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DRAKE: Good evening, Fandom! For a few minutes here I was thinking my past had caught up with me and the island had been invaded by all the children of all the women I've loved before, but as it turns out, they're all you! And you're adorable. So I rounded up some help for tonight. Sound off, kiddies, and tell everyone who's bringing them the news today.

LEIA: I'm Leia! An' my daddy is a Jedi Knight an' Rory is his friend who tells good stories.

TAHIRI: And I'm Tahiri, Tahiri Veila, and I'm training to be a Jedi Knight and you look like someone I know named Leia only she's a lot older than you are. But you have hair a lot like hers. Wow, this radio thing is awfully primitive. We didn't exactly have HoloNet access out in the Jundland Wastes with my tribe, but even I know what it is. You can't even see people on this thing!

DRAKE: Whoa, kiddo, stop to breathe every once in awhile, OK? Next?

SOOKIE: My name is Sookie Stackhouse and I'm five years old and I'm not sleeping ever again 'cause sleep's for babies and I'm not a baby.

BOBBY: And I'm Bobby Drake and I'm five too and I'm also not sleepin' never ever again.

LEIA: I have a last name, too. It's SKYWALKER. So there.

DRAKE: And if you have any embarrassing stories about your dad, now would be the time to tell them. Anyway, on with the news of the day. )

DRAKE: And that looks like it for tonight, and it's way past your bedtimes. Say goodnight, kids.

SOOKIE: Night-night! ...but I'm not goin' to sleep 'cause sleep's for babies. I'm gonna stay up and read those big books I found in my room. They'll keep me up!

BOBBY: Yeah, Sookie and I don't have a bedtime anymore, we decided. But I can still say g'night 'cause it's nighttime even if we're not sleepin'.

TAHIRI: Well, that's nice. I'm going to sleep, though. Night, Fandom!

LEIA: I need a bedtime story before I go t'sleep. Rory told me one before but I want another one.

DRAKE: Bedtime stories are right up my alley. Don't worry, kiddo, I've got you covered. I can tell you a story about a cranky half-demon and a cranky Jedi Knight. Together, they fight crime.

[Thanks to the faithful weetiny radio squirres and [ profile] weetuskenraider and [ profile] justwantsquiet and [ profile] longislandiceme and [ profile] likesscoundrels...wait, that's me.]
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DICK: Okay, we're here. I didn't get in trouble. You can go.

MEG: I don't think so. As if I'm going to let you do radio by yourself like this. You shouldn't be allowed to do radio by yourself when you're a teenager.

DICK: WHAT?! But Sam an' Dean got to do radio by themselves!

MEG: Sam and Dean are good boys. You are...I don't want to say evil but that's the only word that's coming to mind.


MEG: Oh don't even! I know what you're like. You gave me a box full of worms and dirt for my seventh birthday.

DICK: That was a present for you!

MEG: You dumped them in my hair!

DICK: Oh, yeah. That was funny!

Sadly this is pretty close to the bickering of the normal Dick and Meg broadcasts )

MEG: All done?

DICK: Yep!

MEG: Yaaaay. Alright, let's go back to the dorms. It's way past your bedtime.

DICK: Can I sleep with you?

MEG: Absolutely not.

DICK: Aw...
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Sam: Hi everybody! It's Saturday again, and that means it's time for me and Dean to be awesome.

Dean: Dude! We're always awesome.

Sam: Yeah, but when we're on the radio, we're even more awesome.

Dean: Okay, yeah, I'll give you that.

Sam: Wow, you're agreeing with me without arguing. It's like a miracle or something.

Dean: I agree when you talk sense.

Sam: You should agree with me all the time then. I always make sense.

Dean: No, you don't.

Sam: Yes, I do.

Dean: No, you don't.

Sam: Yes, I do.

Dean: No, really. You don't.

Sam: Yes, really, I--

*annoyed chittering*

All right, I'll stop. *sighs* But since I'm the one who makes sense the most, I'm going to read my notes first.

Studies have shown that the length of the average WTFH radio broadcast is inversely proportional to the size of the students. )
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*sounds of scuffling and heavy breathing*

'lo! This be B'bossa, 'n I be on the radio ALL BY MYSELF 'cause I be a big boy 'n those other kids be loud last night 'n didn't leave me any cookies!


ANYWAY. I'm s'posed t' be doin' the NEWS but I be colorin' on the notes that the squirrels be droppin' off so they be hard t' read.

Also, I'm FOUR 'n thar be some big words.

So I be tellin' ye what I think happened, which be more excitin' anyway.

Everyone be wakin' up 'n watchin' SMILE TIME today.

*sounds of Barbossa's incredibly off-key rendition of "Self Esteem"*

Aeryn 'n Angel be wonderin' if it be better t' say please or hit people. I be sayin' hit people. 'listo be settin' vampire traps 'n fightin' about Angel cooties wit' Cam. Molly be thar 'n Aeryn be NOT CUDDLY 'n Xander be tryin' t' LET BRIDGEY SLEEP and Maureen be givin' Aeryn a MEAN NICKNAME and then ALMOST EVERYONE GOES TO LUKE'S fer brunch, yay! Though Rory 'n Jakey 'ready be havin' coffee 'cause of Kry. He made it earlier.

Bridgey be makin' breffast fer everyone who couldn't walk that far and Bel be decidin' that he wants Angel to BE HIS BOYFRIEND. *insane giggling*

DeeDee 'n Sharon be slidin' down th' stairs, Lana 'n Kiki play wit' a remote--WHICH BE A DEMON, I BET--and Sammie be goin' out t' play! She, 'n Lizzie 'n Janet, be playin' wit' 'ssor Jackson.

Kiki be flyin' on a broom! See, Feebee! That be how ye fly! Or in a flyin' thing like Annie, Rory, Peter 'n Sammie did! Not by jumpin'. That be NEVER workin' unless ye have a MAGIC CAPE on. It's a RULE.

Nad-ya, Feebee 'n Pippi be playin' MUSIC 'n jumpin' 'round in th' music store. Be it Little Bunny Foo Foo? I LOVE THAT SONG.

*Little Bunny Foo Foo plays for ten minutes, sounds of Barbossa jumping on his bed*

*stampeding feet back to the microphone* Oh! Oh! I be seein' me MOST FAVORITEST NINJA today in the Park! She be thar wit' Becky, and Jaye 'n Maureen be thar too, but that's not important.

And thar be MOVIES TODAY TOO! Draco be thar 'n Cam 'n V 'n Angela 'n Nadya, 'n Bel, 'n Pip, 'n Broots 'n Maureen, 'n Feebee, 'n Walter 'n Pippi.

*deep breath* That be a LOT. Thar be cupcakes 'n candy 'n everyone be watchin' Discoverin' Nero. Thar be not enough pirates in that movie.

O'er at the boo-boo place, 'lanna be takin' Allie t' breffast, 'n Zero be gettin' a lolly. Thar be lollies thar? I wanna purple one! Walter be thar tonight' n gettin' choklit! And 'lanna be gettin' MORE CANDY! And Piper and Piper and PIPER BE GETTIN' CHOKLIT TOO!

Jaye be callin' her daddy! Jakey be callin' his daddy! Nadia be writin' her daddy! I be not having a daddy AT ALL!!!!!

*piratey sniffles*

Draco be writin' his mummy, and Jaye be gettin' ANOTHER PHONE CALL. She be very, very busy today. Zero be havin' a phone call too, and Rory be writin' VERY IMPORTANT LETTERS 'n colorin'. Feebee 'n Pippi 'n Walter 'n Nadya be wakin' up then Nadya 'n Phoebe be playin' in the woods! MONSTERS BE LIVIN' THAR! AND DEER!

V 'n Klowee 'n Piper be playin' wit' magic! Pippi be sayin' 'lo t' Pip! That be silly t' say!

*weetiny pirate snickers*

John be bringin' Aeryn sea monkeys. Thar be monkeys that live in the sea? REALLY? Sakura be talkin' wit' Al 'n Ed. Bridgeyxander be talkin' to Bridgey's doggie and Anders be talkin' t' Cally, who be not a doggie!

OH NO! Archie be havin' a boat stolen! That be THE WORST THING EVER! Rory, Piper 'n V be tryin' t' help but Archie goes t' bed sad! I have a boat I can share, Archie! Don't be sad!

FOOD! Maybe even COOKIES!
Luke be throwin' a party today! Thar be balloons 'n glitter 'n GIANT SEA MONSTERS! There were. The squirrels be tellin' me. Cam be thar, tellin' Luke that girls suck. YOU TELL HIM, CAM! Marty be picky, Maureen 'n Jaye be eatin' AND DUO STILL BE OWIN' ME COOKIES! Rory be sayin' 'lo t' Luke who be askin' Anders t' watch out fer her. She be a MARRIED LADY NOW but we'll get t' that later. Also, it be a secret so SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Rory be givin' Molly, and Aeryn 'n her mummy folder helmets which be savin' ye from the LAVA MONSTERS. I be wearin' one right now. And Aeryn 'n John be friends, then not friends, then best friends. Then they be gettin' married too BUT THAT'S ANOTHER SECRET SHHHHHHH. Lizzie be gettin' food, and 'lanna, 'n Zhaan be tellin' Aeryn she be gettin' taller someday. I think she be gettin' shorter and shorter until be DISAPPEARIN'. I be hearin' that happens t' people. Molly 'n Broots talk but they be grownups 'n that be BORING.

And more! Jaye 'n Zero be talkin' about hair! Tex be helpin' V wash her hands! I thought water would give ye the plague? V HAS THE PLAGUE! RUN FER YER LIVES! I be right! Rory be tellin' her mummy about this and why Jaye be not needin' a bath. Major K! be askin' if thar be a Mister Tex and Feebee 'n Pippi 'n Walter 'n Nadia decide t' go t' listen t' music! Piper 'n Draco share food BUT DON'T GET MARRIED! Don't ye get stoned fer that or somethin'? Broots be gettin' bossed around by Maureen because she be a BOSSY BOSSY HEAD. She be makin' snowflakes wit' Rory's mummy, too. Cam 'n Molly about somethin' but I be drawin' a monkey on it and thar be big words. I bet they be talkin' about monkeys. 'lanna 'n Lizzie be talkin' 'bout aminals, then Piper 'n Lizzie be drawin' 'n Cam be talkin' to Rory's mummy about the NEW BABY THAT BE COMIN'!

Angela be MAKIN' CUPCAKES! Maureen MEAN MEAN BOSSY HEAD be thar, too, 'n Anders be helpin' Bridgeyxander take pitturs.

Nadya 'n Pippi be cookin' up HERE WHERE I LIVE YAY! But that be after Pippi, Nadya, Walter 'n Feebee be cleanin' up the Caffee in town.

Rory has an IDEA and gets Izzibell t' help--we're all gonna get married-ed! AND HAVE CAKE! Annie 'n Rory got married-ed! But it's a secret so SHHHHHHHHH! 'n Bridgeyxander! Though Sharon 'n Maureen MEAN MEAN BOSSY HEAD object. 'n Deedee 'n Kry! He be not named Froggy! 'n Peter 'n Zero! 'n Princypill Washburn 'n Matey-wit'-the-Hat 'cause Rory said to! Maureen MEAN MEAN BOSSY HEAD 'n Izzibell are bridesmaids. Be ye doin' the washin' up after? And Walter, Nadya 'n Pippi be gettin' married! And Aeryn 'n John! But that's ANOTHER SECRET SO SHHHHH! And Molly 'n Cam, though that's 'cause Rory made them. And Angela 'n Marty get married-ed too and Marty sprays people wit' water and THAT BE NOT NICE!

Maureen be tellin' Quinn that Jar'd be makin' a nice boyfriend fer her, 'n Angela 'n Isabel talk 'n so do 'lanna 'n Angela 'n Hamlet 'n Angela and EVERYONE EATS CAKE AND IT BE THE BEST DAY EVER.

And Draco 'n Major K! become BEST FRIENDS and then go monster huntin'! Sammie be lookin' fer someone t' protect her from monsters--maybe Draco 'n Major K can help! And Angela be goin' t' sleep. So be Sharon.

*yawn* That be soundin' good.

Though Cal 'n Angel be not at the 'ficial ceremony, they still be married. Logan be tellin' Angel he be goin' t' Santropiz. Be that a demon or a planet? Bel be VERY MAD that Angel be married. Marty gets kicked by 'lanna which is MEAN and Angel's gonna be beatin' up Rory's secret husband, what the hell!


Maureen MEAN MEAN BOSSY HEAD thinks Angel be a marshmallow, but that's just silly.

BORING Grown-Up Things

The robot, which CAN EAT PEOPLE I BET, be hidin' in a closet! RUN FER YER LIVES!

'ssor Cregg be GONE! I be bettin' the robot et her.

Artie be downtown 'n the flyin' thing went RIGHT PAST HIM and didn't stop. That be RUDE, ANNIE!

*another yawn*

I be tired now. Night.

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JOHN: Hewwo! My name's John! Hi! I'm seven and three quarters! Hi again! Can you all hear me! Does anyone else wanna say hi? Say hi guys!


[Thank you to Angel, Bridge, Cam, Sam, Anakin, Barbossa, Xander, Angela, Marty, Aeryn, Jaye, Rory, Sean, Vladdie, Chloe, and Veronica for helping with all this. If a link got missed, please forgive me. This day was absolutely HUGE and I couldn't get it all.]

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