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Hey Fandom! This is Luke Castellan with WTFH Fandom Radio and if you're awake listening to this...why? It's cold outside, we don't have class and there's meade everywhere. You should be asleep.

But just in case you aren't, I guess I'll read the news.

Three parties? You people owe me )
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Leo: Morning, Fandom! Happy day after Easter! The day where you try to stuff yourself full of peeps before they get all hard and weird.

Luke: If I eat another peep I'm gonna throw up.

Leo: But I brought like four more boxes to eat during the broadcast.

Luke: Aw, dammit. Okay, give me a box.

I did not imbibe on a single peep yesterday )
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Leo: Morning, Fandom, and if the quick scan of the notes I have are any indication, the island no longer has psychotic chicken-turtles or frowny-faced mushrooms invading the place.

Luke: And, more importantly, babies have been un-kidnapped.

Leo: Oh! Oh right, that too. Sorry. I forgot.

I still want to live in those boots )
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Leo: Morning, Fandom! Welcome to the news. I hope you all are normal today 'cause I heard radio yesterday and...wow.

Luke: ...yeah. I'm still confused.

Leo: Confused how?

Luke: I'll let you know when I figure it out.
Long radio after the jump )
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Leo: Morning, Fandom. It's the start of another school week and the joy and excitement over it is palpable.

Luke: Big word, you been studying a dictionary?

Leo: Shut your face, Castellan.

Luke: I was complimenting you!

Leo: Whatever, just read the news.

Mayor McCheese. That is all )
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Luke: Good morning Fandom and Happy Valentine's Day! This is Luke Castellan, who gave Leo the day off because one of my kids wanted to be my radio partner today.

Alex: I'm supposed to practice 'cause Haymitch says mommy's the worst pubic speaker he's ever seen and he doesn't want me ending up the same way.

Luke: Well I guess it can't hurt to practice. Let's get started since there's a ton of notes.

Holy crap so many notes )
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Luke: Morning, Fandom. This is Luke Castellan and with me as always is Leo Valdez.

Leo: Wow, dude, you're awake this morning. I'm impressed.

Luke: Thanks! I surprise myself sometimes.

Leo: I'm not even gonna ask what your secret is. Let's just get to the news.

Undah Here )
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Leo: Heya, Fandom! Good morning! This is Leo Valdez and clinging to coffee like it's his only lifeline is my partner-but-not-like-that, Luke Castellan.

Luke: *yawns* Morning.

Leo: You're gonna have to get used to this schedule someday, dude.

Luke: I will. Someday.

No, no he would not )
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Luke: I'm so hating this morning thing.

Leo: Really? I don't mind it, I'm always up early.

Luke: That's because you're a spaz. Seriously. And this is coming from someone who also has ADHD.

Leo: You're just jealous of my awesome ability to be a morning person.

Luke: Oh yeah, that's what it is all right. Anyway, this is Luke and Leo with your ridiculously early morning radio.

Leo: Hey guys! Don't worry about Luke, I have enough cheer for the both of us.

Luke: Oh gods.

Pretend this is witty )
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Luke: I can't believe I'm doing this again.

Wallace: I can't believe I'm offering to help.

Luke: What? It's your radio night, I'm helping!

Wallace: I'm retiring after this. Let this be my swan song. I'll make a lot of stupid faces and people will think I deserve an Oscar. It's working for Natalie Portman.

Luke: I don't get it.

I've got beer let's do this )
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I'm really beginning to dislike you squirrels, you know that? I could be off doing way more enjoyable things right now but, no, I'm spending the wee hours of the first day of the year with you. You guys so owe me.

For those of you that don't know me, I'm Luke Castellan and I'll be giving you your news tonight. And there's a lot of it. Now I hate the squirrels even more for not getting me a partner.

Let's get this over with so I can get back to the dorms, okay?

So much news )
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Chuck: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I've missed you furry little voyeurs.


Chuck: No, there's nothing wrong with being a voyeur. I like to watch on occasion.

Luke: Wow, I so did not mean to come in at that exact moment.

Chuck: It's fine. Where's Humphrey?

Luke: I ran into him in the hallway and he said he'd rather eat glass than do radio with you again. Something about kissing his sister...?

Chuck: I did not kiss Jenny. She's my sister too and, like, part raccoon.

Luke: Mmmkay, I'm not gonna ask for clarification on that.

Long radio is the theme for the weekend )

[Since it's been a while since I've done this: As always, Chuck's (and Luke's for that matter) comments are not my own OOC thoughts]
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I, um, I'm fairly sure this isn't your room.

*squeaking and sound of paper being passed around*

Oh. Oh! Seriously? You just barge into people's rooms and demand they read your notes? Can't you get someone else? Someone who reads better than I do?

*sad squeaking*

Ugh, fine. But you better leave some of the rum I know you have here for me and Jason, since you're invading our room and all.


...Not that Jason and I would partake in alcoholic beverages since we are underage and are respectable members of society.

Anywaaaaaay. This is Luke Castellan, people that are listening, and it seems even here you are not safe from being spied on. Seems like there's not much in the way of news so let's just get it over with.

I cannot think of anything to put here )
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Uh, hey guys, this is Luke Castellan and I'm back to do this whole radio thing. I think the squirrels like seeing me try to read everything. Heartless, that's what that is.

Let's get this over with.

Place something witty here )
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Hey, Fandom, this is Luke Castellan, and I've been kidnapped to do radio once again. It's okay, I don't mind it. Free alcohol's nice.

Anyway, let's get right to it, shall we?

Because I have to get up early tomorrow )
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Dan: Hey, Fandom. Welcome to WTFH Fandom radio, I'm Dan and this is, uh--

Luke: Luke.

Dan: Luke, yes. Here's here via squirrels, I'm here via...I'm always here on Sunday. Chuck's busy with work.

Luke: I thought you said he was getting wasted.

Dan: That is work for him.

Luke: Ah.

omg talky people )

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