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LILLY: Hey Fandom! Long time, no see. Because I went on a real Spring Break, as opposed to the rest of you. And look, I brought a friend into the booth tonight. Say hi, Gil!
LILLY: You're just mad I dragged you in here tonight.
GRISSOM: I believe the correct legal term is blackmailed, Ms. Kane.
LILLY: Well, you shouldn't have told me about the...
GRISSOM: Lillian, don't...
LILLY: Right, right. Ix-nay on the ug-bay orn-pay, I know.

Everything Else

GRISSOM: Let's just get this over with. It appears Tex and Kawalsky headed out of town today. And Lana stopped by the book shop, where Orlin was looking for science-fiction texts.
LILLY: Like this town doesn't provide enough of that.
GRISSOM: Excellent point. Orlin then stopped by Agatha's shop with a birthday present, and was poorly received, if this feed is to be believed. Walter also stopped by to pick up his things.
LILLY: And Walter picked up another something from All and Sundries. A little something, something, maybe? The new librarian and CJ also went to church.

GRISSOM: Ivanova is back in town. And Ms. Mars was seen coming out of the clinic, visibly upset.
LILLY: Veronica? Let me see that.
GRISSOM: Kawalsky visited Tex at Blood Gulch Arms.
LILLY: Orlin and Camulus had a dirty sleepover. GOB was on his yacht, drunk apparently. Uh-oh, drinking and boating don't mix. And The Halliwells and Paige spent the afternoon over a cauldron of whatever it is they do for fun.

GRISSOM: Kawalsky left letters for Cam, Liz, and Zoe before he left, and Liz did not seem pleased by the contents of hers.
LILLY: Marty received a phone call on the roof. Isabel and Xander spent some time together, after Izzy got an upsetting phone call from home.
GRISSOM: Nadia offered Marty some enchiladas. Is that...
LILLY: Code for something dirty? Probably.
GRISSOM: I was going to say a euphemism. Anyway, Pippi got Molly some hats. Kiki left for the weekend. And Walter pitched up a tent.
LILLY: Did you just make that up? Seriously?
GRISSOM: If you don't believe me, you can read it for yourself. I'm reading this verbatim in the interest of making this experience pass as quickly as possible.
LILLY: Okay, whatever. Alphonse’s arm is a little better, and he spent some time reading.

GRISSOM: It seems Logan had some difficulty entering his room today. Bridge and Molly helped out, including Molly punching the door. That had to be painful.
LILLY: And Cameron, Rory and Parker stood around and mocked them. Nice guys, real nice. Eventually, a door was taken from the fifth floor to fix the problem. And Rory and Parker stopped mocking for long enough to be emo.

GRISSOM: It seems Paige and Sawyer are dating again.
LILLY: Gil, you okay buddy? Looks like you might pop a vein, and I think the ones near your skulll are important.
GRISSOM: I'm fine. It was Victor’s birthday, and Walter helped him celebrate, and the tent was somehow involved.
LILLY: Kinky. Nadia prayed for Angel. Angela's stuffed animals... did what?
GRISSOM: Perhaps they're zombies? Could explain their... animation.

LILLY: I don't ever care. That's just creepy. ANYWAY, Bridge, Rory, and Jaye redecorated Peter’s room. Sawyer was in the third floor common room, getting scratched by some cats.
GRISSOM: Animals can be surprisingly intelligent. Anders was domestic for Bridge. Huh, didn't know they were dating. And then he learned about Rufus and Barnaby.

LILLY: Jake was drawing in the second floor common room. Molly thinks boys are dumb. Oh honey, what are you, 14? Just you wait, they get much dumber.

GRISSOM: Logan was seen recruiting people to help him with his door.
LILLY: CJ read, and John Connor surfs the web, because the First Floor is boring.
GRISSOM: Is not.
LILLY: Is soooooooo.
GRISSOM: I'm not having this conversation. Moving on...

Clinic of Doom

LILLY: So, Angel was dying and stuff, and everybody freaked out, basically.
GRISSOM: That's understandable. Grief can be a powerful...
LILLY: Oh whatever. Dying isn't that bad.
GRISSOM: I'll have to take your word on that. Cameron apparently had some issues of denial. Logical, that's one of the steps of the grieving process.
LILLY: Doesn't he have to, I don't know, die first?
GRISSOM: Lilly. Don't be cruel. Lana sat by Angel’s bedside and prayed. Phoebe stopped by. And Isabel sat with Angel for a while as well.

LILLY: Parker brought him Manilow. Wow, I didn't know Parker was trying to kill him. Alanna got her blood drawn. The Halliwells and Paige did some magic. Probably to rid the place of the evil Manilow vibes.

GRISSOM: Later, in the evening, Parker, Dr. Lambert and Janet talked about why Angel didn't want drugs at the end.
LILLY: Because he was all delusional from his emocoma or whatever the hell is wrong with him? Dude, take the drugs. Trust me.
GRISSOM: He has the right to make that decision for himself, Lilly. Bridge and Dr. Lambert spoke while he waited for Rory. And Logan and Janet spoke as well.

LILLY: Janet and Nat did stuff in the lab that you'd understand, and just makes my brain hurt. Veronica told Angel they can get married over spring break in Vegas next year. Only if I get to come! Can we stay at your crib, Gil?
GRISSOM: (silence due to his soul crying)
LILLY: Sweet, I'll take that as a yes. Okay... John promised to take care of Sean. And Rory told Angel he’s the big brother she never had. Oh man, this is starting to make even me a little misty. Cordy talked about shopping. Okay, I'm better.

GRISSOM: Miss Parker promised Angel that they would respect his wishes regarding any medication near the end. And Logan kicked Bel out. I suppose a potential assault on top of a day involving petty burglary and vandalism is one way to go.

LILLY: At least he didn't schedule a bumfight outside the Clinic. Anyway, Lana sat by his bedside. And Callisto, and I'm not even going to read this feed or I'll get mascara everywhere.
GRISSOM: But it appears that Angel is going to survive, after receiving a cure to his... illness.
LILLY: Which is good, because half the school was outside the Clinic milling about.

LILLY: Okay, then, that's all for tonight. Thanks Gil, any parting words of wisdom for the kids out there?
LILLY: That's it, Fandom! Hug your local vampire, and have a safe and pleasant weekend.
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La la la, this is Lilly. Let's get this over with, shall we Fandom? Because you're just grossing me out today.

School (is gross.)

General Physical Conditioning was covered by Anders today, who played something called Pyramid, not hosted by Dick Clark.

Chemistry had a quiz, and Classics discussed the Homeric Hymns they read. Foreign Lit wrote about Italian poets. Both classes have a midterm next week. Good luck, suckers.

Rory taught ACJ and discussed if Justice in Fandom is fair. She also amused her classmates with her detachable limbs.

Yeah, see what I mean about you all being gross?

Marty, Janet and Sam were weird, Angel & Callisto passed notes, but thankfully not in scrapbooks. Veronica and Logan smelled like Nyquil. Man Logan, you used to be classier than that. Buy the girl a real drink. Jaye & Cameron flirted until Rory was a total killjoy and stopped them. Random People offered suggestions for magical type people on campus who may have cursed Rory and Cordy.

Zero, as a Kitty, conversed with the students in Creature Languages. Only in Fandom.

Sociology of Sex Cultures learned about the pioneers of Sexology. I better have been on that list. WOAH! and then after class, Dr. Grissom totally proposed to Ms. Sidle! Gil, oh my god, what the crap? You dorky bastard, good for you. I hope you have lots of geeky babies and live happily ever after.

Anyway, Speech 201 gave their speeches and Speech 301 talked about rhetoric and power, which I guess they do a lot. Psych 101 started their section on Abnormal Psych... a few months too late, hello.

Jung discussed quotes by Carl Jung. Oh, that's what that class is about? Professor Camulus is still missing, so Phoebe paired up the Arthurian Traditions students to work on their knights. Please tell me there is no army of knights in the basement.

Unless they're cute and single.

Angel covered Campaigning and talks about Campaign Finance, and the students woed at the lack of Lyman-y goodness. Well, I would have.

Music was canceled, History of Medieval England prepared for their mock trial, Business Law learned more about torts and HR learns about performance appraisal. Both classes have midterms on Tuesday. Oh wait, that's me. SUCKS, OMG. And Intro to Archaeology gave their presentations, which resulted in Blair asking Jackson about streaking. Oh please, please please. I need something to look forward to in the mornings.

And some dude named Mr. Feeny covered History. Which SUCKED, OMG. Because Mr. Feeny? Not hot. Lyman? Muy caliente.

CJ also had office hours, and Dr. Grissom stopped by to talk about sex. Right before he asked Sidle to marry him? Kinky! I approve.

At lunch, Walter, Victor, and Pippi hung out as usual and were alternately adorable and weird, as usual.

In the library, the Rory is nasty parade continues. Angela talked to Rory about the gross, and then John Crichton convinced her to switch arms. That's actually mildly amusing.

The aides prepared to go see Dean Washburn, Jack talked to Rory about the play, and Blair and Molly studied history.

The Newspaper also had a meeting.

Dorms (are gross.)

Veronica and Logan were... WTF NYQUIL SHOWER? Lord, I'll ask her tomorrow. Who knows.

Cam was disturbed by the color grey being all up in his vision. And Marty got a phone call in the middle of the night.

Gil and Sidle celebrated their engagement, in the Biblical way. Well, duh, A. And B, I think it's romantic, shut up.

The Library wenches visited Dean Washburn.

The Tick was trying to save his fish. Oh my god, make me cry over a tuna sandwich, people! Good luck, Mr. Tick!

Jaye ...was sticking to the ceiling. I'm pretty sure that's abnormal for her, but you never know. Pip was OMGGLITTERY. Also strange.

239/240 was the site of some serious coversation, Blair brought Ivanova a gift basket. Veronica and Piper chatted and Veronica was still all Nyquil-happy. And Sakura slept.

Cam was in the gym, and Isabel and Cam sparred. Marty queried Cam about the Air Force. Pip and Veronica sparred in the gym as well.

Broots had the fourth floor common room to himself. Until Blair showed, and then the wave of spontaneously reproducing vegetables, fruits (and not the boykissing kind, DAMMIT) and tulips took over.

Jaye tried to stick to the ceiling, again I guess? Angela and Jaye ruled out the play as the reason for all their grossness and superpower crap. Callisto meanwhile showed off, and Xander and Callisto shared their mutual woe over the play.

Archie and Pippi also were hanging out on the roof, playing with model boats. If that's another euphemism, I am going to start crying.

Also, Walter and spaghetti now have a special relationship, Elizabeth stopped by Charlie's room, Callisto was in Room 306, Nadia was sloshed in the bathroom, and Angela was in her room, doing... stuff, as was Isabel.

Town (is... yup, gross.)

At the Clinic, Cam was colorblind, Cordy was British and blind or something. I thought being British made you have bad teeth, not blind. Okay. Rory actually sought treatment for her detachable limbs.

Pippi, Walter and Victor hung out with Agatha at Sparky Repairs.

At All and Sundries, Blair bought Ivanova some stuff. He's so adorable! Pip bought gloves because he's having glitter issues. And there was listing. Lots of listing.

Ivanova had a visitor at Wonka's, and The Baron packed.

And Blair asked those dirtbag stoner guys where to find music.

Cam and Isabel met up in the park.

At Empire Records, Nadia asked for an advance on her paycheck, Pippi discovered The Ramones thirty years later, and Boone chatted up Lucas.

Over at Caritas, Phoebe, Piper, Nadia, Veronica, Kiki and Paige hit the stage. Paige told Sawyer he sucks, because, well, he's kind of a douche. The Haliwell girls met up at the bar, with Kiki and Veronica. Veronica and Nadia hung out too.

Bel and his scary girlfriend angsted more. I guess there's no spell to cure emo. Logan and Walter did the Marty and Bel and hated on each other. And then Logan chatted with Nadia and Lana.

And that's it, losers! I need to go investigate the whereabouts of Lyman, I mean, go to bed or something. Everyone say a little prayer for The Tick's fish. And clap your hands and ring or bell or whatever. Doesn't someone have a damn spell before I get emo over a fish? Damn!

Oh, and a shout-out to Jaye, who is a radio goddess. Goodnight, Fandom!
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Good morning, Fandom. This is Lilly Kane, bringing you all the news that's fit for the airways.

Oh, who am I kidding? None of this is fit for the airways. Whatever. Pass the rum.

La, la, la. Booklearning.

In Music today, the class discussed what instrument they would bring with them if they had to move to a new planet, or something. I'm going to refrain from making the obvious joke here.

Combined Art Studio made decorations for the dance tonight, and the class went back and forth between angsting and hitting on each other as they did so. Typical.

Forensics worked on scene reconstruction from an arson using photographs. Celtic Studies read The Wooing of Etain. If it was The Wooing of Lilly, I'd actually care. And Speech 301 watched Wendy the Werewolf Hunter.

Skeeter asked her Journalistic Integrity students to share what makes them unique. She seems a little too interested in the lives of her students, but that's probably because that Venkman guy dumped her ass. Journalism 101/201 talked about, no joke, their BFFs.

US Government learned about the presidential power of appointment. Too bad I can't get the president to use his power to make Lyman teach his class without pants.

Driver's Ed played with bumper cars and got cotton candy. Seriously.

Janet opened up the library, and Cam's hungover ass came by to visit. Marty and Angela also made out on top of a desk. Okay, maybe they didn't, but they did talk or whatever they do because they're boring. Bel also thanked Marty for something. I think honestly. With minimal glaring on both sides. Weird. After school, the Ducklings had their meeting.

In the Cafeteria, Cameron was properly confuzzled by Callynanders, who were still in the bodies of Andersandbridge. Wait, what? I guess we'll get to that later. And then Victor and Walter were also confused. Shocking... but, no. Pippi and Walter ate some sloppy... okay, that must mean joes. Blair and Molly also hooked up for a meal, which is apparently not what they did when they went for their date, which may or may not have technically counted as a date. And I care not, because I graduated from middle school a while ago.

The Office was open, and Principal Rock Guy announced that the auditions for the school play are tomorrow, and that Boone won the Detention lottery, poor asshole.

Marty sent out a reminder that the Gun Club will be meeting Sunday at the Danger Shop.

Professor Calendar had office hours all by her lonesome. The Principal got a visit from Professor Dream, who volunteered to direct the school play. I have a feeling this play is really going to blow people's minds. Literally.

Zordon had office hours, and he's apparently still playing with MUD, so no one went to see him. Professor Foxy, I mean, Pierson, had office hours, which were attended by Professor Cregg and his TAs Janet and Liz.

During Student Council did some last-minute work on the dance, and discussed things like the Spring Break trip and tutoring.

DEN OF SIN. (The Dorms)

The morning, Kawalsky helped Cam nurse his hangover. Veronica and Piper also had some coffee and chatted about Veronica's big date with Logan. And Kiki delivered a Jingle Cats record for Faithful. I shudder to think.

In body-swapping news, Cally is now in the body of Anders, and Bridge is in Cally's body, or however that works. So where is Anders, then. OMG? Oh no wait, it says right here that Anders is in Bridge. Heh, that's dirty.

In Lee's room, Sam stopped by for tea and talk about robots or twins or something, and John stopped by for sex. What? Aeryn's gone, I can say that without getting beat up now.

Oh, and Nadia went out for a run.

Later on, Pheobe and Piper had sister time. And Molly stopped by Cam's room to cry on him. Hey, he's pretty hot and available now from what I hear. Good choice.

Alphonse got a visit from Walter and Victor.

OMG WAIT! BOYKISSING! Man, Bridge is going to be pissed when he gets his body back all gay-ified! Especially because he hung out in the common room instead of spending quality time with his girl body. So what if it is a rental, baby! See, John was confused! I can be too.

Parker also got ready for the dance, as did Angela, Pippi, Callisto, and pretty much every other person with boobs. Why am I reporting on this crap?

At least Veronica knew to get out of town. I know you can't hear this V, but do him already. Trust me.

Fandom Town, where the magic literally NEVER ENDS

In the morning, Giles mainlined caffeine after a night of reading.

At the FTEC, Paige and Alanna stopped by to make sure they still had jobs with the next Clinic administration, and that bitch that shot me came in to hit on the hot new, doctor. OH HELL NO. If there's a doctor in this town who looks like Bel, without the pesky girlfriend who could turn me into a frog, he is MINE.

At Efforton Manor, the blonde kinda hot guy who used to run a bar in town came to take Drusilla away on a vacation or something. Probably to drink the blood of kittens. No, seriously.

Orlin and Agatha had a pleasant morning after. Yes, that kind of morning after. Good for them, beats not being able to find your pants and having to drive home in a thong. They also went for breakfast at J,GoB.

At Empire Records Paige stopped by to see if she could snag a job there. How many jobs does she need? Anyone who needs that much cash that fast is going to end up in rehab or wearing concrete shoes by the end of the month. Trust me.

All and Sundries was open, so Marty came in to buy a corsage, and some turnips. Fetish, much?

In other news, Deb is closing the Dive, Cafe Fina was open but slightly empty, The Sin was open, and Artie opened Caritas so he could hang out with magicians and hookers. Got to love this town.

Le Dance. Or is that Danse? Whatever.

Callisto hung posters earlier in the day and took song requests. And then the party started.

The DJ Squad did a sound check and gossiped about Callisto, who they go way back with.

Phoebe and Bel met up near the punch bowl. No angsting near the punch bowl, omg!

Nadia and Pippi also chatted near the punch and talked about dresses before being joined by Walter and Victor.

Bel & Phoebe danced, as did Marty & Angela, and Callisto & Angel. Parker, Isabel, Alanna, Nadia, & Sam hit the dance floor for “Bitch”, with Marty. O-kay.

Peter, Sam, Isabel, Mac, & Zero discussed the possibility of Phil Collins being evil. Oh yeah, you know - zombies, snow monsters, the old psych professor, Phil Collins. That's a logical jump.

Chloe & Peter discussed punch, and Alanna & Isabel talked about Alanna’s cat. These broadcasts sometimes just write themselves.

Angela chatted with Sam, Peter & Isabel while waiting for her lovemuffin to return from... the bathroom or killing people or wherever he ran off to.

Alanna was jealous that Zero and Sam were both wearing pants. Is that dirty girl-love code?

Callisto & Angel practiced their lurking skills before hitting the dance floor. And speaking of being creepy, Chaperone Rita Skeeter got a flower and romantic note delivered from her estranged husband.

I think I just puked in my mouth a little.

The Tick and Hot Canadian discussed Justice! and their uniforms. Sam & Nadia both chatted with MacGyver. Josh Lyman & Fraser discussed the interesting attire of one of the DJs. And apparently, my Joshy was really hung up on the DJ's duds, as he also discussed them with Susan.

Rory was escorted to the dance by Anakin, her friend. You know, I actually believe her. I'm sure if she actually had sex some kittens would die or something.

Walter joined Nadia on the dance floor for a fast song, and did a slow dance with Victor.

Parker hit on the DJ, and Zero, Parker & Angela hit the floor for some girl bonding.

And... I'm sure other stuff happened, but I'm kind of not, you know, caring anymore. So good night, and remember, work with what God gave you. And if you end up with something that God gave someone else, work that instead. BRIDGE.
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Hey Fandom, this is Lilly Kane.

Yes, you are all still crazy.

School, the boring stuff

Let's start with Professor Big Mac and Shop, where his class had to survive the wilderness. With duct tape. Celtic Studies read stuff, and Biology and Chemistry studied things I should understand, but don't.

Magical Theory learned about the magical power of love. Literally. Xander, Cordy, and Bel were especially attentive.

Jung class learned about Jung, which I still don't know how to pronounce. Psych 101 learned about Erik Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages of Development. As if they probably apply to half the kids here, who were birthed in pods fully formed.

Creature Languages had a critter-lover quiz, not that there is anything wrong with that.

Intro to Western Lit learned about Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and Speech classes tackled family issues, which I could write a novel on, and politics, which I could not write a novel on, ever.

Intro to Anthropology learned about early modern Homo sapiens. Once again, so not applicable, but nice try. Sociology classes discussed massacres and miracles, but not together, thank goodness.

US History students learned about old men in funny wigs. Oh, right, former presidents. Paleontology played with rocks, and Tactics of War had a pop quiz.

Professor Chaucer held office hours with visits from Phoebe & Kiki. Dirty. And Principal Awesome announced that the school play is going to be A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare. Rory and Cordy are to stop by to discuss helping as student directors. And something about Marty and musicals. Did Blank go gay when Chase dumped him? That's one way to go about things, I suppose.

Mrs. Wilbur Skeeter got a visit from Veronica, the lucky bitch. Zordon hung out by himself.

Dr. Grissom e-mailed half the planet to tell them to come to his assembly of love tomorrow, and Professor Rory's Mom is letting her students go. Score!

At the library Parker brought chocolate. Cam talked to Parker about Valentine's Day, and then Parker explained dating to Blair. Then his brain exploded.

Angela was freakishly happy, and then Rory, Angela and Parker discussed all things cute and bouncy. Anakin came in to visit no one in particular that has brown hair and a coffee fetish.

Fraser came in for research and an interview with Rory, and then Jack and Parker broke out into the Hustle or something.

Around Campus

In the gym Isabel and Elizabeth talked about games. Isabel and Cam shared a punching bag, and Aeryn gave Cam a hard time. SCARY! Aeryn and Elizabeth also caught up.

ABC was open for business. Cupcake business.

Pippi gave Cally presents, and Rory watched TV in the second floor common room, presumably with her posse. She also met Ivanova.

And over at the Clinic, Susan and Alanna hang out in the sad, empty hole that Hot Doctor Wilson left behind.

Town, Etc.

We start off with Orlin setting up some equipment for Lucas. Snicker. The Town Hall was open, and so was Sparky Repairs.

At All and Sundries Jake, Walter, Blair, Paige, Parker, and Isabel all stopped by for various alls and sundries. This involves turnips, apparently.

Giles ran into a ghost at J,GoB.

Oh no, I lied, that's just Professor Calendar. Giles, catch up buddy.

Blair waited in the park for his date with Jaye, and Parker and Aeryn made a visit with their local troopers.

Orlin explained his weekend to Agatha at the Perk, and over at the park Artie messed with the ducks, and Orlin and Camulus also showed up.

visited Veronica on official business, and she also hung out with Piper after Sociology of Violence.

Jake was also up to other no-good type things.

Jack was happy about his birthday, and Kiki was awake, so she probably gave him an extra special present.

Blair dressed his plant. Which probably is sentient and man-eating in this town. Ed has a new project in the works. So run, now. And Isabel chatted with Cam.

Pippi and Anders watched the Olympics. Go, Team USA, I guess. Whatever. Has the figure skating started yet? And Walter, Victor and Ivanova stopped by to see Alphonse.

Vala and Cam were cute, and Anakin was in no way cute, with no one else, while not writing an e-mail.

Speaking of e-mail, Lana was firing them off too. Maybe she should send one to Phoebe, as girl is still majorly bummed.

Also, there was a party at the Arms hotel for Jack! Man, this town rules. Oh wait, and there were monsters. Can we please go a day without monsters crashing every damn shindig? Yeesh.

There was a playtime set-up, and Jack made his mom a macaroni necklace. Awww. There were also forts and Dance Dance Revolution. Nadia and Angela, therefore, danced, as did Victor and Walter.

And then there were lots and lots of presents, given under watchful, creepy eyes.

Isabel and Angela caught up up, and Elizabeth and Jack danced.

Maia was bummed that Paige left, and Parker, CJ and Ten chatted, and probably planned to take over the world. And then CJ grilled Angela about Marty. Victor and Walter also talked.

And then shit went down. Monsters attacked Nadia and Pippi in the kitchen. Phoebe had her run-in in the library.

Isabel and Angela were smart and left.

Bel and Pip came across a monster
, and so did Victor and Walter.

And then there was the basement. Don't get me started.

Okay kids, that's it. Remember, monsters are bad, but tequila is good. Good night, love to all.
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Hey guys, this is Lilly Kane, reporting to you live from Fandom, where everyone you meet could potentially be your one true love, or kill you without remorse. But at least we know how to party!

Book Learning, or in our case, Maybe Not

Okay, on campus Math with Charlie Eppes ate pizza and studied string or something. I have no idea what that means. Music class with most righteous Ted, who still totally kicks ass even with the bird flu or whatever, talked about their favorite songs. And of course, everyone has pretty lame choices, except for Izzie, who dropped some Spice Girls love. Yeah, Izzie, way to be girl.

The Combined Art Class painted frescoes, which I guess are dirty, ancient wall paintings. Jake's group I'm sure had the hottest painting, and then everyone else probably just drew stick figures. Driver's Ed watched some educational films. But they got stuck with the lame DUI films, and not the fun CAR CRASH AT THE PROM! videos, which are so much better.

Celtic Studies was taught by Phoebe, who not so subtly made references to triangles and then got into a tiff with her ex. Let me give you a hint, Pheebs. Just screw the married ones, don't actually get married.

Professor Bitchface, I mean, Mrs. Wilbur Skeeter, takled about those who find fame by accident in Journalistic Integrity. You sleep with one movie star and his son... Anyway, in Journalism 101/201, she yelled at her class for writing bad poetry, even though she assigned emo teens to write a poem. That's awesome foresight, right there.

Forensics with Ms. Sidle studied racial trends in homicides. Let me tell you, pretty, rich white girls get killed too, okay? Don't hate. US Government got an exam from Lemon Lyman, but not the fun kind. But his extra credit question was kind of awesome, so I guess that makes up for it. Speech 301 got a quiz as well. Ms. Cregg was way more fun when she was seventeen.

Ms. Calendar had office hours, and Phoebe and Susan stopped by. Dr. Delicious, I mean, Pierson, had visits from The Doctor (not-quite-as, but still delicious) and Janet, who in my opinion is also tasty, for a girl and all.

Principal Not Scary made an announcement that Logan Echolls is having a drug-free party. Excuse me while I die again, this time of laughter. Oh, Dewey. You're adorable.

Dean Tubey played with mud, and Dean Washburn played with no one. Awww, sad. She's cool.

Only Pippi and Jack were dumb enough to stop by the cafeteria today. And Janet opened the Library, where Angela apparently had evil book cart issues. If I had a nickel.

At Student Council, the students plan cool stuff, like a Spring Break trip to Lee's favorite country, and potential canoodling for Peter. And Bel and Angel talked, sadly with their clothes on. Yay, Student Council!

At the Clinic, Phoebe, Paige, Blair, Pippi, and Anders all said sayonara to Dr. House. Bye, Dr. House!

The Dorms. Try Not to Die Here.

Aeryn gave Cam an exam, with her fists, because it's Aeryn, and that's what she does. Hot. And Sawyer was in a common room, hanging out with his bad self.

Parker apparently armed Marty, and not in the tossed him an elbow kind of way, but the day was still young. Sam, as was expected today apparently, acted suspiciously.

Oh look, Gil finally got laid after coming back from his trip. Maybe if he had gotten laid YESTERDAY, I wouldn't have detention tomorrow. Damn.

Xander got an email from Willow, and kept on e-mailing all damn day. Dude, who can spend more than a few minutes at a computer in a day? Get some fresh air!

Veronica and Angel talked about boyfriends and girlfriends. I assume that means their respective S.O.'s, and not one big lovefest, because once again, V, I wish you were that type of girl, but I don't know if you're there. Yet. We'll keep working on it.

In sane people news, Ed chilled in his room, and Izzie and Mac once again enjoyed some people-free baked goods, and Liz and Kawalsky got the hell out of dodge.

Over at the party, people, partied, I guess.

Angel and Callisto talked about double dating, which is totally code for something dirty I am sure.

Cally was asking about a study group. Wow, way to party. Parker asked Cally about some locks, but that didn't help Cally's mood. You know what does help? Booze. Or no, wait, time with your BF helps too. See, Cally, all is not lost.

Cam gave John a note to give to Vala.

And Echolls was wasted and Angel has to put him to bed. Now see, that could have spiced up our relationship back in the day.

According to this, Kara and Anders talked about being partners and burning off energy. Woah, no wonder Cally was bummed. Bel was all sexy and broody. Hot.

John and Peter discussed Professor Skeeter, and they probably didn't call her a raging hose-beast. But maybe they should have, huh? And Jaye is pissed about having detention tomorrow. You and me both, babe.

In the lobby, Xander and Faithful played hide the Mountie. What the hell? Nasty! I like it.

Town. Scarier than the Dorms. Srsly.

All and Sundries has posters all over the damn place. And Paige hung out at Empire Records. Yay, local businesses.

Phoebe was at the hotel, while her ex got it on, I mean, had a fight with Marty. Oh Marty, what the hell were you thinking there?

Over in the Park, Phoebe, Angela, O Rly, I mean, Orlin, and Anders all said goodbye to Aziraphale. Bye, Aziraphale! Kiki and Aziraphale also had a moment, but even though Kiki is a shameless, lipslut hussy, this feed is making me a little weepy so I'm not reading it anymore.

At Caritas, my old boss GOB had a bad night, magic dude wise. But Artie helped him get his drink on, so that doesn't sound like too bad of a night to me!

Over at Cafe Fina, Orlin and Walter had some sort of mind-meld waitressing thing going on, Edmund and his hat showed up, and Maia, Walt, and Pip got their fancy grub on.

In big damn idiots news, apparently study group has a new meaning I wasn't aware of. The basics of what you need to know - vampires are bad. Unless they use a lot of hair gel. Then they're good, or something. Anyway, some of your more industrious classmates went on a suicide mission, I mean, heroic effort to keep the student population safe, and whomp some big, bad, nasty... girls. Who may look like your average hot dominatrix, but apparently will kill your ass without a second thought.

That's so not cool.

Anyway, Aeryn and her homies went to the hotel, where there was, shockingly enough, a fight. Drusilla showed up, and then Aeryn pumped her full of lead. Oh, Aeryn. You're so on my team if I ever have to play paintball.

Angel's posse went through the sewers, and didn't find any ninjas nor pizza loving turtles, but they lost communication and probably some blood. Oh no, this report says they definitely lost a lot of blood. Yikes, ouch guys. Everyone was a wee bit freaked when they couldn't find Angel, but he eventually showed up, and guess what? Yeah, he had some battle wounds.

Isabel went looking for a doctor, and found Hawkeye to help. Right on, VP Lush!

I'm sure there is still bad mojo going down, so I am going to scram. Remember Fandom, not all of the un-dead are bad. Some of us are nice, clean, cute, and very anti-homicide!

No, for real though, everyone take care, and be safe. I tease because I love. Good night, and good bye, especially to Hot Doctor Wilson. If you're ever back in town, and need a place to stay, call me!
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Hello, geeks! In yet another stunning display of Fandom's blatant disregard for the laws of science and humanity, I am holed up in the dusty, skanky old Study Hall bringing you the news of the great Blackout of 2006. So if you're lucky enough to still be in town, just remember to keep your hands to yourself. As soon as you goose someone, the lights will come back on. Trust me, it's like, guaranteed.

Official Biz-Nass

Before the world went to hell in a frosty handbasket, people actually did stuff. Jung, Etc. class, whatever that is, had a quiz. Ick. Speech 301 were punks. Or watched punks do stuff. Or something equally boring and lame. Meanwhile, History of Art/Studio Art was basically the emo-teen version of Caligula. I don't know exactly what went down, but it apparently involved togas, smearing body paint on each other, and then walking around to photograph the other groups. Angela, Xander, and Lee were naughty, I'm pretty sure.

Math played something called tycoon games, which involved video games named Cruise Ship and Tabloid. Once again, why did I not sign up for Math? In Forensics Ms. Sidle gave her students a quiz as well. Damn people, it is FRIDAY.

Celtic Studies presented their projects in that Gremlin language. Driver's Ed learned about engines, which are those things that make cars go. I prefer the backseat, myself. In US Government with foxy foxy Mr. Lyman, he bored them all to tears learning about the Constitution, but hey, he looks good doing it, and that's what really matters.

As for the weird British lady with the bad perm, in Journalistic Integrity, Veronica and Logan were late to watch a film. That's weird, Veronica is never late. And in Journalism 101/201 people wrote poems. Because every newspaper I've ever read has a emo poem written by a teenager all about their favorite flower. Right.

Music 201 sullenly watched Anakin sullenly play his sullen banthabell. And Cultivation and Gardening was canceled. See, that's more like it on a snow day.

A few crazy people actually ate lunch in the cafeteria with the creepy sub. The snickerdoodles were not made of people, but no guarantees were made about the gingerbread. Hey, the police force had to end up somewhere.

And now for our attention whore administration. I mean, our administration that is dedicated to successful communication with the student body, or whatever. Principal Ninja-Lovah made an announcement that Togusa has detention for breathing, and something about Jaye's quivering bits that was just plain unnecessary. Also, I think he accused her of doing drugs, which I'm pretty sure is just a big fat lie, because she'd be way mellower if she was high. Nice going, Principal Liar-Pants, Ninja-Sexxer. After the power went out, he announced townies could come to campus to stay. I'm sure he did that only with the hopes a certain chick and her friend, who by the way SHOT ME IN THE ARM, would seek warmth and comfort in his pants.

Tubey also hung out all by his tubey self in his office. Smith, however, got cookies from a student. What a slut.

Some teachers also held office hours instead of skipping. That was... dumb. Dr. Grissom got a visit from The Doctor, and they had tea. Awww, Gil, look at you, being all social. Dr. Pierson, who should call me, like, yesterday, also got a visit from The Doctor, as well as CJ, Janet, and Elizabeth. I'm sure that got hella dirty quick. Dr. Carter scares the hell out of everybody so no one went to see her today. Elizabeth also visited Ms. Calendar, along with Bridge and Mac. And Ms. Cregg got visits from The Doctor and Jack. Sexy.

Student Council met, and discussed dances, frisbee, and mostly just used it as an excuse to hang out and stare at Mr. Lyman.

Parker opened the library today, which I thought was supposed to be full of geeks, but instead was full of people having overly-dramatic life problems. Angela and Parker were angsting over Rory, who I guess felt the need to share her vampire-induced woe. No, this isn't a repeat broadcast. Zero agrees with me, because she apparently wondered if Rory's blood is made from chocolate syrup, as she is so popular with the biting crowd. That would justify why she's such a candy ass. Sam seemed a little bloodthirsty, for books, I guess. Super hot security guy also stopped by with his wolf, and I am seriously reconsidering my no-Security Guy standpoint. Cam chatted with Parker and Archie, who apparently wasn't busy with anyone's quivering bits at the time, and then actually looked for books.

And over at the Clinic, Stark opened up shop and not pretty Dr. Wilson, so only employees hung out until Victor rounded them up to help with the townie-refugees.

And in the TA lounge, Veronica and Logan... kissed. Less than a week after she slept at Weevil's. Wow, nice Veronica, didn't know you had it in you. I guess it's a good thing Rover left town after all. Anyway, moving on...

The Not-So-Dry, Nor Fresh, Campus

Cam, Aeryn, and Angel worked out in the gym, and Cam took the opportunity to brood with Angel. Could you please just make out already?

Walter hung some posters for Sparky Repairs and All and Sundries.

The power went flickered and then shut down in the dorms, but came back on probably because Smith threatened it with detention. So Bridge threw a party in the second floor common room, where the decor is fabulous, to like, try and burn out the generator or something. All the usual suspects showed up, and Rory was making her lost little puppy eyes again. Seriously, Rory, you seem nice enough, but I'm concerned that all this blood loss has caused some major brain damage.

Liz and Janet froze their little butts off. Phoebe chatter with Camulus and she didn't seem happy, not one bit. Lyta had the right idea and stayed in bed.

Cam was majorly sad over his GF being all OMGHurty, and left her a note. Vala had visitors up the wazoo, including Isabel, Janet, Hot Canadian, and Izzie. And in case you missed it at any point, Cam lurves Vala.

Angel can move now without shrieking out in girly pain, so that one of his boy harem comes and 'rubs his ribs'. Anakin, Alanna, and Bridge stopped by, in Alanna's case to probably actually heal his pain, and as for Anakin, I'll just mention that stupid braid and let you connect the dots.

Victor and Pip enjoyed the most important meal of the day. Kara Thrace actually decided to show up back at school. And Bel and Crowley did whatever it is they do.

Jeremiah and Xander were scared of the snow, and Mac and Izzie played in it. Duo was also happy happy, joy joy at the fluffy white stuff. Not that kind of white stuff, I don't think. Nadia, however, is not a fan.

Edward is sick, and John went to bug the hell out of him. Or make sure he was still alive. Yawn.

Veronica and Piper are back to being friends, and not bitching at each other. Nice to know I've been replaced. On the other side, Marty and Angela should just get back together already, because it is majorly bumming everyone out within a fifty foot radius when they interact.

Han was freaking out, Sawyer was woe-is-me-ing. Victor and Walter talked until they just couldn't talk no more, and Jessica spoke on the phone, and Han stopped by.

Krycek and Chloe were playing with, what the hell does this say? Mini!Jake? Something about chocolate, clothes, and... I don't want to go there. Nor do I want to know who or what is Mini!Jake. I'll leave that to your imaginations.

Cordelia was waiting around, hoping Logan would call. Good luck with that. But Pip and Maia snuggled, and snuggle, snug, snuggled. Oh my.

John and Aeryn skipped the snuggling and went straight to the heavy conversation. Bummer.

Bel was wasted and Piper joined him in the misery. And Phoebe was also very, very sad. Coincidence? Must be.

Town. The Cold Place.

Oh hey, the weather sucked. Despite this, Tommy the firefighter apparently also does contracting work, as he hung signs to that effect. Can someone say sekrit mob cover? Seriously.

At All and Sundries, Tommy bought cigarettes, to smoke after 'contracting jobs' probably, and Walter bought warm stuff.

Geoff talked to House, and Deb sat in the dark for a long time, doing... who knows. Lorelai sent out invitations to a Humanities dinner, and called Rory, who's sailing on the high seas of trauma as usual.

An anonymous gift was left for Phoebe at the hotel. Hey, a vibrator! That's always good, right?

Ben and Michael are leaving town. Sad bear. Aziraphale stopped to say goodbye, as did Lana, Paige, and Tobias. Pippi, meanwhile, actually did some shopping.

Some unwashed band showed up in town in ugly sunglasses.

At Aziraphale's, Victor attempted to buy books. Kiki and Wilson hung out, and probably tried to slobber all over him as per usual with her. Vic and Pip also think reading is fundamental, and Blair also got next to Wilson to warm up. Note to self: buy more books.

Quark is missing, and was last seen going into his basement. He probably just got his ear stuck in something.

Posters went up for some Fix-It place, and a broody dude also showed up in town in ugly sunglasses. What gives? Artie hung out on a roof. Walter picked up a bot from Agatha, and Blair checked on Ivanova at work.

Tex got a suspicious package, but not the kind I enjoy. She then helped Baron and Muta dig out of the shop.

Parker went to the Sin because her bunny was apparently being held captive. Lord, do I even need to make the joke? And she got it back, which isn't surprising, because I'm pretty sure Parker can kill people with her mind.

The Power Outage caused problems, shocker, at Caritas, the new, soon-to-be music shop, and at Sanctity.

The Tick went to the Sin to lecture hooker, and cookies were baked. Good to see that even psycho-bitch whores get their baked goods in.

Oh, and Tex apparently owns Smith like the little ninja-sexxing bitch that he is.

Then the scary Troopers saved a bunch of citizens, and we are off to...

Refugee Center a/k/a An Excuse to Sex the Townies On Campus

Sara, Blair, Lorne, Edmund, Ivanova, Agatha, Togusa, & Tex all showed up to help. Blair organized people who dropped things off for the poor, cold townies, including Blair, Deb & Carl, Maia, Tommy, Archie, Benton, Sam, Pippi, GOB, Nadia, & Pip.

And Broody Lucas broods, because that's what he does.

Maia headed up Operation: Townie Sex, and Togusa, Pip, Archie, Kiki, Pippi, Sam, Peter, Walter, Lana, Susan, and Shep all offered their loins, I mean beds, for the night.

Alfred brought all the food that was supposed to be for Cafe Fina, Wonka and Deb brought candy and pie, and Jessica made tea.

Victor and Alanna set up medical help, and she met Camulus.Tommy showed to render aid if necessary, and Susan and Fraser thought about calling House and Wilson.

Tommy and Susan hung out, then Janet and Susan met, then Tommy and Camulus met, and Janet almost hurt her eyeballs. Careful, Janet! Janet also tried to help Harper, but was mostly confused, and Ivanova met Victor.

Tommy has some bonding time with Hot Canadian and CJ under the guise of being responsible. Jarod also offered to help him out and dropped some knowledge on him. Togusa told Tommy about his tank. Alfred guessed where Tommy is from.

Lorne also set up Caritas in the school. Because the people can not live without karaoke. So people sang, angsted, and did whatever with those sketchy sunglassed dudes. New location, same crap.

Kiki helped the efforts, as did Togusa. Kiki and Lana also talked about sleeping arrangements, and then Kiki totally tongue-kissed Lana.

I may have made that last part up. Maybe.

Nadia is looking for Furball. Dirty. And there is apparently a tank inside? Oh good lord.

Anyway, Pippi set up game time, and Camulus keeps a watchful eye out for Strip Twister. Ivanova handed off some candy to Zoe. Smart move, she's scary. And Amazon Dean and Hot Canadian seemed to be making some googly eyes until she left with the Baron.

Jessica gave Victor tea, and wondered why he is green. Don't bother to ask those kind of questions, Jessie. And Togusa went to sleep. Newsflash, omg. Togusa earlier was worried about Batou, but hey, Batou is chilling with Zhaan tonight, so all is well. Probably.

Lana, Han, Sakura, Nadia, Kiki, Chiana, Susan, Jessica ditched the refugee camp and are having a girl's slumber party in the fourth floor common room right now, unless they're still outside. As long as they keep it down so I can get some damn sleep, who cares?

Wilson and Phale were together and skipped the camp as well, no surprise there. JIMMY, CALL ME! Phoebe went to the bar, and yet was still depressed after throwing a few back. And in the gym, Jarod did not appear to be sleeping well.

And last but not least, in the good kind of keeping warm news, Lee and his arms are stoked that Kara is back. Speaking of cute, so are Walter and Victor. And Cally and Anders, but they are always cute, so they don't count.

Okay, that's it. I'm going upstairs with a bottle of rum and an extra pair of socks. To most of you, good night and stay safe. And for some of you... you should probably get used to the cold. Sweet Dreams, Fandom.
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Hey dorks! It's Lilly Kane, holed up in the Crow's Nest with a bottle of windex and an extra pair of handcuff keys. I guess that phone call I got last Friday about the grape jelly and bondage at the radio station was actually just a prank. Bummer. Anyway, here we go, a full report on what you've been up to all day long when not, you know, 'waxing your spaceships' and 'polishing your weaponry' and 'massaging your fireballs of doom', or whatever the hell it is you people do behind closed doors.

Blah, Blah Blah. Class, and No One Cares.

I seriously deserve a bottle of rum for even reading these feeds.

For those of you who are in Driver's Ed with Dr. O-Face, you actually got to sit in a real car! Maybe by finals you'll get to set the radio stations all by yourselves! In Speech 301, everyone played Pictionary except Jack who skipped. Who's the professor of that class, Milton Bradley? Wait, don't answer that. Math classes apparently talked about their favorite numbers. And there was free cereal. Why didn't anyone tell me to sign up for math? The most excellent righteous teacher dude, Ted, held class for Music of the Multiverse, and the students discussed... well, the multiverse, I guess. Celtic Studies tried to speak some language that may or may not be Gremlin. Forensics class with Ms. Sidle talked about Homicide. Hi, why am I not teaching that class? Put me on the faculty if you want an expert on homicide. Here's the lesson, getting murdered totally blows. The End.

Journalistic Integrity, also known as Oxymoron 101, talked about privacy issues, under the watchful eye of the teacher that can't even keep her glasses on straight. Creepy British lady, I mean, Lovely Rita, Skeeter Maid, also taught Journalism 101 and 201, with the helpful lesson that the words in bold on a newspaper are important.

And oh my god, one of the Gremlin Busters hit on Skeeter. Okay, one, gross. Okay, two, he apparently offered to help her trap ghosts, which is SO NOT OKAY. Okay, three, just no.

Cultivation and Gardening planted seeds. Umm, okay, probably not the kind of seeds people are actually interested in. US Government talked about Democracy, which seems reasonable enough, although I don't see how Lyman got hired pushing free will and all that, considering our current principal. Maybe Smith thinks he's cute too. Not that I think Lyman's cute, because I don't. At all. And last but not least, Art, with unfortunate facial hair yet still strangely alluring in that tunic-y thing guy. Everyone was given a partner and they had to do their partner's portrait. Sadly, there's no indication they are also working on the nudes section of the course.

Dr. Pierson, who I also do not find foxy in any way whatsoever, had office hours and his harem apparently didn't show. That's a shame. Well, that I didn't stop by anyway. Dr. Grissom held office hours too, and apparently made Marty write an essay just because he missed class. Yikes. Gil, baby, you need to learn how to relax.

Pip stopped by Professor Carter's office hours. Smith got totally pranked by a few kids who left a golf cart on his... desk... wait a minute. My golf cart better still be parked outside, or I am going to punish some freshmen, and not in the fun way. ZORDON, GREEK GOD OF TUBES's office got taken over by a sit-in. Because apparently the students in Quantum Theory accidentally threw us back to 1968 while I was sleeping through class today. The Office was open for various office-y needs.

Our administration is also a little microphone happy. Principal Please Don't Kill Me, (Again) oppressed pirates, gremlins, spunky cute girls, sailors, and umm.. Anders, all in one announcement, and shared with us that he likes snickerdoodles. Great, another cannibal faculty member. Tubes McGee yelled at John for leaving his alphabet magnets next to his Nintendo or something, and Archie and Anders for squabbling like little girls. Sadly, they didn't argue shirtless, so I'll be quickly moving on. Vice Principal Lush made a lot of announcements that vaguely condemned pranking, in a completely unironic manner I am sure. And Principal Scary Man gave Pip and Walter detention, but I think they actually deserved it, unlike my boy Barbossa, who got majorly screwed by the man in the detention lottery.

Janet opened the library today, and not that monkey guy. I'm pretty sure Angel was hitting on Janet, Janet and Parker told Lee to put his head between his legs and think of England, Zero stopped by with her band, which is awesome. I've only managed to land the bass player and the drummer at the same time. Izzie brought Janet cookies for being groovy, I guess. Rory Gilmore met the band as well, but probably only made OMGJUSTFRIENDS with them, and finally, Molly got a library card. Yeah. I've got nothing.

People also ate lunch in the cafeteria, which is psychotic in and of itself. Pip chatted with Paige and Victor, who then chatted with Pippi, and then Duo showed up. They talked about... whatever, and then Crichton gave Angel dating advice. Ha, ha ha.

The Dorms. Where the Magic Happens.

Hmm. If you want to bake Principal Smith a pie, you can do that on Sunday on the 3rd floor. I'm pretty sure they're not kidding, but don't quote me.

In unimportant Student Council news, Phoebe, Bridge, Isabel, and Peter, a/k/a the Big Fat Virgin Ticket, Alanna, Pip and Pippi, a/k/a the Pip-Pip-Pooray Ticket, and Victor all hung up more posters that totally sucked compared to my posters, which obviously rule. And because Student Council can also be hazardous for your health, Maia ripped down Phoebe's posters. See, what did I tell you people? Vote for me because I'm already dead, and therefore guaranteed to serve a full term.

In 'Save the Gremlins News', because I know all of you are such huge fans, Blair campaigned all over the place for Gremlin Rights. His bra-burning did not stop the The Gremlin Busters from roasting, toasting, and otherwise blowing gremlins to smithereens. You will notice I stayed the hell away from the scary men in jumpsuits before I ended up served on a stick in a fondue restaurant.

In save the drama for your mama news, Gil and Ms. Sidle had a fight, and then made up. He really needs to start listening to my relationship advice. Mac and Izzie baked, yet I am cookie-less right now, so what's up with that, Mac? I totally haunted you for over a year. Give a girl some snacks. Marty Blank and his chicken bum-rushed 239/240, and just moved on in without the occupants being, you know, aware. And yet, that guy has a girlfriend, and I can't get my boyfriend to return my calls.

Wait, sweet, Angela is gone for the weekend. So me and Blank are tied, 0-0. Phoebe is a gremlin-lovah. Liz and Cam went for a run, and talked about the elections. Let me give you a hint, I'm the best candidate. Zero filled in her friends about Han and other useful knowledge. Which I guess would be don't mess with zombies, or the Principal, or swim in the pool. Kawalsky strutted around in a towel, and I sadly didn't get his number or pictures. Jake did his homework. Someone get that boy a coffee, and give him a hug.

In super sekrit mission news, Duo is out of town as well. Ivanova slept. Ummm... cool, I guess. Xander and Blair talked about, stuff. That didn't involve Xander having a crush on me, or 'giving me a Twinkie', so yawn. Jack was totally busted for sleeping through class, but he still has my admiration. Sakura hoped the punch would be spiked later at the dance, proving she is my kind of girl. Jaye squeed like a wee, little girl at Archie coming over for a date. Jaye, there is no shame in squeeing over a hot sailor boy. Embrace it, dollface. And Cam and Vala, who are so cute I can't even hate on them, probably did some sexing.

In 'package' news, besides not slipping Bel the tongue, Kiki delivered. Chiana got a dress, Lyta got movie tickets, and Isabel got coffee. Jessica also received an angel bear. If only the afterlife was that cool. And the Kiki gave Yuffie candy. Obviously meant for Bel.

Fun Time with Dr. Wilson who I don't think is sexy at all

Down at the clinic, Dr. Wilson ran his hands through his adorable little mop of hair and helped out all sorts of sick and pathetic people. Blair stopped by, being ridiculously emo about the gremlins, and Wilson hooked him up with some Rx and TLC. Chiana stopped by with a blood donation, and I'm sure Wilson was kind and understanding about her blood being totally freaky. Paige stopped by to work, and Wilson did not sexually harass her. Dr. Grissom stopped by, and Wilson probably gave him bug porn to read while he was there. Wilson also let Alanna play with a puppy. No, shut up. He has a puppy too? I might be dead from the cute. And Wilson also got a phone call from House in Michigan, and knowing Wilson, he totally accepted the collect charges. And then sent the operator flowers.

Not that I harbor any dirty thoughts for Dr. Wilson. Because I don't.

Town, That Place That's Even Weirder Than School

There's a sale at Wonka's Shoppe going on, but sadly not one next door at Blood Gulch Arms, where the owner fought with a duck instead of selling any weapons. I guess if you are going to fight ducks, you might as well be heavily armed. At the park, Kiki and Bel sadly do not make out. Not that they ever have, or anything like that. I didn't hear anything about them making out at all. At the Emporium, Miho bought cookies, and balloons. For water. Heh. Victor stopped by for groceries, and boy advice. Awwwww. Pippi bought the best skirt ever and freaked out Michael, and Han stopped by as well.

Oh hey, Tex, when not wrestling with innocent birdlife, hung out with dreamy Dr. Wilson in the park. Neither probably watched Bel and Kiki make out in the park. Because they have never made out. Hmmm. And Kiki later showed up at the Perk and didn't make out with Crowley. Also, there was apparently some bad mojo in the park, because Phoebe was attacked by some really mean dudes.

And who saved the day? That would be Dr. Wilson.

The Dance I Didn't Plan, and Therefore It Obviously Sucked

A punk band? Seriously. Ick. Anyway, sound check went well, I guess, because no one ended up at the Clinic with bleeding ears or extra piercings. Which probably made the chaperones happy. The Tick, Josh Lyman, who I don't think is hot, Vice Principal Drunky McBooze-Alot, and Auto - I can't pronounce that were all there, as were various other chaperones, like Dr. O-Face, and Dean Washburn keeping an eye on VP 151.

As for the dance, at the punchbowl, everyone and their mother stayed away from the scary punk band. Rory and Parker hung out, as did Rory and Alanna. Jack stopped by for sadly unspiked beverages and to hang out with Parker before they spent the entie weekend together in New York. Fishy. No one was harmed when Alanna met Pippi, in the miracle of all miracles. Peter also met Alanna, innocently talked to Rory, yeah right, and Aeryn. Frankly, she scares me, so moving on. Vala, Cam, Parker, Pippi, and Pip drank some juice, and didn't form a band, but Parker, Pippi, and Pip is a great band name. Vala checked in on Isabel, with Isabel being new and all. Awww, cute.

Shep and Pippi talked, and I am starting to think there may be two Pippis, because that girl gets around more than I do. And Pip hung out with Shep and Chiana. I'm starting to get a little freaked out. Chloe marveled at the new, bad-ass Lana. Bridge and Kawalsky, and later Xander and Molly talked about boring crap. Jaye and Archie were so adorable my teeth hurt reading this feed. Jessica had some non-Jesus juice and conversation as well.

Janet showed later, obviously smart enough to avoid non-spiked punch, and Cam and Vala rocked out. When the D-Bunnies covered The Ramones, Chi and Pip, and Pippi, Walter, and Victor did something that I think was supposed to be dancing. Kara and Lee also started making out like the drunk, little space kids that they are, and Callisto and Angel rubbed up on each other's grills.

And finally the punch was in fact, spiked! Amateurs! My lovely ex-boyfriend, while not trying to squire his new conquest, hung out with, and you have a fifty/fifty shot, here, Pip. And lots of other people hit the sauce too, Shep, Lana, Han, and yup, Pippi and Pip.

Of course, everyone looked to hide under the bleachers so that they could be raunchy. Typical. Sakura and Ed did not make out, but Angel did pinch Callisto's butt. He seriously has no concern for his personal safety. As for my concern with my personal safety, John and Aeryn were there too, and that's all I am going to say about that.

OKAY, nerds! That's it. Considering my BFF and half of everyone else I know is currently in New York, buying me presents if they have any sense, I'm going home and going to bed. Alone. Well, with Backup, but even I have standards.

Peace out, and remember condoms are your friends. Goodnight, Fandom!

[OOC: I LOVE EVERYONE, ZOMG! Except Rita, who is an impossible act to follow. Happy Friday the 13th, be true to your school, and an extra swat on the bum for the radio staff. LOVE!]
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Hey Fandom, this is Lilly Kane. By now, classes are over and it is officially Spring Break. So good luck to everyone going to England, where it is cold, rainy, and historically significant - I'm going to the Caribbean.

School, or "Break OMG so close!"

Some teachers rule, because Celtic Studies, Forensics, and Journalism were canceled.

Music got free food and no Ted. And Sam the Eagle, no lie, gave US Government their midterm. Eagles are way harsh.

Art classes had a paint battle with paint filled water balloons and super soakers. CJ's Speech Classes knocked down the wall between her office and Chaucer’s now empty one, along with Grissom.

And Drivers Ed actually started driving on a holographic race track in the Danger Shop. I'm so proud I could cry, seriously guys.

Oh, Dean Zordon announced that Piper Halliwell, Paige Matthews, Peter Parker, Draco Malfoy, and me, dammit, all have detention on Saturday. I guess they're handing out detentions now for being awesome.

Today's list of people foolish enough to eat in the caf includes Ed, and Molly and Cam talking about Blair. And... how cute and fuzzy and innocent he is? Of all the people to gossip about.

A shy dude, Chloe, and Pippi said goodbye to Charlie. Awww, sad. No more free cereal in Math class.

Janet Frasier opened the Library, where Blair talked to Janet about Dr. Jackson and the second floor, and then hallelujah Jenny Calendar reversed the spell that's been giving everyone strange powers. Because a week of that gross crap was more than enough.

Principal Washburn was in her office, and Dean Zordon watched... more of his weird 80's spandex porn, probably.

Dorms, or where people have bad dreams, a lot.

Nadia’s still having weird dreams, and Cordy isn't having a great time of it either.

Jaye called her sister from the ceiling to freak her out. Must, not, make, Lionel Ritchie joke.

Phoebe and Lana were excited that the strange powers had disappeared. Rory sent out an email about the SEKRIT party for Logan and Jake. Al stopped by to visit with Walter whilst he packed. Piper slept in.

Victor packed too, and got a phone call. Xander went all Freedom Fries on everyone. Seriously, he's like... I can't think of any famous French dudes. Jacques Chirac? Johnny Depp I think lives there now? Whatever.

Pippi packed her crystal ball, and hopefully some clean panties. Molly was stoked to be normal. At this school? STFU. Pippi left a note for Molly in regards to Old Man. Kinky.

Jake was blue, and this report doesn't say if that means sad, or literally the color. Chances are, both. Angel was THWAPPED soundly for being an idiot. Togusa’s gone back to Japan. Jaye was communing with wax, which sadly doesn't even make me bat an eye anymore. Cameron came by to see Jaye in color. Ahh, Jaye, why must you torment me so! Must... not... eeek.

Liz packed too. Anders stopped by to see John. No report of boykissing, but the night isn't over yet. And Rory was seen going to Alexandria to see Jess OMG!

Parker sent out an email to let everyone know that the wacky power hijinks were being taken care of, so yay. And Nadia asks Molly to take care of Furball while she's in England. Oh, the jokes. You people make it too easy.

Fandom Town, where no one was dismembered today! (After 3rd period or so, anyway)

Angel met Darla at the Arms. I'm sure that means something bad.

Over at Aerobedpalooza, Paige stopped by for the Canterbury Tales. In old people are super cute news, Jenny came to visit Giles and they have a date and please just get married and have dorky, well-read babies already. And Lana had a job interview, as well.

Edmund looked a little different today... okay I don't know what that means. Parker had a massive shopping list. Chloe and Weevil had a date at Luke's. Man, he really does have a fetish for blondes. Next time though, champ, bring her somewhere that's not technically your basement.

In Town Clinic news, Nadia stopped in to see Christian, as did Walter. Excellent taste, Nadia and Walter. Christian is an excellent physician and a total stallion. And Dr. Lambert saw Blair. Naked. Okay, probably not.

Oh, and over at the school clinic Walter got a clean bandage, and Susan saw Cameron. Unfortunately, the feed doesn't mention which kind of crazy he is, so you all will have to use your imaginations.

At Caritas, Lorne was in for all your karaoke needs.

At Quark's, it was Logan and Jake's birthday, which I missed because of the radio, but OMG Jake I have a present for you! Nadia and Angela talked traveling and accents. Jaye and Archie were all hella awkward because Jaye's finally unleashed her inner sex kitten potential, and Archie's still choking on her dust. Rory and Angela talked about art class, and Rory's trip off-island.

Marty and Angela had a post-brownie talk, which isn't one of you peoples' weird codenames for sex I don't think. Rory and Jaye compared their crappy days.
Callisto and Angel
fought about that Darla chick. And Cordelia wonders Angel, Won't You Call Me?

Rory and Angel were cute and dorky. Rory, cute and dorky? Shut up. Bridge and Rory chatted, and Jaye flailed or something. Is she doing Bridge, too? Wow, even I'm not that good.

Marty chatted with V while drinking. Excellent. Callisto and Rory flocked to Xander. Blair and Molly showed as well.

And most importantly, Jakey arrived. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Logan of course arrived as well. And there were presents, and cake, and general merriment. Sorry I couldn't be there guys, but I'll have Kiki slip you something. I mean, her delivery service. I mean... oh man, it's late.

I'm signing off. Have a wonderful and safe sex filled break, and I'll see you all again next Friday!

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