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Fandom, this is the Hero of the Spaceways, Han Solo, coming to you live from Deneb City Spaceport. We’ve had a busy day shopping here--Anakin, I got you a new banthabell--and we’re just about to head out for dinner, so let me catch you up before I go.

Looks like it’s been quiet around since I’ve been off world, what with our usual Port of Call, the classrooms, closed for the holidays.

Back in the Crew Quarters:

6 is interviewing Callisto to be his new roomie. Callisto, honey, you better find out if it comes with two bunks or a double.

Death had Lisa Cuddy over for a late Thanksgiving dinner. Excuse me if I check your pulse next time, darlin’, cause nothin good ever comes of eating with Death.

CallynAnders are being Cute. This time they’re putting together the frame of a Viper her da sent. Then the gremlins beat them to the test flight. Cally, doll, you get into any trouble with wiring, you know where to find me.

And there’s a game of Strip Triad in the second floor common room. I didn't get invited. Twelve hands and Cally’s won, but the gremlins stole the clothes. Looks like the gremlins win, kids.

House and Wilson are broody and romantic, which is what they do best. And Veronica helped Angel set up his voice mail. Talk about your slow news days, next we'll be talkin' about his hair-gel.

Out in port:

At Caritas:
Veronica got her work schedule set up and sings.

And the
singing gym teacher, Mr. McLeod is flirting with the new psych teacher, Ms. Calendar. Better find out if she keeps eyeless dolls around before you get serious there.

Lorne and Ms. Calendar are talking about mutual friends. On an island this small, if you don’t know everyone, you ain’t trying.

At Spikes:
The crazy doll-lady, Drusilla, her pal Darla, and Tex have all stopped in. I wouldn’t take bets on it being a quiet drink, people.

That’s all they sent by StellNet. (Soft voice in the background) I got a dinner date, folks. Clear skies and happy landings from the Hero of the Spaceways. *sound of an engine going to lightspeed*

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