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Because what's a high school without a pirate radio station?

Here you'll find a daily rundown of the mayhem of fandomhigh. The community is moderated, so only the recappers and researchers may become members and post entries, but everyone is welcome to friend the community and provide links to the randomness. (Short version: click the little face at the top of the page, not the "join the community" link.)

fandom_radio tries to provide a comprehensive rundown of the day's events at Fandom High, but will only provide links to threads that are open to the entire community (that is, nothing marked private, OOC, or locked as not for broadcast (NFB)). We also will only report general information -- not specific medical conditions regarding clinic visits and therapy sessions.

As a reminder, all of the links provided are OOC information for the players unless your character was actually part of the conversation. The text of the broadcasts is IC. Broadcasts occur every morning and are available via podcast for your character to listen to.

Spring 2016 Broadcast schedule and info | Spring 2016 Recap schedule and info | Recap tutorial | Availability Request Post

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