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"Hello, Fandom. This is Robin Scherbatsky, and this is my last broadcast for awhile. I know, you'll miss me. Also, say hi to Rocky. Rocky, can you say hi?"

*scuffling and wee barks*

"What a good boy. Okay, broadcast time."

puppy radio! )
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"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Fandom. What's uuuuuuuuuuup? This is Robin and I'm kind of drunk. As is my player so please excuse any and all typos. This is what happens when you spend Christmas with two guys who don't drink.

So yeeeeeeeeeeeah. Hi! Merry Christmas! I had a lot of vodka. And also a new puppy. Actually he's my boyfriend's. But he's cuter'n alllll the other puppies in the world. I decided that just now.

Also, I have a new hockey stick. It's autographed. So ha.

Christmas raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadioooooooooooooo )
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"What up, Fandom. Did you guys miss me last week? I know, I know, Chuck filled in, but let's be honest -- who would you rather have? A delinquent who messes around with tiny innocent sisters, or me?

Don't answer that.

everyone was quiet today )
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"Hiiiii, people. This is Robin, and yes, I sound like death. You guys can just deal with that, since I put up with bitching from my boyfriend just so I could come out here to bring the damn news to you at all.

here is a radio )
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"Hellooooooo, everyone. Happy Thanksgiving for the Americans. Happy Thursday to my non-American friends.

Oh, by the way, this is Robin. I'm back. What up.

Thanksgiving radio! )
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"Hi, Fandom. This is my last broadcast, and...you know what, there's no need to get all emotional. So let's just do the news, okay?

laaaaaaaaaast radio )
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"Hiii, Fandom. What up. Um, before I start my broadcast, I have to make a tiny announcement. This is going to be my second-to-last* broadcast, because...as of next Friday, I'm moving to Japan to take a job with a network there. Y'all have been great, and I'll miss the town, but yeah. Career move, all that.

Anyway! News!

and so there was news omg )

* as far as she knows.
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"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii Fandom. I had scotch! An' I have a designated walkerer, 'cause someone's overprotective and SHAMELESSLY MODDED, an' I was the best best bro ever, an' I have a cigar, an' you guys, I am not drunk 'nough t'be super-Canadian an' polite so I AM SORRY THAT THE RADIO STATION IS GONNA SMELL BUT I'M NOT PUTTING IT OUT. I'M NOT.

So there.

I am not drunk. But she is. )
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Aravis: How do I keep ending up in here?

Robin: ...why are you here?

*sound of door opening*

Kaylee: Awwww, cute lil' squirrels! Y'all want me to help the nice lady out?

Squirrels: *chittering*

Aravis: They weren't so nice to me.


Aravis: ...what?

Kaylee: Huh?

Squirrels: *affirmative chitters, and a slamming door*

Robin: [censored].

Aravis: Ladies oughtn't use that sort of language.

Kaylee: Do we get t'help you with the radio now? YAY.

Robin: ...whatever, children. Read.

so a bratty noblewoman, a cheerful mechanic, and the highest-scoring adult ho in town walked into a radio booth.... )
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"...goddamn stupid mother --


OW. OKAY. So. ...hello, Fandom. This is Robin Scherbatsky, as usual on Thursday nights. What's not usual about this is that I am on my freaking vacation, and these little bast -- OW. These darling little creatures first harrassed me on the phone, and now they've somehow come here and are beating me into doing the radio. So HI, GUYS. YOU BETTER BE GODDAMN PLEASED TO HEAR ME.


mmm, camping )
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"Gooooood evening, Fandom. I am really fu -- um. Really effing tired. I did...like, nothing except my player had random socialness and is three drinks deep, but I'm tired, and there are seven dogs and a hot Mountie to sleep with at home, so I'm kind of feeling that right now.

quick, tipsy radio is quick and tipsy )
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"Hello, Fandom. I feel like I should have watched the debate tonight, but I had important tending of bars to do, and stuff. Also, I kinda feel like Alaska is too close to Canada for me. I'd just end up more embarrassed and indignant due to proximity to my homeland.

And FYI, you can't see Russia from my dad's house.

raaaaaaaadio )

[fbsdjfbsjdf stupid LJ crashed right around 1:45, when I was finishing, so my apologies for the laaaaaaateness. I blame Sarah Palin, personally.]
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Robin: Hiiiii Fandom! I'm Robin. I know, I totally sound like a dude, but I'm not. I normally don't have a penis.


Temari: Let me go, you *microphone feedback* rodents!

Ella: They have my hair!

Harvey: Ow, ow, ow! Long hair sucks! Get off of me!

Robin: ....what the hell? Girl-turned-boy with boob-obsessed boyfriend! Cranberry girl! Boy-turned-girl who has no shoe respect! Why...are you here?

Temari: The squirrels are working with my summons. As soon as I get my hands on some kunai, they're dead.

Ella: ... I think if no one minds so much, I'll be going now. *angry chirrups* Oh! Or I can stay. You needn't block the door like that. And don't threaten to bite me!

Harvey: I honestly have no idea what is going on. I just don't want to hear anymore chittering in my ear. And I would like to know why some of you are trying to color my hair with a brown marker. Do you know how hard that is going to be to wash out?

Robin: ...whatever, if you're here, you're helping me. *chitters* ...no, I'm not wearing a cowboy hat. How do you even have one? You're rodents.

Temari: ...why are those ones dressed as sheep?

Ella: And it looks like the ones over there are erecting a miniature campsite.

Is it always so lively during broadcasts? I had no idea.

Harvey: You know, the marker hair, the campsite and the squirrels dressed as sheep I can handle. It's the squirrel in the little director's chair that's freaking me out.

Robin: I know. And why is it holding a tiny...holy crap, it almost looks like an Oscar made out of tin foil.

Temari: Can we just do this so they stop pushing me at you?

Robin: Everyone can read, right?

Ella: I can. But I don't think I can do tricks on horseback in the studio like that squirrel wants. *chitters* How would you even get a horse up here?

Harvey: I can too. Let's just do this before they try to force me into that hideous dress they're shoving at me.

Temari: Of course I can rea--*chittering* --stop with the cowboy hat!

Robin: Okay, awesome, let's just do this and go home as soon as we can.


[HUGE, HUGE, HUGE thanks to [livejournal.com profile] not_fangirl, [livejournal.com profile] yourwhiteknight and [livejournal.com profile] ella_obeys. I wish I knew how to quit all of them omg.]
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Robin: I can't believe you followed me here. This is my job.

Victoria: If you'd just let me explain, I --

Robin: Save it, I'm not interested. Now shut up, we're on the air. Hi, Fandom, you're listening to Robin Scherbatsky once again, bringing you all the news of weird and annoying things happening all throughout the island. And this radio station.

Victoria: He --


mmm, I want cupcakes now )

Victoria: And that's it!

Robin: Thank god. Now I'm going home to try to see if Benton'll talk to me, or if you've messed up another relationship of mine.

Victoria: You and Ted weren't --

Robin: Whatever. Say goodnight.

Victoria: Um. Goodnight!
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"Hi, people! I know, you guys just heard my lovely voice on Saturday, but guess what, it's my actual broadcast this time. And thank god there aren't as many notes, you chatty little freaks.

This radio is brought to you by the letter H, which is for HOT HAIR. *loves on icon* )
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From the stacks of paper in front of me, I'm gonna presume today is newbie day and I'm about to spend half the night talking. There'd better be a fresh bottle of scotch in there, rodents.


You heard me! And it had better be aged, too. None of this girly bottled in 2003 crap you tried to pass off on me last month.

*chittering* *sound of a cabinet creaking open*

That'll do, squirrel. On to the news!
It is the radio that will never eeeeeend... )

[So many thanks to ALL the super-special helper squirrels, the fantastic [livejournal.com profile] canadianpopstar, chibi fairies, and the letter U, without which there would be no UNICORN for us to freak out about =p ]
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"Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Fandom. Guess who tastes like vodka? That'd be me, yep. I hope you all taste like good things, and nothing gross. Except you, Lily. I already know you got the short end of the...well, crayon.

Tasty radio! )
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"Helloooooooo, Fandom. Did you guys miss me? Big thanks to Lacey and that raspy old lady whose name I didn't catch! I would have done it myself, but, you know, dog.

And then there was radio )
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"Hi, people! This is Robin, and I just want to know what's up with everyone turning into random crap lately. Seriously. Between Marshall being a pineapple and then all the kids who are animals lately, it's like everyone's players went on vacation the same week some kind of epidemic. Whatever, though, it's not going to happen to me so I don't really care.

Haaaaaa, oh Robin, if you only knew what lies ahead after radio )
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Robin: Heeeey, people, it was a boring night tonight. Seriously.

Seagull: Mine?

Robin: ...Jesus Christ, no. Go away. Shoo.

but it did not go away. no, it did not. )
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"Avast, Fandom. Yes, this be Robin. Yes, I be talkin' like a pirate. No, I'm not thinkin' it be funny. Ye can all be shuttin' the hell up now.

Ahoy! )

[also, can I just say that [livejournal.com profile] likeguidelines is AWESOME for talking like this ALL THE DAMN TIME? *fails at pirate!*]
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"Hello, people. I know, it's not my normal night. Deal with it.

And herein lies news )
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"Hello, children! How are you all tonight? I, personally, am in a fabulous mood. And not at all drunk, except sort of a little. Just a little bit. It was slow at the bar so I was inventing new drinks and after awhile Tino wouldn't drink anymore, so shh.

this level of mild drunkenness is called 'Robin was bored at the bar' )
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"Hello, tiny children. How are you all enjoying the freezing cold? Fun, huh? Hey, remember how I'm Canadian? Even I think this is cold. That should be an indication to you all.

ice, ice, baby )
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"Hola, Fandom. Everyone recovered from the weekend? I'd hope so. I mean, it's been a few days, guys, and Jackass Veep Guy left, didn't he? Move on.

fastest coding ever )
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"Hi, people, what is up. Today was kind of boring and I just spent my evening doing bar inventory, so my night was even more boring than yours. So there.

Because it was totally a competition. )
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"You know what's weird? Having a sudden and random craving to watch a Lifetime original movie. Yeah, I don't know either. But I so do. Maybe something'll be on when I get home.

Sadly, that's not the case as I post this )
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"What up, Fandom. Oh my God, I just Barneyed at you guys. Sorry about that. Kind of.

Slow day is slow. )
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"Hiii, Fandom. Or rather, bonsoir, since we are off the coast of France and I get to go to Paris this weekend, lalala.

So anyway, onto your sad tiny lives!

Here, have some radio )
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"Hello, Fandom! It's Robin Scherbatsky, once again gracing the airwaves and delighting you all with my voice this Thursday night. And hey, this time, the children had classes. More for me to report on, fun. Though, gotta say, looking over these notes, your summer camp is so different from my summer camp. And it's not just because it was in Canada. God.

Radio says what )

And that's it! I'm out, and headed home to fall asleep under a pile of dogs. No, seriously, that's not a euphemism. Night guys!"
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"Hi, people. It's Robin Scherbatsky. Yeah, I have no idea what I'm doing here either, but whatever, I'm reading the news! It's been awhile since I got to, you know, do the job I trained for and all.

Onwards, to newsy things! )
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Robin: Man, the squirrels totally brought their A-game with these bribes. This is seriously one of the finest cigars I've had in quite awhile.

Barney: You know, I'd had my questions about your Mountie friend. Though, a Cuban beats a Canadian any day.

Robin: Shh and drink your scotch. ...wait. Why do those squirrels have little flags?

Barney: What is with the animals and the glitter in this town? Are those foreign flags?

Robin: I can't really tell what they say. They're waving them all frantically.

Barney: Creepy little bastards. Shoo! No rodents near the scotch! What do they want from us?

Robin: I think they want us to read the news. I haven't done this in awhile. And only sober one time.

Barney: Oh fine, I'll read that crap as long as they keep my glass full.

In which there is drinking and smoking and flag-waving )
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Aravis: Why am I here?

Pam: Because I've never done this by myself.

Harry: ...and?

Pam: And if I can't do this with the person I know best at this school, I'm doing it with random people I've never met.

Harry: ...

Aravis: ...

Pam: ...because it's funnier.

Harry: ...I guess.

Aravis: No, it's not, really.

Pam: Shut up and read the notes, please?

An artist, a noblewoman and a wizard walk into a radio station and are joined by a child-hating news anchor. Also, special alumnus appearance! )
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"Hello, Fandom! This is Robin Scherbatsky, reporting for...what's our callsign? Oh! Reporting for WTFH. I know...um, about four of you by now, and have rodents avidly watching my every move. This should be one of the more interesting broadcasts of my career.

Wherein Robin rocks <s>Cobie Smulders'</s> her Canadian accent and none of you can hear )

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