Fandom.

Electroclash: Electroclash. At the radio station. Kidnapped. Also, we're on the air.

Natalie: ... Okay. Guess we should get to radio then.

Electroclash: If we must.

Supremely disinterested sounding Brit/Canadian Radio! )

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