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Hey guys, this is Lilly Kane, reporting to you live from Fandom, where everyone you meet could potentially be your one true love, or kill you without remorse. But at least we know how to party!

Book Learning, or in our case, Maybe Not

Okay, on campus Math with Charlie Eppes ate pizza and studied string or something. I have no idea what that means. Music class with most righteous Ted, who still totally kicks ass even with the bird flu or whatever, talked about their favorite songs. And of course, everyone has pretty lame choices, except for Izzie, who dropped some Spice Girls love. Yeah, Izzie, way to be girl.

The Combined Art Class painted frescoes, which I guess are dirty, ancient wall paintings. Jake's group I'm sure had the hottest painting, and then everyone else probably just drew stick figures. Driver's Ed watched some educational films. But they got stuck with the lame DUI films, and not the fun CAR CRASH AT THE PROM! videos, which are so much better.

Celtic Studies was taught by Phoebe, who not so subtly made references to triangles and then got into a tiff with her ex. Let me give you a hint, Pheebs. Just screw the married ones, don't actually get married.

Professor Bitchface, I mean, Mrs. Wilbur Skeeter, takled about those who find fame by accident in Journalistic Integrity. You sleep with one movie star and his son... Anyway, in Journalism 101/201, she yelled at her class for writing bad poetry, even though she assigned emo teens to write a poem. That's awesome foresight, right there.

Forensics with Ms. Sidle studied racial trends in homicides. Let me tell you, pretty, rich white girls get killed too, okay? Don't hate. US Government got an exam from Lemon Lyman, but not the fun kind. But his extra credit question was kind of awesome, so I guess that makes up for it. Speech 301 got a quiz as well. Ms. Cregg was way more fun when she was seventeen.

Ms. Calendar had office hours, and Phoebe and Susan stopped by. Dr. Delicious, I mean, Pierson, had visits from The Doctor (not-quite-as, but still delicious) and Janet, who in my opinion is also tasty, for a girl and all.

Principal Not Scary made an announcement that Logan Echolls is having a drug-free party. Excuse me while I die again, this time of laughter. Oh, Dewey. You're adorable.

Dean Tubey played with mud, and Dean Washburn played with no one. Awww, sad. She's cool.

Only Pippi and Jack were dumb enough to stop by the cafeteria today. And Janet opened the Library, where Angela apparently had evil book cart issues. If I had a nickel.

At Student Council, the students plan cool stuff, like a Spring Break trip to Lee's favorite country, and potential canoodling for Peter. And Bel and Angel talked, sadly with their clothes on. Yay, Student Council!

At the Clinic, Phoebe, Paige, Blair, Pippi, and Anders all said sayonara to Dr. House. Bye, Dr. House!

The Dorms. Try Not to Die Here.

Aeryn gave Cam an exam, with her fists, because it's Aeryn, and that's what she does. Hot. And Sawyer was in a common room, hanging out with his bad self.

Parker apparently armed Marty, and not in the tossed him an elbow kind of way, but the day was still young. Sam, as was expected today apparently, acted suspiciously.

Oh look, Gil finally got laid after coming back from his trip. Maybe if he had gotten laid YESTERDAY, I wouldn't have detention tomorrow. Damn.

Xander got an email from Willow, and kept on e-mailing all damn day. Dude, who can spend more than a few minutes at a computer in a day? Get some fresh air!

Veronica and Angel talked about boyfriends and girlfriends. I assume that means their respective S.O.'s, and not one big lovefest, because once again, V, I wish you were that type of girl, but I don't know if you're there. Yet. We'll keep working on it.

In sane people news, Ed chilled in his room, and Izzie and Mac once again enjoyed some people-free baked goods, and Liz and Kawalsky got the hell out of dodge.

Over at the party, people, partied, I guess.

Angel and Callisto talked about double dating, which is totally code for something dirty I am sure.

Cally was asking about a study group. Wow, way to party. Parker asked Cally about some locks, but that didn't help Cally's mood. You know what does help? Booze. Or no, wait, time with your BF helps too. See, Cally, all is not lost.

Cam gave John a note to give to Vala.

And Echolls was wasted and Angel has to put him to bed. Now see, that could have spiced up our relationship back in the day.

According to this, Kara and Anders talked about being partners and burning off energy. Woah, no wonder Cally was bummed. Bel was all sexy and broody. Hot.

John and Peter discussed Professor Skeeter, and they probably didn't call her a raging hose-beast. But maybe they should have, huh? And Jaye is pissed about having detention tomorrow. You and me both, babe.

In the lobby, Xander and Faithful played hide the Mountie. What the hell? Nasty! I like it.

Town. Scarier than the Dorms. Srsly.

All and Sundries has posters all over the damn place. And Paige hung out at Empire Records. Yay, local businesses.

Phoebe was at the hotel, while her ex got it on, I mean, had a fight with Marty. Oh Marty, what the hell were you thinking there?

Over in the Park, Phoebe, Angela, O Rly, I mean, Orlin, and Anders all said goodbye to Aziraphale. Bye, Aziraphale! Kiki and Aziraphale also had a moment, but even though Kiki is a shameless, lipslut hussy, this feed is making me a little weepy so I'm not reading it anymore.

At Caritas, my old boss GOB had a bad night, magic dude wise. But Artie helped him get his drink on, so that doesn't sound like too bad of a night to me!

Over at Cafe Fina, Orlin and Walter had some sort of mind-meld waitressing thing going on, Edmund and his hat showed up, and Maia, Walt, and Pip got their fancy grub on.

In big damn idiots news, apparently study group has a new meaning I wasn't aware of. The basics of what you need to know - vampires are bad. Unless they use a lot of hair gel. Then they're good, or something. Anyway, some of your more industrious classmates went on a suicide mission, I mean, heroic effort to keep the student population safe, and whomp some big, bad, nasty... girls. Who may look like your average hot dominatrix, but apparently will kill your ass without a second thought.

That's so not cool.

Anyway, Aeryn and her homies went to the hotel, where there was, shockingly enough, a fight. Drusilla showed up, and then Aeryn pumped her full of lead. Oh, Aeryn. You're so on my team if I ever have to play paintball.

Angel's posse went through the sewers, and didn't find any ninjas nor pizza loving turtles, but they lost communication and probably some blood. Oh no, this report says they definitely lost a lot of blood. Yikes, ouch guys. Everyone was a wee bit freaked when they couldn't find Angel, but he eventually showed up, and guess what? Yeah, he had some battle wounds.

Isabel went looking for a doctor, and found Hawkeye to help. Right on, VP Lush!

I'm sure there is still bad mojo going down, so I am going to scram. Remember Fandom, not all of the un-dead are bad. Some of us are nice, clean, cute, and very anti-homicide!

No, for real though, everyone take care, and be safe. I tease because I love. Good night, and good bye, especially to Hot Doctor Wilson. If you're ever back in town, and need a place to stay, call me!

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