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Good evening, Fandom! This is Ben Reilly, not covering for anyone this week! I'm actually supposed to be here! It seems that for the second day in a row - as well as the second Saturday in a row - Fandom is party central. So if you hear any weird noises, don't worry, it's just that the squirrels have gotten ahold of noisemakers.

I'm so sorry I couldn't *NOISE* ... stop them.

Clone radio! )
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Hello, Fandom! We seem to have a dearth of crankypants journalism teachers slash radio broadcasters right now, but there's still plenty to report, so I'm taking the job for tonight. I'm Ben Reilly. You may know me from Things Reborn or those times the guy's made me open up Caritas. It's nice to meet all of you. And for those of you who are listening to WTFH radio for the first time tonight, just remember: we're watching you. Beware the squirrels.

Hahaha, I'm not joking. You'll see!

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Spidey: GOOD EVENIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING FANDOM! Welcome to the Zombie and Spidey show. I'm Spidey...

Jonah: Braaaaiiiiins.

Spidey: And that's J. Jonah Jameson. The J stands for Zombie. As it turns out, zombies aren't good spellers, who knew?

Jonah: Rrraargh.

Spidey: Well, of course you knew, Jonah. You are a zombie. And because of that, it was decided that he can't really do the news his normal way tonight since the written and spoken word escape him at the moment. So pretend that this is one of those wacky political talk shows where one host speaks for the good people who are just trying to survive in a world gone cuckoo and the other is an undead monster who's committed unspeakable actions and smells. I'll leave it to the listeners to decide which one is which party.


Spidey: Well said, Jonah. Okay, let's get on with the news. Our lead story tonight just in case you weren't listening to the special radio broadcast earlier, I Can't Believe He's Vice Principal Deadpool reported that things are looking up in the war against the zombie plague.


Spidey: Don't get angry, Picklepuss. Get cured somehow.

Spider-Man's used to villains who wanna eat his brains, you know. )
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Good evening, Fandom. Listen up, it's time for the news. This is your host, J. Jonah Jameson. Happy Valentine's Day to those of you with a significant other. I had a lovely phone call with my lovely wife who sent me here. At least she didn't make me take her to an expensive restaurant this year. You have to look for silver linings, I think. And the silver lining for those of you without someone is that you also didn't have to take anyone to an expensive restaurant. Let that help you deal with your crushing loneliness tonight.

Cut for a day that was pretty quiet aside from twenty minutes of INSANITY )

[OOC: Please note that Ben uses a slightly different tone while speaking as Spider-Man and that the mask muffles his voice a little, so while the voice might sound familiar, it won't be too recognizable as Ben's. People who know Peter Parker's superhero name are free to wonder what he was doing there. People who suspect that Ben is Peter using a fake name and bad dye job (ahem, Deadpool) are free to use this as they will.

Really, I just couldn't resist.]

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