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"Good morning, babies!" came a slightly hyperactive voice over the airwaves. "This is Doctor Johnny Fever bringing you the latest hits that'll help you get to work this beautiful Thursday down here in beautiful Fandom! You're listening to the only game in town, WTFH, where the coffee's hot, the music's great and the squirrels' aim is incredibly accurate. I'm new around here, babies, so let me have it! Tell me what's going down in this town!"

It was hard to figure out where the guy paused for breath. "In return for in-form-may-shun, I'll play your requests. But not elevator music. The Doctor's got standards, babies!"

He flipped on Aretha Franklin's "Respect" and cranked it.

Good morning, Fandom!
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Barbossa had a boat, the Heidy Ho III.

Barbossa had a parasol umbrella to keep him from getting wet. The rain would remove that all-important layer of grime he had going.

Most importantly, Barbossa had a plan. And a sign.

Barbossa's Boatin'!
Helpin' t' get ye around Fandom without drownin'
fer mostly reasonable rates!!!!

Singin' be extra!

He didn't mention that he would be singing and they would be paying him to stop.

He put on his most innocent expression--which wasn't terribly innocent--and waited for the first customer to slog on up.

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