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Hey, Fandom! Kanan here once again, please try to contain your excitement. Especially since the notes are so damn scintilllating today!


Yes, that was sarcasm. I'd still rather be in bed, guys.


No, no, it's too late. I'm up now. Give me those notes so I can get back to trying to share my bed with a giant cat with quills, already. Thanks. And the notes are all from town yet again, I'm beginning to wonder if anybody actually lives in the dorms. Not that I'm complaining about not having to read about students having awkward teenager sex all the time, but I swear, if they're spending all their time studying in there, someone needs to introduce those kids to... I don't know... sabacc, at least.

Right, right, notes. Over at Groovy Tunes, Jono was playing guitar with all the doors open. Sparkle was having a great time decorating the Demon Marcus for Halloween, and an even better time filling a box with gifts for whoever sent him a letter consisting of half a pop-tart and a handful of sand. The kitchen staff at Luke's was a little Halloween crazy too, but fortunately Summer showed up to distract me with a chat about skiing, nexu, and then freaking me out by telling me I'm going to be a great dad someday. And Karolina was over at the Perk, wanting vegan sprinkles to go on top of her whipped cream - I have sad news for you about cream, Karolina - when Tamsin swung by and educated her about the differences between vegetarians and vegans; apparently, one gets to have more fun. Then they chatted about Karolina's qualifications as the new school counselor. Good. Maybe she can teach the students how to have fun. Get on that, Karolina.

And that's all the notes, so I'm going to go back home, try to find a spot in my own damn bed, inevitably end up bleeding, give up, and go crash on the couch. Until next week, Fandom.
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Hey, Fandom! All, what, five of you still here? Six? Who else isn't a teacher these days or doesn't know one well enough to bum a trip along to... where did they go again?


A cold place? Why the hell would anybody willingly go somewhere cold?


Well then. Hey, all five of you sane people still on the island. This is Kanan Jarrus, with some gossip from here and more gossip from away, because apparently squirrels are sending notes via text now, too. We'll start with the on-island stuff, where Sparkle was decorating Demon Marcus for Halloween, and over at Luke's I came in to a bronzed pancake sculpture, and then spent part of my shift texting back and forth with Summer over her sad vacation meal options.

Everything else was in the cold place. I don't understand it, but alright, whatever makes you guys happy. In the daytime, Aloy and Summer talked about the convenient inconvenience of Fandom Island from the warmth of their hut. Summer was also texting me over breakfast, which mostly has me impressed that squirrels in both locations managed to sort of grab the same note. Sidon was outside enjoying the snow, which, in the evening, led to him staying inside curled up in blankets by the fire with hot chocolate.

Okay. Admittedly, that part of the trip doesn't sound half bad.

Kitty was curled up by the fire at the restaurant with a trashy romance novel, which also doesn't sound half bad. Down in the valley, Steve and Dr. Lecter were talking about tobogganing - which is really not shaking this impression that you all just went on a vacation to Earth-Hoth - and Summer was hitting up the disco.

And that seems to be all the notes, so I'm going to go walk back home now. In the rain. Which is blissfully not snow. You're all crazy. Kanan out.
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It's so blissfully quiet out there. Anyone else notice that? Not that I have anything against visitors to the island, generally. Hell, I only met maybe two of them and they were both great. But the quiet? The quiet is nice.

So, I've got notes. Nice, quiet Monday notes?


Look, a guy can dream, okay?

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Hey, Fandom. Kanan here, it's Monday morning, I have notes, the squirrels chased me out of bed to read them, you probably know the drill by now.

If you don't know the drill, you probably don't have a radio, so it doesn't matter much anyway.

Right. So. The Monday notes about yesterday's news, where anything that happens that the squirrels seem to care about goes on in town. Jono was trying to figure out stage events over the the Groovy Tunes when Dr. Lecter showed up with a kitten and news that their houseguest had moved out. Apparently this led to Jono announcing that he was going to be wandering around the house naked for a while. Which... sure, that tracks. I had a run-in with an angry flock of mynocks in the freezer at Luke's yesterday, and when I figure out what the hell it is that they're eating in there, I'll be sure to let you all know. New guy Miguel showed up to find out what's up with Sunday being pancake days - they do it entirely to drive me barvy, I swear - and Summer was concerned that something was the matter because of the terse specials board.

Sparkle was hanging out and trying on the new jackets over at Demon Marcus when Seivarden showed up to apologize for last weekend based on something Dr. Lecter said to her. Miguel stopped in looking for new clothes, too, and explained that fabric made of unstable molecules is, surprisingly, pretty stable stuff. And finally, it was Beyonce covers for the zombie band over at Caritas, which started to get on Atton's nerves after they ran through their entire repertoire a few times. Reminds me of a cantina I went to once where the house band only knew about four songs, and they were all old enough that they've long gone from being 'classics' to being 'classical.' At least it takes a few plays before Smeeleeya Whao Tupee Upee starts to get old.

It does get old, though.

And that's the news. Kanan out.
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Hey, Fandom! It's Kanan Jarrus once again, here with everything the squirrels saw fit to tattle on in town!

I'm beginning to suspect that they're as weirded out by what goes on in the dorms as I am.

So, let's take it from the Groovy Tunes, where Jono was hard at work playing with his kitten when Dante came in looking for a beer. Apparently he didn't end up empty-handed, either. So, if you ever need a free beer and an opportunity to talk to somebody about cats, go to the music store of all places, I guess. At Luke's I was trying to convince the kitchen staff of the importance of making something besides pumpkin spice pancakes, and Summer went right ahead and proved me right by showing up for blueberry. See, guys? I know these things. Sparkle was looking up classes on the mainland during his Demon Marcus shift, but had to stop doing that for a while in order to get into it a bit with Seivarden over the holier-than-thou attitude she pulled when she walked into the place. Yeah, that doesn't tend to fly around here. Dr. Lecter stopped by with food for Sparkle, who got a bit of ranting in about the customer and then asked the Doctor to keep an eye on Alluka, just in case, and Iris who the squirrels keep trying to call Ino stopped in, also with food, to chat Sparkle up about her upcoming birthday and his duties as a minion.

And, last but definitely not least, Atton was a bit on the soggy side at Caritas as he yelled at some dancing bunnies? Nothing about that note makes sense, guys.


... Okay, yes, I do know where we are, but I'm still calling shenanigans on account of this note being written down while one of you was located where the rum lives. At least the next note, 'Gratuity and Breq stopped by for sodas and karaoke,' makes some sort of sense. Or will, once I figure out what a karaoke is and if I even pronounced that right. I guess I might never know.

And that's all the notes, so I'm going to call it a day, now. Phew, Mondays are such hard work, with the getting up, reading some things, and then going back home to watch holos, let me tell you.
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Morning, Fandom! Kanan Jarrus here with... not a hell of a lot in the news, as is fairly traditional for Monday mornings. So I'm going to just leap into it, and then go back to bed. It's warm there and I don't feel like brewing my morning caf yet.

As usual, pretty much everything worth mentioning happened in town yesterday, with Jono having a silent day over at the Groovy Tunes, and me managing to escape the pancake disaster over at Luke's. I got a visit from Summer, too, who was concerned about the death of pumpkin spice and what I was texting about. Look, sometimes a guy needs to poke at his phone, too. At Demon Marcus, Sparkle was putting out new stock when he got a call from Leto, who he sang to, and a visit from Ino, who brought him food and chatted with him about asking for help.

... Nobody asks for help around here, so I can't imagine she pushed the point too hard.

Finally, at Caritas, Atton was checking out the size of the ceiling, thinking maybe it needed to be better reinforced in case of future sharks or whatever.

And that's all that went on yesterday, so I'm going back to crash. I'd sleep until noon if the squirrels would let me.
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Hey, Fandom. It's me again, Kanan, with four sticky notes and a pack of squirrels waving a bottle of rum at me alluringly. Something about it being a holiday? I really have to get a calendar or something so that I know these things. In any case... Nah, guys. More for you. If I start drinking at this time of day on a weekday morning, I'll break the streak that I'm mostly clinging on to out of stubbornness and spite at this point.


Yeah, I'm proud of me too. Now give me those notes before I change my mind.

We've got one note from the dorms, and it isn't even traumatizing, so that's nice. Breq was drinking tea in her room and doing her morning prayers at a little makeshift altar she'd made. That... is actually a pleasant note. Even better.

Now in town, Jono was playing a toy guitar at the Groovy Tunes, and at Luke's, I had convinced the cook to at the very least mix things up with the pancakes yesterday. If you ever stop by, ask for the jaffa cake pancakes. I have no idea what a jaffa cake is supposed to be usually, but I could eat them in pancake form until the end of time. Sparkle was surveying the repairs at Demon Marcus when Dr. Lecter stopped by to pay him a visit with food, followed by Jughead without food.

In the evening, Parker was at the Perk with a mocha, a muffin, and an irate staff who were thwarted from leaving early on account of having to actually do their jobs. Raven stopped by too, and Parker got her a 'dirty chai' and a muffin before they chatted about stashes and roommate woes. And over at Caritas, Atton was monologuing. Nobody was impressed. Sorry, Rand.

That's all the notes, so I'm gonna... I don't know. Take my dog for a walk. That's a holiday thing, right? I mean, it's an every day thing, but it'll be an extra leisurely walk today, because... Let's be real, I'm not even teaching this semester. Maybe I'll just spend all day in the park.
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Heh, just couldn't let me go, guys?


Yeah, I knew you loved me. Let's see those notes so I can get back to doing nothing of any importance at all, as my Monday mornings really ought to be. Hey, Fandom. This is Kanan in the mornings with drunken squirrel news, bringing you everything you never wanted the rest of the residents of the island to hear. Welcome aboard, new folks. I'll let you in on a little secret early and just tell you to stock up on bribery rum if you ever want anything in your life to be private again.
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Hey, Fandom. Welcome to break week. That week we all sit back and celebrate... I dunno. Not having to go into the school for a few days, I guess? A chance to go on vacation, get away from the dead fish smell for a while...

I have notes. Nothing from school, because hi, there's none of that right now and yesterday was the weekend. Summer was packing up for her week back home over at the dorms, though. It was pretty quick, since the shark took out a lot of her stuff when it crashed into her room.


In town, Kathy was cleaning up a warehouse she'd trashed a few months back when a raven, who happened to be Raven, stopped by to chat about the warehouse and demonstrate what Kathy would look like with 'purplish purple streaks somewhere in her hair.' I don't write the news, folks, I just read it, here. Over at 22 Phoenix, Dr. Lecter and Jono had a chat about the company they had crashing on their couch, and then Dr. Lecter made arrangements for his break week trip.

Later, Jono was at the Boards playing his guitar and looking at a couple of boxes of CDs. At Luke's I was working on framing up the new windows when Summer stopped by with the most creative wobbly food item I've ever seen, and we talked a little bit about her own upcoming trip home. And, finally, it looks like Caritas was actually open during construction, which meant that Atton was there, drinking and complaining.

Sounds like a few shifts I've had at various cantinas over the years, myself. And that's all the notes, so I'm out of here. Going back to bed, even. I love break week.
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Hey, look, it's Monday morning. Which means the squirrels have their usual lone sticky note of gossip for me to spread to the island at large. So, let's get this over with, huh? I have a pound of frozen shark meat with me and I want to hand it off to Summer before it thaws.

... For whatever reason.

Looks like it was all in town again this weekend, with Sparkle trying to figure out what to do about the hole in the wall at Demon Marcus, Jono testing guitars from Groovy Tunes for damage over at the Boards, me hauling debris around at Luke's, where Summer paid a visit and helped sort through broken dishes, and Atton eyeing the hole in the ceiling at Caritas and pouring himself a drink to help deal with it.

Really, that's probably the only appropriate response to that. And that's all the notes, so I'm going to go get rid of this shark and then, you know, flee this planet for an hour with a ship full of students.
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I've got so much work to do today, guys. Do we really have to do this right n-- okay, okay, put those acorns down. I'll read. It isn't like the damage is going anywhere without me. Hey, Fandom. It's Kanan. If you're hearing this, congratulations, you survived Fandom Island's first Sharkicane, which the squirrels inform me isn't even the first time sharks have been thrown around town by weather. Knowing that they're prone to this sort of thing, you have to wonder how they haven't gone extinct yet, really.

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Hey, Fandom. Try to hide your surprise that it's Monday morning and I'm here once again. I know, I know, it's super unexpected at this point, but what are you going to do?

... Anyway, I have notes. Also a surprise, I'm sure. And once again, all in town. At Luke's, I was caught between the busboy and the cook arguing over cats versus dogs, an argument that was more or less settled when Summer showed up and yelled at them both to just give her the cake she ordered. Sparkle was bored at Demon Marcus, and so he gets a boring note. Jono had more oranges than he knew what to do with at the Boards yesterday. Dante was sick of them from his Groovy Tunes shift, but offered to take some to the vegetarians in his life, and Hannibal pointed out that he has a car, and can just drive Jono and the oranges to a shelter to donate them.

Cara and Surreal were on a date at the 'out of order' onsen, and were just figuring out what to do with themselves when Cara turned into a chipmunk. I don't know what that is, but I imagine it makes dating difficult. And, finally, Atton was wondering what the hell to do with some weird drink mixing ingredients at Caritas when Sparkle showed up to combat his boredom, and they played a game of pazaak. I've got a deck somewhere, I need to see if there's anyone around here who plays. Kitty stopped by as well, and... really didn't want to know what was up with the weird drink mixers.

Nah, that's fair. If you can't pronounce it while drinking, you can't order more. What's the point?

And that's all the notes, so I'm out for the day. We have an asteroid to investigate in class today. I need to help prep the Ghost for that.
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I walked in to the station this morning to see two squirrels wearing little conical hats instead of their usual fedoras. I'm not sure what that's all about, but now they're--


... Now they're blowing on little tiny noisemakers. So it's a good thing I don't have many notes. I can read these off and get out of here before I get one to the ear or something. Fortunately, the squirrels didn't bother to wander past town yesterday. Unfortunately, they did bother with Luke's, where the staff relentlessly mocked me for my taste in music, which Summer explained was probably because of the name of it - I'd tell you all, but the squirrels tend to beep that one out on me anyway - and Hera and I talked about Earth being weird and the possibility of arranging a group trip to the mainland for non-humans who have been curious about the place. Sparkle was doing managerial stuff at Demon Marcus when he got a call from Leto and they chatted about last weekend's weirdness. And something about a friendship song? See, and they call my music weird.


Come on, guys.

Jono opened the Boards for band practice yesterday, and totally failed at arguing about music with Dante before talking about why he was in a good mood. He also chatted with Dr. Lecter about composing music together later. And how many puns were acceptable in any one song. Finally, at the Park, Lucille was reading a book in the shade. Sounds like a good way to spend the day, really.

That's all the notes I've got, and now the squirrels are offering me a tiny conical hat and a noisemaker, too. Sorry guys, I'd love to stick around for whatever this is, but I have a class to teach. Maybe next time.
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Oh look, notes. Many notes. Apparently the island was weird this weekend. I'd say I didn't notice, but I turned back from being a tooka just in time to be chased down by a Jedi Master who's been dead for three-thousand years, so...

Actually Long Enough To Warrant A Cut Radio! )
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You know, I was actually kind of disappointed all those flowers were gone this morning on my way to the radio station? Then again, my dog no longer has natural camoflage anymore, so that's a plus. Good morning, Fandom. This is Kanan Jarrus, and here's the news.

Which all happened in town, once again to my eternal relief. We'll get the businesses out of the way first; everything was rainbows both at Luke's for my shift and at The Magic Box for Anders', though Anders got a bonus visit from Dante to go with them. They talked about whether Anders was going to stop by the picnic in time to see Dante on stage with the band. And then Magnus rushed in stopped by to ask what was up with the rainbows and whether the Magic Box sold food. You missed out on a golden opportunity to eat rainbow pancakes, Magnus. Swing by Luke's sometime. We do have food.

Being a restaurant and all.

Looks like everything else we have this weekend is the Pride Picnic, which was a little bit like a carnival of rainbows with bonus free birth control. I can appreciate that. There was the requisite mingling, where, after a quick dip in Kathy's cleavage - sigh - Dante surfaced with a friendship bracelet. That was not where I was afraid this note would go, and I'm thankful for that.

Being a picnic, there was food, supplied by Dr. Lecter, naturally. Leto was impressed by how much Earth food can be turned into rainbows - I know that feeling - though Dr. Lecter lamented the difficulty of finding anything naturally blue around this planet. Don't get me started. Your milk is weird. Liam found his attention grabbed by the edible glitter, but he stuck around to chat with Dr. Lecter about Liam's past credentials as law enforcement back where he's from.

There were games, like a ball pit that my dog almost dragged me into, and a kraken slide that Kathy skinned her butt on. Aren't you glad the whole island knows this now, Kathy? And there were booths, occupied by Fandom folk. Sparkle was selling flags for charity, and he chatted a little about the meanings of them with Lucille before she offered to make a donation. Tony was surprised that Sparkle wasn't selling clothing, but Sparkle pointed out that clothes are a little expensive for someone who is supplying the merchandise out of pocket for the charity booth. Somehow this conversation turned to Tony blowing up a kitchen with pie, and that's a story I'd love to hear someday. Peter had a booth selling flowers for charity as well, following Sparkle's lead. Tough luck about the island supplying those already, Peter. Bet you really couldn't see that coming. And finally, Kathy was at the Dite's booth with free pamphlets and condoms, as well as friendship bracelets - in plastic containers, not in her cleavage - and hair wraps. I was wondering about those. Sparkle swung by to rainbow flag knight her into some manner of sex nobility, Anders was charged four kisses for a hair wrap, and Eliot swung by to have Kathy tell him that nobody had stopped by her booth for sex advice. You have no idea how relieved I, as the guy reading these notes, am to hear that.

Finally, there was the stage, where Dante played a Lady Gaga cover on his guitar - none of these words mean anything to me - until Jono showed up so they could start covering Queen, with Dante on vocals. Kathy stopped by to heckle, which meant that Dante was dragging her up onto the stage to do a rendition of Somebody to Love, which the squirrels assure me was fabulous.

And that looks like all the notes, just in time for me to grab some caf before running off to class. So, take care, Fandom. Until next week.
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Huh. There are actually notes today besides the same four. Would you look at that?


... Yeah, I know you've already seen them. You wrote them. It was an expression.

*Chittering* Yeah, whatever. Give me those before I change my mind about reading this. At least everything was in town again, that's good. We've got Octavia - you guys sure you didn't just leave the 'n' off of Octavian? No? Okay, so someone new - Octavia waking up after some bad dreams in the MCA, and Bellamy running in to check up on her, and she told him a bit about what's up. Elsewhere in town, Doctor Lecter was out and about, hanging posters advertising an Independence Day party in the Park tomorrow. That's the big 'yay America' thing, right? Maybe I'll check it out. Looks like Summer ran into him and wound up volunteering to make a... jello mold?


... Yeah, I'd probably still try that.

And then we've got the usual bunch of notes. Sparkle at Demon Marcus being bummed out about missing Canada Day, but then getting excited again when he heard about next weekend's Pride. What and what?


Yeah, I don't know what 'hugging a mountie' is supposed to mean, but hey, great to know that humans on Earth will still find the stupidest reasons to oppress people. Good on you guys for having the guts to stand up, though. Maybe I'll show up to cheer you on.

Over at Luke's, the staff were all collecting on bets when Summer showed up to tell me about her new phone. Hard luck on that last one, Summer. Hopefully this one will last you a while, and the number of boob pictures people keep sending you will ease off a bit. Unless you're into that. At the Boards, Jono asked the band what kind of music they'd like to play for Pride. He and Dante discussed the possibility of just doing heavy metal covers of Queen songs, and seriously, I don't know what half my notes today are actually talking about. Great. Peebee talked with Dante a little bit about Pride and the concept of gender binary, which led into a chat about going to the mainland wearing a helmet versus pretending 'it's just cosplay?'


Ooooh. Yeah, there are a few people around the island with that problem. We could probably gather up all the aliens around here with lekku or head tendrils or non-human colored skin and do a group run to the mainland together if there's anything anybody wanted to check out over there. Anyway. Notes. Jono and Peebee talked for a little while about Pride as well, and about oppression, before the conversation turned to talk about messing with people using his flames. And Dr. Lecter said he mostly has to tap out because he's taking care of the food - hey, can anyone attend this Pride picnic thing? - but he'd be interested in playing a few songs for their heavy metal Queen... thing.

Last but not least, Atton walked into Caritas and announced that last week was the most boring week. Which the band took to mean he was trying to jinx them. What is it with people automatically assuming that, anyway? The island's going to throw stupid poodoo at us no matter what we say.

*Chittering* *thunk*

Hey! No throwing acorns!

*thunk! thunk thunk thunk thunk thunk-*

I swear, I'm gonna--
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Ah, even on break week, there's always the news. Good morning, Fandom. This is Kanan Jarrus with all the notes the squirrels bothered to grab for me from in town. Maybe they're actually starting to pay attention when I tell them no stuff from the dorms.

Or possibly they just dropped that note on the way to the station and were too drunk to find it in the bushes. Either way, I'll take it.

In any case, the day's notes seem to start in the morning, with Octavia was out and about the streets of town, frowning into the window of the comic book shop. Don't much care for the brain rot, huh? Jalian passed her by and noticed that she was new, which led to an explanation of shops and why there were things in display in the window. Liam noticed here looking in the window and introduced himself, and then gave her a crash course on Bitterwoman. I might need one of those, too. I'm seeing merch about her everywhere and I have questions. Tony noted that she looked new - Octavia, not Bitterwoman - and talked a little about being from a place with disappointing aliens. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm the only one from a place where it's mostly the humans who are no-good backstabbing bigoted sleemos. And Anne, trying to be helpful, stopped to tell Octavia that the place probably wasn't open on Sundays.

Over at the Boards, Hannibal opened the place for band rehearsal while Jono got himself ready for their vacation. Dante swung by with his guitar and chatted with Doc Lecter for a while about their plans for over break week. While I was ignoring the kitchen staff at Lukes while they attempted stupid acrobatic tricks with pancakes, Summer swung by with her suitcase to order a milkshake and chat with me about the way things are at home. She'll be back. Sparkle was dancing with a mannequin to pass the time at Demon Marcus when Anne showed up looking for some help getting new summertime clothes. Seems like a lot of people just don't know what to do with hot weather like this. And at Caritas, Atton was once again having trouble getting Tino to leave him the hell alone. Should have just stuffed him in the maintenance closet again this week, Atton. That seems to be working out better for you.

And that's all the notes the squirrels bothered to bring, so until next week, Fandom. Try not to blow up the island during the break or anything, alright?
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Hey, Fandom! The squirrels are taking it easy on me again with no dorms notes to be found, and so I'm in a pretty good mood. The notes I was handed are the usual contingent from town. I can live with that.

So, today's report of yesterday's news. Sort of news. Gossip, mostly, and even that's a loose word for it.

Over at Demon Marcus, Sparkle was putting out rainbow stuff and got a visit from Dr. Lecter with a rainbow apron for a gift and a meal of rainbow trout. I'm sensing a theme there. Don't give me a hint, it'll come to me eventually. Summer paid me a visit over at Luke's mostly to rope me into a shopping trip, but also to boggle at the pancake and hamburger concoction that the cook thought up. And to order one, I guess. Jono opened the Boards for rehearsal and Dante showed up to talk about being proud, I guess? Or maybe just Pride in general, as, like, an emotion. I don't entirely get this note, honestly. And finally, Atton once again shoved Tino into the maintenance closet at Caritas, which I think is the most sensible note I was given this week.

And that's all there is, so take it easy, Fandom. Especially on Sundays. Saves me the work.
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Hey, Fandom. Kanan here with all the notes the squirrels bothered to take, which will probably take me all of three minutes to read. And of course they get me to read them on the day I have to teach, so I can't even share that rum with them.


No, Hera would kill me. Give me those notes so I can finish wrestling with the caf maker and get a decent dose of something with that other kind of kick before I have to put up with Chopper.

Huh. Looks like it's all town again this week, which suits me fine. At Luke's, I brought my dog with me to work. Because sometimes you just have to take your dog to work. In a diner. He stayed out of the kitchen, anyway. Summer stopped by and met Stance, then asked me a very important question about the wildlife from my home galaxy. Sparkle was at Demon Marcus putting out what the squirrels assure me is a pretty horrifying display of furry coats, and got a visit from Jughead, who was looking for some new clothes, and Hera, who I suspect was looking to get out of the apartment before she killed me, but was also looking for new clothes. Multitasking.

Jono had beer over at the Boards for rehearsal and a potential open mic. Looks like the rehearsal part was popular, at least, with Dante showing up to drink beer, ask personal questions, and speculate about how alcohol plays with fire - generally the good stuff just makes more fire. You're welcome. Dr. Lecter was there partly because he's part of the band, and partly to support his husband with promises of a vacation. Hey, a vacation doesn't sound half bad, I need to look into taking one of those, especially after last week. Peebee, the newest member of the band, showed up to play a little on the piano, which prompted introductions from Dr. Lecter and a demonstration of the theremin, and a conversation with Dante about instruments and bands she might want to try.

Finally, last but not least, at Caritas, Atton was having one of those weird days of the week where you can't really get a handle on which day of the week it is. My sympathies, man. It's Monday.

And on that note, I'm out of here. Gonna caffeinate before class. Jarrus, out.
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Fandom, hey! Kanan Jarrus here with yet another tiny stack of notes to nip all of your gossipy needs right in the bud.

Or however that saying works.

Anyway, the squirrels' notes were all in town again yesterday, something I'm always grateful for. Sparkle was watching something about cars on YouTube over at Demon Marcus and getting basically nothing done in the process. At Lukes the cook found a crate of something called Peeps in the freezer, and those things are going to haunt my dreams forever. Summer stopped by to sample the pancakes, and we had a chat about what we've been up to this past week. And over at the Boards, Jono opened the place for a band rehearsal and an open mic, but mostly just wound up chatting with Dr. Lecter about - and I'm quoting the squirrel here - 'his best Google Translate Danish' and strawberries.

And that's all the squirrels had to say this week, so this is Kanan, signing off.
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Hey, Fandom. Kanan Jarrus here once again with a bunch of drunk squirrels and what can only be described as a frosting hangover. Apparently there's an upper limit to how much of the stuff I can eat without crashing. Who knew?

Anyway, there are squirrels, so there are notes. Starting with the - dammit - the dorms. Where Shiemi was doing some maintenance in the garden. Something about colorful pillows? I'm torn between being relieved this wasn't a sex note, and wondering why the hell there are pillows in the garden.


... The squirrels are telling me that they grow there. On a tree. I worry about you guys, I really do.

In town, Doctor Lecter went to break up a catfight in his home, but found out the hard way that one of the cats involved was actually a gremlin. Which really explains so kriffing much. Jughead was at the Perk, trying to figure out what to write - the squirrels would like you commend you for attempting to use drinking to assist, but recommend Caritas for writer's block around here - when Dr. Lecter rode his bike through the place. Summer wasn't riding a bike, but she did nod hello to Jughead. Which hopefully helped with that writing block.

At the Magic Box, Anders was hard at work cleaning out the storage room, which meant that he missed when Dr. Lecter rode through on his bike. Lecter hit Demon Marcus too, while Sparkle was dealing with a surplus of rompers that he apparently hadn't ordered in. At Luke's, the kitchen staff was making cakes out of pancakes, and I might never eat cake again, when Lecter rode his bike across the kriffing counter. I cleaned up after him, don't worry. Then Summer stopped by to order the traditional weekend sandwich.

Jono was hosting some kind of jam... band audition thing... at the Boards. Peebee stopped in and chatted with Jono for a while before auditioning. Lecter rode through there, too, much to Jono and Peebee's bemusement. And then Dante stopped in for the jam and to see if anybody else had stopped in to play. Don't look at me, I can't carry a tune for love or credits.

And, finally, Atton was loudly playing something called Metallica at Caritas, to the zombies' dismay, but that didn't mean he missed the opportunity to film Lecter as he hit both the stage and the bark with that bike of his.

Anyway, that's all the notes I've got. Try to keep out of trouble, Fandom. If you see a gremlin, avoid it. If you see Dr. Lecter, take away his karking bike.
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Are you guys sure it isn't earlier today than the usual time? It feels earlier today than the usual time.


Yes, I see the clock. That doesn't make me feel any less like I've been hit by a hoverbus. Better give me the notes so I can slink back to-- right. I teach today. Give me the notes so I can try to catch ten minutes of sleep in the copilot's seat before class.

Oh good. There's a dorms note. Which is about how Summer was watching Ball Fondlers in the second floor common room yesterday evening, and kriffing hell, Summer, some things really shouldn't be done in public spaces.

In town, the Merchant of Miracles was lamenting people's lack of interest in unicorns at Turtle & Canary. I'm guessing I'd be more interested if I knew what a unicorn was. Magnus stopped by looking for something called Baja Blast, and wanted to pet the goats. See, goats, I know about. Unicorns are some kind of subspecies of weird Earth goat, you heard it here first, folks. Anyway, apparently the goats aren't for touching, so Magnus left.

At the Boards, Jono was advertising for some kind of Talent showcase, which Dante informed him had better not be named 'Fandom's Got Talent' before suggesting they get the band back together. Sparkle got in a shoe order to replace the missing shoes from last week, so now Demon Marcus has too many shoes, which he tried to pass off on Leto when he phoned, to little avail. At Luke's I was helping out in the kitchen when Summer stopped by with Red Bull--


What do you mean, there's my problem? I wasn't even mixing it with anything!


Okay, fine. The squirrels want me to formally and publicly apologize for blaming my tiredness on them doing their jobs, when apparently 'Red Bull crash' is a thing. Happy?


Good. Then I'll close out these notes by sharing that Tino was completely insufferable at Caritas, and so Atton was avoiding him by staying behind the bar and snarking. And that's all the notes this week, so I'm going to go grab another Red Bull so I can hair of the dog this fatigue before class. Kanan out.
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Hey there, Fandom. Kanan Jarrus here once again with all the news the squirrels figured you needed to hear, whether you needed to hear it or not. And all of it happened in town again this week. What, guys, you didn't feel like creeping on the students in the dorms this week?


No, that isn't a complaint! Just give me the kriffing notes. Preferably with as little spying on whatever the kids are doing in their spare time, because that poodoo makes me seriously uncomfortable.

Okay. Good. We'll start with Sparkle at Demon Marcus dealing with the mysterious disappearance of all of the footwear in his stock. Of course that meant that yesterday was the day Lucille called to order a pair of boots. Tough deal, Lucille. At Luke's I gave in and let the staff make pancakes again, because I'm an idiot. Summer stopped by to ask for a burger and we chatted about parties and something called Red Bull, and Steve paid me a visit in order to show off what I can only bring myself to call his 'functional spangles.'


... No, that wasn't actually intended as innuendo, but go wild if you ever want to use it that way, guys.

Outside the Things Reborn, there was a flash of light and a sudden case of Elf. The squirrels tell me his name is Taako, so, welcome to the island, Taako. Though it looks like Magnus was there to greet him, and they talked a bit about Magnus' new body and why they were both on the island before making plans to get back home. Good luck with that, guys. I mean that.

Atton was working his first shift at Caritas, which mostly involved telling the zombies to deal with it themselves when their parts fell off, and talking to Cara about the new job and how he locked Tino in a closet. Living the dream, Rand.

In the apartment above Luke's, Kathy was cooking in preparation of having Dante and Anders over for dinner. Of course they immediately flustered her with innuendo, because of course I can't avoid reporting this stuff about students even when the squirrels avoid the dorms, and talked about eating vegetables.

'Eating vegetables' isn't nearly as fun an innuendo as 'functional spangles.' I'm on the fence about that one, guys.

And finally, at 29 Chimera Court, Algren was putting on some kind of 'we survived a week of teaching' party. Which was much improved, I hear, thanks to the fact that they now have furniture courtesy of Magnus. I'm going to have to hit him up about getting a new table or something, maybe. Magnus also talked to Algren about carving ducks and his buddy Taako. Dr. Lecter showed up with food, surprising nobody, and chatted a little with Algren about Mother's Day, and with Magnus about Taako and a pissed off warlock. And, finally, Peter stopped by with apology Scotch for Algren after throwing him to the wolves this week at the flower shop.

And here once again I wasn't even aware that there was some kind of holiday going on. Ah well. Take care, Fandom. Don't forget to eat your vegetables.
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Okay, Squirrels, let's make this quick. I've still got diagnostics to run on the Ghost before class, and I should probably at least find out what the name of that planet closest to your sun is.


Mercury. Okay. So you name your home planet after dirt and you name the other planets after metals?


Gods. Okay. Right. Remind me to never talk badly about the god, Dirt.


Just give me those notes. We'll make this as quick and painless as possible, starting with Rufus doing some work and then messing around on his laptop over at the library.

In town, Alluka was getting herself reacquainted with the stock at the Groovy Tunes. Jono was looking at scripts and occasionally playing guitar at the Boards, and Sparkle wasn't wearing his make-up over at Demon Marcus.

Meanwhile, over at Luke's, the kitchen staff was finally over their weird obsession with pancakes, to my immense relief. Summer stopped in - oh, that's her name? - and asked for a raincheck on the milkshake and pie I promised her if she paid a visit, and Dr. Lecter swung by later to talk to me about how to eat kiwi. Apparently you can peel it first. I did not know that.

And that's everything that passes for news around here. I'm taking off before Chopper booby-traps the copilot seat.
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Hey, Fandom. Or, well, whoever the hell is left on the island after that whole graduation thing? That apparently had a snake as a guest speaker? I'm not entirely clear on the details, I got waylaid while doing groceries, but hey, congratulations to those of you who are, I don't know, if not going on to bigger and better things, at least done with kriffing high school.

... Am I not supposed to say anything bad about high school? I don't know these things. It isn't like I ever attended it.

Anyway, there are notes, because the semester break is for students and teachers, not squirrels and radio broadcasters. And anything that was worth reporting on went on in town this week, it seems like. We had Jaina at the Perk a little later than she had intended to be, firing off texts to the people she knew and chatting up Skywalker on the topic of his potential pending great-grandfatherhood - should I be congratulating you yet, gramps? - and comparing graduations and, I quote, "That time Luke thought he was part of Sigfried and Roy."

I don't know what that means. Is Luke the guy they named Eliot's diner after?


For those who can't see through the radio, the squirrels are doing something fairly disturbing involving a diaper and a banthabell. I'm going to just assume Luke is the Luke's guy, for the sake of my brain. Speaking of, during my shift there yesterday, I got to serve pancakes to Kuzco's guests, Yzma and Kronk. In case anyone is curious, Yzma doesn't like gravy. These are the important things our fine radio programming makes sure you're all in the know about.

Sparkle was doing his nails over at Demon Marcus when Dante showed up to talk about road tripping and digging up blackmail photos of Kathy. Something about fashion, I don't know. I don't understand half of what people wear around here anyway. Earth and its weird obsession over shirts with buttons.

At the Magic Box, Anders was putting in a shift, complete with a visit full of updates from his friend Karl from back home, before that road trip that Dante and Sparkle were talking about. And also, apparently, before a date night with Kathy, who he texted back and forth with a few times before arriving to pick her up for at her place.

And that looks like all the notes. I'm gonna get the kriff out of here before those squirrels figure out how to play that banthabe--

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Good morning again, Fandom. This is Kanan Jarrus, and I've been awake for three hours already because of a little girl who wanted to take my weird Earth dog for a walk at well before sunup this morning. Say hello to the weird people who live on the island, Anan.

*Dog barking sounds, accompanied by the laughter of a little girl*

She and Stance are chasing squirrels. Which makes my job easier, here. Unless you listeners at home were hoping for an hour-long broadcast consisting of me explaining every button on the sound board. Quick, someone who isn't being harangued by a dog give me the notes.


Thanks, Leroy. Looks like we're starting in the dorms today, with Ada making breakfast stuff in the second floor common room, and Dante playing music for kids Kate and Janie out on the deck.

In town, Dr. Lecter and his daughter Angela were doing some cooking when Leto stopped by for breakfast for himself and his kid, Helena. Momoko woke up in a hotel room and reassured her kid, Alex, that she's her - yeah, my kid knows I'm me, but keeps telling me my face is weird - and talked to him about nightmares and his life and I'm getting the impression from these notes that there's a little tension going on there.

At Demon Marcus, Sparkle and his kid Elias were trying on clothes when Leto showed up to meet their son and get with the kissing of Sparkle. Tony and Riri stopped by to talk 'the future' and Riri's exceptional technical knowhow, and Dr. Lecter and kid Samar swung by with food and hugs for Sparkle, respectively.

Over at Luke's, Anan was absolutely not driving me crazy asking me questions about everything, because a sense of curiosity is a good thing in a little kid and questions are how you get answers. Answers and pancakes and... duck, I guess. She wanted to know about Earth food. Parker paid a visit, too, and asked me if it was my first time having a kid.

Yes. Very much yes.

Anyway, later on Momoko and Jaime took Del and Alex to Mooby Land - great little horrible restaurant I would never subject my kid to. No, Anan, just trust me on this. I'll take you back to Luke's for a burger if you have your heart set on one - and Momoko was pretty sure she deserved a shake for eating real hamburgers.

... Uh, Momoko? I have news for you about Mooby's burgers.

Anyway, that's all the notes. Anan! Get Leroy out of Stance's mouth, it's time to go!
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And here I am, at the radio station. Not because I want to be, but because the squirrels thought it'd be a great idea to drag me through the streets while whatever that is is going on around the island. I could have just called this in.


Okay. If I had a phone I could have just called this in.


And e-mail. Are you happy now?


Good. Give me the kriffing notes so that I can get out of here before a snipe or something breaks down the door. Everything is still basically the textbook definition of 'all hell breaks loose' out there right now, with, as I'm sure you've all noticed, some other weird additions to the giant Lepi-looking things.

The Library was seeing plenty of activity, including but not limited to Dante strolling in looking for eggheads. Who were researching, because that's how this island rolls. Peridot found an empty folder that said that apparently there were maps of the island's machinery, and Kuzco wanted it to be known that he didn't eat them. Kathy convinced Dante to go rest and come back with pizza - look, I didn't open Luke's yesterday, I commend the dedication of the competition over at Pizza Planet during these dangerous times - and then she found a piece of map, which Gratuity looked up online.

Rhys found a piece of map too, prompting Kathy to decide it would be great to find more. Which... yeah. Maps generally work better when you have the whole thing. Good call, Kathy. Kuzco absolutely followed Rhys into the library to use him as a human shield in these dangerous times, because of course he did, and Kenzi put her research chops to work by also coming up with a piece of the map.

See? Whole maps. Very useful.

Over at the dorms, Shiemi is fighting valiantly to keep giant rabbits out of the garden. Good on you, kid. Protect those... Uh. What's even growing this time of year, anyway?

Whatever, I'm sure they were in great hands.

And finally, over in the park, Zack was bouncing around, happy to be fighting hostile creatures over there. He ran into Pinkie, who was blowing monsters up using sprinkles, and apparently a great friendship was born.

One that involved explosions.

And that looks like all the notes, so if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go... grudgingly get involved in this, or something. Kanan, out.
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Fandom. Squirrels. Good morning. Or as good as a morning can possibly be if you're not still in bed for most of it, anyway. I have notes. I'm going to read them, all the while pining for the good times of twenty minutes ago when I was still asleep.

Once again, the school and the dorms were fairly quiet. But over at the Magic Box Anders was reading and texting with Dante. In the park, Ringo was meditating when Dante came by, and they spent some time arguing about apples.


... They spent some time arguing about Ringo being an apple. My mistake.

Dr. Lecter was bustling around his house yesterday doing errands and chores and somewhere in there starting a new batch of beer, and I appreciate that the squirrels and I have similar priorities when it comes to what errand to make note of in particular. And Hardison and Eliot are back in town, and spent yesterday afternoon taking it easy, eating sandwiches, catching up with Parker and Sparkle on their respective trips. I hope everything went about as well as it possibly could.

And that's all the news. Have a good one, Fandom. Don't... I don't know... turn into an apple, I guess.
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Oh, right. Radio.

*Tentative chittering*

Hm? No, I'm in a great mood this morning. It helps that I'm wearing clothes that fit me properly and my center of balance isn't all weird. But don't expect me to not complain about being up at this time of day next week. Just warning you now. Anyway, I see you have notes. A decent, actually worth getting out of bed amount of notes. Messing with the bodies of practically everyone on the island is good for the news, who knew?

Morning, Fandom. This is Kanan Jarrus, and here's everything that happened in town yesterday that the squirrels decided was news.

Ch-ch-changes! )
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Okay. Okay, I get it. You little hairy terrors are never going to let me sleep in again. There better be more than three notes this week. If I got out of bed for that again, I'm gonna...


Okay. There's four. You win this time, squirrels. Good morning, Fandom. This is Kanan Jarrus, with everything you did on a lazy Sunday. Once again it was all in town, with the staff at Luke's spending most of the day failing to get my attention. Sparkle was bored and playing games on his phone at Demon Marcus, and Jono opened up the Boards to his band so that they could eat junk food and discuss songs, with Lucille and Dr. Lecter offering to write something. And then, in actually interesting news, Kitty and Clint celebrated their first wedding anniversary at Ching Tai. So, congratulations to the both of you, and here's to you two not getting sick of one another in years to come.

That's all the notes, so I'm going to... I don't even know. I'm up now, I'm going to go make some caf.
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Ugh, Fandom. I still should not be out of bed at this time of day, never mind that I feel like I'm going to be vomiting green for a month. This is Kanan Jarrus, and I don't want to be here, so let's get this over quickly.

The school and dorms were quiet yesterday, to my perpetual relief, so town it is. Starting with Ringo practicing on her ATs down at the warehouse district. Moving on from there into Sparkle having to pop bubbles to get to his merchandise at Demon Marcus, and the cook at Luke's trying to keep the holiday spirit alive by serving green food. There was a drink with a slice of bacon and a leaf of lettuce sticking out of it. I don't want to live on this world anymore. And finally, Jono held a meeting for his band members at the Boards, complete with pizza. They had to discuss what to do with a bunch of instruments that I can only assume don't often get played together, and apparently the consensus was 'large band, see what happens.'

But they probably still won't play *beep!* music.

And if that's all there is, I'm crawling back into bed. If I never see another green drink in my life, it'll still be too soon.
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Fandom. Squirrels. I am definitely not awake enough for this. What gives, guys? Did you really have to haul me out of bed this early?


... What do you mean, time changed yesterday? Is that some kind of weird Fandom thing?


Weird Earth Thing. )
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I got out of bed for this.

I actually got out of bed for this. It was warm and I was sleeping and now I'm here to read notes. So many notes, let me tell you. So many. You'll stagger under the weight of knowing that yesterday at Luke's the daily special was some kind of cheesy pancake thing called cachapas. You'll gasp in wonder at how all of Sparkle's stock at Demon Marcus was made of flannel. And you, too, will marvel at how that's it, and I'm going back to bed. Kanan out.
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Hey, Fandom. I still feel a little like I've been hit by a hoverbus, but there's maybe a quarter of a squirrel-sized page of notes here, so I'll keep it brief. This is Kanan Jarrus, kidnapped by drunken rodents, and here's what constitutes news these days.

Yesterday, the busboy at Luke's was buried under pancakes. I warned him. I've been warning him. One of these days, those things are going to fall over and I'm not going to be able to pull a daring nick-of-time rescue. So, he got what was coming to him.


And over at Demon Marcus, Sparkle was doing some cleaning when Hera showed up, looking for winter clothes and getting an introduction to things like the Earth calendar and coffee. Which I maintain is disappointing. Also, hi, Hera. I might have neglected to mention that I work for the squirrels. Sort of. We have an agreement where I read the notes and drink their rum and they don't beat me to death with acorns in my sleep. Don't worry, nobody takes this stuff seriously anyway.

... I hope.

Anyway, that's all they wrote, so... Kanan out.
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There is a squirrel on my ship. I've got too much of a hangover for this, guys. How did you get on my ship and why--


Okay, okay. I'll read the notes, just keep it down. My boss is sleeping in the cargo hold and even if I did come back here to quit, I'd like to start my last day here not having to explain what a squirrel is. Let's start with what happened in town yesterday, then. Like at how Luke's, they made waffles. Waffles. They've been trying to kill me with pancakes for almost a month, and this week they made waffles. I'm allowed to be indignant if I want to. While I was dealing with the waffle indignity, upstairs Kathy came back from a trip and called Raven down to dinner. Apparently she's not kicking Raven out, which is good news? And there was talk about running away from things and Kathy's trip to Boston. Kira stopped by to see Kathy, which meant there was crying. I guess they hadn't seen one another in a while. Since the whole thing-that-makes-me-rant-on-air, at least.

After work, in my apartment, Portalocity finally gave me the word that they could get a portal out. Which is why I'm sitting in a freighter reading notes to a squirrel while surrounded by explosives. My day job on the island gets me far less danger pay. On the other hand, I have a boss who'll watch my dog for me, even if he doesn't approve of my career choices elsewhere. Thanks for that, Eliot.

And as I prepare to take off from this steaming mudball of a planet that I'm currently parked on, I get to read about how half the population of the island all gathered to go on spring break, instead. To Necker Island, which has the greatest name ever. So, did you draw the short straw to be sent here with notes instead of joining them on vacation, Squirrel?


He totally did. Why didn't you just have somebody on vacation read these, then?


He didn't think of that. Poor guy. Means he'll miss out on taking in the Great House, where Isabela's attempts that flirt were thwarted by Lucille's need for a nap. Nathan was wowed by the hot tub, while Sparkle was wowed by the view, and Dante was more worried about whether there was a minibar. I understand these priorities well. Merrill was afraid to touch any of the fancy stuff, whereas Frank found the minibar right off the bat. There's your answer, Dante.

Hyacinthe has Alluka as a roommate, and almost had her worried he didn't want her there. Anybody looking for Hyacinthe this weekend? His room is off-limits for whatever it is you're looking for him for. Tony reminded Steve to mind his language when he saw the room they were set up in, and I'm sorry I missed Steve swearing. And upon seeing her room, Shiemi wondered if they were vacationing on Takama-ga-hara. I... don't know what that is.

In the Great Room - this place likes calling things 'great,' huh? - Frank and Hyacinthe both did some drinking. Peridot sat at the bottom of the infinity pool, and Cosette went out to find a Lurmen.


I stand corrected. What's a lemur?


... So, basically a non-sentient Lurmen, then. Okay, Earth. Anyway, I've got to go. My last shift here is about to start, and it's hard to pilot a ship with radio equipment all over my dashboard. Have a good vacation, Fandom. Kanan, out.
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Good morning, Fandom. Kanan Jarrus here, with all the notes the squirrels wrote. Which, fortunately, is a refreshingly small amount this week. I can live with that. I haven't had my coffee yet.

Of course, the trade-off is that this week there are notes for the dorms, and I always feel weird reporting on that stuff. But either way, Dante basically faceplanted upon entry into his room, where he got a call from Ezra. They talked about Kathy - I'm going to behave and not rant on the air this week, we're making progress - and Dante's trip home. Shiemi paid Dante a visit as well, and they talked about her training and Dante's strength.

In town, I was dealing with a few thousand crepes at Luke's, because apparently the kitchen staff is hell-bent on pancake Sundays, now. Jenkins stopped by to comment on the lasagna crepes, and taught me a bit about potatoes, a bit about the English and the French, and we had an interesting talk about life not from Earth and portals. And, at Demon Marcus, Sparkle was doing his nails when Atton paid him a visit, and they complained about Februaries and did some catching up on the topic of Mical - that Mical? - and how Sparkle is faring with having a class to teach of his own around here.

And that's the news, or whatever passes for it around here, anyway. Until next week, Fandom, Kanan out.
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Good morning, Fandom. This is Kanan Jarrus, and I've brought pancakes for the squirrels. Why? Because I was sent home from work yesterday with more than any one human can handle, and I'm not certain if it's safe to share them with my dog.


The way I see it, anybody who drinks as much rum as you guys do can handle some pancakes. There's syrup.


Good. You guys busy yourself with those, and I'll read these notes, then, because you guys out there on the island apparently did more than just watch the big sport thing that was going on. Like Rufus, who spent his time in the library putting out a display to commemorate National Weatherpersons Day. Which I didn't know was a thing until just this moment, so I suppose a display was a good idea.

In the dorms, which I always feel a little uncomfortable reading about, Dante was in his room coping with a voicemail message from Kathy, who he talked to on the phone to discuss some messages he'd left before. Anders came in to talk to Dante too, and there was something about Anders saving a newt - I don't know what that is - and discussion about how the way they brought Kathy back was a bit iffy. And I'm not going to even get started on that, or I'll just end up ranting for a good twenty minutes about how stupid it was to bring a zombie to the island, again.

But it was. Stupid. The fact that it turned out fine doesn't change the fact that you put the whole kriffing island in danger.

In town, Kathy was walking around the apartment above Luke's when Raven came by, as a raven, and they had a chat about moving in and dinner parties. And then Anders sent Kathy a text. Possibly about newts. The notes don't say.

In the apartment above the Boards, Zack and Ino, newly arrived on the island, talked about how being here doesn't quite feel real to either of them. Ino assured Zack that it was, and then suggested that he get some food into him, maybe take a shower and get some sleep, and things would feel less unbelievable in the morning.

At Demon Marcus, Sparkle was 'singing Enrique,' which I'm sure isn't meant to be some kind of innuendo. Neither is 'Jenkins showed up in a glow in the stockroom and bought a pair of leggings.' Probably.

At Luke's, I was dealing with yet more karking pancakes, which the squirrels are assisting with today. Lucille was sitting on a bench in the park, soaking in the chill in the air. At the Magic Box, Anders got in a shipment of newts, and the squirrels assure me that they probably got better, so at least I can assume that a newt is alive. Or, should be, when you get a shipment of them in at a place called the magic box. And finally, Alluka was hugging the stereo over at the Groovy Tunes. Because sometimes, you just have to... hug... stereos. I guess.

Anyway, that's all the news for today. I'll be back again next week. Please don't do anything that makes me want to yell in the meantime. Please.
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I'd say the island was quiet yesterday, but going by these notes, it looks like it was very eventful for... maybe eight of you. So, Fandom Island, this is Kanan Jarrus, here to bring you the news. Actual, relevant news, instead of the stuff by the two squirrels who got lost on the way to Eliot's and wrote notes about all the pancakes I was trying to get rid of at Luke's and how Sparkle was bored enough to start hanging scarf garland at Demon Marcus.

Everything Else is Coming Up Kathy )
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Hey, Fandom. This is Kanan Jarrus, here to read you all the news from the island yesterday. And from the look of things, it was a slow news day. Unless the actual notes are hiding behind this receipt for a single donut that these ones were written on.


Okay, then let's get this over with. The school and dorms were quiet. So was town, but not as quiet, with Sparkle getting a gremlin bite over at Demon Marcus, and doing magic tricks at Ringo when she came in to tell him something important. Gremlin bites make you magical? That's a new one. Maybe they got to that half an onion in a plastic baggie that the staff at Luke's was fawning over when I came in for my shift. But I doubt that. I'm pretty sure it was just an ordinary onion in a plastic baggie.

But knowing them, I may never know. And that's all the notes. I... I'm going to go back to bed.
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Ah... hey, Fandom. I was just dragged here by squirrels who insisted I shouldn't just run off into the woods to become a hermit - which was not the plan, I was just meditating, guys - and I've been handed the biggest stack of notes I've seen here in a while. So, uh, happy Monday, I guess. This is Kanan Jarrus, with all the news you probably didn't want me to be sharing on the air.

Sadness Radio )
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Well, kark me, it's been a while since I've seen you guys. I hope you didn't get into too much trouble while you were away. You know, any more than I would.


You're right, that really doesn't narrow it down much at all. You guys know me so well. Have you got notes? I still haven't taken the dog for his walk, thanks.

Alright, first we had Rufus over at the school library, where the books lined up for him when he came in, like they were waiting for some kind of parade. Are you somebody important, Rufus? Or do the books just really like parades?

At the salle, Shiemi was attacking one of the dummies - the training dummies, not any stupid people - with a fencing sword. Dante came in and she let him know that she was practicing, which I can only assume he took as an invitation to tell her she's doing terribly. He's encouraging like that.

Then in town, we had Alluka bringing stickers to the stereo at the Groovy Tunes, which I'm sure it appreciates. Sparkle came in to his Demon Marcus shift to find that all the clothes had turned purple - the squirrels are telling me that Clint should take advantage of that before it all turns back. And at Luke's, I got to deal with a blizzard in the freezer. And all the resulting polar bears that came out to try to warm up. Which was easy enough. Just seat them in a booth and give them hot chocolate, and they're more polite than some of the people who come in around lunch anyway.

And I think that's the notes. Until next week, Fandom, this is Kanan Jarrus.
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Good morning again, Fandom! Kanan Jarrus here, awake entirely too early to read you news gathered by a bunch of tiny drunks. Journalistic integrity isn't high on their list of priorities, but we do what we can. And what we can do is start with the notes from the school, where it was Face's last day at the library. Cassandra stopped in and they agreed to go on one more date before his departure from the island, and then, ouch. Just friends. Long distance is hard, I hear. Mara paid him a visit too, to see what he'd be getting up to once he went back home.

In the dorms, Dante had a visit from a cat. A Kwik Stop cat, the notes say. You can get cats there?

And in town, the busboy at Luke's gave me caf. Actual caf. Good caf. Not like that poodoo that Hondo sold me. Never trust a person who feels the need to reassure you that he's trustworthy right there in his shop sign. At Demon Marcus, Sparkle was brooding and listening to The Tragically Hip when Atton called him up to let him know he's moving back to the island. Peter was flower arranging and meditating - I haven't tried that method, but hey, if it works - at Covent Garden when Jono showed up to ask for wedding flowers for less than a week from now. I don't care if the customer is always right, I'm kind of impressed Peter didn't take a swing at him for that one.

At the Arms, Ben and Ender were packing and kissing while Val - their little one, not Eliot's dog - demanded ice cream. Kid's got her priorities straight, I think. And over at the MHA, Jaina had her portal home booked and was packing up while texting Anakin, who showed up shortly after with pastries.

... I should check and see if they're offering portals back to my corner of reality yet. Not that I'm in a hurry to get off this island or anything, but... yeah. I still kind of am.
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Fandom! It's Kanan again, with all the notes the squirrels shoved at me this morning.

Which isn't actually that many notes at all. Lazy weekend, I suppose. Or else everybody was off exploring the planet of the week. The people who were on the island include Sparkle, with a clothing store full of quails, which the squirrels assure me is some kind of bird. Myself, at Luke's, where the other staff was doing a lot of whispering and plotting something behind my back, and Ringo, doing some relaxing and healing over at the onsen.

And that is actually it. Two guys at work, and somebody had a bath. This is the news, Fandom.
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Good morning, Fandom. Kanan Jarrus here, I've managed to sneak out of the apartment without the dog for two days in a row now, and I'm going to consider that a major win. Cecil, if you're listening, yes, you can take Stance for a walk. Just don't let him get eaten by a big pink bird, or I'll light your bed on fire tonight while you're sleeping.

And now, the news!

Over at the library, Face was there as usual, though he was doing actual work, apparently not as usual, a fact that surprised Cassandra when she stopped by for a visit. Also as usual.

In town, Bucky was admiring the pink birds at the park, where he and Tony compared them to pigeons, but in a good way, and talked about childhood pets. At Luke's, The Staff was disappointed I didn't bring the dog, so of course everything was dog themed. Even Eliot stopped by with Val and gave me a hard time for not having named the little guy. But I have, now. I have a dog. With a name. So there.

Continuing on with the animal theme for this broadcast, Anders found a cat that looked remarkably like his own lost one at the Magic Box. The cat didn't see anything remarkable about this, which is more or less a common theme among cats, no matter what galaxy they're from. And Rey, daring to be the different one, was at Stark's cleaning rainbow dust out of things. Yeah, that stuff gets everywhere. I have a feeling we'll be complaining about rainbow dirt for a while yet to come.

And that's all the notes for today, so I'm out of here. Take care, Fandom. Mind the rainbow dirt.
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Good morning, Fandom, and welcome to another chunk of this four day long stretch of sunlight that I really hope the island shakes off sometime soon. I'd take the dark side of Gorse over this. At least Okadiah's cantina is there. I get free drinks when I tend bar for him. But I digress. There are notes?

There are notes. Things were quiet at the school and in the dorms yesterday, which I'm assuming is because everyone was sleeping, finally, now that we've moved away from Screaming Sun Earth and to... whatever this desert place is. Three suns, though. Seems a bit overkill to me. I mean, I say that about Tatooine and it's in a binary star system.

In town, Sparkle was doing a lot of dozing off at the Demon Marcus - was that because of the screaming sun or the heat? I was giving the staff at Luke's a hard time about their cheese obsession from last week, and while there was no cheese on the menu, everything did have coffee. Odds are even it was either because they were exhausted too, or because I'm still on their cases about getting their hands on real caf. Either way, the squirrels are sad they missed out. And, finally, at Stark Industries, Rey was working on a toaster and feeling right at home while she did so. I'm going to take that to mean that she's either from a desert, or a bakery.

And now I want toast. Since I'm done reading the notes for today, it looks like it's time to dig up some breakfast. Keep cool, Fandom. Hydrate yourselves. This is Kanan Jarrus, signing off.
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Aaaand here we go again. Hello, squirrels. Hello, Fandom. This is Kanan Jarrus, kidnapped by furry rats for what I'm sure won't be the last time, here to bring you whatever it is that they think counts as actual news. Which, as usual, starts with Face in the library, human-shaped but missing caffeine. I sympathize, Face, I really do.

Up on the roof of the dorms, Dante was not smoking - apparently this is news - and was joined by Ahsoka, so they had a heartfelt chat about weirdness, survival, and being badass. A more or less good combination. It'd be much improved without the weirdness. Or maybe that's just me.

In town, Sparkle was catching up on his duties at Demon Marcus when Peter stopped in - Peter's new, folks - to thank Sparkle for some clothes and to get advice on things like money around here. At Luke's, I insisted that they kitchen staff serve some kind of vegetable instead of just cheese, so they, thinking they were funny, made it a day of salad. Just salad. All salad all the time, unless you ordered steak.

At the Perk, new guy Peter couldn't get a cup of just plain old coffee, but he could get dirty looks from Lucille. Ah, we'll have to cover first impressions in class at some point this term, I guess. Anyway, Peter and I shared a lament about how hard it is to get our caffeinated beverage of choice, and then we introduced ourselves and talked a bit about our respective 'ending up on the island' situations.

In the park, Allie was practicing with her sword and playing Pokémon go, which the squirrels inform me are probably two activities that shouldn't be done at the same time. I dunno, I think I call that multitasking. Anyway, Peter showed up and they talked about their histories before Fandom, so zombies and demons. Nice, happy first conversation topics, you know?

And that's all there is about that. This is Kanan, getting the hell out of here.
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*The broadcast starts with sounds of a scuffle, with manic squirrel chittering and some vaguely feline sort of yowling.*

Mrrrr-eat you! What's so terrible about... Wait. I don't eat squirrels. Wait. Where the hell are my pants? You didn't lure me all the way here without pants, did you?

*Sheepish chittering*

Well, I hardly could have read the broadcast as a tooka! What were you thinking?


Well, if you thought I was going to turn back, you could have brought me pants. No, nevermind. Cecil, if you're listening to this, can you please for the sake of avoiding some kind of incident bring me some clothes? I can't afford bail if I try to run from here. And YOU... give me those damn notes. Might as well get this over with.

Over at the school, not much was going on. Face was there, working the library in spite of the fact that he had hooves. The squirrels applaud your dedication, Face. The dorms were quiet, presumably because nobody could get into their rooms without thumbs. Which mostly just leaves me wondering how I got in here, honestly. And how the squirrels do. Are there secret squirrel tunnels? Do you guys attack the doorway eight at a time?

In the hedge maze park, there was a final throwdown between Discord and some heroic ponies. People. Pony-people-adventurers. I didn't realize there was a hedge maze in the park. Probably because I was a karking Loth-cat. Anders and Cassandra tried to get into the maze after meeting up with one another as ponies. Apparently this involved Cassandra trying to eat a hedge. I don't know who this person is, but I think I would have liked to see that. Anyway, Anders resorted to a more direct path in, by throwing fireballs at it.

Hey, effective. You have to appreciate that.

Apparently they didn't make it to the middle of the maze first, though. That honor was reserved for Steve, Tony-the-Iron-Pony, Merrill, Roscoe, Didi, and Kenzi, all armed with various random objects including warm blankets and bananas. Which somehow led to them defeating Discord with rainbows? A rainbow explosion? I'm going to admit that I have no idea what's been going on this past week, because I've been a bit busy being a cat. But the notes say there's a new statue in the park now, so check that out if you want to, I don't know, gloat, I guess.

Some time after all that, Jono got home after a Portalocity trip gone horribly wrong. He was greeted by Hannibal, no longer a pony - somebody is really going to need to tell me what I missed as a Loth-cat - and they talked about a frog. Or something.

And with that, I'm done with the notes.

Send pants.
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--akes our memories and you expect me to stay here long enough to read your notes?! I should hop on that piece of garbage ship I came here in and, strange galaxy or no, see how far I can get from this rock! I--


I'm broadcasting this?


I hate you all so much. Give me those kriffing notes so I can read them and then get back to yelling. *Rustle* Right. Everything happened in town yesterday, so I'll start at the park, where Didi was feeding the ducks. Tamsin showed up to gush over the color of flamingos - you should see the size of the bird Cecil has, Tamsin - and exchanged amnesiac introductions with Didi, who called herself Diana, over an offered jacket and promises of shopping. At Caritas, Jaina, or Angie for the weekend, had free reign behind the bar to help herself. I've had jobs like that. I wouldn't mind getting back to them.

Over at the Boards, Dr. Lecter and Jono showed up because of a wedding invite that they found. They found the place empty when they got there, no grooms to be seen, so they decided to just throw the party themselves. Oh, sithspit. Doctor, I'm sorry.

Lucille arrived because of an invitation too, and she and Hannibal talked about how they don't know anything about the grooms - this place is terrible, that's all you need to know - or about non-human people. Which is another problem I wouldn't be hearing about if I was back home. Or I would be, but then I could safely assume that the people complaining about it were bigoted xenophobes, not just humans from some sheltered little backrocket planet with no space travel worth mentioning.

Dante showed up for the food and stayed for conversation with Dr. Lecter about how people were being too uptight about losing all their memories. How can you be too uptight about losing all your memories?? Lucille assured Dante that the grooms probably wouldn't mind strangers coming in just to eat, and then they speculated on the origins of Dante's name.

There was food, and there were party games, and somewhere in there, Peridot, temporarily known as Cecil, Queen of the Gremlins, learned what 'married' meant during a round of something vaguely resembling 'I Never.'

That's all the notes? Now can I go? If I'm not leaving this karking island, the least I can do is go back to sleep and pretend I didn't just spend an entire weekend going by the name 'Chris.'
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I'm not going to ask, I'm not going to ask, I'm not going to- Hey, Fandom. Kanan Jarrus here, along with a bunch of squirrels waving little... banners? They're star-spangled, anyway. And playing with tiny pyrotechnics. And if Leroy sets those off in here, so help me...


Yeah, I have no idea what that is, so just give me the notes before you blow my eyebrows off or something, would you? Thanks. Nothing happened over at the school or in the dorms themselves, but over in that alien campground, at Strifenova Celestial - seriously, I could totally owe money to somebody named that - Dante wanted to know what time it was. He also had a few questions for Isabela, mostly about Anders and the conditions of his return.

In town, I had to resort to earplugs at Luke's to drown out the staff's musical stylings, and at the Magic Box, Anders was back to work and cleaning, just to keep it--

*Crackle! Pop!*


*Dead air, then music.*
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I'm too karking hungover for this. Squirrels, I don't suppose you can let me go back to sleep and drag some other moron over here to do the--


Yes, I know we're already broadcasting. I can't actually be bothered to care that much.


Fine. Give me the notes, let's get this over with. Dante was still over at the dorms, doing some redecorating by hanging posters up over the murals on his walls. Ringo paid him a visit, and they talked about Dante's new job and where to find the bubbles that the students are staying in right now. I don't envy you guys one bit. Over in the Strifenova Celestial clearing - sounds like the name of somebody I'd owe money to - Lucille was doing some brooding. Ringo paid her a visit too, and after some conversation about how they'd been sleeping, there was some discussion of whether Ringo was going to be using her ATs. Uh. Guys, is that a--


Okay, if you're sure that's what that stands for and you aren't missing a few letters. If I end up seeing a walker trying to navigate those stairs out there, I'll... probably stand around pointing and laughing for a few minutes before getting the hell out of town. It would be one hell of a show.

Anyway, in town, the kitchen staff at Luke's made me some nerf - only a bit freezer-burned, not a dealbreaker - and Eliot and I discussed how awful this place is as his ferret partner bounced around stealing things, and his other partner just sat around being a stuffed toy. And then I gave Eliot and the ferret some nerf and we talked about the differences between here food and home food. I know what food from home is best for a hangover, so that's a definite point in its favor.

And finally, over at Town Hall, our illustrious mayor was refusing to head down to the campgrounds to give them an inspection. I don't blame her. If the whole chunk of asteroid breaks off and the students go drifting out into space, that'd be character building, right? Of course it is.

Anyway, this is Kanan, that was the news, and it's too karking early in the morning for this, so I'm going back to bed.

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