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"Hi everyone, this is Elliot Reid and they're trusting me to bring you the news of the day.


This was your last day without classes, and I'm sure a lot of you were enjoying your last sweet taste of freedom -- or cramming to get ready for fall. Or both. Anyhow, I'm going to start right in on where the action was.

The top story of the night is about one of your classmates and is called,

Why can't this Marie chick just carry a beeper?

So this morning Bel was organizing a search party for Marie, who people are apparently really worried about. Seely, Pippi, Sakurazaki, Bridge, Naomi, "a bunch of Jamies" -- did someone kick him in the shins again? -- Lana, Conner who was getting ready to help earlier, Pip, Phoebe -- and I have to say, this is starting to sound like a whole bunch of people for a search party on an island this size -- Cameron, Walter, Zuko and Nadia all show up. Then Willow does a locator spell -- seriously, why didn't people just call Marie and ask where she was? -- and they split into two groups.

But before any of this happened, The Doctor and Marie had breakfast and they talked about the night before and her powers. He's a doctor, I bet he had a phone. She could have called them collect, even.

Out on the front lawn Nadia is trying to organize the search. She sends Joxer to the basement, which doesn't sound very nice. Dr. Wilson and Aziraphale offer to help, as does Kaylee, the Jamies check in, Phoebe calls in, Parker finds out what's up, Bridge says there's a Marie but not the original -- I wonder if this is new and improved! Marie, or I Can't Believe It's Not Marie, but anyhow. Oh, and Conner is apparently chasing something no one else can see. Hope he chases it to the clinic.

In town, Bridge's group -- looked for Marie, who they find and bring back to campus. Is this I Can't Believe It's Not Marie or the original? It totally doesn't say. Oh, wait -- Conner checks the Tee Ay Ar Dee Eye Ess for Marie. And apparently finds the original. Yay, original Marie. Though new and improved selves can also be very nice.

One of the groups that gathered to look for Marie checked town and camp, where they found her in Stickbug Cabin. And it says she was scared. Hope she's feeling better now.

And I think that's all the Marie news, whew. Elsewhere on campus...

If the dorm room's a-rockin', don't come knockin'
Krycek is watching Bitterwoman on the second floor. Ohmygod, I had no idea that show was still in reruns. I had the best Bitterwoman costume and then ...something happened, and now I don't have it anymore. Anyhow, Hermione talks to Bridge about adventuring and Parker about student council, and meets Sam Carter. Ray sightsees on the second floor, teases Cally , is "uniquely" welcomed to Fandom by Parker -- and that sounds like it could be bad -- and fails to get along with Hermione. And I guess Cally's annoyed by being teased, or something, because she complains about Peter Hutter to Krycek. Sam Carter is happy to see Parker's familiar face. Parker tells Krycek about the summer, Luke traumatizes Cally a little -- ouch -- talks to Parker about the Death Star, talks to Ray and does the dance of NUKE. Oh, and he tells Kryceck he enjoys Fandom. That makes one person ... but apparently he likes the water, as he tells Hermione. He also meets Hamlet and Sam Carter, who tells him about Coruscant.

Sam tells Ray he's not an android, which is good to know, and Krycek and Sam finally talk. Oh, and apparently Ray looks like Charlene, according to Peter Parker, who also talks to Hermione, Krycek, and Parker, who he tells he won't be "lead grouper."

Oh my god, Peter Parker is a fish. But not the head fish. This may explain something. I don't know what, but I'm sure there's something.

Ray is apparently a gentleman, even if he looks like Charlene, as he helps Layla into the common room. Layla's sad she missed the mummies -- seriously, I saw the aftermath and it kinda sucked -- and Krycek tells her to keep lurking.

Hamlet talks to Hermione about disappearances from the sixth floor and to Krycek about summer, which is now over, sadly. Hamlet's happy to see Door up and around -- me too, hi Door! -- and she talks to Cally about fingerwiggling, which sounds really filthy, and meets Hermione.

And later on, Matilda pets Schroedinger's ears. You kids have such interesting hobbies.

The city we live in, the city of gremlins
Blair is stalking the Troopers at Brunch, where the new ethics teacher also meets them. God, were we supposed to introduce ourselves? Because I never did that. Eeek.

Blair stalked the Troopers more and it looks like one of the radio squirrels finds this really endearing, so watch out before you get carried off by a roving band of them, Blair. Jane opens all & Sundries and Jesse and some other people prove this town runs on caffeine by hangin' at the Perk.

Blair seems to have switched fixations from Troopers to trees, as he's talking to GOB about hugging them. Kinky. Also at Caritas, Gob tells Becky about his week. And apparently Blair is REALLY kinky, because he also talked to Becky about a hologram. Like Jem?

Places that should be private, only they aren't

For one, Jamie is in the clinic. Trevor cares for him during the day, and another Jamie, a small robot and Artie check in at night.

And on campus, kinky cuddly Blair decides to be a spy, Seely calls somebody, Matilda proves again that this school runs on caffeine by bringing the twins coffee, John and Aeryn talk about Luke, Dawn catches up with a sleepy Molly, Jaye tells Jack about Alec, Dean Winchester researches Guy Fawkes, Dean Forrester reviews his schedule, Dawn and Sam -- it doesn't say which Sam -- talk classes, and apparently people are worried about Rory, too, 'cause Sam Carter and John Crichton stop in and Zero brings cookies.

Maybe someone should give Marie cookies?

And that's the news for tonight. This is Elliot Reid, signing off.

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