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Squirrels! Right-- Right, the island has...

Sigh. Hey Fandom. I think this means I'm reading notes for you today? I just woke up with a bunch of radio recording equipment beside me, so I guess this is Warren Worthingthon, on location from - Wake the baby and Darkness help me I will have you all taxidermied and turned into hideous mantelpieces wearing stupid hats.

... From next to my sleeping family. So I'm going to read these notes quickly and softly, because we got Kayla to sleep two hours ago and if anything changes that for at least the next couple more, Karla is probably going to start eye-gouging.

First note says that Elsa was in a good mood in the library, reading books about winter games when Barry came in bearing pizza, wondering if she was doing okay. The librarian, Constantine was also in, and I guess he was fondling a hat? Sure. Everything else around here is weird, why not that.

Over in the dorms, Ronan was touching a crown in his room, kiiiind of the same creepy obsessive sort of way, and Sparkle was in his room talking on the phone for hours on end, at least until Karina showed up to tell him to take care of his cat, and of himself. Okay, so that doesn't exactly sound super healthy. Maybe somebody make sure these people's pets are being fed, at least?

In town, Kenzi was having an invisible nap on the couch at 43 Unicorn. Not a great plan if you don't want to get sat on, like Roland did. He got the 'I can be invisible now' explanation, and then passed it along to Bo before they were... panty raided by a cat burglar? Did anybody catch the burglar's name or anything? We know of a few people who are missing things that are pretty important to them, here.

Elsewhere in town, somebody came knocking at the door to Needful Things until Leland opened up shop. Some people just really like antiques, I guess. Raven D. was at JGoB, minding her own business until a... goat stole her cronut...? No word from the squirrels about whether the goat is also the cat burglar. And at Caritas, Mike had a beard and mustache and Allie had chocolate. A lot of chocolate.

Now if you guys don't mind packing up - quietly - and getting out of here, I'm going to go back to sleep until the baby wakes up again.
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Umbridge Island. Squirrels. There's singing today. So I'm going to try to keep my sentences as terse as possible. Which might be hard. You were all pretty busy yesterday. You know. Doing the will of our glorious ruler the ravishing High Inquisitor Ms. Dolores Jane Umbridge, who oversees this island with a merciful eye and a fair hand.

Give me the notes, rodents. And they had better be good. I heard yesterday's broadcast.

Ah, yes. There we go. You may all run back to whatever holes you were hiding in, these should be adequate.

Adequate Radio. )

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