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Tuesday, July 24th, 2012 10:56 am
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At the Arms, Mr. P. Coulson was polishing weapons (non-magical of course) in the basement. Friendly reminder that all magical weapons require either a note from Guess Who or some pretty successful bargaining with Coulson.

In the alleys, Mr. L. Castellan was enjoying a nourishing meal when provoked by Mr. P. Jackson. Also, the area in the alleys is supposedly slippery right now, so be careful where you walk.

A warehouse was home to some talks about the activities planned for Saturday, which everyone should be participating in.* And later, in a different warehouse, Mr. A. Wiggin and Mr. B. Skywalker had a debate over the ownership of a lightsaber.

And in the back room of Ms. K. Pryde's lovely establishment, there were a lot of visitors. Including Ms. R. Gilmore, who came for the drink and stayed for the pep talk, Ms. K. [Kenzi's last name], who came for… probably also the drink, because it's a bar, and stayed for a warning not to get thrown in detention, and some squirrels who took a bribe. Mr. T. Lannister was really popular too, talking to Mr. B. Priestly about the power of music, Mr. W. Kessler about... let's say dirty jokes, Ms. K. Pryde about his partying spirit, and the aforementioned Ms. R. Gilmore about how weird yesterday's radio was. Which it was. Weird. Mr. Kessler also invited Ms. Pryde for darts, which she had to decline.

At the same place, Mr. P. Coulson mentioned that he got a new shipment of… stuff in. You heard it here first, you guys. Ms. N. Romanoff arranged a drop-off for some stuff, before turning her attention to Ms. Pryde to place a drink order. She also talked to Ms. K. [Kenzi's last name], but it was in Russian, which I don't think the squirrels speak. Sorry, you guys.

There was another altercation on the streets between Ms. C. [Cara's last name] and Ms. S. SaDiablo, which the squirrels seemed to really enjoy. Also on the streets, Mr. L. [Squall's last name] was dining with the help of a masked figure and Ms. K. [Karla's last name]. That was nice of them.

And that's it, guys. Have as un-unpleasant a day as possible!

* The activities planned are storming detention. Being subtle about that seemed counterproductive.

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Yeah, you can have your five bucks. Sorry I didn't believe you before. Whoa. This is seriously cool.

*paper-rustling followed by throat-clearing*

Hey, guys, it's Frank Abagnale here with WTFH, here to read you some news. I assume you know how this goes by now, probably, unless this is your first time listening to the radio, in which case what have you been waiting for? But here we go.

that time a radio announcer was nice )

Well, that's all the news for today, Fandom! Have an awesome day, everyone.


Oh, I need a sign-off phrase? Uh, this is Frank Abagnale, signing off.

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