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...Okay, Dee, I have to go. No, really, I have a thing to do. Okay, I'm going to go and I'll call you when I'm done, okay? Ta!

ANYWAY. Hi, Fandom, sorry about that. There's this whole thing going on with my bff and her bf and it's all drama drama drama. I'm going to be professional, though, and give you all the news that's fit to be written by squirrels and said aloud by me.

said news )

Okay, that's about it, so I need to make a phone cal-

*phone ringing*

*sigh* Till next week.
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Hi, Fandom. Welcome to another Friday night, where I don't think there are any parties going on, but on the plus side at least you probably don't have typical homework stuff to worry about.

wherein there is news! )

Okay, squirrels, I want the rest of my notes. No, really.


I'm going to blame this on the fact that it's too cold outside. Night, Fandom!
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It's after Thanksgiving, Fandom! You know what what means. Shopping season. Okay, so, here's the thing? I don't participate in the whole Christmas thing, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking advantage of the sales. After all, it's mostly a marketing holiday anyway, that totally makes it okay.

In other news, shop Pixie Dust.

for all the news fit to tell )

That's it for this week. Happy shopping.
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So just a warning and all, but you're so getting not a ton out of me tonight. I hope you're happy, you realize I'm getting on the red-eye home for Thanksgiving due to radio duties. The red-eye. Do you know why they call it that? Go on, I bet you can guess.

yay for quiet days! )

And on that note, I'm leaving here post-haste so I can get on the plane at roughly an okay time that doesn't leave me racing through an airport like I'm in some cheesy holiday movie. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
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Okay, so like, maybe I'm paranoid and all, but my throat's been sore all day. It's not supposed to be sore, right? Are the sick people getting sore throats? Because I totally took a Hall's and it's not working, so I eschew hellos today, Fandom, to ask you if this is something I dare go to the clinic for, or if I'm just going to make things worse by going there and exposing myself to all those germs in case I'm just being Little Miss Hypochrondriac. Is there anyone still well in this town? Anyone?

plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaague )
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Happy Wednesday, everyone! This is Cher Horowitz, coming to you from the... scenic WTFH radio station, which is now sparkling clean because I had extra stuff. Also, because I don't think I did too good a job at work. Look, in normal places we have people to do this kind of thing for us.


cuz i'm nice like that )

That's all for tonight. And I don't have a clever signoff this week, so you're just gonna have to deal. Ha.
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Yeah, I know that was lame and scared no one. I hope everyone's having a very fun and safe Halloween, and remember, if you eat all your candy tonight, you'll end up with a stomachache, rotten teeth and nothing for later. Pace yourselves.

cuz halloween is long. who knew )

Whew. I think that's it! I hope you all had fun, and remember, balance out all the sugar with some exercise. And would a vegetable kill you?
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Hi, Fandom! It looks like everyone survived the weekend, which is a very good thing. My weekend was great. I went home, got a little color, and called all the 1995 fashions passe. I think they think something's wrong with me now, thanks.

School, which I liked better when there was none

So Tactics had a lecture and simulation on diplomacy, which I think is a very good subject for a class when everyone else is learning how to destroy things. Lee was forced to go first, but think of it this way: you set the standard for all others. Seely and Marco didn't do too badly. Feminism had a test and Jack talked to the teacher about boykissy. That might be sexual harassment, and you don't have to take it, Professor. Speaking of, he also taught Japanese today. You're just earning your paycheck, aren't you? Well, I think it's good to see a nice honest worker around. You wouldn't believe how many of our old servants used to steal.

Professor Aly had study hall today, where she was visited by Zuko, and Teddy, who wanted doughnuts. I've lectured at all of you about this before! Do you know how many carbs are in a doughnut? Try a bagel if you must, or maybe a nice piece of fruit. Adah had a Lee in the library, and why is this squirrel waving a flag at me? What's that even supposed to mean? Cheerleading practice was held today, and there was a depressed lemming in the office. I can get you a number for that. ...And I'm talking to a lemming. Fandom, I sort of hate you.

Dorms, where at least my bed is comfy, and gives proper lumbar support

Neil took over the third floor common room for studying, while over on the fifth floor, Jeff and Andrew faced off to see who's a bigger movie nerd. I'm not sure whether to be impressed or pretend I didn't just have to report on movie nerds. It might depend on the movies. They started off with The Globule, and John Sheppard actually held a conversation during Howard the Mallard because it's Howard the Mallard. Jeff didn't get it. Jeff explained Attack of the Killer Bunnies to Ino, and why would you admit to ever having seen these, let alone subject others to them? Jeff tried to get Andrew to say he liked it, but they ended up talking about mothers instead. Ino liked the bunny movie better than The Night the World Sped Up, and the boys had discussions over Invasion of the Living Potatoes and Burst Burton, while Neil wandered in for a study break. Studying would have killed less brain cells, Neil.

Chad camped out in a common room for America's Next Top Model, where he and Ino dished on his chances of becoming a model and/or concubine. ...Live the dream?

Karal showed off a project to Jaina, who also talked to Luke about Parents Weekend. Troy and AJ fought about AJ's relationship with Beauty, Mel and Dawn talked over some of the not-so-happy parts of the weekend, and oh my god, speaking of which, someone dinged my door when I went home. I don't know if Lucy's been taking it out on her off days or what, but no note. Just a ding. *sigh* Anyway, Chris and Lana talked about taking things slow, Jim got a visit from Pam, thus interrupting a meaningful night of ball-throwing.

Town, where I... totally called in sick. Really, Tink. I did, I swear.

Mary made a phone call, as did Faith, who breezed in and got a room, and Nate was on the beach, where he and Professor Deadpool talked to him about music, someone named Irene, and whether or not Nate's hips look big. The answer to that is always no, though if you're feeling tactful, you can suggest a nice A-line.

opened the banana stand, fully clothed, so I understand. Hoshi opened the Arms, temporary weekend refuge of many parental units, where Professor Taylor and Leo. Luke's, the post office and the trooper station were all open, and Johnny Storm got a coffee delivery at work. Which makes me wonder, does he order out, and if so, would it be possible to get something of a non-growth-stunting nature?

The guy with the face opened Caritas, where Faith seemed to know a little about the place at GOB. Kabuto opened the Devil's Nest, and the clinic actually seemed busyish. Hopefully that wasn't a sign that we should all duck for cover, though if so, I'm very experienced in earthquake drills. Professor Wilson had Professor Aziraphale stop by during his shift, while Ronan got an Isabel and a Rikku. I don't think anyone's dead, or maimed or anything.

That's all for me this week. Glad you all survived, I think. I don't know all of you yet. Later!
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Good evening, Fandom. I hope everyone's enjoying your week off, free from school, clubs, and all responsibilities unless you have a job in town. I also hope everyone's prepared for this weekend. If you're not as lucky as I am and can't escape the island, I suggest building bunkers in the dorms. I'm sure you won't be alone.

School, which there was none of yay!

School's week off did not however keep Bridge from opening the library, which I understand is a school thing and not some obsessive book thing on his part. He and Chris discussed sitting around, which isn't interesting, and Parents Weekend, which is. And Z came looking for entertainment, though I think looking for entertainment in a library is a first for anyone ever.

Also, apparently one of the squirrels has gone on strike till the Chef starts feeding students again. I wonder if they're willing to give up their nuts for the sake of the starving teens. Hmm.

Dorms, our last refuge

Adah read a letter from home, and got a visit from River, who wanted an answer to a question. The red one. But only if you have the right undertones to pull off that particular red. Jaina got a visit from Karal, who explained some of his home situation to her, and she gave Luke a warning for Parents Weekend. I'm telling you, just flee. It'll be so much easier. See, Summer's with me on this. Good for you, Summer!

Ron got a letter from home, and a very big tongue. ...I think you're reading wrong, Ron. Peter Parker told Jamie about how he's working on a new webshooter, which sounds like a shakeboarding move. I'll have to ask Travis. Molly got a phone call and a visit from Karal, Johnny Storm took care of a sick Savannah, and Adam tried to come up with Halloween ideas, and I'm thinking we want to cover the influx of people with the authority to ground you first, personally.

He also brought his puppy to play with Isabel's cat, which sounds very cute, if furry and begging for a good vacuuming afterwards. She also wished Meg a happy birthday and gave her a present. Happy birthday, Meg! Apparently she's not a fan of Annette, though, who emoed to her cat and Dick about it. ...Her cat and her boyfriend Dick. Not implying that Annette has a... Meep. I'm just going to stop talking.

Jeff took up a common room to watch scary movies and talk about them with Jim. Ino had Jim explain to her that most of the people here are robots. This doesn't surprise me. She also asked Jeff about his plan for the weekend, and I'm so glad to see someone's prepared.

In the second floor common room, Birthday Girl Meg made cupcakes. Ordinarily I'd talk about calories, but you're totally allowed to splurge on your birthday. It's like a rule. Also, she got a badly-sung rendition of the birthday song from Lee, but he gets points for trying. Eyepatch Guy brought snacks of his own, Dean gave Meg a bracelet as an IOU and there were apparently smoochies, and there we go, that was where Annette found out Meg hates her. Lee told Annette about the prank that got him and Ed stuck to a wall, Jack hung around waiting for cupcakes, and he and Annette talked college and future plans, because you can never be too early in thinking about your future. His presence there might have been why he was took his time making it to meet Hoshi, who was making dinner.

And the cheerleaders were hard at work, no doubt getting into gear for this weekend's performance. There were warmups, and Molly told John Sheppard and Professor Aly about her trip, and one of the Peters stopped to watch practice. Good luck, cheerleaders, and may none of you fall and flash all the parents.

Town, where no one is safe this weekend

Constable Fraser had breakfast and a talk with the Robin who's not a frog, and I understand other things were had but you didn't hear it from me. Meanwhile Roy and Professor Aly talked about code, chess and kittens, which almost sound alliterative. And Professor Rogers got a call that made him grin dopily. I both don't wanna know what that's about and am oddly curious.

Dr. Troy took over the morning shift at the clinic while Doogie took the later shift, and I'm sorry, I can't take anyone named Doogie seriously. And it was a quiet night at the clubs, with Neilhaving it easy at the Devil's Nest, and Anders opening Caritas, where the hallucinogenic frog sang and had a soda.

Lana read her way through work today while Joanna slept. That doesn't seem very productive to me. Turtle on the other hand, was very well-prepared for the weekend at Turtle and Canary, where she scolded Jeff for wanting all the glue to make his own barricade. Again, I'm so glad to see people are taking this seriously.

George Michael was in his underwear at the banana stand. I...


Melody put up precautions against possible monkeys at Groovy Tunes, and Rikku was sad and playing with firearms at Wellspring Arms WHICH DOES NOT SEEM LIKE A SAFE COMBINATION TO ME. Nate came to comfort her, and Professor Deadpool brought her ice cream cake. Oh, yeah, he wins stuff for that.

Luke's is hiring to replace Jude, the church had a... slug-scented candle and I think I'm going to be a little bit more glad that I'm Jewish. Isabel worked on college applications at work, Leo opened the Photo Hut, Mary prepared the hotel for the influx of parents and family friends and what have you, and Johnny Storm came by to rent a room. The Jerries had the clothes they stole yesterday out in front of their store and if I find out any of that is Pixie Dust merchandise, I'll... tell Tinkerbell! Valentine went to get his clothes back. Good for you! Fashion is a personal choice, don't let anyone take that from you!

I'm about done here tonight, and will be leaving at crack of dawn o'clock tomorrow, but listen, have a great Parents Weekend, hope it goes better than I think it will, and if you don't leave the place standing come Monday, I probably get to stay home. Remember that.
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Welcome, Fandom, to another night of radio at the voice of me. Hopefully everyone's recovered from the weekend and are in preparation for something nice and calm. Take the weekend to clean your rooms, hide all the things you weren't supposed to buy with your parents' credit card, and maybe set up bunkers so your parents won't ever find you. Just some helpful advice.

cut for talky )

That's it from me! See you all next week, and enjoy your free time while it lasts!
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Hi, Fandom! This is Cher, your brand new junior Student Council representative! Well, one of them, but you know what I mean. Thank you to everyone who voted for me, I'll do my absolute best to make sure your school experience is as stellar as it can be!

If I say "You like me, you really like me", will you all know what I mean? Or is that completely played out by 2007?
cut for, well, radio )

That's all for me tonight, Fandom. I hope you've had as much fun listening to me as I've had talking to you.
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Hi again! This is Cher, and I want to thank each and every one of you who voted for me for... well, voting for me. Especially if you did so after that whole thing the other night. And to those who didn't, you'll learn. I hope I live up to expectations.


School, where the classes live.

In Japanese, Professor Yondaime had an eyepatch glued to his face. Ooh. Hope you didn't try and pull that off. Ouch. Anyway, they had a quiz or something. Tactics worked in pairs to get across Badlands to a control center. Are the Badlands really bad, or is that just something they say to scare away tourists? Lee also had questions, but his were about needles. You should stay away from them. Unless you need a shot. Or are sewing. Or are getting a very tasteful piercing.

I've been assured that Professor Deadool was very pretty in Feminism class today. Good! Just because you're a guy doesn't mean you should neglect your appearance. It apparently confused Jack and Beauty, though. Lady pirates were discussed and... there were lady pirates? Seriously? I thought that was just a Halloween costume. Anyway, Peter Pevensie asked Deadpool to be the faculty advisor for fencing and oh my god, I have to specify Peters like they're Johnnys, don't I? And Professor Yondaime wanted to know why the eyepatch wouldn't come off. I think it's because of the glue.

Adah opened the library, where Annette needed books on prophecy, Evie brought back a book on fungi- ew- and River came by for lunch. And for lunch in the cafeteria, Chad and Jack ate, but not together. Sometimes I think the food in the cafeteria like, keeps people from talking. Maybe it's all like peanut butter in how it like, seals your mouth shut so you can't talk to the people around you. The office was open, and decaffeinated. I'm very glad I stayed away then.

In clubs news, the cheerleaders had practice, where Chad, Annette and Savannah all did the mingly thing, and Chad, Annette and River also did the calisthenics. Those are very important. Good for you. And Professor Aly was on hand in case she was needed. Hopefully there were no like, cheerleader emergencies or anything.

Dorms, where I live! Also, other people

So, okay, Jeff's dog or whatever had put a hole in the floor of his room, and what have I said about pets? And so he was dropping stuff through and Aravis came by to meet the guy who broke her ceiling. And then Turtle swung by after Jeff called her and she found him in the room below him. Seriously, Jeff, it's called a contractor. Either that or I'm never getting within pushing distance of Aravis. Anders indulged in some property damage, or at least property messing-with, Eve and Annette did some studying, and Luke woke Gavin up from studying. I think Gavin might have been doing it wrong. Good public service there, Luke!

Ron got packages in the morning and evening and then headed to Hermione's room. Since it's her birthday, I won't talk about her hair. Anyway, so Ron and Harry brought presents, or well, brought a present together, and Rikku tried to get Hermione to get into trouble- ha, good luck- and then she broke Ron's brain. Hopefully there was no mess from that.

And A.J. was broody and Troy came back and aww! A.J., call me, we'll go shopping and do lunch, it'll make you feel better, I swear.

Town, where I work! Also, other people

Over at the place with the zombies, the guy with the face and the back-of-the-head beard made a bunch of phone calls, and at The Devil's Nest, Kabuto did some studying. I can't believe I just said that. Squirrels, are you sure that's right?

...Oh my god, I'm talking to squirrels. Anyway, Professor Wilson got a scotch after his shift at the clinic. I'm not sure if I'm more weirded out that I know what a teacher drinks, or if I feel okay at passing on the information in case anyone needs to bribe themselves up a grade or two.

Robin and Billy had a pirate/ninja fight in the park, hopefully not while Jack was watching the movies there. Sean was working diligently at Nast Sporting Goods, and Bart sold Jamie a lot of red Squishies. Ugh, I bet those are just full of carbs.

Speaking of full of carbs, Chilly Boulder was giving away free samples. If you missed out, well, sorry, but I'm sure your hips will thank you later. Andrew got to hear about Talk Like a Pirate Day from Beauty, and as a new official member of Pirate Radio, I'm obligated to say "Arr matey." Did I say that right? Do I pass?

Hoshi opened the hotel and was pirated at by Jack, and I got to help Namine and Ino and Aravis over at Pixie Dust. If you haven't been there, you should totally go, and if you have been there, you should go back. Beauty, the probable clone of that singer, A.J., and Millie were all hard at work at the post office, banana stand, Luke's and bookstore, respectively, and Johnny Storm got visits at the Photo Hut. Leo was dressed like a pirate, and while I'm cool with themes as long as they work, do we realize the fashion choices we're making here? I think not! Johnny and Ronan talked about his reputation, and Savannah told Johnny the radio called him a harlot. You know, that works for some people. They just usually need ointment.

Professors Deadpool, Aly and Arashi watched America's Next Top Model, which is an activity I can wholly support.

And that's it for me! Thank you so much, Fandom, I've totally had a blast. I'll see you next week! Byeeee!
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D'Argo: How does this... Oh. Does the red light mean it's on? *taps microphone*

Uhhhh, so. My name is D'Argo and I'll be... bringing you the news, I guess. You know, I thought maybe John would be here. Guess not. So, let me see these notes, thank you, skirl-

*sounds of chittering, followed by a door opening*

Cher: Hey, what are you doing here? OH MY GOD WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR FACE.

D'Argo:: Nothing. What's wrong with yours?

Cher: There is nothing wrong with my... Really? Is there something wrong with my face?

D'Argo: What are you doing here anyway?

Cher: I asked you first!

D'Argo: I asked you second and I have the tongue.

Cher: Look, I'm flattered and all, but what kind of girl do you think I am? Desperate?

D'Argo: You would not have to be desperate-

Cher: Oh, as if! The alternative would be to get me drunk and I could not let myself get that sloppy in public. Or ever.

D'Argo: I'm not hitting on you-

*sound of a door opening*

Hermione: What's going on here?

D'Argo: I've asked that a few times already.

Cher: I'm just trying to get some more radio time, since no one was scheduled! The secret to success is to put yourself out there.

Hermione: Shut up. I'm supposed to be here. I'm the one with actual radio experience.

Cher: What's she doing here?

Jaina: I saw this one walking here all purposeful. Thought I should tag along.

Hermione: Look, stay if you must, but I'm going to start reading.

Cher: The guy with the face already did.

Jaina: Guy with the face? Oh, look, it's the job-stealer.

D'Argo: I said I was sorry!

Hermione: *sigh* Just, someone start reading.

cut because who knew, it gets longer )
Hermione: I think that's it.

D'Argo: You missed one.

Hermione: I did not.

DArgo: What's this paper that says radio voting is up?

Cher: That's the most important one! Remember, people of Fandom, vote early, vote often, and vote Cher!

Jaina: I'm really glad I don't see politics in your future, because those words are terrifying.

D'Argo: Are we done? Can I go back home? Or maybe for a very large drink?

Hermione: I think we all can. Say goodnight, everyone.

D'Argo: No.

*dead air*

[My brain is wrong.]
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Hello, ladies and gentlemen of Fandom! My name is Cher, and I'll be trying out for the part of your radio hostess today. I have to say, I can firmly get behind the idea of this. If everyone knows the same thing, no one can ever be called a gossip monger! Good call, creator of Fandom radio, good call!

wherein stuff happened today! )

So, it looks like that's it for me! Thanks to all the squirrels, who are much more helpful and not as rabid or drunk as I expected, and remember! Vote for me! A vote for Cher is a vote for the people, by the people! Good night!

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