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Hello Fandom. Columbus Ohio here for the morning news. Jack and Jamie... Well, I 'm sure they have their own reasons for not being here. Let's just get to the news, shall we?

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Jack: Good morning, Fandom. Jack Carter here.

Columbus: Along with Columbus Ohio.

Jamie: And the much beloved Jamie Madrox.


Jamie: Why are you guys staring at me like that?

Jack: You really have a distorted vision of yourself, don't you?

Jamie: Why do you say that?

Jack: No reason. News?

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Good morning Fandom! It's just me, Columbus Ohio, in the radio booth today. Well me and the squirrels.


Apparently my co-hosts forgot today was daylight savings time for those of you who aren't familiar with the concept that means you need to turn your clocks back an hour so we can we... okay, I actually don't understand why we turn our clocks back but we just do.

*angry chittering*

And apparently I better start reading the news before I get pelted with acorns.

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Columbus: Good morning Fandom! Columbus Ohio here along with Jack Carter for your morning news.

Jamie: I'm here too!

Jack: Yes. But you don't actually work here. You just keep showing up week after week and for some reason we let you in.

Columbus: And why are you wearing a multi-colored mowhawk?

Jamie: ... I don't want to talk about it.

Jack: Is that make up?

Jamie: Don't we have news to read?

Short News! )
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Jack: Good Morning Fandom! Hopefully you weren't up too late enjoying the dance.

Columbus: Dance?

Jack: Homecoming.

Columbus: That was last night?

Jack: Let me guess. World of Warcraft?

Columbus: It was a very important mission! Did you go?

Jack: Nah. World series was last night.

Columbus: Oh. Hey Where's Madrox?

Jack: Who cares?

News! Of the Homecoming variety! )
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Jack: Good morning Fandom! I hope you all enjoyed your vacation because as of tomorrow it's back to work. If you can call going to class two to three days a week work. Or only teaching one class a week work.

Columbus: It's a great gig. I make zombies chase people for an hour and then I can spend the rest of the time gaming.

Jamie: Though I'm sure the entire school is saddened about my reign as acting principal coming to an end.

Jack: Yeah. We're heartbroken.

Columbus: I'm more crestfallen than heartbroken.

Jack: And the squirrels just want to drink rum.

Jamie: Maybe I'll get a plaque on the wall for my week long reign of leadership.

Jack: Yeah. That'll happen. Let's get to the news, shall we?

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Jack: Good Morning Fandom! I'm Jack Carter.

Columbus: And I'm Columbus Ohio for your morning news.

Jack: You might be asking where Jamie Madrox is. Well the explanation is simple.

Columbus: We locked him out of the studio.

Jack: It just seemed easier that way.

Jamie: But it didn't really work.

Jack: Crap.

Columbus: How did you get in here?

Jamie: Created a dupe on the other side of the door and had him unlock it. I had to spend ten minutes debating with him about the meaning of life but he eventually came around.

Jack: See, it's moments like this I really wish I could smack you.

Jamie: That would just make more of me.

Jack: You see my dilemma.

Columbus: Would now be a good time to remind you all if we don't start reading the news the squirrels will start throwing acorns?

Jack: Fine. Let's get this over with.

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Jack: Good morning Fandom! Jack Carter here along with a friend of the family. Say hello, Henry.

Henry: Hello Henry.

Jack: You know, I expected some snappier patter from a scientist.

Henry: Well, if I find any snappy scientists, I'll send them your way.

So exactly how many people can fit into this studio? )

[Big thanks to all the squirrels and all the work they did! You guys are the best!]
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Jack: Good morning folks! I'm Jack Carter.

Columbus: And I'm Columbus Ohio.

Jamie: And I'm Jamie Madrox.

Jack: Technically he's not on the news team but he keeps showing up week after week anyway.

Jamie: You like me. Don't deny it.

Jack: Oh. No. I really don't like you.

Columbus: I think you're nice but I'd really prefer if you didn't show up every week.

Jamie: Yeah, that's not going to happen.

Jack: *sigh* Yeah, there's no way I would be that lucky.

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Jack: Good Morning Fandom! This is Jack Carter.

Columbus: And this is Columbus Ohio.

Jack: And all of you are butt-ass crazy this weekend, aren't you?

Columbus: I don't think that term is approved by the FCC.

Jack: Well it's better than bat-[BLEEP] crazy.

Columbus: I just think that- Okay why is there suddenly saxophone music playing?

Jack: And it just started raining.

Jamie: Gentlemen. I assume you know why I'm here.

Columbus: To annoy us throughout the broadcast?

Jamie: I'm here to find the man who killed my brother. Kaiser Sushi.

Jack: Of course you are.

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Jack: Hello and Good Morning Fandom. I'm Jack Carter...

Columbus: And I'm Columbus Ohio. This is the morning news and-

*Door slam*


Jack: Who the hell is that?

Jamie: I'm back squirrels! Did you miss me?


Columbus: Judging by that reaction... I'd say no.

Jamie: Aww. They're just playing with me. Right guys?

Jack: Okay. I've never seen a squirrel snarl before.

Columbus: That was actually creepy.

Jamie: So what are you guys doing?

Jack: Well. We we're sitting here. In a news studio. With a bunch of notes to read-

Jamie: Ooo! Can I help?

Columbus: I don't see why not.

Jack: Oh, this won't end well.

No. It probably won't. )
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Columbus: Good Morning Fandom! This is Columbus Ohio.

Jack: And I'm Jack Carter. You're listening to WTFH where we all live by the slogan...

*paper shuffling*

Jack: "Where's me rum?"

Columbus: I think maybe next time we'll do our own intros.

Jack: I'm not the one who agreed to it.

Columbus: Well they looked so cute!

Jack: They're squirrels. Drunk squirrels.


Jack: OW! With uncanny aim.

Columbus: Maybe we should just read the news.

Jack: Maybe I should use you as a human shield.

Columbus: That's not- OW!

Jack: I like this plan.

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Jack: Good Morning Fandom! This is Jack Carter.

Columbus: And I'm Columbus Ohio. And this is the eyewitness morning news report.

Jack: Technically we really didn't witness any of these events.

Columbus: No, but the squirrels did.

Jack: Of course they did. With their beady little eyes.

Columbus: Maybe we should call it the beady eyewitness news.

Jack: I'm thinking we should just call it the news and get on with it.

News! )
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Columbus: Good morning Fandom on this fabulous Sunday morning!

JacK: Grrrblethx

Columbus: And apparently I'm the only one used to being up this early on the weekend.

Jack: We just a broadcast on Thursday. Who did this schedule?

Columbus: Guessing by the squirrels chittering I'm betting they did.

Jack: Squirrels made the schedule? Seriously?

Columbus: You think the pirate is capable of scheduling?

Jack: ... Good point.

With all due apologies to Reno and Deadpool... )
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Columbus: Good morning Fandom! It's a beautiful crisp clear day in Fandom! It's days like these that make you feel alive.

Jack: Or just freaking cold.

Columbus: Well maybe if you wore a sweater with sleeves...

Jack: Shut up and read the news.

And so they do... )
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Jack: Good morning Fandom. Once again this is Jack Carter and sitting next to me is Columbus Ohio. Who would probably say hi if he would actually take his nose out of that book he's reading.

Columbus: Hmm? What?

Jack: Hello. Radio? Our job?

Columbus: We get paid?

Jack: ... Good point. What is that book?

Columbus: Waltz with Wyverns! It's a series of fantasy novels written by-

Jack: I think I'm sorry I asked. How about I just read the news and you just read that big honkin' book.

Columbus: I'm okay with that.

Jack: I'm sure you are.

There are no spoilers in this news broadcast )
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Jack: Hello Fandom! This is Jack Carter and I'm no longer a dog.

Columbus: Wait. That was you last week?

Jack: This is my co-host, Columbus Ohio who is completely clueless.

Columbus: I wouldn't say clueless.

Jack: Right. Dogs just randomly show up for news broadcasts.

Columbus: And squirrels write our news.

Jack: Good point. News?

Columbus: News.

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Columbus: Good Morning Fandom! This is your morning broadcast and my name is Columbus Ohio. For those of you who are new to the island, that is my name. I'm not the capital of Ohio sitting here in the broadcast booth. Granted most people realize that it's completely impossible to fit a midwestern city inside a booth but given that this island does impossible things on a weekly basis, you should just take my word that I'm a normal person.

Normally you would also here the snarky comments of my fellow broadcaster named Jack Carter. Instead we seem to have dog in his place.

Jack-Dog: ARF!

Columbus: Sadly I think the dog has more going for him than Jack.

Jack-Dog: Grrrrrr.

Columbus: Bad dog. Sit. Siiiiit. Sit.

Jack-Dog: ARF!

Columbus: And no chasing the squirrels.

News! )
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Jack: Good morning kids! Jack Carter along with the not-a-city person known as Columbus Ohio.

Columbus: Should you really be addressing people as kids?

Jack: Is there a problem with me addressing people as kids?

Columbus: Well, see you are a kid.

Jack: Well, so are you.

Columbus: Actually I'm a teacher.

Jack: No! Really?

Columbus: You haven't heard of How to survive a Zombie apocalypse?

Jack: I know enough not to take the class. How old are you? Sixteen?

Columbus: *sighs* Maybe we should just read the news.

Jack: Seventeen?

He's in his twenties but let's not dwell on that... )
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Columbus: Good morning Fandom! I’m Columbus Ohio and my co-host is-

Jack: *grunts*

Columbus: Why are you still in your pajamas?

Jack: It’s morning?

Columbus: And you’re eating cereal and... are you drinking beer?

Jack: Is that a problem?

Columbus: It’s hardly professional.

Jack: We read the news written by alcoholic squirrels in a radio station run by a pirate who wears mascara. What do you think that makes us?

Columbus: Still more professional than Fox News?

Jack: Good point.

And then there was news... )
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Jack: Good Morning Fandom! I'm Jack Carter.

Columbus: And I'm Columbus Ohio. The person. Not the city.

Jack: Really. You think people might get confused?

Columbus: The other weekend didn't you turn into somebody?

Jack: Uh. Yeah. A guy with a mullet.

Columbus: I'm taking nothing for granted.

Jack: And... I'm just going to read the news.

Thank God. )

Radio: May 5/27

Friday, May 27th, 2011 12:25 am
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Jack: Morning kids! It's me. Jack Carter.

Columbus: And I'm Columbus Ohio.

Jack: That never stops sounding weird.

Columbus: And we're back once again to read you the news. Collected and written by squirrels.

Jack: Annnnnd there it is. The even weirder.

Columbus: Shall we?

We shall. )
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Jack Carter: Okay. So my roommate wasn't lying. Squirrels with pencils. With no opposable thumbs.


Jack: You guys weren't some kind of weird experiment by a really weird guy from Australia, were you?


Jack: And why would I think I could understand anything you were saying?

Columbus: Maybe it's the little notes they're waving around.

Jack: And you are?

Columbus: Columbus Ohio.

Jack: Seriously? That's your name?

Columbus: It is now.

Jack: That's... kind of weird. How did you get in here anyway?

Columbus: Uh. I had to use the restroom. I have irritable bowel s-

Jack: I really don't want to hear... any of that.

Columbus: Hey, you want to read these notes together as long as we're on the air?

Jack: Sure! Let's hang out in a room with a bunch of squirrels, a large supply of rum with very little ventilation. That's my idea of fun!

Rule #44: Don't talk about Irritable Bowel Syndrome on the Air )

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