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This be [livejournal.com profile] likeguidelines, bringin' ye the latest 'n greatest this Saturday at Fandom High. I wish I could be tellin' ye today be havin' no blood 'n gore at all, but thanks t'Han, Shep 'n some manner o' sword fightin' accident, that be not the case.

I be gettin' t'that in a bit, though.

First I be bringin' ye the reactions t' last night's happenings.

In a vast surprise t'exactly no one, people be shocked. Professor Tick, Chloe, Jaye, Cameron, and D'anna are all upset. And Callynanders get very close t'angst, too. But they don't because their natural production o' 24 hour cuteness be some sort manner o' emo barrier.

The JA gang be not especially thrilled wit' the turn o' events, either. Faith, Jonathan 'n Anakin all be in their rooms havin' long thinks.

The good doctors be talkin' about thar long night, then be assistin' one more patient who be not exactly comfortable headin' to the clinic. Ye be an idiot if ye not know who I be speakin' of. And since we be talkin' of the clinic, thar be all manner of folks goin' t'visit 'n help out today. Sam be volunteerin' her time, Angela be stoppin' in to see Rory 'n Marty, Professor Tick be comin' by t'check on his Caffeinator, and a certain handsome pirate be droppin' off flowers 'n cookies because he be havin' a heart o' gold or somethin'. Also, it never be hurtin' t'be nice t'the guy who owns the house ye live in. Parker also be fillin' Sam in on what happened last night. I be bettin' her version be slightly more understandable than Quinn's. Janet be stoppin' by later in the evenin', as is Susan. She be there t'speak with Death, though. Really.

Duce also be wakin' up and no longer feelin' the effects o' last night's events. This be not the case over at the bookstore, sadly.

Buffy be bangin' on Xander's door today. Aeryn, who be havin' her own business in that room, be ignorin' her.

Thar be more than jes' Angelus-Angel-person-thing angst today, though. Not much more because LJ was bein' a right whorin' wench.

Fer example, Tex be mysteriously injured this mornin'. We be guessin' it be not vampire related. Kawalsky be assistin' her.

Sonia 'n Aaron be goin' t'the museum together, and Tex be stoppin' by Zhaan's 'n endin' up stayin' fer supper. And not in a vampire-related way, either.

Marshall 'n Lisa be out on a date. And not with a vampire. Han 'n Bagoas be seein' a movie. Not about a vampire. *clears throat* I might be a bit scared o' vampires still, yes.

Thar also be a festival in town. Parker 'n Zero-who-be-a-kitty be decidin' to go.

Shane be tellin' Parker that Belthazor be thar threatenin' her 'n Professor Maclay. That be soundin' like an awful lot o' talk from someone whose plummetin' body last night be makin' the giant crater we all be walkin' around today.

Professor Cregg be terribly busy at the festival today. She be gettin' a cat statue from Shep, although she be not at all happy wit' the gift. She be gettin' acquainted wit' Professor Quayle, chattin' wit' Shane, and havin' some rather strong words wit' Maia 'n Paige

Paige 'n Sawyer be engagin' in some public-type displays o' affection, fer those o' ye who be interested in that sort o' thing, Maia 'n Lana be talkin' together until Professor Quayle be comin' over, Jarod be avoidin' Parker, Allie 'n Logan-who-never-be-a-bunny (or a vampire, fer that matter) be cute 'n talkin' about wearin' tights, and Shane 'n Parker be talkin' about last night's events.

Provin' that Cat be one of the more useful classes taught at school, Michael be servin' as translator between Parker, Rodney, 'n Zero-who-be-a kitty. Zero then be talkin' on her own wit' an actual kitty, while Wesley, Michael, 'n Parker all chat among themselves. Not in Cat.

Han 'n Shep be makin' it terribly obvious why neither o' them be in the Fencin' Club. It be endin' with Shep up at the clinic bleedin' from the wrist.

And in "only at Fandom" news, thar be a report of an ongoin' giraffe hunt happenin' in the woods by campus. I not askin'. I be not.

That be all from the Crow's Nest. Keep an eye out fer the Rover, and have a good night!
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This be [livejournal.com profile] likeguidelines bringin’ ye the latest from what be turnin’ out t’be one Hell of a Friday. Sometimes literally.

But first, classes.

Professor Jerusalem be goin’ fishin’. Those poor fish. He be leavin’ his classes in the capable hands o’ his assistants Krycek ‘n Jake. Duce be havin’ a bit of a discussion in the quad. A loud discussion. Which be not that polite. But it also be not violent, because Rover be watchin’.

Physics be havin’ a quiz, Celtic Lit be givin’ thar presentations, and Math be havin’ apples ‘n oranges. I think thar might’ve been some studyin’, too, but I were distracted by the apples. Mmm. Apples.

Speech be watchin’ movies, Physical Geography be discussin’ climate zones, Gardenin’ be learnin’ about flowers—-I know I be shocked--and Abnormal Psych be comin’ up with experiments t’conduct on each other. I be sure nothin’ be goin’ wrong wit’ that idea.

Professor Cregg, the Doctor, Professor Tick and Dean Bristow all be holdin’ office hours.

The Gun Club be showin’ each other thar weapons. It be not in a dirty way, though. I be disappointed, too. In the library, Zero still be a cat, because these manner o’ things happen around here, and Angela, Susan ‘n Shep be applyin’ t’be library wenches.

Thar be other manner of things goin’ on today as well. Yes, I be draggin’ this out. Deal with it.

Callisto be gettin’ an art lesson from Jake, Wesley ‘n Lilah be meetin’ over coffee, Maia be visitin’ Allison ‘n chattin’ with Lana in the park, and Professor Cregg be chattin’ with Mayor Red about the Harvest Festival.

Paige be takin’ singin’ lessons from Beethoven, who I thought were deaf. Wonder what else she could be doin’ instead…it seems t’ involve dinner, regardless.

Michael be seen goin’ into Blood Gulch Arms, Inara ‘n Jarod be tryin’ to learn how to tie cherry stems wit’ thar tongues (Miho be quite good at it), and Gob be performin’ at Caritas where Anakin be checkin’ to make sure that a pirate hasn’t been thar t’pick up a copy of his on-stage performance on Wednesday when he be caperin’ around dressed as a wench. I be not. Paranoid, isn't he?

Crichton be givin’ cookies to anyone who be wantin’ some, Beka be talkin’ with Anakin ‘n Cally, Edward ‘n Sakura be talkin’ in the common room, Professor Sidle be checkin' in on Professor Grissom, and Veronica be headin’ home fer the weekend. Which be a dead smart move, in retrospect.

Because the main reason ye all be tuned in tonight is t’find out what be goin’ on all over town. Don’t ye be frettin’. The Pirate be knowin’ all. That be why the Pirate be currently covered in crosses ‘n holy water. I might look like a stupid bastard, I be not a stupid bastard.

Rory be preparin’ fer a lovely night out wit’ Logan-who-used-t’be-a-bunny when Angelus be comin’ into my house ‘n bitin’ her almost t’death. While bein' snarky. The fiend. Logan-who-be-bunny be comin’ home as well and be just as excited by what he be findin’ as ye can imagine. Then Angelus be tryin’ to turn Logan into a vampire. Not a bunny. A VAMPIRE. He would’ve succeeded, too, if it weren’t fer those meddlin’ kids, God bless ‘em, over at Aziraphale’s shop. After Professor Maclay be puttin' the whammy on Angelus, she be headin' home with Shane.

Marty be thar fer a while before headin’ out of the shop and runnin’ into Professor Drusilla. Who be not excited about what they be gettin’ up to in thar. And who also be a vampire. Holy shit. At the end o’ the night, the score be Marty 1, Crazy Squid Lady 0. But barely. Belthazor also be not happy about what they be up to, either. Crowley be thar to stop him. Thar be all manner of fireball throwin’ and scary shape-shiftin’ goin’ on. And Phoebe, who be gettin’ a vision that Belthazor be in danger, be sendin’, um, Beka ‘n Piper to help. Who as far as I be aware, be neither able t’shapeshift or to throw fireballs. So points fer bravery t’the both of ‘em. But points fer some willfull stupidity as well. That fight be endin’ Crowley 1, Belthazor makin’ a smokin’ crater in the park.

So Angelus be runnin’ to the forest, as ye will, and he be runnin’ into Dean Bristow, as ye do. He be callin’ himself Angel now. Angelus. Not Dean Bristow. But if he be wantin’ t’be called Angel, too, more power t’him. The Dean be promisin’ that Angelus-Angel-person-thing be protected on campus, and be droppin’ him at the dorms. Angelus-Angel-person-thing be collapsin’ against Crichton’s door, where he ‘n Aeryn be reactin’ as you would to a pukin’, guilt-ridden, bleedin’-all-over-the-place, newly souled vampire. Not very happily.

Speakin’ o’ bleedin’ all over the place, Jake ‘n Krycek be comin’ back to my house where Rory ‘n Logan be, well, bleedin’ all over the place. They be takin’ Rory to the clinic, where Marty be headed as well, and Logan be headin’ out after Angelus. While still bleedin’ all over the place. He be gettin’ as far as Xander, Angelus’s roommate, before finally goin’ to the clinic. Krycek ‘n Jake be havin’ a bit of a meltdown comin’ back from the clinic, as ye might imagine, and Quinn, who were in the clinic gettin’ her hand looked at when all the drama be beginnin’, be holdin’ court in a common room to tell everyone her tale.

This all be soundin’ quite dire, aye? Have no fear, though! Little Wooden Boy has risen again! Not like that, ye dirty minded scallywags.

That be all from the Crow’s Nest. Keep an eye out fer the Rover and the occasional plummeting Belthazor, and have a good night!

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