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We are back in black, my fellow Fandom dwellers! And tonight, I, Barney Stinson, Dean of Students, bring you all the news the squirrels could scribble. Starting with the loss of this year's objects you could do naughty things with, yes. )
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George: ...what did happen t'yer eye, Dean?

Barney: That depends, do you listen to radio often?

George: Aye, but I was figurin' ye might enjoy explainin' it yerself.

Barney: Hmm. My story's better. It involves a Cinderella of a girl - she starts off not so hot and reforms herself into a BEAUTIFUL temptress, only to beat upon the man who pushed her just hard enough to send her on a bender to Vicky's Secret for just the right water bra!

George: There's a lass who's goin' t'be hittin' ye again, 'm thinkin'. I've got experience wit' her.

Barney: Oh? Experience like... something terribly inappropriate )
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"Never fear, Tuesday listeners, Dean Stinson is here! Yes, even on a sound-based medium I am here to save the town from your horribly unattractive regular host. Excuse last night, I was trapped in the city. It seems Red Box takes issues with my new Blue Box enterprise. But we're here to focus on everything that counts for news in this bustling town of ours!


That's right little guys, we swing like a something well swung? )
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Good evening Fandom, and welcome back to Monday nights with Barney, who is still not a purple dinosaur. )
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Well hello to you, my favorite little tuxedoed squirrel! It's just you, me, and this microphone for radio, so all you listeners out there can lie back, relax, and try not to choke on anything while your very own Dean Barney Stinson updates you on the who's doing who of Fandom.

Solo radio is lonely. )
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Barney: Is it better than I said, or what? Nothing beats tiny squirrels in sharp suits doing shots on a lame ass Saturday night! ...Okay, maybe a couple things, but nothing between bros!

George: 'Twould be better did we not have a lame ass Saturday night, aye? How d'ye make that happen?

Barney: We can start by starting a wave right here, right now! )
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Lily: This is our last broadcast, huh?

Barney: Until next term, duh!

Lily: You sure about that?

Barney: Please, like we'll ever let go! )
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Barney: Alright, here's how this is gonna work.

Lily: How is this gonna work?

Barney: There was a gathering today and they likely used that M-I-N-G-L-E word. Meaning we need Read more... )
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Lily: It's Thursday again, and you know what else today is?

Barney: Yet another day we celebrate alcohol. )

Fandom Radio- April 8

Thursday, April 8th, 2010 09:05 pm
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Barney: Good evening, Fandom!

Lily: It kind of seems like like what? like what? )
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*sound of smacking on skin*


Lily: OW. What was that for?

Barney: OH NOES )
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Lily: Oh look, we both survived St. Patrick's Day.

Barney: Survived it? I blew dirty? )
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Barney: --And I said, EMILIO! See? Great story.

Lily: That kind of sounds familiar for some reason.

Barney: No it doesn't. Did I ever tell you about the very first time I drove a car? )
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Lily: So I guess we're back to radio. Where you all got to go to the Bahamas for free.

Barney: I don't know what you're talking about. I went to the Bahamas. It was magical. I even met a find out here! )
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Barney: Hurry, we're going to miss the final skate!

Lily: Think we can get through this before Bob Costas and his hair are done with his interview?

Barney: If that's his hair, I'm AN OLYMPIAN! )
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Barney: *scratching* It iiiiiitches, Lily! Rub some more cream on!

*POP*"" )
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Lily: So do we have to start off talking about pornography? )
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Lily: Oh my god. Oh my god, I wanted to see if you'd actually do it, but you actually did it. The squirrels are wearing... )
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Barney: Hello Fandom! My good old friends, the squirrels requested A Very Special Radio with Barney, so here I am, bringing you the news with my friend...

Click and learn... )
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From the stacks of paper in front of me, I'm gonna presume today is newbie day and I'm about to spend half the night talking. There'd better be a fresh bottle of scotch in there, rodents.


You heard me! And it had better be aged, too. None of this girly bottled in 2003 crap you tried to pass off on me last month.

*chittering* *sound of a cabinet creaking open*

That'll do, squirrel. On to the news!
It is the radio that will never eeeeeend... )

[So many thanks to ALL the super-special helper squirrels, the fantastic [livejournal.com profile] canadianpopstar, chibi fairies, and the letter U, without which there would be no UNICORN for us to freak out about =p ]
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Welcome, people and animals of Fandom! This is your host Barnabus Stinson, proud owner of the most happening gym off-campus reporting the what's what of the day.

Let's get to it. )
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Good Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevening FANDOM!


No. No good. Let's try that again.



Don't worry, I paid the squirrels to sterilize the equipment. And I bought a new chair. )

And with that, I bid you good night. Happy hook ups, Fandom!
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Toby: Hello Fandom! This is your Pixie Dust employee, Toby with today's news!

Barney: Dear God, man, no one cares who you are, just read the notes!

*quiet sounds of whistling and cheering in the background*

Toby: Um, what are you doing? Shouldn't you like, leave if you're making me do this for you?

Barney: If you weren't so damned chatty maybe I'd have gotten out before the events started!

Toby: What events?


Toby: Oh! He does have a nice ass...

*dead air*

*sound of squirrels chittering in annoyance*

Toby: Oh, right on to the news!

May contain Olympic medal spoilers )
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I AM BARNEY! And this is Faaaaaandom Radio! WOOOOOO!

What? I'm 'cited an' this many- *sound of four fingers tapping on the microphone* -an'


Some-body gave me suuuuuuuuugar! Ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaa ha!

We're lucky Barney is smart and can read, omg )
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Welcome, Fandom Residents and Freakish Robots to your very own Saturday Night with Barney. *clinking* Right, and the squirrels.

Let's dive right in! )
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*sounds of a struggle*

No! Bad midget pirate! That is my rum! I do this radio thing in exchange for copious amounts of free liquor and I am not sharing.

*sounds of tiny pirate Yaring* shh, I don't do pirate talk

Do you read? Because I will give you this job. Uh huh, I see how it is. Capped out in kindergarten, huh?

Cut for her pleasure )
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Fandomites, squirrels, lend me your ears for Saturday Night with The Barnacle!


Oh come on, everyone likes a little drama! Some PIZZAZ! *sound of a small explosion*

Where'd they go?

*angered chittering*

OW! Fine, be boring, no more fireballs in the radio station. It's like you've been talking to Lily or something.

Cut for LENGTH )

Regardless, those are the notes and this is Barney Stinson, heading home to see if there's a drunken Cougar waiting on the front porch for me!

*sounds of an explosion*

*angered chittering*

I'm leaving! I needed a dramatic exit, geez!
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Barney: Another Saturday, another chance for the people of Fandom to annoy me via squirrels. What? I didn't say the idiots of Fandom. *chittering* You shouldn't throw things at me if you're expecting me to help you here.

*sound of door opening*

Joanna: Oh, Barry, it's you. Where the hell am I? There was this squirrel. It had a bottle of rum. I'm sure it came this way. I'm parched.

Barney: You mean Barney. You're looking...rather drunk tonight, JoJo. Have a seat and I'm sure the squirrels will pour you some rum. *sound of ice crackling* On the rocks, even.

Joanna: That's prepos--prepost-- stupid. I'm neither drunk nor am I sober. I'm just extremely thirsty, and the island is apparently spinning. *gulping* Do you realize you have two noses? It's quite an improvement. You simply must give me the number of your surgeon.

Barney: Just as soon as we get this broadcast over with.

tyioupj;alksdfjoairekl )
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Hello residents of Fandom Town, Fandom High, and attractive visitors from wherever you all came from!

Let's get to it, as I need to get back to the dancefloor in a hurry!

I could have daaaanced all night! )
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I'm not sure why I'm broadcasting tonight given half of you were probably killed by the six-headed monster in the lake, but the squirrels are insisting and holding my Glenury Royal hostage in the meantime. Scrawny rodents. *sound of plinking*

God! Stop hitting me with nuts! Alright already!

The world is ending! )

[OOC: This is dedicated to Emily because she said so. Also I RAWK AT DRUNK COKDING BOOYAH!]
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Lucas: Ow! Ow! What is wrong with you freaky squirrels? *angered chittering* Dude, stop hitting me with your picket signs, I am not sleeping with Teyla. I don't know what you're talking about! That kid was not for real!

*sound of door opening* )

[ooc: I..lost my mind. A special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] always_damp for playing along with the crazy!]
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*squirrels chittering*

Why the hell do I have to do this? Get Scherbatsky down here, she's supposedly with some form of the media!

*ice crackling with squirrel chittering sweetly*

Hey, when you put it that way, how can I argue? Oh, it's on? Greetings Fandom!

Wherein Barney swears a little and is rude )
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"No, seriously, I don't do helpful. Go find Eriksen!"

*anxious chittering*

"What do you mean Barbossa stole my name! THAT--" *microphone feedback*

*class clanking and ice cracking*

"Well, if you insist on providing a bottle of the good stuff...I suppose I can give you ten minutes...I wouldn't want to keep Santorini Sally waiting too long."

*gulping* "Ah, where to begin?"

It's the radio that never ends! )
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Robin: Man, the squirrels totally brought their A-game with these bribes. This is seriously one of the finest cigars I've had in quite awhile.

Barney: You know, I'd had my questions about your Mountie friend. Though, a Cuban beats a Canadian any day.

Robin: Shh and drink your scotch. ...wait. Why do those squirrels have little flags?

Barney: What is with the animals and the glitter in this town? Are those foreign flags?

Robin: I can't really tell what they say. They're waving them all frantically.

Barney: Creepy little bastards. Shoo! No rodents near the scotch! What do they want from us?

Robin: I think they want us to read the news. I haven't done this in awhile. And only sober one time.

Barney: Oh fine, I'll read that crap as long as they keep my glass full.

In which there is drinking and smoking and flag-waving )
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Jamie: Hey Fandom! Jamie Madrox here and much to the squirrel's dismay it's time for today's nude news.

*amused chittering*

Shut up. It's cold in here. Put that measuring tape away!

Barney: When I said I wanted to verify the streaker sightings, I didn't think I'd have to see you naked.

Jamie: Hey everyone! It's professor of Awesome Barney Stinson! Well if you didn't want to see me naked you shouldn't have come here.


Wait. Why are you here?

Barrney: Please, as if I trust you not to make up some long-winded story about all the students streaking through the park while birds and squirrels and other freaky woodland creatures braided their hair.

Jamie: I'd be completely offended if that statement wasn't mostly true.

Barney: You might've earned points for creative lying, but...why does the squirrel have a trombone?

Jamie: Shhh. That's for our holiday spectacular that's coming up later in the show. Trust me. It'll be Legend-

Barney: HEY! That's my line! *clears throat* Dare I say it'll be legend-WAITFORITANDIHOPEYOU'RENOTLACTOSEINTOLERANTBECAUSETHENEXTPARTIS-Dary!

Yeah, this broadcast is begging for a content flagging )

[Big thanks to [livejournal.com profile] suit_of_awesome for being a fabulous co-star]

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