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Just me and the squirrels today folks, Doc Weasel is finally getting that sex change operation he always wanted. Wait, I should say she always wanted. If it doesn't turn out well, just pretend he's a pretty woman even if he's still the creepy and horrific old man that we all know and are amused by.

He has feelings too.

I think.

It's so lonely here alone, hold me! )
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Venture: "Welcome everyone to the 'Nadia Santos is an amazing human being and in no way a whore' show."

Deadpool: "...I didn't know we changed the name."

Venture: "I'll explain later.

Will he explain later? Will the Doctor show up to claim gimmick infringement? Will there be gratuitous creepy old man moments? Click and see! )
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Venture: "This is Doctor Thaddeus Venture. I hate everything, especially this island and the people on it."

Deadpool: "He's like a magical fairy of cheerfulness isn't he folks? Or is that just fairy?"

Is he a fairy? Click and see! )

[ooc: And with that particularly scathing commentary, I'd like to remind you all that Dr. Venture's views do not reflect the players, as the player is not an embittered sexually frustrated middle-aged man. The Portal botherers are awesome, Nadia Santos isn't a whore, etcetera, etcetera.]
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Deadpool: "Students, Teachers, random people in town... Lend me your ears!"

Venture: "That's Deadpool, and I'm Dr. Venture. And I personally hate you all, so we're going to just get this going so I can stop pretending I care about what you did today."

The word of the week is -not- dildo )

[ooc: Venture may hate you all, but the player loves you guys. These ICly said things are merely that, IC rantings. Danke.]
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Deadpool: "Gooooood evening Fandom! The Merc with the Mouth is here to bring you your news!"

Venture: "So I have to ask, is there a Merc without a mouth somewhere?"

Deadpool: "Yes, we call him Mmmph. Because that's what he says his name is."

Venture: "Well my name is Dr. Venture, and I prefer my Mercs with mouths."

And thanks to Home Ec, this radio is very dirty. You are warned. )
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Venture: "Blah, blah, Dr. Thadddeus S. Venture here to read you the news."

Deadpool: "And be creepy!"

Venture: "I'm not creepy. You're the hired killer in a weird mask. That is creepy.

Deadpool: "Yes, but I'm a masked killer that is beloved by fans."

Venture: "Just...report the damn news, would you?"

The odd couple. Only with more gay. )
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Venture: "So this is what the hell those squirrels have been up to. Greetings plebians, peasants, and peons. This is Doctor Thaddeus S. Venture."

Deadpool: "And his kinda loyal bodyguard, Deadpool! Hey, am I getting paid to do this?"

Venture: "Everything comes down to money with you, doesn't it?"

Deadpool: "Meeeerceeenaaary."

Venture: "Fine, I'll make sure you get a bonus, okay? Now you can read, can't you? So you'll actually be helpful? Or is that facemask of yours to hide your incredibly downs syndrome afflicted face?"

Deadpool: "I'm sorry, what was that? I can't hear you over the sound of my knives being sharpened."

It's like the odd couple. Only scarier. )

[ooc: And please, humble viewers, please remember that the views of Wade and Dr. Venture do reflect -their- feelings, but do not reflect the players' feelings. We love you all. Just like Wade and Thaddeus love each other.]

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