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Wait, Mr. Hardison refused to come in to do the day's broadcast? But there are maybe four notes! And I'm right in the middle of making a casserole for dinner later tonight! Can't you find someone else?

*Sigh* Oh all right. I can take his shift for one day. But only because this will be quick. And I needed to stop by the store for a few ingredients anyway. How am I supposed to mull cider without whole cloves?

*Enthusiastic squirrel chittering*

No, I'm not going to put rum in it. Mulled cider is perfectly good without adding booze!

*Sulky squirrel noises*

Yes, thank you for your input. Let's just read this and see what we have. Looks like it's all School today. In Friendship is Cultural Exchange!! we got to go to Canterlot and meet Princess Luna and have a Thanksgiving party. Ethics talked about forgiving and forgetting. Oooh, maybe I should have sat in on this class. They also discussed living with regret and why it's sometimes easier to forgive others than yourself. Okay now I definitely know I should have audited that class. And last, Surviving and Thriving on Fandom talked about--THERE WERE KITTENS IN CLASS TODAY?! Forget Ethics, why didn't I go to that class?! Something about coping with stress and there was also sparring, but kittens!

And I guess that's it for notes, so have a great Thanksgiving USA-ian members of the island! And for those of you from other places, uhh, come have food anyway?

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Okay, so, why am I here? Isn't today usually--Oh, you have a note for me? *crinkling of paper* Not coming in today, get one of the TAs to do it. --Hardison. But--I'm not even his TA! How is that fair? Why didn't you wake up Raven? Wait. I think they're pantomiming--are you saying Raven's scarier than I am? Hey! I'm scary!

*Squirrels laughing*

Rude. Fine, whatever. Hi, Fandom, this is Kathy Li and I'm filling in for Hardison today, I guess. Hmph. Anyway, School is awash with movie days as life gets back to normal after alien abductions. World History has Jones apologizing for missing class last week and shows a movie based on a cheesy conspiracy novel, rather than the Renaissance artist it was named for. Oops. In actual Conspiracy Theories, we watched a movie about the Kennedy assassination before Johnny gave a presentation about the lost city of Atlantis. Also, since I have the radio, I suppose I should give a public apology to Lottie for being so salty about the likelihood of aliens traveling all this way just to mess with us as there obviously some aliens who are really that bored. So, sorry for doubting you, Lottie. And then in World Mythology, we got to watch an awesome movie about the Titans and since Lady Ghanima is classy, we watched the original and not the terrible remake. And then we could act out scenes from the movie with Nerf swords.

Nothing happened at the Dorms, but there was some activity in Town to catch up. At the beach, Tali got a phone call from Liara--the same Liara who went to school here?--about some bad news from space. Uh-oh, Tali, I hope everything turns out okay. At Book Haven, Alana had her feet up on coffee table books that were turning themselves into actual coffee tables and only in Fandom would I read that sentence. Written by squirrels. Johnny came by and they talked about their weeks, where she was abducted by aliens and lived in a computer simulation, and his where he had to deal with superhero stuff back home. Cosima kept busy at Stark Industries fixing small appliances, and Bucky had to deal with mislabeled candy at Wonka's Sweet Shoppe. Lastly, there was a bat and a pile of clothing outside MCA that the squirrels swear is unrelated.

...I'm unconvinced.

That's all for notes, Fandom. Have a good day, hope no one has to unexpectedly fill in for anyone else today!
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You want me to go in here? In the radio station?

*Excited chittering*

Okay, I'm...oh! Is that a present? For me? How'd you guys know it was my birthday? That's really sweet, thank you! Is this something you do for everyone? I mean, this is just adorable! There's even a little bow and everything! Thank you guys so much!

*Impatient noises*

Oh, you want me to open it? Sure! I wonder what's inside! *Sounds of ripping paper* What's this? Paper? *Rustling* Are these--radio notes?

*Squirrely laughter*

These are radio notes. Did you guys know it was my birthday or was this just a random thing?

*Evasive noises*

I'm guessing that means it was random. And...the radio light has been on this whole time, hasn't it? Ooookay. I guess I'll just do this then.

Hi, Fandom. This is Kathy and I just walked through showers of hot cocoa to bring you the news from yesterday. Uh, sorry if I'm not as funny as some of the other broadcasters. This really wasn't how I expected to be woken up this morning.

Anyway, over in School, finals started. Anger Management had a sim where they had to fly during the holidays and, believe me, anyone who didn't end the period having a breakdown deserves an A. Modern American History wrote essays about which decade was the most important. I'd say the 60's, because second wave feminism and the Civil Rights Movement really took off, preparing the way for the fight for greater equality. I mean, granted, second-wave feminism really only focused on the plight of white women, but it was an excellent stepping stone for--

*More impatient chittering*

I think I'm being told to keep going. Errr, Teamwork was run by Cade, and they had to steal presents from a mall Santa, even though they were stuck with hooves and antlers. I hope it was another sim. Either way, Gert was pretty unsurprised that this was Cade's idea of teamwork. In less larcenous news, Care For Magical Creatures had to write a paragraph about how to avoid getting killed, which I guess is pretty useful, and Science You Cannot Possibly Comprehend had an hour to invent something. Once the hour was up, they...went back in time to test it out? Really?

This school. Sometimes I don't even.

And in the only bit of news that could also happen in a normal school, Professor Poole was dozing in his office after a long night at the bar. Okay, so, while that happened a lot in my old school, we didn't normally report on it. Eesh. Sorry, Professor. I'm just reading what the notes say.

Moving quickly on to hopefully less privacy-invasive topics--you guys are worse than the NSA, seriously--we go to Dorms. Oh. That can't be good. Sorry to anyone I'm about to talk about. Uhh, it says here that Topher was in the lobby of the dorms with a table full of snacks for people, courtesy of StuCo. And...that's it for notes. I feel like a million times better now.

Lastly, in Town, Bruce Wayne was having a nice dinner at Il Pollo. Umm, the notes say here that Jessica Drew bugged him about what he was eating, but I'm sure they just had a charming meal on what may or may not have been a date, I'm not speculating.

Or judging.

Or whatever.

But it looks like that's all the notes I have, so I'm going to head back to my room for a few more hours of sleep before my final today. Thanks for listening, Fandom. I--

*A squirrely rendition of 'Happy Birthday.'*

Aww, thanks guys.

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