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Well, Fandom, it's raining tinsel. It's times like this I don't know if I'm gonna miss this place or not.

Also, I'm pretty sure there are squirrels making a nest of this stuff, so at least it's handy?

awww last jane radio )
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Hey, everyone, this is Jane coming to you on a Friday just to mess with you. With a Santa hat. Though I think that was to mess with me...

nice job with that scheduled maintenance, lj )
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Uhhh hi again, Fandom. This is Jane again. I'm still not in town. However, I once again have a very tired-looking squirrel looking really hopeful that I'm going to give it something to eat or- okay, probably drink- like it doesn't matter. Sorry, little squirrel, any alcohol in this house was probably put to some artistic purpose long ago.


But thanks for coming all this way to bring me all these... note.

*angry chittering*

You can't see this at home, but he's gesturing like he just carried War and Peace across a couple states to get to me. So, all right, to appease the angry, sober squirrel, let's get to it.

Elphaba made a vegan gingerbread house while listening to jazz, thus making her the official eccentric one of the school. Where was everyone else while this was going on? I'm thinking they were either gorged on leftovers from yesterday, or hiding away looking at porn or something. I think either of these two things is really possible here.

And then Jessica was doing some holiday shopping at Caritas, where Bruce came to check in.

Yeeeeeah, there was otherwise nada.

*angry chittering*

I'm guessing here, but I think our little rodent friend's feeling a little underappreciated. Okay, since that's all there is unless another squirrel comes by, I'm thinking I might have to talk my brother into driving me to the liquor store for a squirrel's fix. That should go over well. Talk more tomorrow.
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Jane: Happy Turkey Day, one and all! Hopefully you've all gotten enough food and not killed anyone in your immediate family. Cousins onward don't count. I am out here in not-so-picturesque Lawndale, where... we didn't really have Thanksgiving. Dad's somewhere in Chile, Mom's been at the kiln for long enough that I should probably start worrying... And yet the squirrels still found me. Though by the size of these notes I think they had nothing better to do than travel.

Trent: Hey, Janey, how long do you think this blue cheese has been in the fridge?

Jane: Since it's us, I'm figuring it's the kind of cheese that's not supposed to be blue.

Trent: Right. I'll put it back where I found it. Thanks.

Jane: Say hi to Trent, Fandom. Anyway, let's get these notes on the road. i am thankful for a quick radio on a long day )
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Yeah, I've got to do this today, huh? I really have to sit here and read about how everyone in the school hooked up with each other?


I'm taking that as a yes. Either that or it's some kind of squirrel innuendo I'm pretending I didn't hear.

bow chicka wow radio )
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So... I guess it's Thursday again, huh? I'll have you know that I was in a sculpting zone before the squirrels started throwing nuts at my window as a friendly reminder that I was late, so if my artistic vision isn't what it was five minutes ago, it's on your heads, Fandom.

my head hurts )
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Howdy, listeners. This is Jane Lane here with your weekly dose of Thursday happenings and goings on. Even if it means you have to relive the trauma of going to class.

this radio brought to you by the letters o, m and g and the number i still haven't packed oops )
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Greetings from Colorado! This is Jane Lane, coming to you from somewhere with snow. Lots and lots of snow. As far as the eye can see.

I might be a little done with snow.

Anyway, let's get on to the goings-on, and then I can get somewhere warm again.

snow is evil, not gonna lie )
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Jane: Okay, look. Every week I come in here, where I'm surrounded by semi-literate squirrels who do shots, and I'm used to that. But the unicorn... The unicorn is new and I'm not getting used to it and you can't make me.

Unicorn: NEIGH. You have a good voice for radio.

Jane: I'm just getting this over with.

neigh, you're all very nice for reading this )
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So from the looks of it, I have to come back to do this every week. I kid. I kid 'cause I threatened rabies. Of course, my brain isn't set for reeling you all in with witty entertainment today, so you're going to have to keep listening because I've got the gossip, and I'm pretty sure that's a food group for most people under the age of eighteen.

and lo, words were said )
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Hey there, Fandom. Looks like you did the right thing and voted for me. I have to say I'm almost disappointed. I was curious how empty that rabies threat really was.

Anyway, I should be getting on to the notes, given to me by the tiny rodent attack dogs.


That might be them taking offense, but that's the way I prefer to think of them.

it's like you knew i needed the quiet day ty )
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Hey again, Fandom. This is Jane Lane again, you might have heard me a few weeks ago. This time I'm here of my own free will, too, without being herded in by squirrels. And before I start reading off the every move you made and every breath you took as recorded by literate rodents, I'll just drop the idea in your heads that if you don't vote for me, they might come after you. All the rum they drink? Really only serves to keep away the rabies.

on that note! )

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